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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Basic Information

○ Name: Solomon Richter
○ Alias: Prodigal Son. Lightning Bearer. Man of Peace.
○ Age: 25
○ Birthday: May 5th
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Quincy

○ Affiliation: Vandenreich
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Greece/German
○ Ideal Mate: A Free Spirit
○ Alignment: Neutral Good
○ Sexuality: Straight

○ Height: 6"0
○ Hair Color: Blonde
○ Eye Color: Blue

Solomon Richter [3-3, Hazard Rank D] QFyzmHZ

Psychological Analysis

"Know that nothing can be protected by a sword swung in exchange for one’s life.”

Solomon is an honorable man with a brave spirit, carrying with him an air of indomitable fortitude that ignites the hearts of those who walk beside him. He is a studious warrior by nature, a man who always has his ears open to listen to the advice of others, continuously working towards developing himself in any form that he can. To him, continual growth and evolution are essential stepping stones on one’s path through life.

He will never allow his fellow peers to look down on their ability or skill, and would rather train with them, aiming to be a guiding force on their journey towards whatever manifestation of glory they may desire.

Solomon wholeheartedly believes that everyone has a purpose in this world, that the concept of lost cause is a myth. To him, every man, woman, or child, has a cause, something they can offer to the world and he would never allow himself to consider anyone “useless”. No matter how stubborn that might seem, Solomn's ironclad will does not particularly allow him to humor the thought of looking down on anyone or leaving them behind.

One surprising facet, given his usual air of nobility, Solomon is playfully arrogant and competitive about his abilities, possessing a youthful recklessness. Like an athlete who has tempered their skills over countless years of study and repeated practice, Solomon is never one to shy from a challenge, viewing any duel he participates in as but another means of improving upon his technique and learning from the experience he gathered on the battlefield. Living a fairly sheltered life, Solomon oft desires to step out and feel the freedom or adrenaline may derive from living their life suited to their own needs rather than fitting into the established order of or the so-called status quo.

To surround oneself with peers who wish to grow and develop together is an opportunity Solomon does not take lightly, viewing it a divine blessing. For he is a man who would wholeheartedly welcome the success of his fellow men as they rise to the top.

Of course, for all of the dreams and achievements he yearns for in life, Solomon is still a man who struggles with his own demons. He is a young man who is hardly invulnerable to losing himself to anger in the face of malice or the joy of the adrenaline rush he experiences in battle. If some were to gaze at him with killing intent in their eyes, he would respond in kind.

There are times, however, where the thought of killing someone disturbs him immensely. To rend a soul into nothingness, tearing away the charitable gift of the afterlife, Solomon does not take that lightly and rarely raises his sword out of carelessness. Even so, if he is forced to act, he will act. That is a cross every warrior must bear at some point in their life.


Solomon’s birth, by his mother’s account, was one of playful contention between her and his father. Born in the Peloponnese Region of Greece in the city of Argos, Solomon was the older brother of four sisters, born to Johannes Richter and Amalthea Avramidi. Amalathea descended from the Avramidis - a bloodline of Gemischt quincy. As a result of the genocide that befell their race, they remained hidden from the public eye, preferring a life of prosperity.

The Richter Family, in contrast, were a bloodline comprising only pureblood quincy, some of whose ancestors once served under Yhwach. For generations, the Richter died on the battlefield in the name of their emperor. As soldiers of The Almighty, they hardly feared the cold gaze of the abyss, holding no qualms about readily running towards the battlefield even at the cost of their lives.

They despised the idea of adhering to the whims of the shinigami, especially when hollows threatened the very nature of their existence. Later generations would come to realize that participating in these wars would only spell the end of their lineage if they served under Yhwach any longer, and so, the remaining families decided they would be on the right side of history and split apart across various parts of the world, as many successors distanced themselves until the time was right to emerge again.

One of those descendants was Solomon’s father - Johannes. He detested the idea of violence and desired nothing else but to see his people prosper. He was a traditional man who valued family values and desired to carry on his lineage. A traveler at heart, he would live in various countries and embrace the culture of others. This love of exploring the world would lead to him crossing paths with Amalthea, a passionate woman with a charismatic energy that seized his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her. Her sense of adventure outclassed his own and compared to someone like her, his explorer’s exploits paled in comparison.

Of course, if one were to ask the two of them, even they were genuinely surprised that they became a couple. Amalthea and Johannes were polar opposites, after all. One was soft spoken and preferred a life of tranquility, content to be a mere decoration in the background. Amalthea was loud and vibrant, a vocal force that demanded attention and desired to be the falling star blazing in the sky. Yet, they came to genuinely love one another, becoming a couple during his extended stay within Argos. Repeated nights of lovemaking during his stay led to Solomon being the firstborn, born in the country of Greece. This, as Solomon recalls from their love story, was a point of contention between them.. As Solomon was born in Greece, Amalthea believed he ought to have a name befitting his place of origin, while Johannes preferred the idea of giving him a German name, to embrace his own family's heritage. Of course, they clashed and Amalthea being the unruly woman that she was, challenged him to a duel and won overwhelmingly, her expertise with a bow outclassing his own.

Even in defeat, however, he was content. He knew he couldn’t handle the fire that burned within his wife’s heart. This show of class influenced Amalthea and so, she reached a middle ground. He could wear the Richter name but his birth name would be one of her own choosing. In addition, for each name chosen from that point on, would humorously be decided through a duel.. Since he was so graceful in his defeat, the charismatic woman chose the name Solomon, neither Greek nor German yet one that they both found agreeable all the same. Solomon - a man of peace. Their pride and joy. Solomon and the four sisters that would come to follow after - Beatrice, Reinhilde, Calliope and Theresa - lived a life free of worry, eventually settling within the Richter estate in Germany; Amalthea commonly visited and even remained in the Argos province, Her anywhere the wind blows spirit never allowed her to fully enjoy the idea of settling down within an estate.

Even so, this hardly had any negative effect on their marriage and the two preferred to travel to their respective countries every now and then. Solomon, Calliope, and Theresa naturally loved their mothers charisma, attracted to her boundless joy and flair. Beatrice and Reinhilde preferred the more soft-spoken and warm nature of their father. He spoiled those two in particular while Amalthea did the same for her three little loyal subjects.

The family envy that seemed common among siblings was relatively nonexistent between Solomon and his sisters. Both Johannes and Amalthea made a concerted effort to ensure each of them received ideal methods of training that would properly supplement their forms of combat as quincy. Naturally, Solomon took to his father’s teachings and cultivated his skills at a rapid pace, exceeding his old man’s expectations with flying colors. Of course, there was one specific thing Solomon struggled with that his sisters were comparatively better at. The formation of their Heilig Bogen and their blossoming skills with Archery. Try as he might, the formation of a bow seemed to elude Solomon every time he aimed to perform a method he felt he should be executing with ease. Even when he could form one successfully, he still struggled to hit his targets with notable accuracy.

Noticing this struggle, Johannes would direct Solomon towards the studies of swordplay and martial arts. A firm and growing frame, even in his teenage years, allowed Solomon to excel at these forms of combat, developing an array of fighting techniques that would come to define him as a warrior. The Richter family as a whole noted Solomon’s potential and placed a responsibility on Johannes and, by extension, Solomon’s shoulders. When he reached the precipice of his skill, he would be the one to lead and represent their family in future generations. Solomon’s training was conducted and observed by Johannes and the other members of his own family. This decision would ultimately lead to the first sign of division within Johannes' family. Amalthea felt that all of their children ought to be free to live their lives according to their own desires, whereas try as he might to feel otherwise, Johannes wasn’t entirely against the Richter family’s decision.

Amalthea would never really view him in a favorable light for his choice. Life was an open path, free to be explored and he was forcing his own son to adhere to the whims of the Richter. Solomon would experience sorrow for the first time in his life as he witnessed his carefree mother grow distant from his father. There was no official divorce but the division between them was clear. It eventually resulted in Amalthea returning to her own home in Greece with Theresa and Calliope, who were loyal to their mother and adored her love for adventure and the freedom to make their own decisions. They made their choice. The line in the sand had been drawn. Beatrice and Reinhilde would remain with their father, aiming to compete with Solomon if he faltered. Amalthea offered to bring Solomon along but perhaps somewhere deep down, she knew he was far too caring of a soul to leave his father behind or go against the Richter family’s decision.

And so it came to be, though they promised they would always visit when they were all older, Amalthea would return home and raise Theresa and Calliope, while Johannes would raise Solomon, Reinhilde, and Beatrice. They all respectively grew into fine warriors, each worthy of a position in the Vandenreich, yet Solomon excelled and outclassed them. He was given every resource that could be provided at the Richter family’s expense. Training, from the physical, to the mental, to the spiritual. Fighting hollows along with other members of the Richter family, voluntary missions in the Vandenreich, and countless battles with his sisters or other rival members of the family, with the Richter purposely declaring every now and then that Solomon’s position was free to be taken from him as a means of keeping the young man on his feet. An aggression formed in his heart; he feared that if he lost his position as one fit to represent the Richter family, he would have failed his father and his mother. That the decision to remain with Johannes would have been meaningless. And so, he grew relentless, and that relentlessness bolstered his strength as a warrior.

It also caused him to injure his own sisters in a few spars, however, and in doing so, forming a division between them as well. They didn’t exactly despise him but neither did they look at him with the same fondness in their eyes held before. Ah, and so the apex predator remained lonely at the precipice of the mountain. He had strength but no one to share it with. He had power but no one was there to congratulate him. They feared him. And so, he remained the unquestioned leader. He continued to train with his father and the Richter family, with the results of his training culminating in learning and attempting to master Letz Stil. The first time he utilized nearly tore him apart but he dare not look weak, and so he spent five years - in his twenties - of relentless training to reach a state wherein he could maintain his Letz Stil without being crushed under the weight of its power entirely.

And so, five years passed. He was not entirely at the pinnacle of his ability but he was a formidable warrior worthy of representing the Richter as a member of the Vandenreich. Leadership changed and there was a city filled with quincy heritage. And so, a new journey would begin. Solomon was… content to finally be free to make his own decisions this time around, somewhat at least. He would settle into a home of his own choosing but has made a concerted effort to visit his sisters whenever time was available and his own mother. He had to right his wrongs… to apologize for being such a fool but did he have the courage in him? Time would only tell.


Martial Prowess: Solomon is a close-ranged specialist who - atypical to most quincy - thrives in melee combat. As a warrior who has extensively studied and learned the art of swordsmanship, Solomon utilizes his martial prowess as the primary weapon in his ensemble of skills, foregoing the path of a bow and arrow. He is, by his own admission, a merciless fighter who will rarely allow his opponents to catch their footing. He leaves no openings nor does he act with wasted movement. Each strike is executed with efficiency as he seamlessly moves across the battlefield, aiming to seize victory against his opponent. Maximizing his reishi as a tool to enhance the power of his strikes, Solomon attacks with poised fury, placing his entire will behind his blade. Solomon is constantly refining his techniques and the disciplines of various forms of combat he has adapted to over the years. This refinement has developed to such a degree that Solomon employs his own unique fighting style, performing an array of acrobatic movements that feature high-flying kicks, palm strikes, simultaneously shifting into positions or stances that allow him to slash or cut the opponent from multiple angles.

Lightning Manipulation: Each descendant of Solomon’s lineage has always held some form of affinity towards the element of lightning and Solomon carries that tradition on through his own techniques. By manipulating an ambient source of reishi in the air with his reiryoku, Solomon can naturally generate bolts of electricity around his body. The energized reishi in his surroundings now becomes a fierce catalyst, allowing him to increase his battlefield versatility and destructive capability tenfold - using bolts of electrified reishi in place of arrows, to enhance his overall speed, and increase the potency behind his strikes.

Through this unique form of reishi, Solomon is able to achieve a host of techniques that makes him a formidable fighter against almost any enemy. Of course, electricity is a decidedly volatile and straightforward form of energy and therefore, it is not feasible to be used as he pleases. Even with techniques he can execute or perform masterfully, once the attacks are unleashed - for example, an electrical bolt is launched in the enemy’s direction - he cannot properly control where it will go once he has set it on its course. As a rule, he will commonly relegate its use to his spirit weapon, utilizing his sword as a catalyst to achieve a proper measure of control.

Hirenkyaku Specialist: Though he may not occupy the realm of master quite yet, Solomon has reached a level where he can certainly be considered a Hirenkyaku specialist. His natural mobility, along with his ability to manipulate electricity around his body, allows Solomon to reap the benefits of the pure flying step. Overwhelming speed and dominant offense are two primary facets of his fighting style. As such, the quincy’s high-speed movement technique is viewed as an augmentative tool that brings him ever closer to the precipice of victory.

As one who favors the first strike, Solomon frequently layers his feet with reishi; this method allows him to vanish before his opponent’s eyes as he appears before them, giving them no time to react as he immediately shifts into a relentless offensive, applying a fierce wave of attacks that constantly keeps them on defensive lest they suffer a fatal blow.

In addition, Solomon can also apply the electricity he creates from manipulating the reishi in the air - adding a secondary boost to his movements. The all-encompassing offense may not be the most suitable approach but allowing his opponents to attack first rarely falls in line with his “first strike decides the battle” principle. Closing the distance and applying a devastating assault has never been a strategy that’s failed him, after all.

Eldingar: Embodying his fierce nature as a warrior, Eldingar is a protean form of spellcraft that encompasses the element of lightning. Through rapidly vibrating reishi he has absorbed from the atmosphere, Solomon can execute an array of spell-based techniques - from offense to defense - expanding on the range and capabilities of his reiryoku. A venerated skill passed down through generations of the esteemed Richter family, this refined technique augments the potency of his rumbling energy, elevating his repertoire to heights yet unimagined, even by himself. Befitting the affinity of a warrior of Solomon’s nature, this spellcraft is viewed as a catalyst through which Solomon can aim and direct his attacks without the fear of harming those in his immediate vicinity. To put things into perspective, if his spirit weapon is the conductor that guides his electrical energy—Elindgar is akin to an impelling force that keeps the energy maintained at an ideal capacity.

Alpha Strike:Gathering reishi within the palm of his hand, Solomon can generate and form his electrical energy into the form of javelins; He can generally aim and fire them towards his opponent similar to an arrow or heave one towards his enemy like an Olympic athlete. The simplicity and execution of the spell allows him to manifest the javelins without preparation time as a requirement. Of course, that does not mean Alpha strike is not without a drawback. It requires a genuine commitment in concentration on Solomon’s end and if he circumvents or chooses to accelerate the process, he can induce damage on his own person or form a haphazard weapon devoid of the energy potency he is commonly granted through a more composed formation.

Raging Bolt: An offensive spell that augments the cutting power of Solomon’s blade and attack range, Raging Bolt is a spellcraft technique that doubles the effectiveness of his sword strikes by accumulating a significant portion of reishi into his blade, releasing the collective energy into the form of a crescent-shaped arc of lightning that can overwhelm the opponent within a powerful wave of energy if they suffer a direct strike. The destructive power of this technique is intrinsically tied to his level of reishi manipulation and reishi absorption, to say nothing of the concentration required to ensure this technique hits its target properly. Of course, the ability requires a preparation period(one post) to properly achieve the necessary threshold of energy required to execute the technique and if Solomon is in any form or manner, diverted from his focus, Raging bolt can backfire and even damage him as a result of his misstep. It is truly a risk-reward technique in its highest sense.

Fury of the Storm: Viewed as an alternate and strategically feasible form of Raging Bolt, Fury of the storm trades one powerful strike for multiple strikes - a true representation of “strength in numbers” - as rather than focus every single particle of reishi into his sword, Solomon divides the reishi around his body. The act itself allows him to account for each particle he has absorbed from the air and once the proper requisites have been met, multiple bolts of electrical energy are formed around his body. The destructive damage is lessened slightly but in return, each swing of his sword can release these thunderous bolts as sword launched in his opponent's direction, Solomon seeking to overwhelm them within a fierce wave of attacks. If he is forced into a position where he must attack from long distance, he can utilize these voltaic bolts in a manner not too dissimilar from Alpha Strike.

Gate of Calamity: Generally regarded as the stronger technique in his repertoire of spellcraft, considering the degree of control required to utilize it to its utmost potential, Solomon absorbs the ambient reishi within his atmosphere and stores it within Keraunos for two posts in total. When that time has been reached and the proper energy has been stored, Solomon will swing his sword in a vertical arc, a horizontal arc, a diagonal arc, and an overheard arc, striking his sword against the ground. Within that moment, six pillars of volatile reishi form around a set area of twenty meters. Each pillar is medium in size, taller than the average human but not enough to be entirely imposing. Their true strength is found in the secondary effect that comes about when Solomon stabs his sword into the ground. Within that moment, a field of electrical energy is formed, fashioned into an area of denial used to impede the enemy’s movement and force them to tread carefully. It is equivalent to the concept of creating a potential damage field wherein if the enemy steps foot into his territory, they will suffer damage from the galvanic energy emitted. It is not a repeatable technique as the pillar-field is indeed transient and only lasts for three posts before dissipating entirely. It can only be used two times per thread with a cooldown of 2 posts before it can be employed a second time.

Zeus Sphere: Offense and defense acting together as one - Zeus Sphere is an ability that retains the ambient reishi Solomon collected from the atmosphere rather than releasing it in a wave of energy. When enough reishi have been gathered from his surroundings, Solomon’s body is enveloped within a sphere of reishi - receiving an augmentative buff from his ability to generate electricity. This sphere of volatile energy provides Solomon with a makeshift defense and the ability to shield himself from low level or minor projectile attacks. Zeus Sphere acts as a shield while Solomon continues to charge in and attack his enemy, pushing them back with the electrical sphere that shrouds him as well as striking them down with his blade. Of course, no defense is impervious. Even within this sphere, if an opponent outclasses him in skill or ability - to say nothing of those who possess a remarkably durable constitution - they can strike and counter Solomon within this sphere and leave him on the defensive. To construct the sphere, a one post preparation period is required. The sphere can be maintained for four posts and once those have been exhausted, Solomon must wait for the equal number to manifest the sphere again.

Roar of the spark: Roar of the spark is a technique that is indisputably representative of Solomon’s nature as a warrior - a tornado of fury that cleaves all that obviates his path. An unwavering blade of lightning that cuts through all obstacles. Roar of the spark adapts to a similar energy retention theme as the Zeus Sphere. A large orb of electrical energy forms around his entire body.

A considerable amount of ambient reishi forms around him and his spirit weapon, amplified by his spiritual power. When enough reishi has formed and he has filled his entire body with this energy, Solomon releases that energy in the form of a thunderous burst - that sends him soaring towards his enemy with an immense force. Similar to Zeus' sphere, his body is clad within electrical energy as his body soars towards his enemy with a speed and force equivalent to that of lightning.

It is an all-out charge that launches his entire body toward the opponent at with overwhelming force, with the aim of cleaving his enemy asunder in one strike. However, to reach such a state, a two post preparation is required and Solomon can only use the ability twice per any thread he is involved in. This is partly due to the fact that all of the ambient reishi and voltaic energy is is transferred throughout his body. Therefore, it goes without saying that such energy can potentially tear his own body apart if he isn't careful, and he will still suffer his from the aftereffects as a fallout of utilizing this technique.

The meteoric burst is enough to dull Solomon’s movements, leave his entire body on the verge of collapse, and force him into utilizing Blut just to keep his body from suffering internal damage. It is a technique executed only with the belief that he can strike his enemy down entirely or at the very least, with the notion that he can leave a mark damaging enough to impede his opponent’s performance for the rest of the battle.


Spirit Weapon: Keraunos

『Spirit Weapon Abilities』

Domain of Judgment: Through creating intricate arcs in the air with every swing of his spirit weapon, Solomon can create orbs of electrifying energy that can be utilized as a means of limiting the enemy’s mobility, severely compromising their ease of movement. Each orb is formed from the tip of his blade and can even remain in the air for a set amount of time(3 posts in total before dissipating entirely) and depending on where they are in relation to the location of the other, Each orb can form lines between the other, forcing the opponent to avoid them entirely. Stepping across or between them would cause enough damage to stun the opponent, though in practice, that is only enough to disorient them and no more. It serves as a tool in battle that allows Solomon to keep the distance and strike his enemy while robbing them of their ability to move freely.

Cry Thunder: No warrior is ever promised that their weapon shall always remain within their hands. Solomon, naturally proficient in the realm of martial arts, is as well aware of this fact. To be certain, he does not require his weapon entirely and can use his sword as a conductor through which he can channel the ambient reishi in the atmosphere. Through simply stabbing his sword into the ground or manifesting it in a location of his desired choice, Solomon can channel electrical energy through his blade and direct it towards his enemy within a range of twenty meters in total. Along with that, he is able to move freely and use his quincy techniques to quickly shift towards the enemy and strike at them from a myriad of positions and angles, choosing to strike with his fist or form his reishi into a weapon with which to aim towards his enemy.

Lightning Cutter: A simplistic technique in its execution. Through channeling electrical energy through his blade, Solomon can strike from an overhead position in mid-air, creating small arcs of lightning blades that double the overall range of his attacks. Though it hardly offers much in the realm of creativity, in a battle tailored towards close-quarter combat, it can present quite a diverse set of strategies and employments.

Electrify Armament: Another technique teeming with simplicity yet one that offers battlefield ingenuity to utilize to a potential most high, Solomon creates a condensed surge of lightning through his Keraunos, his fists, or even an object through which he can channel his reishi. Upon doing so, he thrusts his conduit of choice forward, unleashing a powerful lightning bolt. Though it does run the risk of possibly damaging him if he isn’t careful, Solomon can even utilize a source of water to reach multiple targets, though he will commonly only do so depending on the level of water in question as it can certainly backfire if he chooses to employ it aimlessly. As such, it is typically used through the aforementioned sources above as those provide a far more feasible convenience.


Name: Ego Eimi Symfora(“I Am Calamity”)

Appearance: When Solomon approaches the realm of Letz Stil, his Sanrei glove begins to radiate violently, bursting apart in a fierce blaze of unrestrained energy that consumes his entire body - slowly dissipating to reveal a partially altered appearance that is somewhat monstrous in nature; the left side of his body now resembling something akin to a dragon. When his Letz still is active, his left arm constantly emits an aura of dark blue energy manifested within the shape of a wing. From his eye, to his arm, to his hand, there is nothing that resembles anything one would dare to call human.

Solomon Richter [3-3, Hazard Rank D] UyXPjh0

Summary: If Keraunos and Eldingar were used as catalysts and conductors through which his voltaic energy could be employed with fluidity, a flawless precision and a markedly poised sense of direction - a containable and graceful storm that can achieve victory through patience and a mastery of proper battlefield tactics, Ego Eimi Syfora is comparable to a hurricane, a natural disaster given physical form, consuming the ambient reishi around him within a dominant wave of fury. For every ounce of reishi that is consumed and brought onto his frame, those very same particles are released in titanic waves of voltaic energy; every swing of his spirit weapon or movement of his frame causing the wind to buffet around him. The outward expenditure of electrified reishi gathering around his body resembles waves of azure energy that can harm his own allies if they are anywhere near him.

Within this state, Solomon’s body is comparable to that of a fierce lightning bolt given human form, his body moving at an inhuman speed, his aim clear and true - to end the battle as quickly as possible. Of course, every disaster, no matter how overwhelming, is fated to end and Solomon’s body abides by that law as his Letz Stil ends immediately after two posts, leaving his body in a vulnerable and somewhat crippling state. As a result of the ambient reishi collected and expended within his frame, he can no longer go on. In layman’s terms, if we were to apply the skill system, for all the immense power granted to him, his body’s durability would drop down to untrained immediately at the conclusion of his Letz Stil, allowing any opponent with moderately superior strength to strike him down within a single blow. His blut no longer works the way he desires nor can he maintain his spirit weapon and execute his techniques. With the correct mastery in place, perhaps he can overcome such a pronounced drawback in time but it is not uncommon to see Solomon spending his fair share of time in the hospital as a result of accessing Letz Stil.


Quincy Cross: Solomon typically wear his Quincy cross on his person, with the way in which he wears it varying depending on his outfit. It is commonly a golden cross worn in the center of his main uniform.

Seele Schneider: Solomon is not so prideful that he only uses only his spirit weapon as his sole blade. If he needs to to use two weapons, he will readily utilize the soul-cutting sword as it recognizes it as a standard form of equipment that most quincy ought to wear on their person at all times. As rule, he typically wears three at all times - be it in spars or duels to the death.

Ginto: Following his all quincy equipment is standard equipment rule, Solomon readily employs Ginto if he finds himself in a compromising position. As his Reiryoku is voltaic in nature, Solomon will commonly use the silver tubes as a last resort if he has expended all of his own reishi during a battle. As such, GInto to him is usually seen as way of either trapping or impeding the enemy's performance or a last resort when his own reserves of energy begin to falter.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Quincy Skills
  • Blut: Adept
  • Reishi Absorption: Adept
  • Spellcraft: Adept
  • Spirit Weapon: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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"his body’s durability would drop down to beginner immediately at the conclusion of the battle, allowing any opponent with moderately superior strength to strike him down within a single blow."

Is this meant to be at the end of the Letz Stil or the end of the thread? Also, if he is able to be defeated in a single blow afterwards, perhaps Untrained is more appropriate?

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Comments/Notes: So Alastair has a new drinking buddy now.

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