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Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E] Empty Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E]

Sun Dec 04, 2022 7:03 pm
Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E] 9iYr0h6


Basic Information

○ Name: 歌唱鹿ナクセル (Naxel Kashōshika)
○ Alias: TBD
○ Age: 100
○ Birthday: May 16th
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Shinigami

○ Affiliation:
Gotei United, Soul Society
Kashōshika Clan
○ Profession: Shinigami
○ Position: Unseated
○ Division: 5th Division
○ Zodiac: Taurus
○ Sexual Orientation: Hetero

○ Height: 5'11
○ Hair Color: Brown
○ Eye Color: Brown

Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E] OHSqPIR

Psychological Analysis

Naxel is typically a mix between a playful and serious mannered person. Usually quiet around those he is not familiar with and uses that time to observe everything around him. When he finally opens up to someone, enough to call them a friend, is the point when someone will see a different side of him. Becoming a playful person that speaks quite a bit and will often joke around to make them laugh. There are times when jokes might be taken a little far, such as attacking someone for personal laughter. However, it is rare for many people to see this side of him as he doesn't open up to just anyone.

During his youth, his father had always taught him that nothing is to be put above the assignment that was given to him. Teaching him that he must pursue the task at hand by completely it without fail or delay. This was mainly the thought process Naxel had until his time during the academy, when he and Chiharu was introduced to having friends. Naxel discovered for himself that their teachings before the academy is the cause of his seriousness and lack of desire to have friends.

Naxel is also a very respecting and loyal person to those that he deems worthy of those feats. His family is the main group that he has much respect for, due to them raising and training him. This is also blindly extended to those within his squad, despite him not knowing any of them. Naxel knows how hard the Onmitsukidō trains and prides themselves on their groups. That alone is something that Naxel doesn't need to fully dive into for him to have respect or loyalty to those within the Division.


One hundred years ago, Naxel was born into the Noble Kashōshika Clan and became the family heir upon his birth. The Kashōshika Clan has many rules that each member must follow like it was the law of the Soul Society. The most important is the strict tradition which requires members to serve within the Gotei United’s Onmitsukidō, adopted after the Goteis' reformation following Word War III. Naxel being the family heir, made him, by family rules, the next member to stay within the Onmitsukidō until death. Other members are required to follow the tradition in the Onmitsukidō but don’t state they must remain.

As part of the 12th generation, Naxel was only one of two members born close in age. This was typically a rare situation for the family to face. Previous generations had plentiful members that were close in age. Naxel and Chiharu were the first two of the 12th generation, while another member wouldn’t come about until fifty years later.

Naxel never really understood his family or the rules they were required to follow. The only thing that gave him enjoyment within the family was his cousin, Chiharu. Many members of the previous generations didn’t really get along with members of other branches. It was commonly seen as uncommon for members to get along. Naxel and Chiharu were an exception to this occurrence due to his father passing after his birth. Family rules dictated that Chiharu would be banished from the family but was diverted by Naxels’ father, the current head of the family.

During their early years, the two Kashōshika boys were trained in many different fighting styles and prepared for their time in the Gotei United. Most of their training was done before members were sent to the Shino Academy. Mainly focusing on martial skills, fighting tactics, and strategies of stealthy and swift takedowns. Elders of the family have often been criticized for allowing these teaching to still be taught to newer generations.

Before joining the Shino Academy, Naxels’ father, Kenzo Kashōshika, praised the two boys as being the most skilled Kashōshika members in a few generations. Naxel became the most skilled in general speed and martial skills, while Chiharu was the strongest with much skill in martial skills.

Shinō Academy Arc

Majority of his time at the Shinō Academy was spent training and learning the necessary skills to become a Shinigami. Others at the academy spent their time more like a typical student would. Hanging out in their free time, studying together, and doing their best to enjoy their time. Naxel, on the other hand, did everything he could to practice and hone the skills he had acquired.

Chiharu was often seen as Naxels’ only friend during their time in the academy. Teachers commonly kept the two separate in different classes, despite their equal levels of skill. It was a hard transition when that became the reality of their time at the Academy. Things didn’t become too terrible for Naxel when in his third year. His time being separated from his cousin and friend allowed him to acquire a couple of friends that wanted to improve just like him. Leading them to create a small group of their own, with Chiharu included, by the time their third year came around.

The next couple of years were stated to be an amazing experience by Naxel and Chiharu. All four of them wound up excelling in each of their lecture and practical classes, despite Naxel not excelling as much in some skills compared to the others.

During their final year, everything wound up going according to Naxels’ expectations. His skills with maneuvering, general skills, and becoming skilled in Hōho were all that he hoped. The only thing that he wished would have been easier was his zanjustu skills. One teacher told him that it wasn’t completely uncommon for a student to graduate without gaining much experience in zanjustu. Many would go on to learn the skill during their time as a Shinigami within one of the Goteis’ Divisions. Yet, he still graduated from the academy, along with his cousin and friends. Naxel and Chiharu were sent off to the Fifth Division, while their other two friends were sent to other divisions.


Swordsmanship: As a member of the Kashōshika Clan, Naxel was trained to be proficient in using a sword since a very young age. His skill with a sword has been denoted by his father of being quite prodigy when it came to learning swordsmanship. Each member of the Clan is required to create their own style of using a sword to distinguish one member from another. Naxels preferred style has come to be the use of normal and reverse grip, making it quite difficult to predict movements by his opponent. The members of the Kashōshika clan are also taught to never use a weapon unless their opponent uses one or if they are in dire danger that requires it.

Hakuda: As a member of the Kashōshika Clan, learning how to use hand to hand fighting is the priority method of fighting by the elders. Teaching the younger generation this way of fighting is to help them become proficient is assassination as they grew older. Naxel became proficient in the use of basic hand to hand fighting from an early age, along with swordsmanship. The only downside to his hand to hand fighting is the low skill level in Hakuda. It has been stated that he has more skill in hakuda than he does Zanjustu, but there is still much for him to learn in the Shinigami skill.

Shunpo: Since a young age, Naxel has always been able to maneuver around with much agility an speed. One of the Clan Elders even stated that he was the fastest member of the family in many generations. Having such skilled allowed for him to learn how to use Shunpo while in the academy. Naxel practiced this skill enough to the point that he is able to use it in short bursts. He has also made it one of his priorities to advance this ability as much as he possibly could.

Kidō: Before joining the academy, learning how to use Kido wasn't a priority within the Kashōshika Clan. Young generations are taught enough to where they are accepted into the academy for further teachings. Naxel took the opportunity to learn as much as he could about Kido within the academy. Learning the different ways and uses of the art became a desire to learn as much about the skill as he could. He is only able to use Kido with incantations, but the hope of becoming better is driving him to improve.

Tactician & Strategist: As a member of the Kashōshika Clan, Naxel was taught from a young age on how to be crafty, insightful, and learn how to predict his opponents movements. Many practices he likes to perform involve the art of confusing his opponent within battle. One way he performs confusion is by using his zanpaktou in normal and reserve grip. Naxel has stated his belief in its efficiency in confusing his opponent. He also has stated his lack of skill when it comes to tactics and strategy. Many things were taught during his youth and academy years, but his level of skill is still adept when compared to more experienced fighters and leaders. His hope is to improve these skills to the point of never letting an opponent get the upper hand on him in a fight or situation.

Assassin: Being a member of the Kashōshika Clan requires each member to become an assassin. Naxel has shown his ability to be to quite proficient in the art of assassination. While he has never killed anyone, Naxel has been able to takedown every practice target that he has been given. Learning the art of Hōho in the academy has only enhanced his abilities even more than what they were pre-academy years. His skills in the art of assassination are near the level of being masterful, but it is hoped that a non-master won't last as long as he would think.


Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E] 9WPEYS8

» Zanpakutō Name: Currently Unknown

» Zanpakutō Spirit: Currently Unknown

» Inner World: Currently Unknown

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Within its sealed state, Naxels' Zanpaktou resembles that of a wakazashi with a blue colored hilt with yellow accents underneath. Its guard, also the same yellow as the accents, gives off the appearance of an oval with four arrows pointing in each direction. In the center of the guard are also two hollowed out moon shaped holes that Naxel finds the most unique about its design. Naxel also keep his sword located behind his back and strapped onto his sash. Having the hilt pointing to his right side and dominant hand.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power: Currently Unknown


» Shikai Release Phrase:

» Shikai Release Action:

» Shikai Appearance:

» Shikai Abilities:


» Bankai Name:

» Bankai Release Action:

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:


Azure Silk Scarf: Naxel commonly wears a long azure colored silk scarf around his neck that has been passed down in his family. It is considered to be one of five scarfs that are handed down to each Head Family Branch and differ in color. This scarf is known to be made of a medium priced silk that can be found throughout the Soul Society. Naxel also cherishes this scarf and protects it with his life.

Detection Goggles: A pair of blue and white framed goggle that sports black tinted glasses. On the inside, Naxel is able to press a button on the frame to zoom in and out to see far off distances. These goggles aren't made of high quality and can only zoom up to around 200 yards. Naxel was given these goggles by his father right after his graduation from the Shinō Academy.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kido: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Beginner
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Roleplay Sample

Life as a pirate within another universe:3

The secret, the loyal, the fifth division ~ Taurus

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Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E] Empty Re: Naxel Kashōshika [APPROVED; Shinigami, 5-2] [Hazard Rating E]

Thu Jan 12, 2023 8:41 am
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