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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Wed Sep 14, 2022 1:07 pm
Alex "Vegas" Vaugrenard [Update, Finished] Lsdhx1O


Basic Information

○ Name: Alex “Vegas” Vaugrenard
○ Alias: Sparkle Cayenne
○ Age: 15
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Human-Demon Hybrid

○ Affiliations:
-Vaugrenard Household
-Kishar Household

○ Alignment: Neutral Good
○ Marital Status: Nah.
○ Nationality: Nope.
○ Sexual Orientation: Huh?
○ Ideal Type: Um…
○ Special Skill: Always knows where she's going.

○ Height: 5’9”
○ Weight: Fit.
○ Hair Color: Red
○ Eye Color: Blue

Alex "Vegas" Vaugrenard [Update, Finished] NvEIOwj

Psychological Analysis

Alex is, in a word, headstrong. She believes in herself with a fiery conviction that perhaps borders on outright foolishness. The girl is wholly convinced that she can accomplish anything if she puts her mind to it, and that if she just tries hard enough, she'll succeed one day. Of course, the fact that she can quite demonstrably be stopped is still not a detriment to her. If she fails, she'll just try again. if she keeps failing? Then she'll just come back later. Nothing's gonna keep this girl down.

Of course, such overwhelming confidence doesn't come without some...well, some questionable intellect. Alex lacks much in the way of brain power, having been a wanderer for most of her life, and it can't be said that she was born with a wide dearth of common sense, either. It isn't hard to find her in a bad situation simply because she didn't really think much about the consequences, though she does at least have the survival instincts to avoid serious, genuine danger. She doesn't mind, though, and her sheer self-confidence means that even when she has trouble with basic things like math or reading, she feels no shame.


○ Alexander Vaugrenard: Her dad! He's cool and she loves him, even if she thought at one time that he was the worst.

○ Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck: Her mom! Alex looks up to Nel a great deal, seeing her as an absolute role model and someone she’d love to be like one day.

○ Inanna Kishar: Her best friend and main cohort as a magical girl, Alex loves Inanna just as much as she loves her parents. The two of them are inseparable, even if not in the literal sense.


The girl originally named Vegas was born, perhaps unsurprisingly, in the city of Las Vegas. Her mother, Acrasia, was a demon, who had simply been visiting the city in a bit of reconnaissance for the eventual invasion by Sin Fall. Acrasia was nothing too terribly special, a demon whose total normalcy made her perfect for such a task. Vegas' father was a 16 year old firebrand who happened to be visiting Las Vegas, one Alexander Vaugrenard. The union was simply a one night affair, and Acrasia never saw Alex again. This would have been perfectly fine with her, but unfortunately, she was left with a souvenir she had not asked for.

By all accounts, Acrasia had assumed her child would at least be tolerable. She had not particularly wished for the child, and named her simply after her place of birth, but it had not occurred to her the degree to which the girl would remind her of Alex. Brash, impulsive, difficult to teach, and of course that burning red hair. She then had an idea, and told the young Vegas to go and search for her father. Naturally, Vegas loved the idea, and was only further spurred on by Acrasia's insistence as to Alex's horrible nature, how he had abandoned her, and wouldn't Vegas be a dear and teach him a lesson? Naturally, the girl took her mother's words to heart, and simply went off into the world with little idea what she was getting into. Acrasia then returned to Demon World, never to return to Earth. Her job was finished, and she did not care what happened next.

For nearly 9 years, Vegas searched in vain for her father. She traveled a good deal of the world, was nearly killed more than once, and only narrowly escaped destruction during not only the invasion by Sin Fall, but during World War 4 as well. Her whole life had been this search, but she has never once given up for even a moment. Only very recently, however, did she finally found a lead. She had always had great difficulty finding any long term lead on him, and at one point she thought he might have been dead. But it seemed as though the redhead named Alex had begun to wander just a bit less, to frequent the same few places. This was just what Vegas had been waiting for, and she sought out her father

Well, as it turned out, her father wasn’t exactly what she’d been told. The two of them hit it off more or less immediately, and she bonded with him in a way she’d certainly never bonded with her mother. He even offered to share his name with her, seeing as her own was pretty lazy in his opinion. From then on, she was Alex, a name decidedly confusing for most, but perfect as far as she was concerned.

Since then, life has been fairly fun, and pretty uneventful by and large. She’s made friends, lived at home with her parents, and been doing her best to study well at school. However, the younger Alex has realized that she misses spending time with her best friend, seeing as Inanna has spent more and more time in the City of Lights with her mother lately. For a long time, she spent her free time away from her best friend training, doing her very best to grow stronger. After all, if she and Inanna were apart, what else was she supposed to do? Besides, she knew Inanna was a dedicated magical girl through and through, and so Alex was confident she’d need to do everything she could to keep up.

Stopping criminals, learning more about the limits of her magical girl form and of her Sparkle Pop Pendant. It was only her parents’ love and care that kept her from pushing herself too hard, but even so, she saw results. She still wasn’t the strongest girl around, and certainly wasn’t the smartest, but she’d found results.

But after all that, she realized she still didn’t have much else to do. Naturally, she asked if she could live there with Inanna, get a bit of different schooling, see the world again. Thankfully, everyone agreed, and now she once more gets to spend her days alongside Inanna, serving out justice as a magical girl.


○ Sparkle Pop Pendant: A mysterious necklace that Alex found in her travels, this pendant is what allows her to access her alter ego, Sparkle Cayenne.


○ Rebel Spark: It is no secret that Demon Energy is a volatile and unstable energy, and this is no different when it comes to the energy that courses through Alex. However, unlike in most cases, its attempts to control Alex are not alone. In addition to having inherited Demon Energy from her mother, she has inherited her father's Riot of the Blood, and as the two forces both vie for control of Alex, it has led to a rather peculiar outcome. Put simply, the two almost entirely neutralize one another, as they seek to dominate the other before they can dominate Alex.

The only time in which this is not the case is when she is in moments of extreme duress, typically far greater than would normally spark the control of either Demon Energy or the Riot of the Blood. In times such as these, the two both rise to the surface, as if Alex were to perish, there would be nothing for either of them to control. All of the bloodlust and aggression of the Riot of the Blood boils to the surface, and the Demon Energy that she normally lacks any knowledge of begins to simply control itself in her stead. When in this state, Alex' Speed and Strength skills reach the same level as her Willpower. Her Focus, Mental Deduction, and Durability, however, all plummet to Untrained, as her mind and body are both in total chaos in this state.

While in theory Rebel Spark would last until Alex is unconscious, dead, or no longer in a state of danger, she is still a young girl who has not spent any time coming to grips with this dangerously chaotic state. As such, her body will begin to quite literally rip itself apart after 5 posts, and after 7 posts total in this state, she will begin to experience permanent damage to both her body and soul.


By activating her Sparkle Pop Pendant, Alex gains a host of new abilities, along with a new appearance. Her age seems to increase by a few years, and she gets a cute new outfit and a snazzy new sword. All of her abilities as Sparkle Cayenne scale off of her Power Control, and there is no time limit to her transformation, though if she does become exhausted of all her energy reserves, it will automatically end.

Activation of the Sparkle Pop Pendant, and entry into Sparkle Cayenne, provides an immediate increase to Alex’s physical and capabilities, roughly on par with a shinigami’s shikai, though this activation naturally scales with her Power Control rather than through Zanjutsu. Similarly, there isn’t necessarily any limit on how long Alex can stay in her magical girl form, though if she runs out of energy, it will end with or without her intent. The blade that she manifests in this form is, similarly, roughly on par with the zanpakuto of a shinigami at her relative level of power.

○ Transformation: To activate her Sparkle Pop Pendant, Alex spins once quickly, then strikes a confident pose with her right arm extended toward the sky, pointing confidently upward. She then loudly exclaims, "Spice up, Sparkle Cayenne!" At this point, her immense sword materializes in her right hand, and her magical girl attire replaces her street clothes.

○ Sparkle Cayenne Appearance:

Alex "Vegas" Vaugrenard [Update, Finished] X6QkBrN

○ Glitterblades: The most basic ability provided by the Sparkle Pop Pendant, these shining purple blades manifest around Alex as soon as she takes on her transformation, granting her five blades per total subtier she has. Currently, she manifests 15 of these small, dagger-sized blades. Alex may control the Glitterblades freely in a radius of up to 10 miles (wow!), but as she has no abilities which actually provide her with a method of seeing things that far away, they only have an effective range of what Alex can actually see. The speed, strength, and durability of these blades is based upon Alex's Power Control skill. If broken, they will not reform until the next time she transforms into Sparkle Cayenne.

○ Sparkle Bomb: One of the most basic abilities provided by her Sparkle Cayenne form, and one that she’s not hugely inclined to use anymore given its risky nature. By dismissing a single Glitterblade and coalescing that energy around one of her hands, Vegas may empower a single punch with quite deadly effect. Upon the impact of that blow, the energy explodes forward toward the target, all of the energy once more forming into many smaller "sparkles" as she calls them, which would more accurately be described as "shrapnel."

○ Flashknife: Another very simple ability, Alex can extend a small blade of energy from any of her Glitterblades for a one-post duration, functionally doubling the length of the Glitterblade temporarily. Technically speaking, she can do this with any number of them simultaneously, but this obviously becomes more taxing to do. After utilizing this ability, a Glitterblade is “drained,” and cannot be utilized for any of Alex’s magical girl techniques, even Sparkle Bomb, for 2 posts.

○ Shimmer Shot: Rotating 3 Glitterblades around one hand, Alex can use them to focus her energy at the end of her fist, which she can then fire in a straight line forward by throwing a punch. If she wishes, she can in fact utilize this ability on both hands, so long as she still has a sufficient number of Glitterblades.

The impact of a Shimmer Shot is naturally in line with a punch from a girl of her strength, though the additional power provided by her transformation is thankfully included. If she wishes, she can also utilize Sparkle Bomb at the same time, spending one Glitterblade to turn the Shimmer Shot into a ShimmerShine Shot. Upon impact, a ShimmerShine Shot will detonate in the same way as a Sparkle Bomb, but it has no further enhancements.

○ Blinding Slash: Despite the name, this technique does not actually blind anyone. By focusing 8 Glitterblades at the end of her sword in a circular formation, she can begin rapidly rotating them and, in effect, emulate the cutting power of a buzzsaw. This naturally makes her swings far more deadly in their cutting power, and she can utilize Flashknife at the same time in order to further amplify this swing. Blinding Slash only works for a single swing, as the mental effort required to manipulate the Glitterblades to this degree is already at the very upper echelons of what Alex can reasonably keep track of.


A second form is something that any good magical girl ought to have, and something Alex has pushed herself to the utmost in order to achieve. However, unlike her initial Sparkle Cayenne transformation, she is still by and large unfamiliar with the capabilities and limitations of her Ultra Glitter Cayenne transformation. Upon using it, her Glitterblades completely disappear, all of their energy instead coalescing into Alex’s body itself, and she loses access to all of her Sparkle Cayenne techniques. Her immense sword shrinks as well to accommodate this change, becoming a slimmer, sleeker weapon.

Much as her Sparkle Cayenne transformation is broadly comparable to a shinigami’s shikai in its increase to Alex’s physical capabilities, Ultra Glitter Cayenne is generally equivalent to a bankai, once again scaling with her Power Control. Currently, Alex can only maintain Ultra Glitter Cayenne for 3 posts, as her unfamiliarity with it leads her energy to be utilized in extremely inefficient ways. After these three posts, Alex will return to her Sparkle Cayenne form.

○ Ultra Glitter Cayenne Appearance:

Alex "Vegas" Vaugrenard [Update, Finished] Oigucbp

○ Flashblade: Manifesting her energy into a form similar to one of her Glitterblades, the Flashblade is primarily different on account of its variable size, as well as the fact that only one can manifest at any given time. The Flashblade can be anywhere from the size of a dagger to a large sword bigger than Alex herself, roughly 7’ in length. Alex’s Flashblades function identically to her Glitterblades as far as her control over them and their power, though with the distinction that she can reform the Flashblade one post after it has been destroyed.

○ Radiant Line: Bringing both of her hands together directly in front of her, Alex’s energy begins to coalesce into a sphere, with a ring of sparkles 3’ wide indicating the final size of this sphere. This coalesces rather quickly, and upon completion, the sphere expels the full scope of the Radiant Line, a brilliant purple beam that shoots forward and impacts anything in its path. This beam is, in fact, the evolution of her Shimmer Shot ability, and being struck by it is every bit as painful as being hit by the full force of Alex’s power, both in energy and physical might. Upon utilizing Radiant Line, Ultra Glitter Cayenne immediately ends, as Alex’s inexperience with the transformation means she cannot properly control it, and simply releases all of her available energy in this one shot.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

High Spec Human Skills
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Physical Augmentation: Beginner
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
  • Mediumship: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

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