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Sat May 07, 2022 9:18 am


"Hey now, I can be pretty chill' and relaxed when I want," She'd quip with a hearty chuckle, a warm smile displaying her joyful demeanor, an unexpected happiness at today's sequence of events. Knowing who she was affiliated with, there was a strong possibility they'd cross paths again. Natasha lifted her hands forward to form a few strings of reishi, each gently tugging away the bear from Hannah's arms.

Using the strings to control the bear, Natasha would lift it's arms and emulate a handwaving motion and a bow before turning towards the blind woman, chuckling herself knowing she likely couldn't perceive it due to a lack of vision. Even so, Natasha took it one step further and guided the teddy bear towards her for a moment, hugging the woman gently before walking forward to pat her shoulder. That should be enough, right?

"Don't ya worry, darlin'. I'll take good' care of the big guy. Always fun to have someone keep me company' other than my mom and my sister. Well, then, until we meet again, Hannah. Here's to hopin' you continue to enjoy yerself' in life."


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