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Mon Mar 14, 2022 3:44 pm
Izumi Kamishiro [Approved, Tier 5-4, Hazard Ranking: E] Banner


Basic Information

» Name: Izumi Kamishiro 泉 神城
» Alias':
▕ Irregularity Among Shinigami.
▕ Lady Azusa [Cherry Birch Lady].
» Age: 800s.
» Birthday: July 4.
» Gender: Female.
» Race: Shinigami.

» Affiliation:
Herself. Shin'o Academy [Graduate].
Gotei United - Second Division, Unseated.

» Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
» Marital Status: Single.
» Nationality: Soul Society.
» Sexuality: Yes?
» Ideal Mate: Exhibitionists.
» Special Skill: Painting for days straight.

» Height: 5'1.
» Build: Curvy.
» Hair Colour: Black.
» Eye Colour: Blue.

Izumi Kamishiro [Approved, Tier 5-4, Hazard Ranking: E] Appearance

Psychological Analysis
» The Artist: Izumi is an artist first and foremost, never lacking in creativity or expressing things in a different light. She's a talented artist and will often paint or draw. She likes to express her creative side but only when she has muse - which she has a lot of. Her character is very rigid with her high-expectations and standards of her own art and is very critical on herself. This makes her not like others mocking her work or insulting what she deems a masterpiece. Izumi has an overactive Imagination and is a bit of a day dreamer.

» The Researcher: A very perceptive individual and will ask a lot of questions for the sake of wanting answers but she views this as second to her own desire to capture the world's beauty in her art. She prefers to watch and learn rather than involved herself, not afraid to isolate herself from others to observe them. Izumi is a terrible fighter - only supporting others when necessary or removes herself from danger entirely to analyse it. She has remarkably few boundaries when asking questions which leads her to ask awkward or out of place questions at the wrong time in a situation and she doesn't care about how people respond to this.

» The Wanderer: A person who cares more about self-preservation than honour, a thorough coward. She will run from danger if she feels threatened. While she is loyal to a degree, if she thinks that it will endanger her then she is not afraid to switch sides with the flip of a hat if she thinks it will be better for her. Prefers to travel and explore, usually the Soul Society after growing tired of Earth maybe she'll pick it back up. There is no real geographical knowledge to her though besides in the abstract which could put herself in very dangerous situations unknowingly. It is difficult to befriend her and it takes a long time for a genuine connection to form. She doesn't trust people easily. A vagrant at heart, she will happily will sleep anywhere or live in any situation so long as she has access to basic necessities and can work on her art.

» The Rebel: Stubborn and dogmatic is Izumi, and while she is rare to change her mind. Unyielding even at times but there is a matter of followup which is a different one altogether. While she won't change her mind or how she feels about something, she will cave and do what someone wants if they push her enough or threaten her but let the spite about having to do it fester in her head - did they really change her mind though? No, not really. She will sometimes irritate people purely to see their reaction or be insubordinate for the sake of it. Finally, she is quite selfish and arrogant. While these negative traits have become a bit more humbled over the years it will still manifest from time to time where she thinks of herself before others and especially when it comes to art - insist that she is objectively better than them.


Izumi was born in the sixteen hundreds, around a time of strife where the Shogunate was beginning to collapse under the take over of Nobunaga and the Meijin Restoration period. Her life was short, living only to the age of eight before perishing. Growing up with her father being an artist she would listen to him speak of how ugly the world was, the final thought on her mind as she died lingered to those words of how her father just wanted to see the world beautiful again.

Waking up in a strange place Izumi had no idea of where she was, only the final thought that she had at the time of death carried over in subtle feeling. She was lucky enough to wake up in the closer districts to Seireitei. The first district to be exact. Being only a young girl on the streets she was adopted by a kind merchant family that raised her in a normal life as normal as it could in the Rukongai. She got a chance to develop her talent in art. With the resources provided to her she was able to hone her art to excellent levels. Already beginning to gain some reputation amongst the more wealthy individuals for her art and commissions.

It was only a matter of time before she was old enough to move out and that she did. She left immediately to explore the Rukongai's inner districts and circumnavigate the Seireitei walls while commissioning art for the funds to pay for this. She never let people get close to her, she was always busy lost in her own world. It didn't matter what people wanted from her, when she was busy they all didn't matter at all.

A matter of time before she would be welcomed into the Seireitei amongst the true nobility of the Soul Society. She was invited to lesser nobles estates to do portraits and artwork. She spent time learning the tricks of the trade to get more and more attention for her work. She lived off the wages easily at this point. She could charge so much from the demand she had that it all went a little to her head. Her arrogance grew but she was smart enough to respect the higher nobles.

They paid more after all.

This would continue. Izumi would spend her days painting and drawing her pieces. All the while the world would continue. Everything began to pick up though, the world accerated and war began to happen. Following Ender's invasion she left the Seireitei immediately and even made her way out of the Soul Society into the World of the Living. She helped herself to whatever she pleased for a time until the world itself became spiritually aware. At that point it was simple for her to adapt. Just had to sell what you made and rinse and repeat albeit without the reputation. That didn't matter to Izumi though, she was doing what she wanted anyway.

A few months into 2417 Izumi made her way back the Rukongai. Finding the increasing amount of activity in Earth irritating and deciding it would be better to risk it in the Rukongai instead of staying on Earth. After the seeds of chaos had grown and been reaped like weeds, things began to settle down and so did Izumi. Being free to try and capture the world's beauty once more in her art but as things changed so did she.

Her own power had grown and bled into her passion which siphoned tiny pieces of power from those that gazed on it and fell under the spell called "beauty". These tiny fragments all collided and merged, forming what is essentially the basis of her power growing to the point of a shinigami. Her reiatsu was becoming a bit problematic since she couldn't control it. Many a time she would accidently snap her paint brush and become frustrated. More hungry and needing of fuel to not starve.

After many centuries she had fallen prey to the thing called power and begrudgingly joined into the Shin'o Academy, changing her name in the process, which saw her pass very quickly and make people refer to her as a prodigy. She accepted this title of course but unknowingly was only finding the attributes of understanding blending into her subconscious. A strange feeling where it didn't feel like she was learning anything new, she was just refreshing it.

After her few months in the Shin'o Academy, Izumi graduated as an unseated shinigami. Going around as a peculiar case which saw a lot of interest from the Research and Development Division who wanted to understand why she had such aptitude but an underwhelming level of reiatsu that a person would normally expect to see.

Izumi declined and joined the Second Division. Kido was the only part of this shinigami stuff that interested her after all, it was the most artistic and creative expression of the Zankensoki for a person who wasn't interested in getting dirty like her.


» Sympathetic Art: An inadvertent evolution of her power as a plus that allowed her to possess her artworks, at some point it flipped. Rather than Izumi herself being drawn into the painting an individual is drawn into the painting. Unlike her possession, this is less literal of being physically drawn into the painting, this siphons power from those. Art is beauty and through viewing of beauty an exchange is made where by a person creates a sympathetic connection by admiring or becoming enchanted by the beauty and "something" is received.

Her sympathetic art, receives this in the form of taking tiny fragments which are neglible - dead skin cells if you will - and absorbs them, transfering them back to her. It is a kind of spiritual vampirism that Izumi cannot say she is aware of to any great degree. This very attribute though is why she developed so quickly into an unseated shinigami, many of the clients who commission her for art are nobles or shinigami and so those tiny pieces all collectively add up with her renown art being highly sought after which has made her comfortably shift into a shinigami from a regular plus soul.

» Quesitonable Prodigy: Izumi is by no means a prodigy despite some claiming her to be as one after she completed the entire Shin'o Curriculum in under a couple of months. This is due to the nature of her power where she is passively absorbing experience, small amounts of spiritual energy and attributes that are building up and becoming blended into her soul which is advancing its growth. To put it into perspective, some people will say that she is a prodigy for becoming a shinigami so quickly but it is the opposite. She had already met the requisites to be a shinigami before she had even entered.

» Extremely Dexterous: As an artist she is adept at precision and actions that require care. Izumi is ambidextrous, at times even being able to perform pretty good work through a peculiar method such as using her feet or mouth if she is feeling quirky. This is mostly in regards to her artistic qualities which she takes a great deal of pride in but besides her steady hand, she can demonstrate skills such as calligraphy - including forging another's handwriting if she needed, sewing which she does now and again. Finally, some of it does carry into her swordplay. Izumi's usage of swords is not the worst and while she has no distinct style it is mostly compensated by her freeform style and intuition, if only requiring a lot more work into the handling of a sword properly.

» Kido Prodigy: Unlike her actual status as being considered a prodigy, Izumi is actually quite in-tune with the concept of kido if not actually dedicated towards the field out of curiousity and does give a bit of effort to this which sees her as sitting a bit above the level of some of her peers during her time in the Shin'o Academy. Izumi is capable of casting with efficiency to her energy expendature and utilise a couple of spells without incantation, her actual aptitude does not break into the realm of being able to apply her own unique customisations or highly advanced spells/techniques but as far as the universal field she has a good grasp of its principles.

There is a greater emphasis on Bakudo compared to Hadō when it comes to her proficiency.


» Gigai [義骸, Faux Body]: A modern gigai which she can manifest at will to become covered in ink which dissolves to reveal her with a physical body. Dispelled through the same manner except it makes ink blast away from her and quickly dissipate - this may be beneficial to create a small smokescreen to escape or take advantage of an opponent if they aren't prepared.

» Denreishinki [伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine]: Her phone. Nothing special compared to the standard issue shinigami equipment. Let's her make calls, receive orders and keep up to date with things. Standard stuff.

» Gokon Tekkō [悟魂手甲, Soul Apprehension Gauntlet]: Takes the form of a black cloth fingerless tekko that she wears on her left hand while the right one is left bare. Functions as normal.

» Jigokuchō [地獄蝶, Hell Butterfly]: They make her take care of these things since she's a new and inexperienced shinigami. It's a pain in the butt to need to care for these things, she doesn't like it.

» Kan: Izumi betrays her modest living and appearances by the fact that she does make quite a bit of kan in the Soul Society noblity scene by doing their commissions. She used to be quite wasteful and beligerent of taking care of it but since becoming a shinigami there has been more care to store it away although she is just as prone as to giving it away to others if they ask. As long as there's enough kan to pay for her painting supplies, she doesn't really care much.


» Zanpakuto Name: Shinzō [神像, God Statue].

» Spirit Summary: Izumi has yet to be able to hear her zanpakuto spirit's name, she has an aversion to confronting it and she thinks Shinzo is a bit of a pain in the butt so she prefers to avoid any meaningful connection with her, always putting off the idea of fighting for the sake of better understanding or power. It takes the form of a giant statue which roams around at times but is often found at one of the four gates into the Seireitei.

Izumi Kamishiro [Approved, Tier 5-4, Hazard Ranking: E] 408px-Summon_b_2040342000

» Inner World: Her inner world is a perfect reflection of the Soul Society from four-hundred years ago, however the inner world of Izumi appears to be populated by faceless individuals that roam about and go about mundane lives. It is a microcosm that reflects the very nature of her desire to paint the 320 Views of the Wandering Soul City and populated with tiny reflections of individuals that gazed upon her art, that is all they are though. Reflections and to try and touch them would only make her pass through them.

» Sealed Appearance: A katana that she keeps sheathed at her hip. It's overall colour scheme is light blue with a wave-like pattern, there is a small brown rope tassel which ends in what looks like a brush tip at the end.

» Sealed Ability: None at present.


» Spirit Name: Kuro [黒, Black].

» Spirit Summary: It is unknown exactly what "Kuro" is, it is a manifestation which exists in Izumi's soul but as far as what its purpose is - unclear. How it came to be - unclear. Nothing about Kuro is exactly known to her, which is why she named it after the colour Black. A greater meaning than just the fact it is mostly black in colour; black is the absence of light and in that absence there is no information that is known to her. He is an enigma and so she refers to him as just that.

Despite it's existence and the fact that Izumi is aware of it, he appears to be benign and possesses no discernable power of his own. At first she thought he was her zanpakuto spirit but found that it was not the case when he proved to be physically unable to speak and her actual spirit revealed itself.

Izumi Kamishiro [Approved, Tier 5-4, Hazard Ranking: E] Kuro


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept.
  • General Speed: Untrained.
  • Strength: Beginner.
  • Martial Skill: Beginner.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner.
  • Mental Deduction: Adept.
  • Focus: Advanced.

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho Beginner.
  • Kido: Adept.
  • Hakuda: Beginner.
  • Zanjutsu: Beginner.

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Izumi Kamishiro [Approved, Tier 5-4, Hazard Ranking: E] Empty Re: Izumi Kamishiro [Approved, Tier 5-4, Hazard Ranking: E]

Wed Mar 16, 2022 12:22 pm
If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.

Don't forget to claim your FCs and positions.

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