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Fri Nov 25, 2022 6:44 pm
It Reeks. [Liltotto/Cyrus] - Page 2 72e2ee22643dc4240325c10346e5c42f

Liltotto Lamperd

Her gaze returned to the Grandmaster, knowing full well from reading his tone and face that he wasn't merely throwing about thoughtless platitudes - even if she hadn't a clue of his life or relations, a situation like Mazda alone was rather grave in the right circumstance, but he wasn't beating himself over it. He was here, trying to give her some comfort and insight. She hadn't known him prior, how different was he now? How different would she have been if she hadn't faced all that she had, from war, to death, to loneliness, to the mundane, and then back to loneliness? She could suppose that even though she had lived through terrible circumstances, they were at the very least humbling and taught her the value of life and relations, to figuring out who she wanted to be.

She... Didn't lack humanity. She wasn't sworn to some greater responsibility - she had the ability to choose and decide for herself what life would be like for her.

"I'm not planning on forgiving them," Her tone was set and firm, "I just don't want my feelings toward them to have any grip on me. I just associate their scent with... That time. I don't even wanna go home right now with how many are around, so I just decided to stay out here and train. And I..."

Her gaze lowered, "...I just, wanna actually protect what I have this time around. And... Yeah, I guess that isn't selfish. My feelings don't add up with facts, I guess. I'll try to be less hard on myself..."

Almost reluctantly, her gaze returned to his, "..Thanks, for going out of your way to talk to me."

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