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Thu Apr 07, 2022 5:06 am
Airin Kajiyashiki DOqriey



○ Name: █████████ █████████████ █████████
○ Current Alias': Airin Kajiyashiki
○ Age: 20
○ Birthday: 6th of February
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Shinigami

○ Affiliation: Gotei United

○ Occupation: Spy-in-training, Student
○ Nationality: Serbian in life / Eastern Rukongai in afterlife
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
○ Language: Serbian, Japanese

○ Height: 5'2
○ Weight: 50kg
○ Hair Colour: Black
○ Eye Colour: Orange. Her iris is surrounded by rings.

If not donning her shihakusho, she is often found sporting a school uniform.

Airin Kajiyashiki E8vSCrj


Upbeat Facade: Airin comes across as a calm, upbeat and joyful young woman to everyone she meets. She is easy to make friends with, and appears to avoid drama, helping those in times of strife when unprovoked and overall attempting to be positive. While she is truly attempting to be the person she presents, she is constantly lying to herself in an attempt to give people a favourable opinion of her. As a result of her upbringing, Airin remains in a consistent battle with her true emotions, attempting to shove her emotions down and discard her cold, husk-like personality. It's not that she will feign concern or is incapable of compassion, more that she struggles to express that in a healthy way, and keeping connections can prove challenging. The more time people spend with Airin, the more apparent it becomes that she is actually struggling.

Adaptable: After joining the Gotei, Airin specifically learned how to don many different personas for a plethora of reasons. She has trained how to fake her feelings convincingly, making her a prime candidate for black ops contracts, subterfuge and other hidden operations. Airin, however, does noticeably struggle with her own identity as a result. What is her true personality? Is she the cold and scared young woman who's hometown was at the mercy of war? Or is she the smiling college student that nobody has issues with? Is she something else entirely? She very clearly wants to be known as the friendly young woman, but that isolated trauma that lives within the back of her mind is something that will always gnaw away at her thoughts. She has learned to fake her feelings so well that donning a few different personalities to fit a specific group of people has never proved an issue.

Crude and Cold: As mentioned, Airin has lived a life of trauma. To survive such a tough upbringing in the midst of wars and fighting, her natural inclination from a young age was to shut her emotions down, and turn off all forms of attachment and understanding. There are very few people who will spark an emotional reaction out of Airin. In moments of high stress and trauma, Airin defaults to this, and will shut herself off as a defense mechanism.

Paranoid: Airin is constantly looking for an escape. Whether it's with friends, enemies or just walking down the street, Airin is a very paranoid person who expects the worst possible situation to happen at any time. She is capable of defending herself, sure, but she places very little trust into the world around her. As a result of her hidden operations training, she was also taught to always be on edge, and expect the unexpected -- always have an escape in mind.

Family Weak-Point: When it comes to family, Airin is defenceless. She will do anything for family, and almost seems like a completely different person when she is around them. Airin lets her guard down with her family, especially her sister Iki, becoming someone who can genuinely love and smile, instead of fighting her inner thoughts.

Bad influence: Unknowingly, Airin can sometimes be a bad influence. She enjoys her alcohol, but especially with her sister, Airin is often found goading Iki into situations they otherwise wouldn't get involved in. As Iki is curious and learning about the world, Airin tries not to abuse her lack of knowledge, but will sometimes poke harmless fun at her sister. The two of them may seems like they are at odds a lot of the time, but their love runs deep.

» Foodie & Fit: Airin is a huge fan of food. She has a huge appetite, and will often eat more than her fair share of food when given the opportunity. Airin also loves exercise, often using boxing and running as an escape from her daily life. As she is so active and fit, this is a perfect counter balance to her love of food.

» High Alcohol Tolerance: Conversely, she is also a fan of alcohol. Although she doesn't abuse it and end up drunk on the streets, she has been known to partake when offered - but very capable of holding her liquor. You would be hard pressed to out drink her, and just as hard to see her drunk. When she does, however, her guard is finally dropped -- and she uncharacteristically opens up about her life, experiences and mental state.


>> Birth to Death <<

"War does not measure the strength of a man. Only the cost."

Airin doesn't remember her name. Lost in transition between life and death, Airin is a self given moniker designed to give her a fresh start. Traumatic is the only word capable of describing Airin's life. She was born into chaos, the midst of a war that brutalized and tortured the civilians who inhabited the town of Mekes, Serbia. Her mother was a strong willed woman by the name of Božena, a single mother who had lost one of her twin children at birth. Since her very birth, to the very end, she was surrounded by cost of war. This had left a long mental scar on Airin, and for the longest time, forced her into a state of pure mental isolation. She developed a cold personality, and to survive the worst moments, learned to shut off her emotions to avoid further trauma.

Up until her death, Airin was taught to read and write by her mother. Her dad was never in the picture; she was told he died before her birth, but Bozena never spoke of him in any capacity, only that he was of Japanese lineage.

She was ten years old when she died.

A stray rocket. Pure chance. She doesn't remember the specifics, but the most haunting feeling she still has was waking up in the Rukongai with the feeling of a metal rod piercing through her neck, and the weight of rubble pressing down upon her body. She gasped, and the first words escaping her mouth were: "MUM!?" She looked around, and it was nothing but forest. She didn't remember arriving, and the details of her fading life felt hazy. Isolated, alone, and unsure where to go, she was taken in by a woman -- a shinigami who had abandoned the Gotei to live a life of solitude.

>> Rebirth to Fifteen <<

"Control. Your footing is off. Strong, controlled strikes."

She scolded Airin consistently, but promised she would become a better soldier as a result. Even though they lived together for some time, this older woman didn't treat Airin with much respect. She pushed Airin beyond her limits, again and again, showing her how to defend herself. Even through the hardships, the training to become a stronger person, Airin thought that this life was much better than her previous one.

This older woman went by the name of Nakami Yui. She carried an old, beaten up badge of a vice captain, donning the flower of the former tenth division, the Daffodil. The young woman didn't truly understand what this meant at the time, but Nakami had spent a lot of time drilling into the head of Airin that if she ever ran into other Shinigami, they could not be trusted. To test her skill, Airin was sent on countless missions - ranging from hunting, all the way to missions to disrupt smugglers and carry out contracts on wanted killers.

Up until fifteen years old, she was trained by Nakami. The art of fighting. Martial arts. She was trained in how to control her own spiritual energy, and utilise it to her advantage. She was far from perfect, but she was a cut above the typical shinigami recruit.

"How do you know we can't trust them!? Why are you so adamant that I shouldn't join them!?"

She got into continous fights with Nakami. Although she was disrupting trade routes of criminal syndicates, steering clear of any Shinigami they came across, Airin eventually wanted to leave her life of solitude and experience the world outside the Rukongai. Behind the walls of the Seireitei. That way, at least, she could decide whether the words from Nakami had any truth to them at all. One night, Airin abandoned Nakami. She turned and entered the Gotei academy behind her mentors back, and began her training to become something that she was always told to be afraid of.

>> Sixteen to Now <<

Ever since she joined the Gotei academy, Airin did her best to undo any level of corruption her previous life had done to her mental, wishing to start anew. Those within the Gotei immediately knew her as a bubbly, upbeat and friendly girl who couldn't wait to get to know everyone. They didn't know the truth behind her past, nor that she was essentially raised by someone who abandoned their ways.

After passing the shino academy within her first year, Airin resolved to join the fifth division: covert operations. As soon as she joined, she had placed a special request in with the captain at the time to be trained in the behaviour of a spy. To think, act, and shift her mask into that of someone who can become anything, be anyone. For a long time, this troubled her. It allowed her to put on the mask of a bubbly, friendly young woman easily -- but as a result gave her an identity crisis that continues to plague her life. She continues to struggle with the idea of who she really is, and even as she looks to understand the Gotei and her role within the world more, she can't help but feel she will never escape that feeling of cold isolation.

During her first mission as a recruit of the fifth division, she was sent on an assignment to disrupt a criminal trade syndicate under the name of Hokusei Akuma. Notorious for transporting illegal and dangerous items, Airin was tasked with stopping the trade, and capturing anyone she could alongside the rest of her squad. Things went south, and the fights that broke out ended with multiple members dead. In moments of stress, Airin had always turned off. Her bubbly personality became one of a stoic, emotionless husk.

This was different, though. Because what stood before her wasn't someone she'd met before. They were a stranger. She looked at them, and in return the stranger stared at Airin. Yet her heart pounded. It felt as if her soul was being dragged forward, and that the person before her was somehow important.

"Who... are... y-"

Her heart skipped a beat, and she didn't know what to think.


Right now, Airin finds herself studying and training in many different capacities. She is undergoing constant learning in hand to hand combat, training within the fifth division, and even attempts to sneak out into the real world in the effort of going to school under a fake identity. Given that the Vandenreich is consistently watching who travels between realms, she highly doubts they don't know about this, but she does so regardless of the punishments.


» Martial Arts: Unlike many Shinigami who focus on sword-based combat, Airin focuses more on her body and martial arts. Being trained from childhood, and from within the Gotei, Airin continues to excel and exceed expectations, especially given her small frame/height. Her favourite and most proficient training is in Karate and Taekwondo, but she is trying to learn almost any she can fit into her busy schedule.

» Extensive Stamina: Beyond her reserves of spiritual energy, Airin has an extraordinary level of natural human stamina. She runs marathon length training sessions every other day, and will often go hours without moments of rest. Sure, she might feel it at the end of the day, but once she is focused on something, she has incredible stamina and won't be stopped until her task has been completed.

» Focused: Airin's focus is beyond impressive. When given a directive, she is single minded in her decision to get it done. She won't rest, and it will take something extraordinary to break that focus.


» Hakuda Adept: After undergoing training at the hands of a former Gotei vice-captain, she has received a decent to strong understanding of the Shinigami's art of hand to hand combat. This goes hand in hand with her martial arts training, slotting in together nicely.

» Hohou Trained: Airin has trained for quite a while to keep her shunpo up to par for her level. Although only recently becoming a primary area of focus, she has spent a lot of time into understanding the art of hohou much more in depth. As she does a lot of exercise, she has recently taking to spending entire sessions devoted to only shunpo and other movement based arts.


○ Name: Vesna

○ Appearance: Vesna takes on the appearance of a sanjiegun (3-section-staff) in it's sealed form, connected every 1/3 by a small chain-link. It doesn't exist in normal space until Airin summons it, which comes into the world as if melting from the palm of her hand.

Airin Kajiyashiki R5kTzZ3

○ Spirit Appearance: Vesna's appearance, at this early stage, appears in the form of a black bird with wide, bulging eyes - resembling a dark owl or potoo. Airin has only recently begun talking to her Zanpakuto, unaware of Vesna's name at this point. She considers Vesna to be "a lazy man's tool" as it's sealed power takes too long to wake up for her liking.

○ Inner World: Airin's inner world takes on the appearance of a high school, appearing bombed and absolutely destroyed. There is ash constantly falling from the sky and all of the colour seems drained.

» Sealed Abilities: When the two outside sections of the sanjiegun make contact with an opponent wielding spiritual energy, residual reishi is siphoned into the staff and used to strengthen it's attack. In it's sealed state, Airin's zanpakuto can double the potency of it's next attack after making contact with an opponents body or weaponry 10 times. This acts as if she made two simultaneous attacks to the same location in one hit, a deep black and red reiatsu cracking like lightning on hit. This is signified by a deep red glow around one of the outside portions of the sanjiegun, while the middle section glows blue. When Airin uses the middle of the staff to block, after 10 blocks, the reishi flows into her body, forming a thin layer of defence from head to toe, gaining one skill level of durability above her current stat, capping at Elite. This only lasts for the post it is activated, until the end of her next post. These effects do not stack, and cannot be used again until the previous effect has worn off. To a maximum of two times per post, she can speed this process up by hitting the environment in the soul society and hueco mundo, as everything is made up of reishi.


○ Shikai Name/Release:

○ Shikai Appearance:


» Shikai Abilities:


○ Bankai Name:

○ Bankai Appearance:


» Bankai Abilities:


General Skills
» Durability: Beginner
» Speed: Beginner
» Strength: Adept
» Martial Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner
» Kidō: Untrained
» Zanjutsu: Beginner
» Hakuda: Adept

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