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Wed May 25, 2022 2:42 pm
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Helle Armstrong | Lost Savant

"We are sorry to say Director, but it will prove almost impossible to retrieve the relic from the bottom of the sea. Even if we were to find a way to deal with the pressure, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our only option would be to have you personally use your connection with the relic to retrieve it, but..."

That was all that needed to be said to the blonde woman in her wheelchair. Helle would be able to call the weapon back to her if close enough, but she is far from capable of doing such as she is. Bound by her current physical and spiritual issues, calling back that spear would prove impossible. Though, she made sure to thank the Albedochiffren researcher before being on her way. She did not bother stopping to speak with Ninsianna. She did not wish to disturb the other director with pointless dribble, so she continued on with an assistant to push her along. Her next destination is the Todgestalten main building to ask about replacements for her. Why them, specifically? Well, with their fashion for more convert operations, it was devised by her and others that she searches for more discrete means of combat that doesn't rely on her now vacant strength. This left her within the building waiting for a representative to come her way and direct her.

On the side, at the same time, they'll be discussing the discovery of other ancient temples that were left behind and the possible secrets within them. With the power of Helle's old relic, it is obscenely possible that these ruins may hold further power or knowledge that could propel the Vandenreich towards the powerhouse protector of people that they strive to be. However, Helle has become skeptical on if these ancient secrets should be uncovered. It would be a tragedy if things found were to lead to yet another ruinous event for her people.

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Fri Jun 03, 2022 11:33 pm
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Admittedly, Reida had been getting progressively more and more tired of doing desk work. She missed the field, but it seemed as though her operation in Anaconda had only reinforced that she was, frankly, more of a liability to a lot of her fellow Quincy than a help. Of course, she'd told people that when she joined, and she'd never intended to work with other people too much.

But she guessed that was what it boiled down to when things got a little peaceful. Started to run out of reasons to send people out for more unsavory work. Either way, she couldn't totally complain. Getting sent to deal with one of the directors was something more interesting, and unlike most, she couldn't say she felt much of a way about what'd happened to Helle Armstrong. Reida knew better than most that it didn't exactly feel great to get asked all sorts of questions about a tragedy.

"Afternoon, Miss Armstrong. Pleasure ta see ya again, and at work this time. I'll be workin' with ya today for your visit."

It wasn't as if Reida were unqualified for the task, at least. Coordinator wasn't always a position necessarily worth talking about, but in her case, at least, she was someone that handled a lot.


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