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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Fri Mar 04, 2022 10:51 pm

Lukas Ätherisch [3-4; Hazard D] C16wuJf

Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Lukas Ätherisch
» Titles: Todesjäger
» Age: 27
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Vandereich, Assassin

» Physical Appearance Description: A phantasmal silhouette follows Lukas, his long silver hair adding more to his frame than his own physicality. Thin and tall, his body is toned, what little muscle he seems to have peeking out from underneath his skin. His skin has little-to-no blemishes or scars, if one ignores his left arm. From shoulder to fingertip, the skin appears raw and dark, scarred across every inch. Otherwise, he is incredibly pale, bordering on ghostly.

Generally, he wears a modified uniform of the Vandereich, colored black. The left sleeve is removed, showing a black cloth-like wrap over the skin, a pair of white quincy crosses binding it together - one on his forearm, the other on his shoulder. Sparse with other alterations, the hem of his jacket is lined with tracking devices, making him particularly easy to find for superiors. The collar is raised, although it is hard to tell with his exceedingly long hair obscuring it.

Straight and silver, Lukas' hair is perhaps his most defining feature. Matching in its metallic luster are his eyes, a quiet gray that wishes to scream. A pointed jaw guides his face, nothing particular notable with his nose or brow. His right ear has three piercings, rings sitting loosely on its ridge. Pointed eyebrows lead to some evidence of personal grooming, although between the inconsistency of length with it and his hair, it is obvious this is all done by himself.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Lukas Ätherisch [3-4; Hazard D] RyrUlr8

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Lukas has an incredibly simple view of the world, a specific shade of black or white to stick to any situation. There is no grey in Lukas' mind, and the mere suggestion of anything else is met with an empty stare. This mindset is accompanied by the required muscle for various sorts of mental gymnastics, making him a particularly vulnerable target for manipulation.

This is paired with an incredible sense of ego, and a rather aggressive grasp of reality. In short, he is violent by nature, and would escalate to it in near any situation - if he were capable. Currently, he struggles with keeping these tendencies in check, although his motives are often seen as dubious when pried on the matter. Some flavor of nihilism runs in his veins, coming out in spurts when particularly contemplative; rare as they might be.

Focused on a enigmatic goal, he offers little insight into his inner workings. His past actions speak loudly to his lack of regard for life, and some idea of quincy superiority that taints the edges of his actions. If not for a rather immature view of the way things worked, Lukas could be considered a professional, in his own line of work. In regards to any other part of his life, reckless

III. Character History

Lukas had a strict upbringing.

An obsessive father, a meek mother. A quincy by birth, by blood. It was an important quarterstone of his life from the first thought, a hazy memory of his father's Pfeilregen, a show of shooting stars across the sky. The pride of it forced onto his shoulders.

He would draw his first spirit weapon at the tender age of six, and begin sanrei training at seven. The amount of childhood given to him would peak here, before his mother lost him fully to his father. A small birthday party for his eighth year, a cupcake and candle. From then forward, above all, he would be a Quincy.

Intense home-schooling bridged into his early teens, the most basic of arithmetic and reading comprehension instilled between beatings disguised as sparring. By eleven, his left arm was bound with a second sanrei glove, hemorrhaging the progress he had made summoning his spirit weapon. Thirteen, a third.

The following month still rots in the recesses of his mind.

A specialized bootcamp, a 'festival'. his father having found two other Quincy who shared in his methods. Seven kids in total, three one on one matches a day. Every seven days, he had a day to rest and prepare. Survive.

By the third day, it was starting to set in - the savagery expected, the 'dignity' and 'pride' one has to uphold; if not for themselves for their blood. By day five, they were playing dirty. By day nine one of them had dropped out. By day twelve, Lukas had begun to form his own Pfeilregen. By day 15, he'd fire it.

A stalemate was established, the idea of mutually assured destruction rising as the threat of potential Letzt Stil became more apparent. Yet his father pushed, forcing Lukas and the remaining chidden trapped in a coliseum. For the next two weeks, they'd remain, barraged by hazards produced by the elder Quincy. Two more would die, before the finale.

Day 30, Lukas used his Letzt Stil for the first time. The resulting compression of reishi would permanently scar his arm, and nearly kill two of the remaining combatants. The third died from resulting wounds, a battle royale given as the final test.

Battered and bruised, he would return to a seemingly new life, his father actively approving of him. He'd see his mother for the first time in years, although the reunion felt little more than formality. By fifteen, he had been brought into the Vandereich's Todgestalten as personnel. He would see little action for the first five years of his career.

The next two years were storied.

An excursion leading to the in-combat death of three allies and fourteen hollows, his first encounter with an arrancar - killed by a superior officer before he could blink. The seemingly growing relationship with his father, the first time things felt hopeful. It made the collapse after so much further down.

A particular dissident in a small town in Ohio, marked for death on selling secrets of the Vandereich. A target flubbed, escaping with massive collateral damage. A point blank Pfeilregen, missed - a house obliterated. Across the world, his mother would act on something heinous - killing his father and herself.

Something cracked inside of him.

Five years ago, some would say Lukas snapped. Went off the handle, thought a city's population was turning into hollows. The "raving of someone pushed too hard" - rhetoric, nothing more.

Five years ago, Lukas Ätherisch came to a conclusion. The creation of creatures like Hollows, Shinigami - they all had one source. Human souls. Cut off the source, and everything goes quiet.

Five years ago, Lukas wiped the population of Springfield, Ohio from 32,000 to 200, stopped by superior Vandereich officers after the use of his Letzt Stil. Five years ago, he managed to avoid the death penalty. Solitary confinement, sentence length undetermined.

Then war came.

An invisible hand's push, the idea of a 'useful tool' that was seeded years prior in his trial - the unlocking of a cell door. Lukas was released on a heavily monitored parole, to be used when needed. Depending on who you ask, it could be considered fortunate his release was a mere two weeks before the war would come to a close.

In the time since, he's been kept on a tight leash, bound to the City of Light unless placed on a detail. Of which, none would come. Contingent freedom dangles in his face, pushing him towards two choices. Rehabilitate, or go back in.

IV. Equipment

» Sanrei Wrap: A massive variant of the sanrei glove, this wrapping is bound from Lukas' fingertips to his shoulder on his left arm. Bound with a seal, Linkshändig, he is bound from using his Letzt Stil without direct permission from a superior Vandereich officer. Conversely, it is an extraordinarily troublesome sanrei alternative, forcing Lukas' reishi absorption to become monstrous - exclusively with his left hand. Otherwise, he can only absorb reishi as a beginner would.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Kunst des Fechtens: The Art of Fencing lays the foundation for Lukas's sword work. His footwork and thrusting attacks are well practiced, if somewhat sloppy with more difficult execution. He tends to make up for this with his raw ferocity, however - making a point to aim for vitals as often as possible, even if they're more likely to miss. This does not govern the entirety of his swordplay, but does comment to his lack of slashing techniques.

Otherwise, he has a fair amount of defensive ability with swords, capable of deflecting oncoming projectiles if not outmatched. His ability to create distance is mostly reliant on his Hirenyaku, generally making his reliance on thrusting the correct choice. His hand to hand skills are lackluster in comparison to his swordplay, leaving a fair opening if one could manage to destroy his spirit weapon.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Losgefunkt Hirenyaku: The extent of his spellcraft training, his hirenyaku is rigidly practical. Capable of quickly moving himself in a straight line along the ground, he is nowhere near the level necessary for sky walking or anything close to simulated flight. In turn, it has a surprising amount of speed, still being predictable in its pathing. Roughly capable of using it three times in rapid succession, he finds himself struggling to function after strenuous, repeated use of the technique.

» Tollwütiges Blut: Lukas' blut is singular in scope, capable of using the offensive half of the technique and little else. Notably, he can control its duration remarkably well, only turning it on as he would land attacks. This conversion of reishi allows for its continued use over extended periods, although it leaves openings to more educated opponents.

» Schlechte Berührung: Where most at his level have great range within their domain of reishi absorption, Lukas’ range is fairly detrimental, his abilities all but touched based. Conversely, the speed and efficacy of ripping reishi from objects is higher than expected, capable of ‘catching’ low level kido before absorbing their entirety. In Los Noches or the Seireitei, he would be capable of tearing chunks out of near-anything inanimate, if not absorbing entire structures with enough time and focus.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Geisterklinge

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Gesiterklinge is a sword's blade, formed by condensing Lukas' reishi along the top of his fore-arm and the back of his wrist. Extending forwards, the reishi that comprises the blade is a pale blue, flickering at the edges like fire. Both side of the blade are edged, culminating in a triangle tip. Roughly four feet in length past his hand, it manages to appear similar to the size of a bastard.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

» Geisterstich: Geisterklinge can form itself from any point of it's dimensions - the reishi forming from whichever chosen point before expanding and forming the entirety of the blade. This allows for an assortment of options with approach to mid and close range battles, be it feints with the edge of the blade or defensive maneuvers through materializing the weapon inside of oncoming projectiles. The formation of the blade takes notably longer to form the further away from himself Lukas attempts to form it, the fastest being directly from his wrist.

The blade cuts as it forms, and moves as if the entire blade were formed at all times. If struck with enough force while being formed, it can be disrupted, releasing the reishi in a small explosion of energy. If the blade is fully formed, it can be de-materialized instantly, with partial creations of it taking more time to retract. The stability and sharpness of Geisterklinge increases the more fully it is summoned, limiting the overall firepower of the majority of his options.

    » Geisterstich Ausführen: An assassination technique refined from Geisterstich, it requires Lukas' full attention - and even more importantly, to be at point blank range of his opponent. Placing his fist onto the target, Geisterklinge is drawn together from every possible point on it's blade, in an attempt to instantaneously form the blade inside of the intended target. The reishi and focus required for this is not particularly manageable for the majority of combat situations, making it suitable for stealth, or a finisher on a weakened/restrained target.

    » Geisterstich Verstärkt: A fully formed Geisterklinge can be further reinforced by drawing more reishi into it's form. This is fairly visible, the blades form becoming more stable and a deeper hue of blue as more and more reishi is formed into it. This charge of reishi can be reasonably done twice, seemingly limited by his own ability. While reinforced, Geisterklinge takes a noticeably longer time to be dissolved, leaving a large period between this and general use Geisterstich.

» Spukender Pfeilregen: With his spirit weapon's relatively short range, Lukas developed an alternative approach to long range combat: erase it. By drawing the blade's reishi back into itself, the shape of the blade condenses atop Lukas' forearm, forming a massive cannon barrel. The amount of reishi to take this form is far from inconsequential, and it shows with its firepower.

Requiring him to spend time charging its payload, Pfeilregen releases a massive blast of arrows, capable of producing an enormous scattershot across a mile of space - both in width and length. Unfortunately, the scatter of this shot is wide, lacking in accuracy what it maintains in lethality. If somehow delivered at a point blank range, or in a confined space, these drawbacks can be somewhat ignored.

After its use, Geisterklinge cannot be formed for an extended period of time, and any performed Letzt Stil will be noticeably weaker in output. As such, it cannot be fired more than once every blue moon, less he burn out his ability to gather and form reishi altogether. If somehow interrupted when forming this transformation, it causes a fairly decently sized eruption of reishi, more than capable of tearing off Lukas' arm in the process.

VII. Quincy: Letzt Stil

» Letzt Stil Name: Wiedergänger

» Letzt Stil Appearance: Lukas' arm-length sanrei glove snaps at his shoulder, it's seal erupting in bright blue light. The reishi's glow, for a moment, comes from within his arm, peeking through the seams of the garment. In an explosion of energy, the sanrei glove is reduced to ash, his right arm becoming enveloped in a massive amount of reishi from his shoulder down.

Larger than himself by an order of magnitude, the reishi appears enormous, before forming downwards and around his arm somewhat more tightly as it forms into a massive clawed hand, the energy fierce as it explodes violently around his shoulder. At such density, the usual pale, ghostly blue of his reishi becomes a deep crystal blue, its core a searing bright white.

With his Letzt Stil active, Lukas' hair stands on end, the concentrated reishi sparking electricity and bright culminations of light that peel and emanate from his body. Whatever clothing on his chest doesn't tend to withstand the transformation either, burning away under the pressure.

Letzt Stil Abilities:

» Geisterklinge - Umarmung: Geisterklinge is assimilated within the form of Wiedergänger, granting it an impressive destructive output. The increased power output from condensing such a large quantity of reishi enables his Letzt Stil to be easily twice as powerful as his peers, but only be activated once within any thread. Generally, his movements rely on Wiedergänger's claw, using it with large leaping and slashing movements.

» Pfeilregen - Tod: Requiring a second level of permissions granted by a high enough ranking officer in the Vandereich, this is the true power of Spukender Pfeilregen. Upon the second level seal being released, Wiedergänger loses it's form, before shifting into a cannon barrel - in similar Lukas-dwarfing size to the claw. This cannon is then aimed and fired, ending Wiedergänger in its entirety as the payload is unleashed.

Still concentrated to a similar scope as before, the blast is roughly a mile in any direction in front of it. A wall of destruction, the numerous arrows become as one. The aftermath is barren, scouring existence from reality. In a combination of recoil and exhaustion, Lukas' abilities as a quincy all but disappear for a month, and preventing the use of his Letzt still for the next six months. For up to a year later, his spirit weapon will feel off at best, and pathetic at worst.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Adept
  • Quincy Spellcraft: Adept
  • Reishi Absorption: Elite [Adept]
  • Spirit Weapon: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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Sanrei Wrap
This is mostly fine, but I'd like some clarification as to what it actually means that his reishi absorption is only massive in his left hand. I think the concept of his reishi absorption being limited/situational is fine, I'm just not entirely sure how you envision it working in practice.

For the Reishi Absorption, note the skill as Elite [Beginner] just to have a more immediate indication of the distinction between his left arm and the rest of him.[/adm]
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Fri Mar 11, 2022 8:37 pm
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