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Niko Ito [APPROVED, 5-4; Human] [Hazard Rating E] Empty Niko Ito [APPROVED, 5-4; Human] [Hazard Rating E]

Sat Oct 15, 2022 2:15 am
Niko Ito [APPROVED, 5-4; Human] [Hazard Rating E] YNbnIkI


Basic Information

○ Name: Niko Ito
○ Age: 18
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: High-Spec Human
○ Affiliation: Vandenreich
○ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

○ Marital Status: Single
○ Sexuality: Cool People

○ Height: 5’0
○ Weight: 82 lbs
○ Hair Colour: Brown
○ Eye Colour: Red (w/ Blue highlights when unhidden)

Niko Ito [APPROVED, 5-4; Human] [Hazard Rating E] QYCbuMj

Unique Traits

- Though often hidden, has fox-like traits such as slitted pupils, ears, whisker-like facial markings, and two tails from her familial curse.

Psychological Analysis

To those unfamiliar, Nikoletta appears to be rather fearful and jumpy, having the looks of someone right about to take off unprompted, though that isn’t entirely true. While she definitely has the heart of a coward, such a trait doesn’t typically manifest unless she genuinely discerns that her life is in danger or that she’s in some serious brand of trouble; on the regular, Niko herself is the trouble. A total mischief maker and certified prankster, Niko enjoys wreaking mostly harmless havoc on others, having lots of dumb fun and snatching objects she finds interesting for her collection, often rather carefree and energetic.


Born to a bloodline bearing a curse in which every female born bears the flame of a kitsune within their spirit due to a crime long forgotten, Niko came into a world that would not readily welcome her. Fearing their daughter would be mistaken for a demonic entity, she was sheltered for the first few years of her life, taught to scorn her bestial features and any abilities that may manifest from them, her father teaching her how to hide her form enough to where she could at least begin attending school at a later age.

Though of course, the secret couldn’t remain uncovered for long, especially as Niko grew older and her spiritual abilities grew. She’d be drawn to using her power in discreet ways, practicing only when nobody was around and often using her slowly growing abilities to play tricks on others. She couldn’t understand why such a thing could be considered a curse, until a fight at school led to her accidentally revealing her cursed features, being run out of school by fearful screams and students violently chasing her off.

The family had no choice but to move elsewhere, as the rumor about their daughter spread quickly and dangerously, receiving even less attention from her parents from how exhausted they were from having to clean up the mess she caused. Tensions were rather high from the war occurring, the very idea that anything even resembling a demon being present was enough to cause a panic.

But she was sick of it. She was sick of not being able to just live without fear of discovery, of having to hide, somewhat resentful of her circumstances. Finding a destination in The City of Lights after hearing of the Vandenreich’s activities, she parted from her home in the middle of the night.

She trained under the organization for the last few years, gradually feeling the power granted by her bloodline’s curse grow stronger, having grown doubtful that such power is even a curse to begin with.


Niko is able to imitate pretty much any kind of sound or voice with startling accuracy, only needing a few listens to become completely associated with the sound.


She possesses an uncanny natural talent for stealth, able to move about quietly and quickly without having to think too hard about her movements.

Modest Combat Experience
Through training in the Vandenreich, Niko has some skill in combat, doing better with smaller weapons and having space for high mobility. Though she can likely hold out alright in an actual fight, she hasn’t had much head-on field experience with fighting.


Flame of the Kitsune
The fire that embodies her bloodline’s curse, the appearance of hot pink and purple flames permeate all of Niko’s abilities, from both defensive to offense abilities. All power is derived from this accursed, evergrowing fire.

Forming small sparking flames from her fingertips, Niko can launch a tiny fireball at her opponent at a close range (1.5 meters), and apart from being a little trickier than normal fire to put out, it doesn’t do much apart from give small burns or set fires.


Her flames rapidly flourish around herself, completely disappearing from sight. She or whatever she is actively touching becomes invisible and difficult to trace, the flame that appeared to vanish actually lingers and acts as a shield from detection. However, the veil dispels if another person touches her.

Her most developed ability, by using her cursed flames she is able to transform the appearance of herself or others into whatever she is familiar with, or hiding particular physical features as something else or obscuring them entirely, such as her fox features. She must have physical contact with whatever she intends on transforming or focus the flames unto herself, and once executed the shape or appearance of the desired subject is completely changed into something else.

However, keeping things transformed can be taxing on Niko, the more complicated and different the shape is from it’s original form, the harder it is to keep it going. Things like changing or hiding something purely cosmetic like hair color or imperfections are able to be maintained for a long time with no issue, however changing, say, a ball into a statue, will be a lot more taxing to keep up for long because of how different the two shapes are. The biggest difference in size she can do is about 2x-3x the original object’s size, making things smaller being a lot easier to maintain than bigger. She is unable to create anything novel, whatever she is transforming into has to be an actual, existing thing that she is familiar with.

Note that the only things that change are merely the appearance and shape of something; the original subject does not gain the attributes or abilities of what they transformed into. Even if the ball is turned into a statue, it still behaves like a ball, and even if Niko were to turn into someone else, she would only be capable of her typical abilities. Finally, Niko is only able to use this ability on other spiritual beings with a willingness established first.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Adept

High-Spec Human Sheet
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Physical Augmentation: Beginner
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
  • Mediumship: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

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Niko Ito [APPROVED, 5-4; Human] [Hazard Rating E] Empty Re: Niko Ito [APPROVED, 5-4; Human] [Hazard Rating E]

Sat Oct 15, 2022 12:46 pm
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