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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sat Sep 24, 2022 8:07 pm
Ulquiorra Cifer [1-5, Hazard Rank A] TOPARThahabutnotliketoptop_50724921_p18


Basic Information
» Name: Ulquiorra Cifer
» Alias: Cuatro Espada
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Female
» Race: Arrancar

» Affiliations:

» Alignment: True Neutral
» Marital Status: Single
» Sexual Orientation: -

» Hollow Type: Vasto-Lorde
» Hollow Hole: Sternum
» Aspect of Death: Emptiness
» Mask Fragment: Half-Helmet
» Estigma: Lines from eyes down cheeks

» Height: 5'6”
» Hair Color: Black
» Eye Color: Green

Ulquiorra Cifer [1-5, Hazard Rank A] 4076156SIDEBAR_

Psychological Analysis

There is nothing that exists without explanation and reason. For all of the worthless dust that rolls and bumps artlessly across the surface of the three realms, none can exist that cannot be seen.

This is the dogma upon which Ulquiorra was built. A dogma which was proven flawed but nonetheless still makes up the foundation of what she is as a person. Believing nothing that has not been witnessed by her own eyes, as anything other than meaningless, she experiences the world in cold calculated efficiency. Wasting nothing that has not earned an expenditure of her energy.

When speaking, she has a cadence which drips with the utmost lack of sincere interest that can resonate within her voicebox. Even when in a direct conversation with someone, it would not be hard to imagine that she has forgotten or ignored the other person entirely, though in reality she HAS come to be a bit more engaged when it comes to speaking with others. though by sheer merit of where her baseline is, she can still come off as indifferent.

At the very end of her original life, she came to feel the very first budding flower of nuance to an otherwise unblemished worldview. Something she could feel that was not palpable and concrete. The concept of one’s heart. As a result of this, Ulquiorra’s demeanor has evolved.
From apathetic and single-sided speech, to a vague and shaky engagement with those she speaks to. Rome was not built in a day, and neither has any semblance of emotional investment in the piles of trash that surround her.

But if nothing else, she has come to see the beauty in one man’s trash. At least enough to start collecting it.


» Szayelaporro Granz: She is begrudging of this arrancar, for his own role in her revival. If she were a different individual she might've been angry about the changes he made to her body in the resurrection of it however, she is not. The shape that she takes is irrelevant but the fiend that brought her back into this world after a satisfying conclusion to her time spent in sufferring is the most unforgivable thing. She would murder this arrancar if she could ever find him again.


---For Events Prior to PH refer to Bleach Canon---

It should've ended there, turning to dust in the sands of Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra is remiss to admit that she found satisfaction in that ending, calmly standing there in the sands while she faded into dust and basking in the finding of her own heart which was lost upon becoming a hollow.

Yet it was not to last for the meddling of another Espada would interfere with her end. Reviving her through gathering all of that dense reishi that made up her being, reforming it and resurrecting the Fourth Espada as a desire to utilize him for experimentation but making a few adjustments which he thought improved the Espada's physique for the intended purpose - we're not going into that.

Despite his attempts to keep her restrained though he underestimated the power that she could output so soon after the resurrection and she was able to overwhelm him and force him to retreat, being left too fatigued in the newly reborn body to give pursuit after almost killing him much to her chagrin. After escaping his lab - destroying it in the process - she escaped into the Sands of Hueco Mundo.

Being unsure of exactly how much time had past since her death or what had happened, through the wandering of the sands and development of her solita vista ability to be able to take a target's eye and reverse the effect to give herself the memories she acquired some details which gave her clarity. Through Robada Vista she learned of Aizen's failure, the fall of the Espada and subsequent incarnation of it under another arrancar. The union with Shadow Fall. Various wars and events.

She felt nothing. The thrashing of small men and small notions of importance were of no value to her. They were gone now, and none of them had managed to make anything of their scrabbling. How could that compare to the conundrum she now faced?

Her realizations around the heart now had to mesh with the empty abyss with which she had lived her life. Now she had to figure out how those two would coexist.


» Immense Spiritual Power: A former Espada, ranking above the top five. Ulquiorra's spiritual power is immense and while the resurrection by her peer has resulted in the loss of some of her power, Ulquiorra is still comfortably in a position where she can demonstrate enough power to still claim that title. The release of her zanpakuto was forbidden within Las Noches due to the fact that it would cause large-scale damage to the city.

» Close-Combat Specialist: Her preference for cero creates the illusion that Ulquiorra wouldn't be competent in close-combat, this however would be incorrect and she is fully capable of utilizing her bare hands to overwhelm a target. Opting to harden her skin with hierro to even further allow for effortless displays of thwacking away blasts of energy, catching an opponent's sword or make her hands into weapons that can pierce through a target's body like a knife. On the flip side, she is skilled with her zanpakuto and able to utilize it in an incredibly proficient manner however, Ulquiorra will not draw her sword against someone that she thinks is "trash".

» Cero: Ulquiorra is among the best of what an arrancar would hope to achieve with the usage of the hollow's signature skill, cero. Her mastery is at the apex of what an arrancar could hope to achieve without breaking into transcendent levels and she is comfortably able to generate, fire and adjust in quick succession with little effort. She prefers to fire it from her hand, either one at the time, and the beams are powerful enough to send targets launched back a great distance with great amount of destructive power. The array of variants that she can utilize is wide, including the possible changes that she makes on the fly.

Using her extensive mastery, Ulquiorra can create constructs out of cero. Ranging from weapons such as javelins, swords, or even a wall of cero in front of her. This is mostly seen in her resurreccion where she losses access to her sword but it is not impossible for her to utilize it in her base form, it would just lack the same amount of potency behind it.

» Bala: Unlike her green ceros, Ulquiorra's bala retains its red colouration. A distinction for an individual when it provides clarity as to whether her blasts of spiritual energy will give away the sacrifice of power in exchange for more speed or vice-versa. The bala is powerful enough to blow holes out of weaker individuals though she prefers to utilize cero over this if the target is worth the show of power. In some way it would be more likely that she display bala to most individuals rather than bother displaying the full power of her cero.

» Voleo: Initiated by aiming a cero into the sky and firing it. The cero will then expand above her depending on how much power she has charged into it. From the expansion in the air she can rain down a volley of ceros for maximum destruction of the surrounding environment. Due to the unfocused nature of it, overall power is distributed and so the individual blasts lack as much power as firing a single cero would.

» Ejecución: A cero which is designed to blast through a target's sternum and execute them, creating a hole in their chest similar to her own. Residue reiryoku is left in the target's body and so the individual will most likely descend into the form of a hollow after being killed in this manner.

» Expiacion: By making two slashes with her hands, Ulquiorra creates a black "X" which she fires as a blast in front of her which can severe a target into pieces or be molded to wrap around them and bind them before exploding.

» Gran Rey Cero: By mixing her blood with the cero, she is able to greatly augment the cero to increase its destructive power exponentially. Despite its overwhelming power, Ulquiorra cannot utilise it more than a couple of times since it draws a lot on her reservoir of energy. It is mostly used as a trump card if ever required to be used.

» Cero Oscuras: A more powerful cero which can only be used in her resurreccion due to requiring its boost of power for full potential. It is an immensely powerful kind of cero which is able to easily overwhelm and inflict absurd amounts of damage to everything in its path. It is black with a green outline.

» Cero Oscuras - Aplastado: A variation of the cero oscuras which is utilized by fired in a wide arc rather than a straight beam to inflict massive destruction on everything in front of her.

» Pesquisa: Few among the Espada matched Ulquiorra's ability in pesquisa, she finds it an important and very valuable skill admonishing her peers who were incompetent with it. It is a passive trait now where she does not consciously need to utilize it in order to gauge a target's power. At a glance she can acquire a great understanding of a target's reiatsu, measure fluctuations in their spiritual power and acquire a good understanding of their potential. This makes her excel at judging a target's overall abilities and through the usage of her pesquisa she could potentially gauge an idea of a person's powers based on what alignment their reiatsu had such as an elemental aligned reiatsu.

» Solita Vista: Allows Ulquiorra to replay events and share memories to others through the removal and crushing of an eye, in turning to dust she is able to control the dust to spread it over the individuals that she wants to relay the information too and share her feeling and memories of the situation.

» Robada Vista: A variation of Ulquiorra's Solita Vista which allows for her to take another individual's eye if she can take it and crush it, by doing this she is able to acquire an understanding of the individual and their past - in turn a greater understanding of their powers and growth.

» Descorrer: Ulquiorra is able to create a portal to the garganta which allows for her to travel between the membranes of realms. It is possible for her to enter the dangai or travel between the living realm and hueco mundo.

» Broadcast: Using garganta she is able to create a visual broadcast which allows for situations to be viewed through the usage of the garganta as the intangible membrane between various realms.

» Hierro: By passively flowing her reiatsu into her skin, Ulquiorra is able to compress it into her skin and harden it, due to her high-level of reiatsu the hierro that she can materialize is incredibly dense. She is able to deflect attacks with her bare hands and take slashes from targets' of weaker power with only minor cuts. However, against an individual of greater or equal power she finds that her hierro is not as potent.

» Sonido: She is able to utilize sonido to a proficient level, keeping up with other individuals of exceptional speed using only her sonido such as against Ichigo in their first fight who was using his bankai. She is competent enough to utilize sonido even with only a single working leg where others may be unable to execute those kind of maneuvers. Despite the fact her sonido is exceptionally fast, Ulquiorra does not pursue fanciful techniques which people who specialize in it might pursue. It is simply, a very fast flash step.


» Zanpakuto Name: Murciélago.

» Release Phrase: Enclose.

» Sealed Appearance: Her zanpakuto takes the form of an average length katana possessing a green handle and sheathe. It's tsuba is shaped with two curved extensions from its long sides with a line going through both sides, giving it an eye-like appearance through the fact that her eyes were the only sense that she had in her past life as a hollow.

» Sealed Ability: Ulquiorra possesses no sealed abilities in the case of her zanpakuto.


» Appearance: Upon release of her zanpakuto she releases a flare of black spiritual energy with a green outline, it falls briefly as a light rain before revealing her release form. She gains four large, black bat wings on her back and her hair becomes longer.

The hollow mask becomes repaired and more centered on her head rather than slanted on her head with two large horns extending outward to the sides towards the front. Her estigma becomes black and broader, her finger nails become longer and claw-like. She wears a white dress, closed at the top and extending down to conceal her feet which gain black heels and provide a couple of extra inches for height. In this form, she can fly through the use of her wings.

» Abilities:

» Encerre: During Ulquiorra's resurecccion, her reiryoku saturates the area to such an extent that it condenses into a liquid and rains down on the surrounding area. This hyper-saturation surrounds her targets with her spiritual pressure, giving the impression that they are surrounded, and can make it far easier to surprise opponents when using Sonido. This area can reach sizes that can reach up to 80 meters from Ulquiorra, though smaller areas can be saturated to save energy.

Weakness: Because of the sheer amount of free energy saturating the area, opponents with energy-draining abilities can sap Ulquiorra's energy with considerable ease if they can endure it's caustic hollow qualities.

» Nacido Del Relámpago: This hypersaturation of Reiryoku not only saturates a set space, but also mixes witht he ambient reishi within it's range. Thus whenever Ulquiorra executes a Cero while ressurected, these attacks lack a charge-up time and carry a tremendous increase in energy, such that the detonation of her Cero arsenal can be up to three times larger than what she would otherwise be capable of. This combination of seemingly effortless attacks and sheer destructive power can be terrifying for weaker opponents.


Currently lost after her resurrection by Szayelaporro Granz.

» Appearance: N/A.

» Abilities: N/A.


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Advanced

Arrancar Skills
  • Hollow Nucleus: Elite
  • Regeneration: Advanced
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero: Elite



It was loud. So much louder than the dull endless sands of Hueco Mundo. She recalled in those bygone days where she had been sent on that first recon mission how she had briefly felt some brief annoyance at the white noise that was life around her. Obstacles to her mission.

How poignant that as she once again stepped out into the world of the living, that it would be those very sounds that drew her interest and attention. The fickle vestiges of familiar Spirit Energy had been all too easy to follow to the world of the living. It was only natural that in her new struggles to parse the Knowledge of the Heart with the nothing that had come before it, that key to her sorting those feelings out would be in finding the closest things to which she might have ever considered ‘Friends’.

She would never have even humored someone who had called them as such. Orihme had spoken in great detail the connection that she and her friends had forged in the time they had known one another. Not merely in Kurosaki or the other mewling humans that had come to save her, but even those shinigami whom she had scarcely known more than a year had come to be called friends.

Ulquiorra could hardly talk, she had known the Woman for barely a month. And yet that human had somehow forged that very connection without her knowing. If nothing else, she had found some Espada of old more tolerable than the others. That was a good place to start. And all the more, even THEY had seemingly found something in this world full of noise and humans to connect to over the sands that made them.

This is where she would start.

“Hello Miss!”

The voice was small, meaningless. And yet those deepgreen eyes shifted to turn in the direction of the small child. It could see her? Humans had developed considerably since the times she had been killed, this wasn’t even close to karakura, and yet this small child could see spirits.

Then, she would have not even bothered to look, and simply continued on with her objective in mind. But now, Ulquiorra turned to face the small human child that seemed captivated with the sight of her. It was a young girl, smiling at her.

Was she not afraid? Had spiritual beings become so uninteresting? Well, they had gone through the trouble of greeting her.

”Hello.” She reciprocated politely, offering the slightest nod of her head in the child’s direction without any change to her own facial expression. And promptly thereafter, she turned to the closest familiar spiritual pressure she could sense and vanished with a sonido.

One step at a time.

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Adjustments made to powers.
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[adm]Hazard Ranks
Power: A
Influence: E
Resources: F

Comments/Notes: Put your chest away, harlot.
Tier: 1-5
Hazard Rating: A

Application Approved
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