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Sun Jan 15, 2023 1:44 am
[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard D] Sora Yasutake Sora_AppHeader

I. Basic Information

» Name: Sora Yasutake
» Alias: N/A
» Age: 98 (Appears Early 20s)
» Birthday: February 21st, 2025
» Gender: Male
» Height: 6’0”
» Weight: ~180lbs

» Association: None. Rogue.

» Appearance Written: Sora has a long eastern dragon winding up his left arm with the head stopping on the back of his shoulder.

I. Personality

» Personality:
Sora is a short-tempered, stubborn, impulsive young man. He seems to snap at everything and is yelling most of the time, like he’s always dialed up to one hundred percent. He doesn’t hide what he’s feeling, but can often get caught up in the moments of his anger and say something he doesn’t actually mean. Even though he’s got a kind heart and can be good with words, sometimes his frustrations are all that come out. He will even yell at people he cares about, though often regrets what he says. Don’t always expect him to apologize though. His stubbornness and pride prevent him from admitting weakness, even when he knows he was in the wrong. However, there are a very small number of people out there that might elicit more caring and calm responses from him.

Sora does his best to express confidence. He stands tall, talks tough, and won’t back down from a challenge, even if he’s about to get his ass kicked. Some people will believe in his confidence too, but he’s not really confident. All of his tough demeanor is used to hide his fears and insecurities. He feels like a failure, like nothing he does is right, and like he’ll never be worth anything to anyone. A lot of the time, he’ll quit before he has the chance to fail or he’ll push someone away before they have the chance to hurt him. He doesn’t expect anything good to happen to him, and works to keep everyone at arms length so they’re less of a danger to him. The one thing he is not is a coward. He has no qualms about throwing himself into danger. He’s fine with taking risks, but only with fighting or methods of survival. Relationships and giving trust are where he draws the line.

Sora has a soft spot for two things: children and cute girls. He is one of those guys who can be swayed by tears, even if he tries to brush it off, so when either of these start crying, he goes into panic mode trying to stop it. Children, he has an easier time with. He finds their innocence easy to get along with. However, he has no ability to deal with girls. Those big eyes get him every time, and all of his barriers come down when someone sweet is talking. Unfortunately, he does not react well to these moments. He gets blushy and then frustrated or angry, yells something stupid, and runs off in embarrassment because he has no willpower here.

» Likes: Kids and Girls. Fighting. Spicy food.

» Dislikes: Girls.

I. History

» History: When Sora died, it was after a really crap childhood. His mother abandoned him, leaving him alone with an alcoholic father when he was only nine years old. When he was twelve, his father ran off and he lived alone for three months before anyone realized what was going on. In the foster system, he went through multiple families, all who sent him back for younger kids or just did not have the patience to deal with his anger. When he was a teenager, he started to get into trouble with gangs. Sora was happy beating people up and got arrested a few times. He was released each time thanks to cops who pitied him or a lack of witnesses. As an adult, after failing to graduate form high school, he ended up living on the street until he was mugged in an alley and left to die alone in the rain.

Life wasn’t much different in the Soul Society. Sora was back to living in the dirt among the others that society ignored. In order to combat the spiritual hunger he instantly had, he roughed up anyone who stood in his way and took what they had. When things got bad and people began to fight him back, he just moved districts, making his way toward places that felt richer. This led him to the Seireitei, a massive wall that, when asked about, led him to the Gotei United. Even here, after death, there was a way to be an elite of society. He was accepted into Shin’o Academy a few months later, when the new year started. Unfortunately, Sora was never a good student, so his time at the academy was disappointing. He didn’t fit in with most people, his attitude getting him seen as a trouble maker. He was angry, trusted no one, and hated studying for anything. However, though he proved enjoyed combat classes, he continued to fail both hoho and kido.

Sora got a reality check about half way through his first semester, when he was able to meet some of the strong members of the Gotei United. Their strength impressed him, and terrifying him. One of his teachers made it clear that if he actually studied, it was possible for him to reach levels similar to that. Unfortunately, Sora had no confidence in himself and knew he’d fail. He always failed, and trying to change that was stupid. Still, Sora tried ignoring the voice in his head and started really studying. He was found in the library a lot more than normal, but also ended up in the combat training areas twice as often. He really tried to kick it into gear, but when the examinations came, he didn’t get the scores he wanted. He passed, but barely and his classmates made sure knew it. He was ready to kick their asses, but his teacher was looking and he didn’t want to get in trouble, so he stomped off to punch a training dummy before he could start a fight.

Over the years, his hatred of the Soul Society and everyone in it grew. Shinigami were arrogant as hell no matter where he went. It only made him angrier, and he began looking at them as a way of escape. He kept studying and found out a lot of how the Gotei operated. Though he had no friends and no real support, Sora kept studying and passing his classes. His skill with zanjutsu increased a surprising amount to those who were watching him. By the middle of his sixth year, he showed evidence of learning his zanpakuto’s name. However, Hoho and kido continued to be his weaknesses, but he did enough to get to the finish line and graduate at the end of his sixth year. Sora joined the Gotei United as planned, but he had no interest in staying for long. He planned to escape on his first solo patrol, which came over a year later. When he finally got the chance, he destroyed his phone by throwing it into the mouth of a hollow to make it look like he died.

The first thing Sora did was get on a plane and leave the area he was originally posted in. Since most of the population wasn’t completely aware of spiritual beings, it was easy to walk past security as a spirit. Sora ended up in Japan, which was perfect, since he wanted to blend in and Japan was the spiritual nexus. For the first time in his life, he felt free enough to just do what he wanted to do without feeling like a complete failure. His plan to escape the Soul Society did work so far, but Sora still felt the need to fight hollow. He sensed them, they found him, or they were hurting people. He refused to just let people get attacked by those monsters, so he still ended up continuing the job of a Gotei United member, but without all the red tape and arrogant bosses. During this time, Sora also ended up continuing his training. Hollows were a constant threat, and he ended up realizing he needed to obtain his shikai, using the knowledge he gained at Shin’o Academy.

It took Sora nine years to learn his zanpakuto’s name and successfully gain access to his shikai. During the years of trying, Sora got his ass kicked quite a few times. Hollows blew him up, crushed him, threw him against buildings, tried cutting him open, and even impaled him twice. The fact that he was still alive was a miracle, though a miracle enhanced by the sudden arrival of actual Gotei members who used kaido to help him out. Each time, however, he made sure to lower his spiritual pressure and vanish on them while they were busy dealing with bigger problems. Even when innocent people were at stake, Sora would not allow himself to be recognized or captured. He finally gained his shikai during a battle with a hollow that wasn’t much bigger than him, but had a lot of ranged attacks he couldn’t keep up with. As a cero threatened to take him out, Sora called out his zanpakuto’s name and was able to deflect it. He used his shikai to incinerate the hollow and fled the scene before any shinigami could show up. Since then, he’s continued as a rogue.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Conditioned: Sora’s body has always been able to endure more than what people expect. His natural defenses have always been higher than normal, and this makes him difficult to hurt, but Sora has also gotten his ass kicked many times in the past. Due to this, his body has adapted to being broken and putting itself back together. His body has learned to take hits that most other beings cannot take, increasing what was already a powerful natural durability. Powerful weapons and those wielding him are often impressed without how his body isn’t easily damaged.

Excessive Strength: In many cases, he has come to rely on his body’s strength to get through battles he probably should not win. When he uses his own weapon, he’s now able to overwhelm his opponent with physical strength alone. He has found he has the ability to lift things like large trucks or a tank without issue. This strength lets him kick, punch, and swing his sword with deadly force. The combination has made him a capable combatant, even if he’s not aware of how he’s grown.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Sora has obtained and grown his shikai. He has matured it enough to be satisfied with his level of power. Though he is curious about bankai, he has not decided to go for it just yet. He truly doesn’t think he has the capability of obtaining that release, so he doesn’t want to bother trying. With what he can do now, his abilities in combat are proving somewhat proficient. Sora can use his zanpakuto alongside his energy to sharpen the blade and make cutting into a hollows mask much easier.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Shakunetsu (Scorching)

» Zanpakutō Spirit:
[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard D] Sora Yasutake Sora_ZanSpirit_Small

Shakunetsu is an energetic man with a strong moral code about protecting those weaker than himself. Though he thinks Sora’s current goals are too relaxed, he still developed a good friendship with him. Shakunetsu thoroughly believes that it is the job of the powerful to protect those who don’t have it. People who don’t use their power to help others don’t deserve it. Shakunetsu enjoys fighting, eating steak, and women. However, he’s not very good with the ladies. He sometimes gives Sora advice, but it never seems to go well. Sora hasn’t learned not to listen, yet.

» Inner World:

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard D] Sora Yasutake Sora_SealedZan1

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power:
Hibana: (Spark)
With a snap of his finger, Sora can send out a wave of spiritual energy that sets the surface area of what it strikes on fire. So, if he aimed it at a house, it would set the roof and outer walls on fire, not things inside. If he aimed it at a person, it’d light up their hair. When shot, it makes a quick snapping sound. There’s no force behind this and can be compared to a ranged lighter. Depending on the amount of energy Sora puts into it, he can decide the size of the object he sets on fire. The size of the item can be between a penny or a large house.

Fire/Heat Resistance: Sora can take the heat much better than most people. His body is always much warmer than others. This also makes him highly dislike the summer or most tropical and warm locations. When it comes to damage, he takes 25% less damage from fire, but is 25% more vulnerable to ice. Not water.

Fire Absorption: This ability allows him to rapidly absorb non-spiritual fire. It currently gives him no boosts, but does allow him to play fire fighter when needed.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Ignite

» Shikai Release Action: Sora taps his blade against his wrist as he releases it, causing fire to wrap around the blade and condense into what you see below.

» Shikai Appearance:
[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard D] Sora Yasutake Sora_ShikaiZan

» Shikai Abilities:
Sora’s shikai is a long blade where one side is made up of super heated energy and the other is a solid black, strong metal-like material. The heat of the blade allows him to cut through any object without much resistance. He can cut through steel like butter without putting much strength behind his swing. When attacking a person, the blade is so hot that in the time he cuts them, the wound is also automatically cauterized. In a way, the blade is both destructive and merciful.
  • Hibana O Osaeru: (Restrain Flame Spark)
    Sora points the tip of his blade toward the opponent and fires a focused shot of fire. Upon impact, the energy explodes like a grenade in a twenty foot radius. This shot can have enough force behind it to put a large hole in the side of a building. This attack moves at a speed equal to his zanjutsu level, so if his zanjutsu level is advanced, the attack moves at advanced speed.
  • Wangetsu Enkou: (Crescent Flame)
    Sora swings his sword and sends out a razor-thin crescent of super heated energy. The size of this crescent depends on the size of his swing, a large swing meaning a large crescent. The max a crescent can be is twelve feet. Crescent Flame moves at a speed equal to his zanjutsu level, so if his zanjutsu level is advanced, then the attack moves at advanced speed, but this speed caps out at elite. Crescent flame can only be used three times per thread.
  • Ensho: (Heat Wave)
    By focusing energy into his blade, Sora swings and sends out a large wave of fire that envelopes the area in front of him in a massive cone of fire. The cone reaches out to 100ft, attempting to incinerate what’s caught inside. This can only be used once per thread.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Adept
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Adept

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Adept

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner
» Kidō: Beginner
» Zanjutsu: Advanced
» Hakuda: Adept


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