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Fri Jan 13, 2023 4:16 pm

I. Basic Information

» Name: Fu Shou (不詳 - Unknown)
» Alias: -
» Age: ?? for her real age, self-proclaimed 18 years old
» Gender: Female

» Association: She lacks any association, prefers freedom than being tied down to a single place or associated with any entity.

» Appearance Written: At first glance, Shou's appearance isn't too special or unique compared to a lot of female highschoolers that are similar to her in age - standing at the height of 160cm or 5'2", her facial features and stature is rather slim for a girl which seemingly indicate that she isn't the type to physically work out a lot in contrast to her free-spirited personality. Her choice in clothing are very few as well, as she seems to enjoy dressing herself up in a standard sailor uniform when she is out and about and on certain occasions, she would also wear a black v-neck sweater with short black pants to pair with it.

Shou also has a long, black hair that reaches all the way down to her waist with bangs almost covering her eyes and paying further attention to it, or if one has the chance to even touch it, her flowing black hair is surprisingly straight and smooth as if she has put a lot of love, care and maintenance to ensure that it stays the way it is - though she dismisses it and credits her genes as the reason why her hair is like this.

Looking past and beyond the bangs of her hair, the most captivating part of her appearance would be her deep red colored eyes, with a stare that seems to pierce right through the being and into the soul. Though if her emotions run high whether if its anger or excitement, the color seems to shift somewhere closer to crimson red in response to her emotions.

» Appearance Image:
Appearance 1:
Appearance 2:

I. Personality

» Personality: Shou, in all sense, is an extremely free-spirited individual who doesn't seem to have a single worry in the world, always smiling ear to ear and that personality of hers even reflects all the way to her body language - erratic, loose, colorful and full of expressive movements to indicate how little care she has to the affairs of the world that does not concern herself and hers only. Her free-spiritness stems from her fond of freedom, independence and autonomy - something akin to that of a traveller where she enjoys in being able to do whatever she wants and go wherever she wishes to on a whim.

It leads to Shou being very playful and prone to teasing others regardless if its a friend or foe and neither does a person with high power and/or hierarchy will be able to phase her playful attitude. Coupled with her free-spiritness, the word "fear" stops being part of her dictionary. Truth be told, it is not like she cannot feel fear completely as she is human like everyone else but its that she is just not that prone to feeling it. One downside to this attitude of hers is that because Shou has the tendency to play around too much, she doesn't take her neither her fights or conversations seriously unless it is warranted so it tends to backfire even against people that are obviously weaker than her.

Shou is also an extremely straightforward person; not a big fan of lies, deceit or playing some weird mind games and go about a complicated way of solving problems - either go big or go home. While she wouldn't get physically violent or fume in anger when being deceived, she would most definitely get irritated and lose interest in continuing the conversation even further since thinking too much isn't exactly her forte.

Beneath the surface of her personality, she isn't all-perfect human being either. Despite how much she enjoys life on the surface, her inner thoughts are, to put it in words, indescribable. She lacks any form of motivation or goals that she wants in achieve in life, preferring to go with the flow of things and see where it brings her which do reflect her fondness of freedom - to go where she wants.

Shou also has conflict in self-identification due to her past and even continues to be a problem now as she do question herself from time to time, and given her free-spirited personality, she is prone to having her moral compass swayed by others or in other words, "corrupted", over the course of time. Part of this personality of hers is the cause of how her current name came up - "Fu Shou (不詳)", meaning "Unknown" or "Unidentified" since she still do not have a concrete understanding of what exactly is "she" or who is she supposed to be.

I. History


I. Natural Abilities

» Athletic: In contrast to her rather slim stature, Shou is actually an extremely athletic individual with inhuman levels of stamina and speed, naturally outperform even gold medalist olympic runner and coupled with using reiryoku, she could go even faster if she wanted to and reach a point where she can casually dodge bullets. This is in due to the fact that not only she has received training early on under the tutelage of someone else to learn basic self-defense capabilities, Shou is also an avid traveller and tends to go around on foot during her travels for a few years and over time, that contributed to her ridiculous endurance to last long and move fast.

But that is about it. Physical endurance aside, she doesn't have the strength to back it up. Maybe among powerless civilians, she may be above average but her punches and kicks are pretty weak since she isn't really the type to do weight training or get into a fight seriously unless necessary. If she tries to arm wrestle against someone who has done some amount of weight training, she would most likely lose against them.

» Willpower: Shou isn't exactly sure if it was a naturally born trait or was it because of her past but even for a human, her willpower is rather astounding and has abnormal level of tolerance against fear. Situations that would've easily thrown someone into confusion, experiencing strange occurrences or even facing against someone far more powerful than themselves would've easily succumbed to fear and break apart, she can make rational decisions even under those moments of high stress. She is definitely not an all-perfect human being that cannot feel an inch of fear but alongside with her personality, it will be a difficult work to even mentally break her.

» Intellectual: Shou isn't the smartest of the bunch nor is she stupid either. As a lone traveller and having interacted with people of different places even if it is just restricted within the country of Japan, she is definitely smarter than most average humans, capable of keeping her composure and find the right solution to a difficult situation. It is just that this trait of hers rarely shows because of her tendency in being too playful and she would even make mistakes from time to time - this is exactly why she is not the smartest one either as she only make smart decisions if she has to.

I. High-Spec Powers

» Collector: Shou's unique power, the "Collector", has the ability to allow her to pay a "price" in exchange for anything that she desires. Not to be confused with something like an equivalent exchange, it is more akin to buying power - to pay for something in return.

What that "price" and "payment" should be, it can practically be anything whether its tangible or not, or even by concept. For example, she can pay the price with her blood by inflicting injuries on herself with the ability to manipulate an element, paying with her body by transferring one's pain over to her (intangible), or by theory, even payment via ability: to lose her own powers to "loan" (grant) someone else a power or ability of her choosing instead temporarily until she gains it back and the person being granted that power loses it (conceptual).

Things that are offered as payment would result it being broken apart or entirely vanish, an indication that the payment has been accepted - however, there are rules that Shou has to follow to offer up anything as payment:
  1. Living or spiritual beings, or even objects imbued with a living spirit in it like a shinigami's zanpakuto are not applicable as payment since they are alive and the ability to "pay" itself is not meant to kill
  2. Repeated payment with the same thing will result in inflation - costs on the use of her reiryoku doubles on every repeated use and estimated of after 3 times in total will render that payment as worthless and she will have to be switch it up (though this do refresh after the end of a thread)
  3. "Buying" for anything is also the same as rule 2 - as Shou keeps buying the same thing, it will eventually "run out of stock" and is also applicable up to 3 times only. Even worse, whatever is being offered up as payment is still consumed as it follows rule 2 but nothing can also be provided in the end (following rule 3) when it runs out so it can be a risk for her if she is not paying attention.

Though, to achieve any of these, she has to embed part of her reiryoku into anything that she decides to pay with whether it is tangible or not, so the consumption goes up along with the complexity of what she is trying to do. Since she can't really use her reiryoku directly from the source to do any of these feats, what makes her powers unique that by "paying up" with something external (whether its tangible or not as it is being treated something like cash), she can effectively reduce the costs of using her reiryoku when compared to a different person doing the same thing but directly using their spiritual energy as the source instead.

With her current capabilities and the fact that Shou is still relative new into understanding her own powers, her only method of payment is by tangible and intangible means means, inflicting injury on herself and pay with her own blood at a reduced consumption to her reiryoku or using external forces as payment to utilize as a defensive ability to minimize damage on herself. Even with that method of payment, she did find a few uses for it as well:

» Offensive properties: Unfortunately, there aren't that many offensive properties to her powers. The only one she had figured out so far was to pay up tangible objects in exchange for temporary use of other powers for a single post. While she can grant herself any sort of powers as long as she has the right price to pay up, aside from the basic four elements like electricity, fire, wind and earth with beginner control over them such as chucking fireballs, shocking people with direct contact, cutting people with throwing slices of wind and creating stone spikes either as projectiles or laying as traps. She isn't capable enough to try anything else than those.

However; the complexity of the powers being granted (invincibility and immortality is almost impossible because there is no right price for it) and the duration (from a single post to multiple posts long) plays a major role on how much she should pay up, though that cost do come down as her tier goes up. Coupled with the current understanding of her abilities, it could only last as long as a single post before she has to redo it again and only being able to do 2-3 more times.

» Defensive properties: Shou's powers do shine more when it comes to defensive capabilities - she can summon basic barriers capable of taking a few hits from someone equal or lower than her tier, effectively reduce or even negate damage from crashing (whether from falling or being thrown into a building at high speeds), she can remove the speed by offering it up as a "payment" and stop herself from taking further damage in the crash.

Shou can also redirect attacks back to her opponents. Basically, attacks being thrown towards her (the direction and force) all can be used as payment for her powers and once the payment has been accepted, those elements gets removed and returned back to her opponents. However, it has its limitations. Against opponents a full tier below her, she can effectively redirect those attacks back then. Those equal in tier or within the same tier as her, it serves as a dampener and can only effectively reduce the damage against her by half, while those above her gets a dampened damage against her by 25%.

» Debt: It is something Shou only use it as a last resort akin to something like an instant power boost. By making use of the nature of her powers, she can effectively put herself "in debt". Meaning that she can temporarily halt any form of payment to grant herself anything in return and this can even apply up to the extremes by physically enhancing herself, to manipulate multiple elements at once and even support others by "buying" enhancements for others to bolster their physical capabilities within the duration of the debt.

But the final price being paid is dire. In exchange for the power to put herself in debt and perform things that she normally is incapable of doing - the longer she keeps herself "in debt" and the more (amount and complexity) she borrows by granting more of her desires to do different things within that time, the heavier her punishment comes. While the duration can be whatever she desires, Shou plans to keep it only a short while (1 post long) in order to minimize the final damage incurred to herself.

She has never used it once but guessing with her current capabilities and understanding of her powers, the worst case out of this debt may be an instant infliction of numerous injuries on her body, enough to put her right down and into the hospital from blood loss.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Adept
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Untrained

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Adept

Human Skills
» Power Control: Adept
» Physical Augmentation: Untrained
» Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
» Mediumship: Adept


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Sun Jan 15, 2023 11:12 pm
Initial Check:
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Mon Jan 16, 2023 12:19 am
Changes has been made accordingly
  • Added rules for the payment system
  • Expanded on manipulating of elements
  • Fixed the years for the history
  • Removed teleportation since I plan to only let her have it later on in her growth

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