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Yo, Welcome to The Platinum Hearts Scroller. Here you can find an assortment of Site News. Happy Roleplaying! --- Member of the Year: Locke --- Character of the Year: Alastair Eisfluch --- New Characters of the Year: Mizu Morikawa and Igendai Gyakusuma --- Social Thread of the Year: A Letter for Hymn --- Combat Thread of the Year: Raise Your Spirits --- Members of the Season: Locke and Paradigm --- Character of the Season and Application of the Season: Mizu Morikawa --- Fight Thread of the Season: To Drown a Strawberry --- Social Thread of the Season: Wellness Check ---
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Application of the Season

5 - 56%
4 - 44%
Total Votes: 9
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Sat 07 May 2022, 13:24
Links provided below, to refresh your memory.

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