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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Jan 18, 2023 11:11 pm
[Spirit Class 2| Hazard A] Nagoshi Kanae VPIan3q

Basic Information
» Name: Nagoshi Kanae
» Alias': Plague of Kusajishi, Murderer, Traitor

» Age: 1483
» Birthday: June 12th
» Gender: Female
» Race: Shinigami

» Affiliation: First Generation Gotei Thirteen, currently 4th Division Captain

» Alignment: Antagonistic
» Nationality: Japanese/Rukongai
» Marital Status: Single
» Sexuality: Heterosexual
» Ideal Mate: Dead
» Special Skill: Painter

» Height: 5'8"/173cm
» Hair Colour: Black
» Eye Colour: Violet

[Spirit Class 2| Hazard A] Nagoshi Kanae VvH5f6B

Psychological Analysis

On the surface Kanae is a perfectly pleasant woman with nary a troublesome thing to say, especially in polite company. However it does not take much digging to realize this is little more than a thin veneer hiding a lurking monster beneath it. To put it plainly, Kanae is a murderous psychopath. Her mental health is practically in tatters after sitting in an otherwise-empty prison for a thousand years. Though even before her sentencing she was a vicious and cruel monster, in modern times she does not have even a semblance of humanity left in her soul.

Kanae's true personality is a monstrous one. She delights in torturing and tormenting those around her, regardless of their alignment or connection to her, and has no qualms about butchering supposed allies. A true sociopath, Kanae harbors no positive feelings or relationships with others and has no ability to form lasting bonds that do not parasitically benefit her in obvious ways. On top of her coldness toward others is a need to kill rooted in her very soul. Killing others is practically the only way for her to obtain any sort of gratification, and during her prison sentence this bloodlust has long since become uncontrollable. It is with every effort she can muster Kanae prevents herself from lashing out and murdering anyone who comes near her, with her ambitious planning typically being the only thing she can productivity channel this bloodlust into.

Beyond her insatiable bloodlust is a strategic mind practically made to conspire and plot against others. What made her such an effective Captain when Genryusai Yamamoto formed it is what allows her to coldly work against her enemies, which is to say a ruthless and relentless resoluteness with no room for error or loss. Like her former peers in the Gotei Thirteen, Kanae sees underlings as mere tools and would willingly sacrifice as many as it takes to complete a mission. In fact it would not be an overstatement to say she even delights in witnessing her underlings and enemies kill each other.

After her sentence finished and she was released back into Soul Society, the aforementioned veneer of pleasantness likely comes across as unsettling to those around her, particularly those not acquainted with the full history of the Gotei Thirteen. Younger Shinigami may not realize her history as a brutal criminal, but even for those who do when talking to or dealing with Kanae they may get the sense that something is not quite right with her or her mannerisms. This sensation is synonymous with the feeling one might get wandering the woods at night, as if they are being hunted by some unknown predator hiding just beyond the shadows.


Kanae's story begins in the brutal Kusajishi district of North Rukongai, in an age alien to the modern Soul Society. In a time of great unrest and violence, the strong triumphed and the weak fell by the wayside. It was in this environment Nagoshi Kanae was born to parents as vicious and unloving as one could hope for. Unlike them though, who were little more than petty criminals lurking in dark alleys hoping for a score, Kanae was different from the outset. She was strong. Stronger than they could have imagined.

As a child Kanae had a much greater spiritual power than her parents, which both drew unwanted attention from the other miscreants living in the Kusajishi district and gave them something to hope for in a land with no hope to speak of. Her father and mother saw her as a tool, a weapon they could wield to vanquish their enemies and turn their fortunes around. Unfortunately for them, from a young age Kanae lacked the emotions other children were rapidly developing. With no empathy to speak of, the only feelings she felt were resentment towards her parents and disgust with her Rukongai neighbors.

By age 7 Kanae was already accustomed to witnessing murder and worse on a regular basis, and even felt joy when she did much to the dismay of her parents who found her more and more uncontrollable as she grew older. At about this time Kanae also committed her first murder. Late one night, when she was out past the unenforceable curfew her parents had set for her, she was accosted by a petty thief looking to ransom her to her parents. During this confrontation Kanae, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, played the role of innocent child perfectly and lulled the thief into believing that's all she was. But with a swift move at precisely the right time, Kanae was left standing in the blood of a dying man with a knife lodged in his throat.

After her first kill, others quickly followed. Kanae came to realize the only joy she could find in life was in bloody slaughter. Bodies followed behind her like bricks in a road, and it was not too long until her bloodlust turned it's head towards her useless parents. On her eighth birthday, a meaningless milestone for impoverished Rukongai criminals, Kanae stole the Asauchi her father had found and butchered both him and her mother in cold blood. The last thing they saw before succumbing to their wounds was their daughter's delighted eyes and upturned smile coated in their own blood.

Having disposed of her baggage, Kanae found herself free to do as she pleased and as a result continued slaughtering Kusajishi residents over the following years. Over time she also managed to imprint upon the Asauchi and transform it into a full-fledged Zanpakuto. Upon first hearing her Zanpakuto speak, Kanae was both shocked and elated. She finally had a companion who thought the same way she did, a kindred soul. Unknown to her was that this weapon was a reflection of her own soul and the endless abyss residing within it.

Many years later Kanae was a wandering killer, known to all of the Rukongai as the Plague of Kusajishi. Upon leaving her home district she realized she was not the only dangerous criminal in Soul Society. Kanae spent several years clashing with these individuals, including Unohana Yachiru and Obana Danjirou. One person she avoided was Genryusai Yamamoto, a man so terrifyingly powerful even someone as bloodthirsty as Kanae knew not to risk drawing his ire. Unohana as well proved such a formidable adversary she was forced to flee multiple times when the former managed to inflict grave wounds upon her. Obana Danjirou, however, was an easier foe to take on and were it not for good luck on his part, Kanae would have killed him multiple times over.

Eventually, Kanae heard news of some of the Rukongai's most heinous criminals banding together. Not to form a vicious syndicate, but an organization for law and order, much to Kanae's dismay. Her initial thoughts were almost of betrayal. These people, the only people she could consider her peers, wanted to stamp out killers like her all while ignoring their own history of criminality. Though their methods remained brutal, she couldn't fathom wanting to give up the freedom she held so dear.

Later, Yamamoto's group approached her with an ultimatum: Join their force, or die. With every fiber of her being Kanae felt an urge to lash out and try killing them all, but she understood the situation she was in. Yamamoto was an untenable opponent and she wasn't any stronger than the rest of the group either. And so she joined the newly dubbed Gotei Thirteen as a Captain, and within this role she thrived. With her new compatriots Kanae brutally enforced order upon Seireitei and the immediately surrounding Rukongai districts. Eventually their turned their sights on the Quincies, who invaded Soul Society as the Lichtreich led by their powerful leader Yhwach.

Like the other Captains, Kanae unceremoniously butchered the invading Quincies and reveled in the slaughter. Her bloodlust was finally being satiated, and when the invasion was repelled and the Gotei Thirteen went on to commit genocide against the Quincy people, she found herself loving it. Her bliss was short lived however as after the genocide, Yamamoto and the rest of the Gotei Thirteen began settling into it's newfound peace. Now the only killing was to be saved for Hollows, who weren't as common enemies for a Captain as Kanae would have wanted and needed. This peace was a punch to the gut of a woman who was practically a prisoner of the Gotei, forced into a role she did not choose, serving people she could not stomach.

With her bloodlust and hatred for Yamamoto, the Gotei, and Central 46 festering, Kanae found herself falling into a romantic relationship with fellow Captain and previous enemy Obana Denjirou. A strong and passionate man, he was probably the only one Kanae could ever fall for. Their romance was a wildfire, untamed and burning as they quickly grew to love each other. For Denjirou, this was a true love, his feelings for her coming from his very soul. For Kanae it was a sociopath's imitation of love. To her Denjirou was valuable because of his ability to satisfy her needs while being a worthy match. His fun-loving personality meant they were never at odds when together, preventing her cruel instincts from ever kicking in.

After years of peace, Kanae grew restless. To her peace was the enemy, and being able to observe Yamamoto and the rest of the Gotei Thirteen mellow out and grow complacent, her hatred and desire for killing worsened with time. Every moment she was forced to look at that man's graying face her disgust with him and this organization he had built grew. The only course of action remaining for her was to plan out the worst kind of treachery imaginable: She would slaughter the Central 46, and after alerting Yamamoto of their deaths, would strike him down and his peace loving with him. Figuring Denjirou would feel obligated to side with her because of their relationship, she told him of her plan. He couldn't believe it. How could she want to throw away everything they had built? Was the darkness inside her so uncontrollable? Had their love not changed her at all? The answers to these questions were now obvious.

The next day Kanae prepared to put her plan into motion. As she made her way through the empty darkened streets of Seireitei, a shadow confronted her; it was none other than Denjirou. He would not let her destroy her life and their relationship over some insane bloodthirsty ambition. For the first time in years, they stood in opposition. And, like all who had stood against her before, Kanae struck like a viper. What "love" she felt for him was nothing now that he was no longer useful to her. Denjirou fought back, not just out of love but out of duty and loyalty to Yamamoto as well. This battle escalated quickly, and though Kanae had an advantage defeating another Captain was no simple feat. She found herself being pushed and pushed, and it was at this point Kanae and her Zanpakuto synchronized like never before, awakening a form beyond Bankai. Though centuries later this release would be recognized as Shikokai, at the time Kanae just believed it was the true form of her Bankai. This sudden surge in Reiatsu drew the attention of others in Seireitei, but by the time another Captain showed up, Denjirou lay bloody at Kanae's feet, his blood splattered across her emotionless face.

Weakened from battle and her new release ending, the officers surrounding Kanae had no problem subduing and arresting her. After the situation was assessed she was brought before the very same Central 46 she had been playing to topple, and sentenced to 1,000 years in the Central Great Underground Prison. She had been granted leniency in her sentencing due to her effectiveness as a Captain, and not put to death as a result. When asked if she had any final words before being locked away in darkness for a millennium, her only reply was to stare at the people she wanted nothing more than to tear apart limb from limb, and decline. And so she was locked away, not to be heard from again.

That was 1,000 years ago. 2122 was the final year of her sentence and now Kanae is to be released into a foreign world where all those she wanted dead have long since passed away. To her captives she would seem perfectly calm upon release, as if her prison time had actually reformed her less desirable traits; behind her eyes however is a shattered psyche with only revenge keeping it together.


» Formidable Spiritual Power: As a former member of the first generation of Captains of the Gotei Thirteen, Kanae possesses a great spiritual power demonstrated time and time again both before joining and during the war with Quincies a thousand years ago. Before being recruited by Yamamoto she clashed with other eventual Captains repeatedly, including Unohana Yachiru and Obana Denjirou, and came out the other side. As a Captain she was effective in her position and was able to defeat not just Rukongai criminals, but enemy Shinigami and Hollows as well. Kanae was powerful enough to overcome and even kill another Captain before being imprisoned.

» Skilled Swordswoman: Kanae developed her skill with Tosatsusha over years killing other criminals in the Rukongai, and as a Captain, she continued improving with every battle. Against Yhwach's invasion, she proved her skill with the blade by cutting down soldier after soldier and taking on officers in the Lichtreich as well. From a young age, starting when she first stole her father's Asauchi, killing with a sword has always been her go-to and her developed skill is a direct result of that.

» Masterful Zanjutsu: Having first obtained her Zanpakuto at just 8 years old, Kanae spent almost half a millennium with Tosatsusha before her prison sentence and always had it by her side. Even amongst the other original Captains Kanae's connection with her Zanpakuto stood out as an outlier. In battle, Tosatsusha seems to emanate not only its own Reiatsu but also its own will which to other spiritually sensitive beings could appear as a bloodlust entirely separate from Kanae's. Obana Denjirou often said fighting Kanae was like fighting two people at once, and because of that you should always bet on her in a one versus one.

» Adept Kidō: Having never cared much for Kidō, Kanae's skill in it is only sufficient to use a minimum array of spells one can expect from a Gotei Captain. To her, Kidō is too impersonal in the way it kills, lacking the chance to splatter blood across the battlefield, and so the only aspect of it she has any advanced skill in is Kaidō which she uses exclusively on herself. Kanae feels great pride for having never healed another person with her Shinigami magic.

» Physical Traits: As one might expect from a former Captain, particularly from a member of the Gotei Thirteen's first generation, Kanae possesses enhanced physical traits beyond the pale of what most Shinigami achieve. She is both terribly fast and strong and uses her physicality to her advantage. She will often blitz opponents to leave them little room to react, and when her ferocious fighting style is considered she is especially deadly in close range. She often uses her strength to cleave through enemies with Tosatsusha, choosing to brute force her way through whatever they conjure to protect themselves.


» Zanpakuto Name: Tosatsusha (Butcher)

» Spirit Summary: Like its master, Tosatsusha is a bloodthirsty killer with no empathy or remorse for those who fall at its blade. A perfect reflection of Kanae in practically every way, she could not ask for a better-suited partner. When communing with Tosatsusha the two know what each other thinks before they even say it and as a result often just sit in silence when meditating. Their time apart while Kanae was imprisoned drove the Zanpakuto as mad as she is, and their reunion just further proved the strength of their connection as their hatred and rage synchronized perfectly. Tosatsuha appears as a completely black silhouette of a person with blood dripping from where its eyes, nose, and ears normally would be.

» Inner World: Tosatsusha's inner world resembles the run-down area in the Kusajishi District of the Rukongai. It is blanketed in perpetual night, the only light coming in the form of a crimson aura emanating from the blood moon in the distant sky. The eerie silence lingering in the air is peaceful to Tosatsusha which spends all its time meditating on the earthen ground.

» Sealed Appearance:
[Spirit Class 2| Hazard A] Nagoshi Kanae TxaqdSC

» Sealed Power: Tosatsusha possesses the unique ability to emit and control a neon green acid-like sludge with a couple of different properties. First and foremost this acid is corrosive and possesses the ability to burn what it touches, including people, to the point where it can melt through solid rock and metal, or even Reishi constructs, over the course of multiple posts depending on the object's durability. While Tosatsusha is sealed Kanae can only use it to produce a limited quantity of this acid (equal to about 100 gallons, or the size of a large fish tank), and her primary way of using it is coating the Zanpakuto with it or sending it out as spatter when she swings Tosatsusha around.

It's victims' durability makes a significant difference in how quickly and severely it damages them. While sealed, the acid can cause significant harm in the form of burns upon contacting those with durability adept or lower, moderate harm to those with advanced, light harm to elite, and insignificant harm to those with Master or Grandmaster. For every consecutive post the person is directly harmed by the acid, this shifts by one; meaning after a post a person with advanced durability would take significant damage, someone with elite would take moderate damage, etc.


» Release Phrase: Melt them All, Tosatsusha

» Shikai Appearance: There are two significant changes when Kanae activates her Shikai: First, Tosatsusha's blade will continuously glow a bright neon green; second, Kanae herself will appear to give off a green glow through her skin.

» Shikai Abilities: With her Zanpakuto released, Kanae has much more freedom to produce and manipulate its acidic sludge. In Shikai, its corrosive property is increased to coincide with the Shikai's general power boost. Against inorganic objects the acid is able to burn through them much more rapidly, needing only a few seconds to melt down even steel. Reishi constructs like Kidō barriers don't fare too well against it either as all but the most elite practitioners will find themselves struggling to create defenses that survive more than a post or two. In practice, Kanae's Zanjutsu level is compared to the skill rank of the Kidō's user involved to determine this effectiveness, with the requirement to last more than a post being an Advanced user.

  • » Dantōdai Koroshi (断頭台殺し, Guillotine Beheading): By concentrating a large quantity of acid along the edge of Tosatsusha's blade, Kanae can then release it in the form of a wide arc to slice through targets from range. Almost like a laser, this technique cuts by burning and melting on contact. She can fire multiple Dantōdai Koroshi in a row, with each moving as fast as a Zangerin. Unlike a Zangerin however, this attack does not typically cause widespread damage as it is meant to cleanly cut what it hits.


» Bankai Name: Yonaka Tosatsusha (夜中屠殺者, Midnight Butcher)

» Bankai Appearance: After releasing her Bankai the area around Kanae will be draped in darkness as the visage of a full moon appears in the sky far above. This effect covers a wide vicinity, about a hundred feet diameter with her at its center. Oddly when one reaches the end of this area and steps outside it, it's as if it's not even there.

» Bankai Abilities: Just like her Shikai, Kanae's Bankai amplifies the acid's corrosive property and makes it more dangerous. Even stronger objects and Reishi constructs are required to defend against it, and those without the highest echelons of durability will need to avoid having it touch their skin directly or they may suffer burns. Dantōdai Koroshi is also more dangerous as its ability to cut through things is increased. Beyond the strength of the acid and quantity of which she can create and control, there aren't any other significant differences between the two releases.

  • » Tengoku Taishokukan (天国大食漢, Heaven Eater): This is Kanae's Bankai's evolved form of Dantōdai Koroshi. For the most part it is functionally similar to it's Shikai equivalent, though it is much deadlier due to her acid's heightened caustic strength. Beyond that, the biggest difference in power comes from the speed boost Bankai grants, allowing Kanae to us Tengoku Taishokukan more rapidly than Dantōdai Koroshi. She is also able to fire them for further distances, with the acid arcs weakening and dissipating after fifty feet.


» Shikokai Name: Sekai Satsujinki (世界殺人, World Killing Demon)

» Shikokai Appearance: Of her Zanpakuto's releases, Kanae's Shikokai causes the most drastic visible changes to her body. In addition to her sword and skin glowing green, she also appears to be covered head to toe in scales. Her eyes now have vertical slit-like pupils, similar to those of a cat's, and her irises are neon green. Her hair extends outward from her head and moves as if it is underwater. All of this causes Kanae to more closely resemble some kind of demonic yōkai than a Shinigami.

» Shikokai Abilities:

» Yarakasu Sentsumi (やらかす千罪, Guilty of 1,000 Sins): In addition to the 1,500% boost in capabilities provided by this release, to put it simply, in Shikokai Kanae is acid. Every molecule of her body and soul are transformed into her Zanpakuto's acid as the two practically fuse together. Everything she touches is burned, and everything that touches her suffers the same fate (if it can). Even ambient spiritual particles are susceptible to her caustic skin which creates a zone of a few inches around her in which no Reishi exists. In battle this causes attacks of all kinds to begin corroding before they touch her. It also prevents her from using Kidō entirely.

While her Shikokai any acid Kanae creates evaporates quickly. This is because it's corrosive quality is amplified to such a degree it essentially eats itself, preventing her from manipulating it into any kind of form or having it remain on the battlefield. In addition her durability is cut in half from the severe physiological change she undergoes in this release. Though difficult, if one could manage to hit her directly her base durability is low enough to allow things she would normally shrug off to cleave through her. However this is counteracted by a form of High Speed Regeneration she gains from her Shikokai. Due to being made of acid, if she is stabbed or cut these wounds can be "healed" by generating more acid. This applies to even mortal wounds to organs and having limbs cut off, the latter being able to be reattached as if nothing happened. Unfortunately she does feel pain as she normally would, so severe enough injuries can still overwhelm her mentally.

As can be expected from such a release, Kanae's Shikokai requires a massive amount of energy to maintain and can only last up to three posts. After it ends Kanae is typically left with no energy and no options as she suffers from extreme exhaustion.


General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Elite

Will Skills
» Willpower: Elite
» Deduction: Advanced
» Focus: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
» Hakuda: Advanced
» Hoho: Advanced
» Kido: Adept
» Zanjutsu: Master


Upgrade links here.

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First Check:
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Tue Jan 31, 2023 1:09 pm
Made all requested changes and clarifications!

-Added clarification for the manifestation: "Her connection with Tosatsusha is strong enough for Kanae to manifest it physically for extended periods of time, during which it operates on its own and possesses Advanced in all General skills and untrained in all others"

-Added quantity in sealed: "equal to about 100 gallons, or the size of a large fish tank"

-Removed spell number from Shikai scale, changed durability downside: "In order to remain unharmed from the enhanced acid of her Shikai, Kanae suffers a physiological change that has the side effect of preventing her durability from increasing."

-Decreased blob number in Shikai to 8 from 12, also added stats and death effect: "The blobs have Adept durability with attacks vulnerable to the acid, such as those made of Kidō or metals, being about a third less effective. When a blob is destroyed it pops like a balloon, sending a small spurt of acid in a range of five feet out before it and the acid dissipates completely."

-Added reference to above in Bankai: "other traits are the same, just increased by standard Bankai % increase"

-Changed durability downside in Bankai to: "This change to her body also makes it more even vulnerable and heavier, which causes her durability to only increase to what she would normally possess in Shikai"

-Clarified her Bankai range and rain range are the same by changing wording in Appearance from "football field in every direction" to "This effect covers a wide vicinity, about six hundred feet total with her at its center"

-Added clarification to Heaven Eater: "The Heaven Eater has Advanced Bankai-level Durability, and when it is defeated will explode into a large fountain of acid before dissipating."

-Added max duration to Kasei Jigoku (acid rain ability): "In practice, Kanae can maintain this ability for six posts"

-Added clarity to cause of bubble popping: "The reason for this is that they are covered in an extremely thin layer of her Reishi set to lower their surface tension when in direct contact with another bubble or a person"

-Added historical reference to Shikokai obtainment: "This battle escalated quickly, and though Kanae had an advantage defeating another Captain was no simple feat. She found herself being pushed and pushed, and it was at this point Kanae and her Zanpakuto synchronized like never before, awakening a form beyond Bankai. Though centuries later this release would be recognized as Shikokai, at the time Kanae just believed it was the true form of her Bankai."
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Mon Feb 06, 2023 12:34 am
Removed ability to manifest Tosatsusha physically with stats, decreased Shikai blobs to 4 and Bankai blobs to 8, decreased resistance to certain attacks from a third to 20% for blobs, decreased Bankai visual effect to 100 feet total and Sekainohate ni Arashi's area to the same.
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