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Fri Jul 22, 2022 5:29 am
Tento moved through the compoud of the fourth division. Time had passed since his graduation from the Shino's Academy and his welcome into the fourth division by Vice Captain Hanako. After completing his mission with the 3rd seat of the squad, Laskt Matiche, Tento found himself staying within the soul society again with little more to do than his expected tasks. Up keep, maintenance, monitoring and training. It was just a calm everyday small detail things. Along the way he found himself gifted with something he really really did not expect. A seated position. He was now, one of the 15th seated members of his division. It was a low rank in comparison to the hierarchy but one he still had pride in, even if it was shared by other members as well within their squad.

But, one thing that was nagging him...was why? Why had he been chosen for the position? He had applied to join the squad but this was something he did not expect at all. He was still so new, so unrefined in comparison to the years of experience his comrades had over him. Heck, he did not even know his sword's abilities....let alone its name.

He accepted it though, taking it that his Vice Captain and Captain had some faith in him. Speaking of Vice Captain, in his wondering he found himself in front of her office. His mind wondered if she had returned yet. It had been...a month or two maybe more since she told him she was going off on a mission? He did not know the details as he was not told nor was he informed. He knocked on the door to see if his friend and second in command was present.

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