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Sun Feb 20, 2022 7:24 pm
Valentine's day. 6 years now Tento had existed within the soul society, and yet, he still could not really believe that this holiday was present in the after life. Heck, he could not believe that any of the holiday on earth moved over! There were so many, each one from the different continents, countries, cultures that made up the living. Well....if it was part of the living and people kept their emotions, feelings, and ability to generate the same type of ideas. It would make sense to have them here after all.

Six years of existing in the school and each year Tento found this to be a holiday he did not partake in. Sure, there were females he was affectionate towards that he met in the school. As friends and...more. But not any that he held a strong feeling towards, not in a somewhat romantic way or beyond the plain first level of adult feelings.

But his mind kept going back to someone. Even after being away and not seeing them for 4 years. Hanako. Now that he was graduating...he had to send out his requests to the squads to join. Most likely sent directly to the Captain or Vice Captain, and if specifically addressed, maybe they would be sent to specific people high ranked in that division?

He was nervous, different than he was normally in a long time as he wrote.

Dear Vice Captain Hanako,

I do not know if you remember me for it has be quite some time since we have seen each other. But in the short time we had known each other I have seen you as a friend and a mentor. My name is Tento Zefa, and will be graduating from the Shino Academy soon. I...wish to request permission to join your squad and work alongside you. You helped me grow much in the two years we trained together, and it has given me blueprints to continue to my current strength. I would like to continue to grow and to help you grow as well, I know that sounds silly and maybe a bit disrespectful with you being a Vice Captain now (CONGRATULATIONS), but that is how I feel about our friendship.


How have you been?

What have you been up to?

I have thought of you fondly at times and hope to hear from you soon, even if it is to say I am not to join.

Hope to hear from you soon.

- Tento Zefa

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