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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Mon May 16, 2022 12:34 pm

Coding In Template By:


Aina's Soul Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Aina
» Titles: None at the moment
» Age: The physical age of this body is less than a year, but Aina is much older given she still is Algos in a new body in spite of the psychological changes that have occurred due to her power being removed. Therefore, her mental age is that of an adult and is considered a constitution of Algos's life by that metric with the memories and knowledge she possesses.

» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Rouge for the time being.

» Physical Appearance Description: Aina takes the form of a young woman with a petite form and noticeable bust. Standing at five foot three, one hundred ten pounds, and a chest size of E; there is an alluring visage to that which is her flesh and bone body. Furthermore, each of her eyes is a rich shade of plum and goes with her shoulder-length hair of a similar hue of purple. With her milky skin, the woman's youth and beauty intends to be captured for as long as her energy can sustain it. One would not recognize the likes of Aina to her prior form in her demonic life.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Aina [5-1; Hazard Rank E] 3oct61G

I. Personality Traits

» The Personality Of Aina:

Charitable: Aina still possesses a sense of charitable nature to those who she feels deserve or need it. Even if the fact that suffering and pain is a reality is not as over-exaggerated in her current state, she still feels there is a rather good deal of pain that exists in the world as it is now. So a bit of charitable or good-natured actions can go a long way as the depths of how deep torment can alter a person speaks volumes. It's what resulted in her being in this miserable place to begin with from her point of view. How true that remains to be seen, however.

Empathic: Aina considers it questionable if she is truly empathic, but there is a sense of great understanding that comes from being a former demon who thrived off suffering, misery, and woe. You begin to get a taste of some of the world's misfortunes and how swiftly a person can fall under a weight of unfortunate events that brings ill-health, poverty, death, and other terrible events into their life. And serving as a former Princess, she did make an effort to make her subjects happy and by seeing their daily lives she could at least begin to get a general idea of how another person's circumstances may feel. Though AIna herself wonders if this is just an aspect of her former psyche that benefitted her by trying to be a socialite on behalf of her people and family.

Lost: Power can have a possessive effect on the psyche of the demon if they wish to further master their prowess. In the case of Algos, there were many sadistic, masochistic, and downright obsessive traits that existed within her mind. While one can wager she could have torn away from this power at any time in spite of her fear of being powerless, there still was a great deal of her sense of self attached to it. So, in the death of her demonic body, Aina feels dulled as if a portion of herself was eradicated or ripped out of her.

With this truth being certain, Aina is uncertain of what to fill that emptiness within herself with. Throughout most of her life as Algos, she had attached great value and meaning to strength, royalty, power, and all things which granted her a domain of assertiveness over these realms. Without that sense of self or possessive thoughts in her head, Aina is most certainly lost for the time being.

Withdrawn: Aina does indeed feel more withdrawn, but will not outright refuse conversation as she still feels she could carry herself socially as she was quite outgoing in her former incarnation. It is harder to put herself out there given the fact that she lost most of her identity in her death and it's natural to be more conservative after going through such a traumatic state of affairs when it came to a demon's attachment to said power.

Remorseful: There is a sense of remorse that exists within Aina since she is still very much Algos without the influence of her demonic power. Thinking back to all of the bloodshed, sins, and overall hellish things she had done in her former life; perhaps this is getting off somewhat easy in her mind. Maybe she doesn't deserve this second chance, but she wants to make the most out of her life and figure out how to be a new person without the curse of her family on her body anymore. Perhaps when she is strong enough Aina does indeed contemplate addressing some of those wrongs from her prior life with the memories she has.

Lingering Voice: There is still a lingering voice from her former powers that exist within her head. Even in death, this possessive essence of her prior life's sadism, masochism, and all things obsessive and possessive still calls out to her. Aina can dream of that person, and occasionally see hallucinations and overall she wants to not go back to that older sense of herself. The temptation is there to want to go back, but that's a bridge she considers burnt, and that is why she is using her willpower to strive off those hints of a hellish life from corrupting her present one.

I. Character History

Although the psychological profile of Aina is different than Algos given the fact her possessive power has been removed, this is still Algos and she still retains memories of her former life. So this spoiler is mostly events that are saved from her prior application.


» The History Of Aina

The Demon Algos stopped existing for all intents and purposes in most of the known world. Yet, that is not where her story ended. Far from it, in fact.

Aina began her life in a void of memories and energy. Indeed, most who die in this realm may have just turned into another blank, but given her abnormal energies disrupting the flow of this realm that reality managed to be avoided. Instead, she has spent months stabilizing her existence in this realm and being reduced to a dream-like state.

At the time following Algos's death, her corpse spewed energy from its essence and a new body was being born and her brain was decoupling everything psychological that bonded her to her old life. The possessive traits of her old power suddenly being removed would be far too much of a jolt for her spirit to take, so this body bonded itself until it reached a point of being able to be awoken to its new life with its limited power.

It is hard to tell what awaits Aina after being awakened from her slumber, but this should be her second chance at a life with the weight of her previous existence absolved. Perhaps it is truly a test to see if she can truly live a life without the luxuries her power, influence, and blood afforded her. For Aina herself, even with this period of self-healing, it is difficult to say who she is now that the aspects of said power were removed from her psyche.

As even if her power did influence her mental state, she still allowed it to take root for the sake of her own fear of being powerless. And now, in this life, she has to confront that terrifying reality and see if there is a way to still exist or perish under the weight of her own weaknesses.

I. Skills

Former Combat Experience: Aina definitely recalls the fighting experience of her former demonic life. While it's questionable how much of it applies to her new body, it can be argued that her knowledge of how hand-to-hand combat works, the magic systems of the known realms, and other types of energy-based combat haven't been forgotten and may give her an aptitude later on when she figures out her more defined powers in this body.

Blank Soul: Given the fact that Algos was killed in the valley of screams, her soul died outside of the traditional spirit cycle. And due to this abnormal circumstance, the rebirth of Aina is akin to a blank soul. Therefore, she doesn't have any racial skills that she can fall back on. For the time being, the only thing that exists power-wise within her is a supernatural source of energy that can influence the living and dead. However, given her recent death, this volume of energy within her is weak for the time being and will have to be cultivated over time if she even desires to get stronger.

I. Abilities

Telepathy: Another minor ability leftover from her previous life is the capacity to make telepathic links with others through small particles of her energy. This is mainly a communicative-based ability and only those who accept this link will be influenced by it. If they do not want this link established, then they can reject it and this ability just won't work. This is primarily used in order to share memories, thoughts, or feelings with those she trusts or who are receptive to this influence.

Limited Energy Control: Aina is by no means a powerhouse at the moment, but she does have basic energy usage that is still retained even in this weakened state. For the time being, her body can produce energy as a medium in order for her to perform feats akin to flying, energy shields, and basic energized attacks (think of energy spheres akin to bala's).

Of course, after coming back from the dead, it's unlikely any of them will be particularly strong and she'll have to figure out how to make them more potent or diverse as time goes on. Furthermore, she can only keep two of these applications up per post. So she can't fly, attack, and hold an energized shield at the same time; she'll have to pick two until she gets used to this body more.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: N/A


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