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Lohengrin(Freyja/Hannah)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Lohengrin(Freyja/Hannah)

Tue 05 Apr 2022, 4:33 pm
Lohengrin(Freyja/Hannah)  - Page 3 3kBZ7k8


A profound meeting. A pleasant interaction. Freyja found a warm smile forming in her countenance as reflected on them crossing paths and how future meetings between them would manifest, Though their introductions began on unsteady legs, it had reached a pace where she felt comfortable sharing the woman's company. Curiosity filled her mind for the first time. What would meet her at the end of this particular path? True mysteries await and for the first time in years, she was welcome to pursue the unknown and slowly turn away from the mundane.

"Likewise. Let us see what the future holds Hannah. My new... friend."


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