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Sat Nov 05, 2022 12:36 pm

Coding In Template By:


Spiritual Human Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Reku Syousei
» Titles: N/A
» Age: 28
» Gender: Male

» Orientation: If it's female or feminine looking, it's fair game

» Affiliation/Rank: rouge; open to anything

» Physical Appearance Description: Reku is a male that appears to be in his early to mid 20's appearance-wise. Standing at around six foot one and sporting yellow-brown hair and sharp teeth, his appearance is definitely noticeable to a degree. Often wearing anything from eyepatches to suits or jeans and hoodies; his choice of appeal widely ranges from his mood or what he perceives to be cool.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Reku Syousei (Finished) Hvw5T6R

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Inferiority Complex: There is a deep-rooted sense of inferiority that Reku feels for the world around him. Beaten into him at a young age, he never felt as if he was enough in a world of superpowers, high-status people, and a system that thrived on resources or money. He never had enough brawn, never enough smarts, average looks, and definitely never enough money. Although he tries not to state these things, it is felt heavily internally and sometimes shows itself externally when the circumstances are right.

Envious: And where there is inferiority, envy exists. Anyone with more than Reku draws various emotions, from depression to irritation to longing. When the world feels like you need so much more than you are to feel complete, happy, and have the things in life that are nice, it's hard for him to rationalize these thoughts and feelings away. Why do they have what he doesn't? Why do they get happiness, and he doesn't? He tries not to hate people for it, but it's hard to repress those feelings even if not everyone deserves them, and he tries to see the good in some people despite it. It would be worse to become some random schizo villain because of his own fuck-ups.

Bitter Resolve: Although he doesn't have the best personality traits, he only has himself in this world as far as he is concerned. And even if he doesn't want to exist or work within the confines of this existence, he knows he isn't suicidal and will have to make his time somehow. Therefore, in the past few years of his life, Reku has definitely gotten to the point of having some sense of willpower.

Work sucks, training sucks, and grinding sucks, but these things are needed so he doesn't live a completely worthless and miserable life. So, with spite in his heart, he continues to try and press forward until he either finds a reason to live that is worthwhile, or this world ends him. Either way, it's him against the world, and he better keep his strength up. If nothing else, he seems to use his inferiority and envy as a means to fuel his motivation, willpower, and resolve to get things done or improve.

Battle Lust: When using his powers or in combat, there is a sense of excitement, mania, and delight because when he throws his powers or abilities around, he feels useful. That sense of briefly feeling special can definitely make him grin with delight. Of course, it sucks when he loses a fight, but at least it's still helping him to further his power, and that pursuit of becoming a valuable man to the world drives him when he is in combat. He's been beaten down by the world so much; who cares if another loss happens if it builds him up?

Fake Mask: Despite his rampant negative personality traits, Reku tries to be somewhat sociable. He understands he can't go around society moping, lashing out, or dumping his problems on everyone. So he learned small talk, how to try and ready people, make himself useful to others, and tries to assess what type of need or desire they want to make himself seem more appealing to him. Even if he isn't worth crap, he figures if he can try to twist himself to whatever a person needs, perhaps he will find love, connection, friends, a better-paying job, or something to make this life worthwhile.

Connection: Reku has lived a lot of his life being shunned, mocked or otherwise hidden away in his own world. He can't really recall too many friends or people that mean much to him besides maybe his parents and pets. The only connection he feels he has at the moment is to his associates as you definitely need to know people in this world to find work and money, but they aren't what he would consider friends, lovers, or family. So, he finds himself watching different types of anime, romance movies, and things of that nature to visualize how nice it would be to have it as if it were a dream and not possible in this reality.

Love Of Animals: Animals are capable of companionship in the eyes of Reku. Even if humans can be cruel and isolating, the love of an animal is sublime and innocent. Dogs, cats, birds; it honestly doesn't matter to Reku. He enjoys them all, and they always kept him company both when he was a useless hikikomori and a homeless vagabond. It has allowed him better to understand animalistic hollows or demons in his experience, as animals carry far fewer conditions for affection than humans do. He almost assumes that most animals have unconditional love as long as you care for them. Only a truly ugly spirit can despise all animals to him.

Charitable: Despite how awful the world seems, there is still some aspects of Reku that tries to push past some of the toxic elements of his heart. Even if his envy and inferiority would have him believe otherwise, there is a part of himself that believes not everyone in this world is evil, tiring, or worthless. In his own time, he does try to assist those who have it worse than him, maybe try to save someone if his powers can help it (tho he may not bother if it's above his pay grade and preserve himself), give people useful information if he thinks it'll help them have a better experience in life than the crapfest that his existence and wants to believe more in the goodwill of others as it's tiring drowning in his own loathing.

I. Character History

» History


There wasn't special or particular about Reku's birth. He came out with no complications to a pair of living parents that accepted him for who he was. The only thing that wasn't great about it was their wealth. He was born into a lower-class family, which meant he would have a life of hardship as far as his future self was concerned. In a city like Karakura Central, if you didn't have some crazy connection, power, resources, money, or social clout, life was dismal, and you were forced to work for everything you wanted. And that -- wasn't ideal. He wasn't special, and he hated that.

Growing Up

As Reku started to develop as a child, he started to recognize how different the lives of those in the city varied. There were children who had anything their hearts desired because their parents had influence of some kind, while others in the lower-class areas fought, struggled, and held on by tooth and nail to keep what they had. It honestly angered him growing up as he wanted to be like them and have something unique about himself that could get others to like him while in school.

Yet, what was more stressful for him was watching his parents work themselves to the bone for little results. Even when he was in his elementary years, he could tell he didn't want their life. Always left to his own devices, his parents were never around to provide proper guidance for him and left him to teachers, daycare, or whatever was available on the internet to educate him. And this would be poison as he would start to find shelter from the outside world in this isolated space.

Over time, he started to face different types of bullying throughout school for his own lack of powers, being poor, and always dressing in less-than-desirable clothes. What more could you expect from children that didn't know any better? He was different, and he knew it, and he hated it so much. As the years went on, he began to have utter contempt for the world around him before he decided in his high school years to just retreat inward into his own world.

What was the point in existing as a low-class worthless male? What could life offer him that virtual reality, the internet, and his own imagination couldn't do? Fuck his parents, fuck the system, fuck everyone around him; he only needed to care about his desires and wants, even if those feelings did come out of a spoiled place. So, for a time, this was bearable. Ignoring the poverty around him, the gaps in power for those who were blessed with a great life, and the unfair nature of the world in his eyes, he doped himself on a false reality and let his parents care for him. They'd leave meals outside his door, take care of the house, and it got to a point of complacency as he felt no desire to try as they were too focused on their work to even bother with it as they aged.

Yet -- something like this couldn't last forever.

The Death Of His Life and Birth Of His Powers

When he entered his 19th year of life, both of his parents were killed by the likes of a freakish villain whose power ended up killing them in an incident within Karakura Central. The authorities tried their best to contain it, but sometimes these things happen when freaks of nature get juiced up on power.

At that point, he was forced into the world. Although he was distant from them when they were alive, he never held any malice or hate for them. They were trying to do their best with the information they had about the world. Not everyone is blessed with power, riches, looks, or some special advantage to get a leg up on life. So, when they passed without ever having gotten out of that hell, a part of him was distraught, in pain, and mourned heavily.

Yes, he had feelings for his parents, and he realized he loved them, but it was too late for that. He wouldn't have much time to mourn as there was no one else for him he could turn to. Having no friends and no other family to turn to at this point, it was just him, his parents, and the animals they had in their house at the time. Not wanting to subject them to a life of hardship, he was forced even to give those pets up as he had no way to even care for them without any marketable skills.

So this was it. No power, no influence, no connections; nothing, he had fucking nothing. He knew it was only a matter of time before he would be on the streets and forced to fend for himself in this cold world. He hated it. He hated everyone, and yet he knew this was his own fault. No, even if those bastards from his youth tormented him, they were children, and he knew even in his most screwed hour that others in the world couldn't be as bad. Yet, he had given up all that a long time ago at this point. He was content in his virtual world and had no clue how he would cope with the rancid reality he spent so many years trying to run from.

So, prepared for everything to end, he just spent two months in his parent's house, never leaving until the power was cut, the water stopped, and he was eventually thrown to the streets. Cold, hungry, alone, and powerless; this was a moment of great despair he thought he would never come out of. The empty stares, begging for scraps, doing anything for money; he hated it so much and missed the comfort of his own fantasy world. Yet, that wouldn't be coming back any time soon.

And thus, after accepting his fate, he wandered the country until, at some point, his life changed. During a period in time in which the world was still struggling with Shadow Fall


Training into the Present Day


Still, he felt somewhat crushed under the heel of the world. He thought he wouldn't have to work as hard as he did these past few years if a demon helped to awaken his power and he'd turn into some super cool powerful badass. But maybe he watched too much anime and deluded himself into grander. Around this time, there was nothing but hype about these creatures as he looked at the likes of Mana Asthavon across the news. Suppose that is just his luck, though, huh? Better than being completely powerless. He still felt he had a long way to go from this point, but at least he wasn't powerless. He had some abilities, skills, and a cute demon pouch with him. Things could only go up from here as far as he is concerned.

At this point, his only goal now is to find more connections in this world, amass more power and try to become someone worthy of being unique or wanted. He's grown tired of being a worthless piece of shit and wants to be a man someone actually desires.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

Street Fighter: Reku knows how to throw good punches, kicks, and strikes and has a fast stance and a firm defense. However, Reku has no formal training in terms of a specific martial art or fighting style. He's learned most of what has helped him through his brawls. He has had to fight thugs, hollows, demons, and other supernatural characters before in his past as he learned how to use his power. So he is a person that does dirty tactics in his body, tries to think of creative usages for his powers/body/environment around him, and so on.

Basic Energy Blast: There isn't anything particularly special about Reku's energy attacks. He can extend the energy within his body outward to destroy things around him for up to a city block or so. Typically, he can only fire one or two per post, although he may mix it with his primary power.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

High-Spec Human Sheet
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Physical Augmentation: Adept
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Adept
  • Mediumship: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


Reku Syousei (Finished) WVMWLOu
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