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Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] Left_bar_bleue0/0Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] Empty Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E]

Sun Feb 06, 2022 6:43 am
Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] VSIrd1G


Basic Information

○ Name: Hiroi Kiga
○ Alias: Snek
○ Age: Null n Void
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Danava

○ Affiliation: Kimitsuki

○ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ---------------
○ Marital Status: Not Married
○ Nationality: None
○ Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

○ Height: 4'7"/5'7"
○ Weight: ???
○ Hair Colour: Black
○ Eye Colour: Red/Orange

Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] TOhJaYU

Psychological Analysis

Emotional Dissonance: Hiroi harbors emotions as easily as any other individual, but due to her long life of not having any emotion besides that constant burden to eat, she finds difficulty expressing herself physically. This is also due to her not originally being a humanoid creature as well. Her only reason for existing was to sate her hunger that was cursed upon her at birth. There was no room for other emotions until after she had devoured enough beings in the past to gain a basic understanding of how to feel differently. Now, with a human body, she finds it simply hard to form smiles and such with a face she is not used to. Slowly, by watching others, she is beginning to learn, but it will take a while before her forced smiles become more than simply facades.

Understanding Compassion: Hiroi is a being designed to eat anything and everything without discrimination. However, because she ate a human as her first meal when she woke up, Hiroi has a strange compassion for the current top organisms on the planet understanding their fears and hopes through the assimilated thoughts of her victim. This understanding causes her to desire meals other than humans or humanoid creatures that have not actively antagonized her. Despite this, however, she shows no true qualms with randomly killing other beings around her if she feels the want or need to.

Hungry: It goes without a doubt that Hiroi’s hunger is one of her key traits. It is what her existence is based around. She has an abnormal appetite that seems to never sate no matter what she devours, and thus, she is always hungry. Though, there are differing levels to her hunger, and each level has a ceiling that, once full, will keep her insatiable hunger at bay until emptied. This hunger can drive her to act strangely at times when left unoccupied causing her to attack wildly and devour whatever is in her vicinity living and nonliving. This is the main reason she continues eating whether it be something small like a rock or something large like gulping down large increments of the sea. Whatever it takes for her to not lose control of herself, she strives to do simply to keep from losing control and eating the world she’s come to enjoy. It’s also one of the main reasons she enjoys human food so much. It has an unnatural quality to keep her at bay. Sweets are her favorite.

Clingy: Hiroi can become a bit clingy. A being born alone and forced into captivity for years and years will develop a loneliness that no others will know. Hiroi, now being able to interact with others, quickly starts to want more and more interaction with things that make her happy. It is why she desires more candy and food. It is why the people who feed her see her hanging around the area so much. She not only starts to cling to people, but to objects and locations as well. If a forest finds itself suitable for her desires, she will stay within it and protect it ferociously from harm. Any person can expect the same who connects to such a level with Hiroi.

Childish: Being merged with a young girl, Hiroi has a high capacity for childish acts at times. It is mostly sporadic and sometimes off putting when she does show her true age around others. It is mostly shown in the form of jokes which may accompany brutal acts that she commits or whenever she finds herself incredibly bored. Hiroi also shows a weird interest in learning new things. New objects or people catch her eye in ways similar to a child, but she is quick to lose interest in things that turn out to not be important and can have an immensely short attention span.

Emotional Stance: As more of her concept takes hold of her persona, Hiroi’s more unstable knacks come to light. Her body naturally hungers for more as she begins to express more energy and power, so her very being starts leaning towards satisfying her insatiable thirst for nutrients. It is evident that her emotions flow easily, coming out as if she never had a problem showing them before. Though, this brings problems as, now, her more wild side becomes somewhat dominant. She is more likely to do sinister things to get her way, to feed her gluttonous desires. One may even say that embracing the beast within has left the Danava unhinged and way creepier than when she kept herself a child.

» Likes: Sweets, Spicy, Pretty much all forms of food and edibles

» Dislikes: Jerks, Orphanages, Rocks, Wrappers




Since the first organism, this creature had existed, born from the desire to consume and grow. It was small at first, but as the world grew, as life grew, as the need to feed grew, this beast began to expand and grow at an unexpected rate until it's hunger became too much for itself, and the need to feed overwhelmed any sensible thought. It devoured everything it could growing larger and larger until its very existence became something one could not simply understand. The humans that witnessed it gave it many names throughout history, and eventually, its existence caused a problem for reality itself. When this beast moved to devour the whole world, that was when it was dealt with by Nidhana and beings of equal power being struck down and nearly killed. Forced into a deep sleep from its wounds, this being was sliced apart until nothing more but a memory that slept till this very day when spectacular events caused it to stir once more into a world where it had lost everything: its power, its memories, and even its life.

It was brought back to life by combining its form with that of a young dying girl that had befriended it in its weak state, giving birth to a new type of creature that was both Danava and human. However, such an existence proved extremely unstable, killing the newfound creature slowly but surely. It was due to this, and the creature's newfound affection for another Danava that led it to disappear into the depths of itself and begin to erase what made it human. It was a sad moment for it, for it did not wish for the humanity within it to die. It was for this reason that the Danava of Hunger gave up its life to give the young girl that had died so long ago a chance at having what she never did: freedom.

What came from this metamorphosis was a woman who knew of her life as a Danava and of her life as a human. Hiroi Kiga was reborn yet again, but now she was no longer burdened with two halves that could not make a whole. She no longer felt that deep beast within her stirring, but was now her own beast left to learn and grow at her own leisure. THough, with this came its own grievances and the sort, and so, that leaves one to wonder…

What will the Danava of Hunger’s story be like this time around?.



Reptilian Features: Hiroi shares physical features with snakes: elliptical pupils, a forked tongue that is rather long, scales on her cheeks and along her skin, and an affinity for warm areas due to being warm blooded (is susceptible to cold areas). She also has two large fangs that she can extend from her mouth that can administer venom along with the ability to actual unhinge and extend her jaw.

Hyper senses: Much like snakes, Hiroi has senses beyond that of humans by combining multiple factors. She is capable of using her tongue to taste chemicals in the air and even discern different energy signatures this way as well. Her hearing is superior and able to sense the smallest differences in vibrations in the air or on a surface she places her head near. She can see easily in the dark and can feel subtle temperature changes in her environment capable of even detecting others by their body heat.

Second Stomach: Hiroi actually possesses a stomach entirely independent of her Origin Power that is actually just a normal stomach. Due to how Hiroi’s powers work, she requires this stomach to act as a medium that keeps her sane. As long as her normal stomach is full, she is able to keep her endless hunger at bay. However, her normal stomach processes food at an expedient rate than normal stomachs making it so she must eat much everyday to keep from wanting to use her Origin Power to attempt to sate herself. Her stomach also has the ability to break down anything eaten and change it into energy much like her Origin Power but at a much slower pace.

Venomous spit:
Due to being a reptilian creature before the merge, Hiroi has kept a few aspects of her snakelike past life such as her ability to produce venom. She has modified salivary glands like most venomous snakes within her cheeks that allows her to combine the necessary components for this venom. Of course, it is highly potent and replicates the three different toxins that most snakes wield: neurotoxin, cytotoxin, and hemotoxin which are specified on use. Of course, with all things, not all things are affected by venom the same. This venom has no effect on people with durability twice as strong as Hiroi’s strength and applies slowly to people with one skill level above her. Those of equal or lower skill levels will find the venom moving through their body quickly before factoring in other defenses that individual may have to Hiroi’s toxins.

Hiroi is also able to spit acid at an individual in an attempt to melt through their skin. This ability falls under the same rules as her toxins. Also, it is able to breakdown non-organic items as well.

A freak of Nature: Hiroi has evolved into a chimeric being, capable of transforming any part of her body into a different animal’s to fit her desires. Though, this does not increase her stats in any way besides making her slightly faster or slightly stronger than she was without the body part and simply acts to give her different ways to interact with the world.


Origin Embodiment:

Consumption: In the simplest of terms, Hiroi possesses the ability to eat anything without harm to her person. This means she is near immune to any poison that she directly consumes, and any form of matter is a source of nourishment to her. Her stomach does not react to substances the same way as any other race, including other demons due to her existence as the Danava of Gluttony. Being unable to actually eat anything would contradict her very existence. Though, her ability to eat anything is not a natural process whatsoever. In fact, she does not actually have a stomach, but instead, her mouth is a gateway to her near infinite Conceptual World that anything that enters her mouth is transported to. All this consumed goes through a transmutation process where the Demon Energy within this pocket dimension begins to assimilate and transform anything eaten into Demon Energy for Hiroi to make use of herself.

As with all things, Hiroi’s ability to consume anything has its limits. Of course, this ability is limited by the fact that Hiroi does not have that big of a mouth, but Hiroi can only handle a certain amount of energy at a time which means beings that can release loads of energy at a time that she swallows will cause her Conceptual World to fall apart, and though it will mend itself after time, Hiroi will find it difficult to eat anything else and become extremely weakened by the pain coursing through her person. In fact, too much energy being eaten at once may even cause her to simply explode. If eating an attack, there is a check in the opponent's respective energy control skill compared to Hiroi's durability.

Enter the Abyss: This is an extension to Hiroi’s Consumption ability. This ability is simple in that it allows for Hiroi to condense energy before her into more consumable forms comparable to Nel’s Cero Doble swallowing effect on Ceros. It then creates a vortex suction before her that forces the energy about to condense. Though, of course, said ability has its restrictions. Energy too powerful is incapable of being shrunk down into a form that’ll fit into her mouth.

Regurgitate: This is a simple ability that simple returns energy eaten back to the sender unaltered from its original state. Hiroi must actively keep the energy eaten from being transformed within her which proves difficult if she holds the energy for too long. However, Hiroi can buffer this ability for one post before having to unleash any absorbed energy.

Gluttonous Learner: Hunger has many forms, and Hiroi has the ability to manipulate her hunger somewhat to allow her to satiate other nuisances of her existence. It is the simple ability to absorb information from anything she eats, separating the thoughts, memories, and knowledge of people or objects from them metaphysically as they are devoured. Though, Hiroi must actively be trying to absorb this information while eating something, for it is not a normal process for her.

Energy Gourmet: This is an ability that Hiroi can only activate when in her larger form which allows for her to absorb ambient energy around her. To sate her increase in hunger, and continue to fight elongated battles, even if she hasn’t eaten anything lately, Hiroi will passively absorb any form of energy around her, converting it for her use. This move does affect spiritual beings, but there is a check between their ability to resist and her Origin Embodiment. People can also allow her to absorb parts of them, but it is a risky process due to Hiroi’s insatiable appetite.

Hunger Seeking Orbs: Hiroi can manifest the concept of gluttony into her energy, but she does so by creating orbs of energy that share the same modifier of eating instead of destroying. They work in similar ways to all energy in a sense of destroying whatever they run into, but these special orbs have the ability to grow from the energy they encounter, continuing their onslaught forward until there is a stronger force in their way or there is nothing left to consume. They only continue forward for one whole post without devouring anything before dissipating.

Regrowth: This is a simple ability that allows Hiroi to rapidly heal herself by using things she's eaten. She is only able to heal herself in a fight by eating energy or by eating something, and the rate of how fast she heals is dependent on her Origin Embodiment. If Hiroi tries to heal with a food source, she will then have to focus on only using energy reserves which put her into a coma-like state that cannot interact with the world around herself until she has completed the healing process.

Origin Focusing:

Reversed Embodiment: Hiroi actively fights against her nature of the Danava of Gluttony due to the unstable nature of her existence. This causes her to actively regress into a weaker state that requires less feeding and less mental strain to control. Due to not embracing her true power, she is noticeably weaker when small and all her general skills should be treated as beginner level. This also affects her ability to use skills that are not locked away when she is in her smaller form and makes them notably weaker.

Atma Vatou:

Famished Wolf: A tool only usable when Hiroi dons her larger form, this weapon takes the shape of a large spear that has the unique ability to not cut objects but eat them. As it runs through something, it converts whatever it damages into energy that then runs directly into Hiroi. That is its only function, just an extension of Hiroi’s mouth in a way.

Medusa’s Offspring: This is a more dangerous Atma Vatou for Hiroi, usable while she is small and large. Hiroi’s hair has the ability to transform into a tangle of snakes that all exist to follow her command. She can create up to ten snakes at a time which all have the power to eat anything that may fit in their mouths. Unlike Hiroi, they cannot shrink down energy and can only eat wisps of ambient energy in the air. However, they are proficient and tearing apart spiritual energy and anything else that may fall into their maws. Their range is about 6 meters around Hiroi.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Danava Skills
  • Origin Embodiment: Adept
  • Origin Focusing: Untrained
  • Atma Vatou: Beginner
  • Eternal Partner: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

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Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E]

Sun Feb 06, 2022 6:45 am
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Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E]

Sun Feb 06, 2022 7:48 am
Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]

Hazard Rankings
    Overall: E
  • Power: D
  • Influence: E
  • Resources: E

Tier: 3-1
Comments: with that mouf do

Hiroi Kiga (Danava of Guttony) [Approved, 3-1; Danava] [Hazard Rank E] 8Bvy1N8


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