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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Fri Feb 11, 2022 5:14 am
Hana Chikara, The Young Flower 615kOEA


Basic Information

○ Name: Hana Chikara (First, Last)
○ Alias': Young Flower
○ Age: 25
○ Birthday: 7th July, 2396
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Vizard

○ Affiliation: Earth

○ Alignment: Neutral Good
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Japanese
○ Religious Standing: Buddhist influences
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

○ Height: 6'3
○ Weight: 70kg
○ Hair Colour: Purple/Red
○ Eye Colour: Red

Hana Chikara, The Young Flower 0C2w7qu



Hana is still a young and hopeful Vizard, and as she learns from her father, she continues to approaches life with an upbeat attitude. Her father says it comes from her mother, but Hana always brings an energy into a room. She will be the first one to get people up and dancing at a party, and the first in line for most activities, seeing it as an opportunity to learn. While she is still young and somewhat timid, Hana is always trying to break the mould and keep things as exciting as possible.


She is a very open woman. Hana has no trouble sharing her most personal thoughts and emotions, and will quite often confide in anyone who will listen. Even on the battlefield, Hana will talk to her opponent on an indirect level. Anger and frustration will come out, and she will keep talking if there is something pissing her off at that moment. While not entirely healthy to confide in a stranger, Hana has yet to be burned by it. This isn't to say she will talk someone's ear off at every moment, but given the opportunity, she will have her immaturity overtake rationale. Such is the life of a sheltered and young Vizard.


For most of her life, Hana had lived a sheltered and safe life. Hideyaki Chikara, also known as Hakai, had kept her safe from the former life he lead. As long as his enemies knew of her existence, she would be in danger, so he tried his best to keep her away from it all. As a result, Hana has become very trusting towards most people, living a life where most people wouldn't dare even look at her wrong. Now that she is living apart from her father, Hana has yet to be burned by a stranger looking to take advantage of her trust. That being said, some of the best friends she has made is due to how trusting she is; a double edged sword in this crazy world.


Hana has a very analytical mind. Hopeless at language and arts, Hana always found herself much more entertained and excelling at math and science. Taking after her father, Hana has followed his footsteps in terms of study. She also uses this mind in battle with scary efficiency, not with overwhelming outside power or help, but quick analysis of her surroundings and situations. Hakai was always paranoid, and in a similar sense to his own brain, took advantage of her analytical mind to teach her critical analysis in almost every situation. She is always looking for an exit, always scanning for a plan if something goes wrong; to the point of it becoming automatic.

» Likes:

Hana is a very excited individual, and as a result, likes great many things. To describe all of them would take forever, so the best way to describe Hana's attitude is open minded. When people bring her things, or she delves deep into something new, she will always try to find the best in it. She is not picky with foods, and will often get excited with people when they are excited about things. Hana likes when people are happy, and they like things. Osmosis through joy, if you will.

» Dislikes:

There are many things Hana dislikes, all of which cause harm to her and those around her. Atop of those evil actions and deeds, liars. Hana understands that an innocent white lie is good for people, and to keep the peace one must tell a lie every now and then. That's life. The problem Hana has with liars is when they use that to manipulate those around them, something which she doesn't fully understand as a young, trusting adult. But when someone breaks her trust, it is beyond heart breaking to her.


Born of Destruction


» Strength: Hana's main method of combat is either hand to hand, or with a weapon. As such, her strength has become one of her most trained abilities, usually putting all of her focus into a physical assault rather than kidou or other magics. Trained by her father and Uncle Zin Yuudeshi, Hana has spent countless hours honing this strength to the pinnacle of her reiatsu's capabilities.

» Defences: Not obvious from a general glance, but Hana has trained her body to shrug off many hits. While she still feels pain, through the use of reiatsu and will power, she has found herself gritting through the pain. By focusing and condensing her own reiatsu throughout portions of her body, she can become rather durable, even to the point of letting a blade slide off her skin from a person not utilising their strength or reiatsu into an attack.

» Spear combatant: Hana's main method of combat is with her Zanpakuto, which takes the sealed form of a spear. With blindingly fast attacks, and together with her incredible strength, she can make absolutely devastating assaults my slamming, stabbing and even slashing with this spear.

» Hakuda: While not her main focus, Hana has been taught many different methods of melee combat from her father. From the ancient Shinigami art of Hakuda, to the Earth based Muay Thai, Hana has dabbled in many different arts. While not a master by any means, she can hold her own in a hand to hand fight.

» Limited Kidou Knowledge: While she knows some of the basics, Kidou is mostly out of the question for Hana. Every single time she tries to use a Kidou above level 10, it either blows up in her face, or ends up fizzling out before anything happens. This is why she sticks to melee combat.

» Shinigami Traits: Born as a Vizard, Hana also learned the traits all Shinigami would be trained in. This includes such things as shunpo, konso, hell butterflies and even her own zanpakuto.


○ Name: Funka Utsukushi-sa (噴火 美しさ, Erupting Beauty)
○ Inner World: A landscape of crystal, water and ice
○ Age: 850
○ Gender: Female

Hana Chikara, The Young Flower GdwRezO

» Traits and Quirks: Utsukushi-sa is a rather calm and collected Zanpakuto spirit. She is a direct relative to Hakai Chikara's Iwa Kinzoku, and though the Zanpakuto has been kept away and given to Hana later in life, Utsukushi-sa always considered herself to be bound to Hana. Utsukushi-sa uses her influence over Hana to teach meditation, personal growth, and pushes her in a much more calm direction. They are quite opposite of each other, but they get along well. While uncommon, the spirit has shown to even manifest in public alongside Hana. This is purely in physical form, and any powers she would try to use do not alter the outer world.
Her voice is said to be soft but calming, like soft raindrops atop of a roof, and just get presence is enough to soothe Hana.

The sealed appearance comes in the form of a red spear covered in ancient hieroglyphics, unreadable to anybody but Utsukushi-sa herself.

Sealed Zanpakuto

» Utsukushi-sa Defense: As a part of her sealed zanpakuto power, Hana is capable of creating small bursts of crystal skin to cover portions of her body. This crystal is incredibly hard, and not only is capable of taking big hits, but even absorbs some of the vibrations that would cause trauma from assaults too. When it comes to assaults, many blades would bounce off as if clashing with a wall, and striking it with an open hand could even cause damage to the attackers body. This can be spread over an entire limb, or a single area as large as her back every second post. This isn't to say her defences are impregnable, but it would take considerable effort for people of equivalent tier to break through her hardened crystal skin.

» Utsukushi-sa Strength: In a similar fashion to her crystal defense, Hana is capable of adding hardened crystal to her own attacks and weapons during fights. This means she can extend her zanpakuto up to ten feet within a moments notice, or even coat her fists in a hard crystal and forge spikes across her knuckles. Similar to her hardened defences, these can be shattered/broken with enough force. Each crystal portion is said to fade after five seconds of being summoned, or a single posts worth.

» Utsukushi-sa Strength:


» Release Phrase: Shine, Utsukushi.

» Appearance: Upon shikai's activation, her spear doesn't actually undergo any changes. Rather, a small layer of white smoke can be seen floating around her body, and her eyes have a white/purple tone across her iris. Her reiatsu becomes a pure white, and seems to enhance every portion of her body. The release explodes into a cone of reiatsu around her body, with waves of energy filling the surroundings, fading away to reveal Hana, now with a more menacing presence.

» Enhanced Strength: Reiatsu reinforces her entire body, and her strength is now considerably higher. While she focuses on melee combat, her spear thrusts are much stronger now. The amount of weight she puts behind her spear seems to have tripled, and her ability to break through defences is much higher. Her strength is both a result of the power gained from her Zanpakutō, but also her training from Hakai and Nozomi.

» Kagayaki, The White Smoke: The main power of Hana's shikai is her ability to manipulate a white, smoke-like substance. Similar to her fathers zanpakuto, she can control this smoke with her mind and make it dance across the battlefield to go where she wishes. The smoke itself has a constricting capability, making anything it touches constrict and pull together, and with enough smoke covering the target, even force it to implode. If someone is covered in a thin layer of this smoke, they would feel their body become heavy and tired, their skin and body begin to compress. The more the smoke engulfs the target, the harsher the constriction will become, until eventually it pops or breaks them out of shape.

As an example, if a thick layer of smoke were to cover someone's entire arm, it would constrict the arm all over, until it eventually broke skin and potentially even ripped the arm from it's socket. Another usage is coating her own body and weapons in this smoke, and striking with precision. A good way to imagine this ability is to place an object underneath a compression machine, forcing all atoms and spiritual energy so tightly it begins to implode. When using this upon her own body, Hana can increased the density on her own body parts, adding small weight and kick to her attacks. This compression isn't instant however, and will only "compress" for as long as both Hana wills it, and the smoke is touching the portion of that body. If someone were to be coated head to toe in this white smog, they could literally feel their bones to chip away and compress together.

There are major limitations to this however. Unlike her father whom can cover massive areas in this smoke, Hana can only extend it to herself and immediate surroundings. This means that within around fifty meters of her body she can spread the smoke, but finds it virtually impossible to extend beyond it. If exerting herself and using large portions of energy she could focus this into larger areas, but tends to avoid it. The best way to combat this is utilizing the environment, and large wind to sweep the smoke off the battlefield for a time.

» Shingō, The Crystal Mark: The smoke not only constricts those Hana wills, but it was also mark those who pass through it. If even for a moment, when one passes through the smoke, small crystals will be stuck into their clothes, small fragments in their skin and hair. About ten crystals will attach onto someone for every second they are in the smoke, meaning even if they are so much as brushed by it, they will be marked. Once marked, the target can be tracked without issue, giving them a faint purple outline for the duration. When marked, two techniques become available.

  1. Striking spear, Inshō-tekina yari (印象的な槍): When an enemy is marked with these crystals, when using her Zanpakutō, she will strike at double her normal speed. While it also works at double the speed, it also hits with double the power. Imagine everything in doubles. If she stabbed with the Zanpakutō twice, the strength would be replicated twice over - atop of four stabs going out. The smoke would form and solidify in the shape of her strike, doubling the stabbing technique, but also keeping the strength and speed of the original. This original strike can be blocked with fast enough reactions, as can the solidified version of smoke, however it would require an immense amount of focus to avoid. Usually, she can do this enhanced strike six times per post, allowing for twelve lightning fast, super powered strikes.

  2. Scattering, Sanran (散乱): From the crystal on the marked target, Hana is capable of scattering an explosion of other, flower shaped crystals onto the battlefield. Each flower petal floats delicately in the air, not falling, but dancing mid air. Ranging in the thousands across a five hundred meter battlefield, these petals can be changed in shape, size and purpose upon touch. Different types of weapons, or shapes that could be designed for battle, can be shaped at a mere touch and solidified for combat. These petals will last for as long as the target is marked, and continuously spew out these scattered flower petals. She can change their size and purpose, even something as large as a car, or in extreme circumstances, combine many petals together and create something even larger. With the right amount, it is quite possible she could form anything she wished, with the exception of mechanical, electrical and complex structures.


Hana Chikara, The Young Flower Ap8OoJO

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