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Tue May 17, 2022 7:39 pm
There is Some Truth in Fairy Tales [Vanyel/Santa] [Shinjuku] A8qp3Vm


Japan was something he had found himself frequenting more and more as of late. Searching for answers, searching for people who might know or be able to turn him back to being human -- if it was even possible. Nevertheless, he was going to do his best to find a way. There had to be something or someone that could do it, be it god, demon, or even another human. Whatever it was, he'd find it.

But, for now, at least, he was taking a small moment of rest, taking a bit of time to walk around Shinjuku, occasionally checking his phone. Going back to the home screen, a wistful smile came to his face at the wallpaper. A picture of himself and Calypso, smiling in front of the Forbidden City in China, when they celebrated the Chinese New Year together. It was one of the last pictures he had taken of her, and the last time he saw her smile.

He wished that he had the ability and time to show her more things of his homeland, and even in Japan. He knew just how much she would have loved seeing the Kiyomizu-Dera in Kyoto, especially during cherry blossom season. Maybe he'd take a bunch of pictures and...put them in a box, or something. He remembered seeing and hearing people talk about things like that, to help cope. Talking with Arianda helped a bit, but, the sting was still there.

Maybe he was just being ridiculous. Probably should see a psychologist or something. Sighing softly as he took a few pictures before tucking his phone away, mumbling to himself, he observed the Gyoen National Garden, a smile returning to his face as the gentle summer breeze brushed by, ruffling his clothes and hair. He turned around, taking a moment to look over the tourist group that had just come in.

A variety of folks, decent amount of them American, though there were some others mixed in. One in particular stood out above the rest, a bit more pronounced than the others. He wasn't exactly blending in perfectly, given the dyed hair, but, it was enough to make him raise an eyebrow. But, hey, maybe it was just someone curious about the world and wanted to see a popular tourist spot. Maybe once the crowd cleared a bit, he'd be able to talk to them.

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