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Basic Information

○ Name: Kenichi Murata
○ Alias: Relentless Dragon, Kung-Fu Kenny.
○ Age: 25
○ Birthday: October 24
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Human

○ Affiliation: Current employed and affiliates with Rita. Solo otherwise.
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Japanese
○ Ideal Mate: Strong and Determined.
○ Sexual Orientation: Straight

○ Height: 5'11
○ Hair Color: Black
○ Eye Color: Hazel

[Spirit Class 6 | Hazard D] Kenichi Murata Yh6Lr35

Psychological Analysis

○ Charisma: Kenichi is a charismatic man who operates on a simple philosophy - that is, casting away one’s doubt in the present in favor of creating a better future down the road. When he enters a room, he is always aiming to enliven the spirits of those around him. When he cracks his excited grin, he emits an aura that bolsters the hearts of those around him with a deep desire to push them forward. His energetic disposition may seem imposing to those who are more soft-spoken and meek, but to those who love a grand display of unyielding charisma, who welcome a man who can ignite the spirit of those around him, Kenichi is the genuine article. He always seeks to light up a room.

○ Showman with determination: From his lofty words to his booming passion, Kenichi seeks to amaze and impress those who observe him in equal measure. Though he very much portrays himself as something of a showman who enjoys entertaining his peers, Kenichi is a man who wears his tenacity on his sleeves, possessing the wholehearted belief that all things in life should be pursued with the utmost effort in mind. To offer only the bare minimum when one is capable of so much more is something that annoys him on a spiritual level.

From his perspective, such a sheer lack of inaction and application is unacceptable; to those less informed, that might well be viewed as a stubbornly unreasonable trait to possess. On the other hand, to those who know him most intimately, Kenichi is a man who aims to strike inspiration into the hearts of those who dream of fighting and standing at the top of the proverbial mountain, those who desire to be strong in their own way. He represents the will of humanity that seeks to dream, soar beyond its limits, and live among ‌the ‌stars.

○Competitor: As a man who values generally values the concept of hard work being rewarded, Kenichi believes that everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight. ‌He welcomes the idea of competition as a means of fostering self-improvement. To him, a clash of will and vigor between friends is a memorable highlight in one’s life. An experience worth its weight in gold. ‌ This natural sense of competition compels him to challenge others, ‌believing anyone can achieve some measure of greatness if they take the time to apply themselves.

The strength of one's spirit should be valued above all else. Even Kenichi admits that life can be difficult, and he would be a fool to ignore the fact that he has experienced plenty of failures in his own life. Yet, he always asks one question to those who harbor the notion of giving up. Do you choose to bow out and allow the bitter weight to haunt your spirit, reflecting on what could have been? Or do you take a step forward and be proud of yourself that you gave your all, no matter the result? To overcome the odds and stand proudly is the true definition of strength in his eyes. He may doubt, he may lament, he might even find himself at his lowest, but he will never allow himself to give up knowing he didn’t give it his all.


» Ulv Auber: Deceased now, but her impact still remains with him long after. He trained under her whenever she had time to spare, conversed with her whenever she welcomed his company and aimed to be her ultimate rival. Alas, that can't be, but he certainly and fondly reflects on her with nothing but his utmost admiration.

» Rita Grace: Met her by chance, honestly. A recent companion and his current boss under whom he is employed. Kenichi has a high opinion of the woman, thinks she has killer looks and will defend and help her whenever it is required. Gotta be loyal to the boss, ya know?

» Vanyel Xiaoyang: Met during a tournament, and the rest was history. Their battle was momentous, filled with countless twists and turns, and even ended with an unknown result that only the crowd knows. Slowly but surely, he has developed a profound connection with the man and genuinely aims to support him and help him recover on his path to humanity. He never had a brother before, but if it could've been anyone? Vanyel would've fit the bill.


‌Born to Sho and Izumi Murata, in the Naha Capital of Okinawa Prefecture, Kenichi was the second oldest of twelve female siblings. As descendants of the Murata Clan, an ancient lineage of martial artists with mystical abilities, his family took great pride in their martial arts and their capacity to enhance those skills through their supernatural abilities. They were also a family who embodied infectious charisma and a free-flowing spirit, encouraging each family member to live life to the fullest.

Whether defending others as a martial hero, serving in the army as a brave soldier, or fighting in the merciless business world - to the Murata, the choice mattered little. “Make us proud by pushing yourself to the limit. This world is full of endless possibilities, reach out and grab one, and everything will follow suit.” That was the family motto. That was the Murata Way. The Path of Endless Pursuit. Particularly, Kenichi's family was a wild and eccentric bunch, but Kenichi, even to this day, proudly boasts that he wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.

His charismatic father, Sho, was ‌an exceptional martial artist, a fiery man with the body of a spartan and a heart of gold. His mother Izumi, was graceful, soft-spoken, and wise beyond her years, though her fearsome temper earned her the family moniker “Wild Boar”. A title no doubt that imposed fear into any of her children who wished to step out of line, her husband included.

Lastly, Kenichi’s sisters were probably the best one could ask for - supportive and competitive in equal measure, always keeping him grounded whenever he slipped behind in his training. Given such a firm foundation and a solid family structure, it is reasonable to assume that Kenichi was bound to pursue a great path, but as with all paths, his initial rise to the top was mired in difficulty. By his own admission, he was a brash youngster‌ ‌full‌ ‌of‌ ‌reckless energy, who struggled to focus and receive instruction. He was a respectful child, at least, and he seldom caused trouble for his family. Kenichi also had a pretty neat grandfather, too, all things told. Every bit the archetypical grandmaster martial artist - an old man with a wise spirit and exceptional skill as a fighter.

The oldest sister of the Murata family, Kohaku, a warrior of reputable skill in her own right, took Kenichi under her wing, and the young boy gravitated towards her the most as he progressed. A symbol of indomitable passion and unwavering courage, Kohaku stood at the precipice of skill and spirit he desired to reach, one that would in one aspect or another, come to define his ideology as a warrior and a man.

Though he initially struggled, prone to agitation at the tiniest flaw in his technique, a trait that compromised his training during his childhood, his efforts would finally bear fruit with continuous improvement and Kohaku’s support. Each technique was now executed with a natural flow, a purpose behind each strike, allowing him to slowly but surely master his family’s fighting style.

Filled with renewed vigor, the fledgling dragon continued to approach his training with a madman’s zeal. Each year from that point on he progressed and elevated his skill to a point where he was regarded as a young man possessing prodigal talent, surpassing his own father in combat. His burgeoning skill as a martial artist encouraged him to take the next step, building on his talent by tapping into his supernatural nature, by aiming to master the Goshoku Ryuuken - the Murata family’s generational reiryoku discipline.

Of course, his eldest sister remained elusive in both realms. So elusive, in fact, that by the time Kenichi reached the age of sixteen, Kohaku decided to leave the Murata household and travel out on her own. While she informed her family beforehand, she chose to leave Kenichi in the dark. She wished to turn him tracking her down into a game of sorts, viewing the potential experience as a stepping stone to help improve and make their visits entertaining.

Exchanging letters with him, leaving behind hints, notes, and even items. It was her way of treating him to an adventure for the ages. A competitor unwilling to be outdone, Kenichi accepted the challenge and set out to find her once his training was complete. By the age of eighteen, he was recognized as the strongest in the Murata household and decided to set off on his own journey, excited to travel the world and beat his sister at this game she created for the two of them.

Such a game, year after year, apart from Kenichi pursuing his own entertainment, was a tremendous benefit for both parties. Any opponent his sister defeated would be given an item and a note, and Kenichi could only acquire these items through defeating them himself. Some played along, others simply gave up. Each item he earned ranged from weapons to simple letters that provided insight into her whereabouts. There was one particular opponent Kohaku had failed to defeat, one that allowed Kenichi to nearly find her as a result. The letter detailing her defeat provoked a curiosity that could no longer be ignored. Kenichi set off towards Minatumi harbor, biding his time until he was prepared to challenge her. He caught Ulv during a brief moment when she wasn’t busy with her duty as a mayor and challenged her to a fight. For the first time in his life, Kenichi experienced what could only be described as an overwhelming defeat. In a vacuum, defeat itself was fine.

He was no stranger to defeat, nearly all of the fights he fought in his lifetime were winnable to some degree, and some were simply lost due to a gap in skill and talent. A loss at her hands, however, felt more akin to meeting an opponent who stood at a transcendent apex. Try as one might rise to the top, they would inevitably find themselves cast down to the bottom no matter how much they persisted. The gulf between them was as far apart as heaven and earth. Yet, Kenichi viewed the woman as a source of limitless inspiration, something to aspire to.

He marveled at how she seemed to cycle through multiple forms and disciplines within the space of a second. The seamless movement of her body felt otherworldly, each attack seeming as though it were precognitive in nature. Excitement and frustration danced hand in hand every time he faced her. In a word, Ulv Auber was his muse. Her presence had left an indelible impact on his soul. After a time, however, as though her existence was fleeting as if she was the phantasmal byproduct of an eventful dream, Ulv was no longer present. It felt as if she had vanished altogether, and with her, so too did that illuminating presence over the city of Minatumi.

Unaware of her passing, he simply visited her home, and by extension, Minatumi Harbor, yearning to meet her one more time. Coming to grips with the fact that he couldn’t see her anymore was a tough pill to swallow. For the first time, Kenichi felt disheartened. To know he’d never see her again was a difficult pill to swallow. Unable to cope with the reality, he simply chose to return to the Murata family’s household. One would be hard-pressed to call it a state of depression. He was a stubborn man, after all. Yet, he certainly lacked the fire that had bolstered his spirit for years. He spent time sparring and sharing many meals with his family. Try as he might make several attempts at accepting the reality, his mind still struggled with reaching closure.

This struggle had caused him to forget about one person during his rut, and she was quite unhappy about it. To be quite frank, she didn’t even count her visit as him finding her, but rather a well-needed intervention. Kohaku didn’t take too kindly to the thought that a woman who had defeated her was the reason why he decided to shy away from the world after developing so well. Challenging him to a spar, his older sister reminded him of everything that brought him to this point - the happiness he felt, the people he met, and the timeless moments he shared with his companions - the fruits of a life that had so far, been lived to its fullest. Indeed, these were experiences that would never be lost to memory. Kenichi didn’t even remember the result of their battle, but she left him with parting words that reinvigorated his spirit. There was no point in reflecting on the past. At the end of the day, what would he achieve by simply sitting on his ass and letting things end on a boring note like that? It lacked depth. It lacked flare. It was nothing like the little boy she trained in the past. As such, she simply left him with this…

“Sulking isn’t going to achieve anything, Kenichi. Honor her memory by striving to be legendary, by improving in her absence. No matter what, remember what I always taught you. Life live to the fullest.”

She was right… isn’t that why he pursued a life like this? A life of endless adventure and boundless curiosity? He couldn’t stop now. After one more night spent at his family’s household, Kenichi set off to face the world again, to resume his grand journey in the vast realm that was his to capture!


○ Firm Physique: A young man who has trained for nearly the entire length of his life, Kenichi’s body is a symbol of physical brilliance - an instrument of war given human form. Countless years of rigorous training and constant combat have chiseled his body to be as resolute as steel, one often finds that half-hearted strikes executed against him in haste will commonly end in failure several times over. Having fought in several battles over half of his life, Kenichi has only refined the way his physical composition works by honing his supernatural techniques. External damage is a difficult venture, to such a point that a mere punch or kick without any technique behind it might as well be a fly on his skin, a single sword slash executed without precision and requisite force will clash against his skin as if it connected with a blade itself. His strength and reaction time are, without question, the product of a life given entirely unto the pursuit of martial prowess.

○ Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: With stamina and a physical core trained to its utmost peak, Kenichi, though far from a finished result, squarely resides around a realm of superhuman capability that is admirably proficient. The nature of his speed and reflex is, by and large, the byproduct of his training as a martial artist. At first glance, his speed doesn’t particularly jump out from an observer’s point of view, as his speed would typically round out at the level one would imagine out of the typical superhuman whose still grasping the depths of his overall potential. The true value of his speed can be found in the reflexive, almost elusive, nature of his body as he evades his enemy’s attack, reading his opponent’s movement in preparation for a withering counterattack or maintaining a steady rhythm of feint and diversions. When he’s truly in the flow of battle, especially in public environments, one could liken his entertaining acrobatics and showman-like ability to leap and fly around to those of the legendary Chackie Jan. A battle should be as entertaining as it is exciting, after all!

○ Martial Prowess: Embodying his unequivocal theme as a warrior, Kenichi is a martial prodigy in every sense of the word. Sheer determination and a dogged resolve have forged him into an exceptional martial artist worth his weight in gold, one who displays the potential of a legend in the making. From the very day he could walk and coordinate his movement properly, regardless of rigor or difficulty, Kenichi has studied his craft, cultivated his form and posture, fighting to adapt within an environment where martial excellence was the requirement necessary for one who truly wished to be revered in the eyes of others. Of course, far from one to rest on his laurels, even after he was no longer present in that environment, Kenichi set off to learn more beyond his family’s illustrious fighting style. Martial artistry, from his point of view, only finds its real beauty in perpetual refinement, after all. One principle tenet in Kenichi’s philosophy on the battlefield is to avoid predictability. To him, no attack should ever be executed without certainty, and it is rare to see him rushing in without a plan of action. Each attack he executes must be coordinated, explosive yet graceful at the same time; he must be able to shift between attacking and defending as if the act itself was as natural as breathing - always in motion, as though his body is a precise wave that dances to the rhythm of battle.

○ Goshoku Ryuuken - [五色竜拳, Five Colours Dragon Fist]
Goshoku Ryuuken is the specialized form of Reiryoku Manipulation employed by the Murata family. Refined and cultivated through several generations, it is a fundamental technique that represents five paths through which one can feasibly utilize their spiritual power. Each path corresponds to the Five Auspicious Beasts and their respective elemental associations, though the five distinct animals that comprise the colors of the original have all been excluded in favor of wholly embodying the dragon theme as their motif. As a spiritual discipline rooted in the mythology of the five principle elements, it is taught only when it is believed that each individual has reached a category of spiritual power set between the categories of average to advanced.

Thus, the higher the stage of spiritual power, the greater the degree to which one can theoretically employ Goshoku Ryuuken, opening a gateway wherein one may thrive with each refinement of the corresponding color, allowing the practitioner to become a fierce warrior worth their weight in gold once they’ve reached the realm of true specialization. Furthermore, although the term fist is specified in the title, it is entirely feasible to apply the five principles of Goshoku Ryuuken beyond amplifying martial prowess. For example, a supernatural human gifted in the realm of mediumship could, in theory, apply each of these spiritual concepts through the medium of an object or weapon of their choice if they so desire. Concerning overall capability, a practitioner with average spiritual power is only capable of applying one color fist at a time while those in higher realms are theoretically capable of shifting between more than depending on their level of power control.

It is entirely unlikely for one person to implement all five, as such an act is commonly viewed as counterproductive since that means the practitioner must spread themselves across five flows of combat and must utilize five distinct forms of spiritual manipulation. Since that, by and large, is a difficult feat to achieve without proper concentration, true mastery, and a greater requisite of spiritual power to maintain the rhythm necessary, most are typically advised to shift between one to two principles at a time lest they intend to overexert themselves and wear their bodies ragged. Naturally, those two principles must ideally flow together as well. As such, the likelihood of a successful transition between lightning to water would be nonexistent, based solely on the flow of energy manipulation required.

○ Kōryuu Ken [Yellow Dragon Fist, 黃龍拳] – Foundation: Corresponding to Huanglong, the divine dragon embodying the yellow emperor who reigns at the center of the universe, Koryuu Ken is the flow of foundation, the base color that represents a wellspring of creativity in terms of overall expression and utilization. An aura of golden energy surrounds the user’s body, emanating from the center of their body. As a base, Koryuu Ken is a general form of reiryoku manipulation that may not necessarily stand out at first glance, since there isn’t any intrinsic difficulty in adapting to this particular principle. If one understands the nuances behind reiryoku manipulation as a whole, one can apply this color fist quite easily.

Thus, the true effectiveness of this principle lies in how well one specializes in the realm of power control, physical augmentation, or mediumship. A higher specialization in any of these skills allows a user to tap into the greater potential, ranging from amplifying one’s martial prowess to molding the shape of one’s energy into a tangible form that allows them to fire projectile blasts of concussive energy towards their enemy from afar. Techniques that utilize Yellow Dragon Fist as a conduit generally focuses on pure, raw power. As such, outside of the basic form of energy emission and physical amplification, there isn’t anything Kenichi utilizes in a battle that one could call particularly unique.

○ Shouryuu Ken [青龍拳, Blue Dragon Fist] - Lightning: Embodying the nature of the Azure Dragon of the East, shrouding the user’s body in a cobalt blue aura of voltaic-textured energy, Shouryuu Ken is the lightning stage. It is the second path of Reiryoku manipulation the practitioner can adapt to, molding their reiryoku into a form equipped with lightning-based properties. Techniques that correspond to Shouryuu ken are quick and indiscriminate, attacking any potential opening that presents itself in the heat of battle, striking with quickness and speed as if the body itself is a bolt of lightning in human form. Requiring immense focus and rhythmic precision, specialized techniques are only guaranteed when one has adapted to the battle flow of striking with speed and acting with attrition. A greater degree of specialization of Shouryuu Ken and focus allows the user’s reiryoku to expand outward or to be kept inward, much like Kouryuu Ken, reinforcing physical attacks, weaponry, energy emission, and granting the user temporary boosts of speed equivalent to flash step. His default dragon fist in battle, Kenichi’s specific application varies between externally emitting the electrified reiryoku into large bursts of energy resembling orbs, projectile waves of energy resembling what one would typically see in a fighting game, to internally channeling the rumbling energy through his fists, allowing him to transfer currents of electric bursts from his fist to their body, applying shock damage with each direct hit.

○ Sekiryuu Ken [赤龍拳, Red Dragon Fist] – Fire: Corresponding to the Vermilion Bird of the South, shrouding the user’s body in a crimson aura, Sekiryuu Ken is the color fist embodying the sacred element of fire. Techniques employing Sekiryuu Ken mix power and speed, requiring the user to move at an elegant and dance-like pace as even the slightest form of imbalance and a misstep in focus can result in the body experiencing severe burns. Purely offensive in nature, each attack is executed with impassioned determination, a purpose behind every strike, behind every emission of energy, consuming the enemy within the flame of their battle flow. Guided by the heat coursing through their body, one will find that the mixture of power and speed is quite a boon on the battlefield, though it comes at the cost of speed, as Sekiryuu Ken is slightly slower in comparison to Shouryuu Ken. To be certain, Sekiryuu Ken is purely a performance of one, and cannot seamlessly transition into the other color fists as a result. With a greater degree of specialization, individuals will physically feel their body heating up, and will visibly see the fire-like properties gathering around their bodies. Due to the difficult transition it currently requires to shift from one color fist to the other, Kenichi rarely uses Sekiryuu Ken for energy emission, foregoing the process almost entirely in favor of using the fiery aura around his body to strike at the enemy with passion and will behind every punch and kick, applying burn damage with each consecutive hit.

○ Hakuryuu Ken [White Dragon Fist, 白龍拳] - Earth: Encompassing the nature of the White Tiger of The West, Hakuryuu Ken is the color fist earth. Much like Kouryuu, Hakuryuu Ken is a form of reiryoku manipulation that certainly does not stand out at first glance. An observer would not be entirely wrong to assert that this is the one form among the five that utterly lacks any form of variety. To support their argument, they would pinpoint the lack of range as there is no energy emission, they would comment on the speed decrease, and lastly, how the form requires direct combat to be effective. In a vacuum, each of these would be legitimate arguments, certainly, but to simply cast it aside as meaningless would be a grave error, as those criticisms thoroughly ignore the efficiency White Dragon Fist presents. Techniques employing the Hakuryuu Ken principle are executed with a methodical grace. Each singular strike is meant to be decisive, focusing on heavy attack power in favor of speed and range. Shrouded in a stoic, light green aura, the user can mold the energy around them well enough to create a sturdy defense resembling hierro to an extent, the texture of one’s skin being akin to steel. Rooted to the earth, one can allow their tranquil senses to flourish as they wait and listen for the right moment to strike, feel the flow of movement suffuse their body, and execute a devastating counter in response. Of course, there isn’t any way one can feasibly turn this into a specialized application outside of strengthening the texture and material of an object, and Kenichi is no exception.

○ Genryuu Ken [Black Dragon Fist, 玄龍拳] - Water: Representing the Black Tortoise of the North, Genryuu Ken embodies the element of water. Techniques corresponding to this form of reiryoku manipulation are executed with grace and fluidity, manifesting a dark blue aura of spirit power around the practitioner's body. Displaying a continuous shift between offense and defense, redirecting attacks through subtle movements of the entire body, it is a discipline tailored specifically to one’s martial prowess. Whether by their fists or a weapon to which they are deeply attuned, this color fist focuses primarily on using redirection as a weapon to create openings in the enemy’s offensive. Moving in seamless patterns of fluid misdirection, the practitioner’s aim is ever to overwhelm the opponent through deception and evasion.

The mind ought to be empty, akin to a gentle river—unperturbed and clear of anything that restricts the soul. Greater degrees of adapting to this flow of Reiryoku allow the dark blue energy to weave around the practitioner's body, emitting a smoothly textured energy that slowly withers away at the opponent’s body with decisive hits. Kenichi’s expression of Genryuu Ken dances between the internal and external, reminiscent of forms and postures found in Tajiquan and Baguazhang, respectively, emitting soft waves of energy that flow throughout the air, misdirecting the enemy’s offensive with efficient poise. Of course, much like Hakuryuu Ken, the range is limited and heavily relies on redirection more so than full-scale attacks. As such, it can certainly be exploited if the enemy employs the right countermeasures, especially so if they match fire with fire


○ Meteor Hammer: To be certain, Kenichi is a martial artist who relies mainly on his body, viewing it as his ultimate form of expression as a warrior. He’d probably boldly claim that his body is the only weapon he needs, yet true martial artists should never limit themselves to just their bodies. The Meteor Hammer, although a dated weapon in this day and age, has recently found a consistent place in the relentless dragon’s arsenal, purely based on the merit of its flexibility. Requiring the angular movement of the body to build momentum before striking a target, is every bit as flashy to use as it is entertaining. There are two types of meteor hammers in existence, a single-headed one that utilizes a rope dart to strike and pierce the enemy, and a double-headed hammer that uses two spherical heads to overwhelm the enemy with offense and parry the opponent’s attacks with fierce shifts and movements of the chain. Constructed and tailored for his practical use in battle, his version of the meteor hammer is undoubtedly the latter, double-headed and held together by a long chain. To exert and generate more force, Kenichi can remove one of the heads and simply strike with one. To ensnare his opponent or parry their attacks, he’ll typically rely on the double-headed approach. Ever the showman, his meteor hammer is azure-colored, with the symbols of a dragon engraved at each end of the respective heads. It has also been customized to handle the use of mediumship quite well, expanding on the weapon’s capabilities as a whole.

○ Reiryoku Bandages: Simply put, nobody is infallible, whether spirit or human. Damage will accumulate no matter how durable you are. For a man who uses his body as his weapon more often than not–especially his fists and legs–the Reiryoku bandages serve as a tool that allows him to maintain an offensive in a battle even when his legs and fists are compromised. Imbuing them with Reiryoku, Kenichi strengthens their overall effectiveness and versatility. It goes without saying that the touch of mediumship helps greatly, as well as his use of Goshoku Ryuuken.

○ Kohaku: Named in honor of his sister, Kohaku is an amber-colored Gun - a staff weapon employed in Chinese martial arts. This weapon was given to him in his youth as a present from his sister, allowing him to improve his form and posture as he grew throughout the years. For a time, he simply left it as a piece in his home to look at fondly and think of good memories, but recent times and recent battles have certainly compelled him to bring this weapon out with him on his journeys. Simply put, it’s a beautiful weapon. It’d be a disservice to let it collect dust.

○ Nunchuks: Simply for show more often than not. Self-explanatory. Bruce Lee-influenced decision, etcetera.

○ Tonfas: Less for show, Tonfas are weapons Kenichi would primarily use in a close-ranged battle, as that is where most of this weapon’s strength is displayed. If nothing else, they are certainly a great training tool for the upper body.

○ Nine-Yin Manual: Very Self-Explanatory.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Elite
  • Martial Skill:Elite

Human Skill Sheet
  • Power Control:Advanced
  • Physical Augmentation: Advanced
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Adept
  • Mediumship: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept


- > Personality Rewrite
- > Eliminated any and all relations to Tao Chi Humans.
->Wrote an entirely new history, but still included Ulv via Wan Permission.
- >Cut out all the fatty parts from the old app. Namely, his martial art techniques. I'd like to reserve those for a separate thread. I've written something else in it's place to fix the high-spec template
-> Willpower is advanced because of SpookyBurst.
-> Gave the Dragon Man some equipment because god knows he needed some form of weaponry.

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