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Sun Feb 20, 2022 7:33 pm
New Teacher..? [Nami/Hisana] ATKMrN0

Nami Miura

Of course, of all people in the Academy, Nami would be one of the first to hear any new rumors being murmured about, this one in particular being especially curious. An Arrancar teaching classes? The mere idea sounded curious yet threatening; she hadn’t ever met an Arrancar before, often only observing them in her studies, but there must have been some precedence behind the appearance of this one if she was allowed to teach classes…

The investigative spirit of the woman led her to a time after class, in which the door to the room would slowly open, her dull reddish eyes peering in to see what was… A rather normal looking woman. Was she truly an Arrancar? She hardly looked like what she’d imagine… They didn’t eat people anymore, yes? Then again the idea that she may make a wrong move to strike her ire crossed her mind… Just because the woman would face consequences if any were harmed does not mean Nami herself wished to be that victim.

All that could be seen from another’s perspective is a young woman, standing as still as a statue, vaguely shaking and eyes staring intensely with mystery and thought.

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