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Sun 06 Feb 2022, 3:44 am

Forecasting [Candice, Giselle] - Page 2 RcYQxXe

Candice Catnipp | Heiress Extraordinaire

"Not like hysterical crazy, silly. Like... Hey! Wha--"

Candi had just begun to tease when suddenly the world was spinning around her. Smacking into the bed, she looked up to see Giselle now towering over her as she melted into the mattress. That playful grin had not yet left her features, though for a few moments she was certainly surprised.

"I can do 'us' crazy. Mmfph."

She might have wanted to say a little more, but her mouth became rather busy rather quickly after that. Then her hands were wrapping around Giselle's back, clawing into her without any regard for what might happen if she bled just like she had done before. Not that she really wanted to draw blood, but it was the fact that nothing had changed at all that might have the most impact on Giselle. She wanted more, as much as could be given, and her body was certainly saying that. She loved this.

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