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Lowki Mercer  Empty Lowki Mercer

Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:14 pm

I. Basic Information

» Name: Lowki Mercer
» Alias: Merc
» Age: 16
» Gender: Male

» Association: None at the moment

» Appearance Written: The teenager stands at five feet tall, an increasingly difficult to read visage cast to those who would gaze at him. Dark, emerald pools sharply take all that lay before him in, consuming it mentally and applying the analysis to whatever situation he sees fit. Locks of spiked white dangle at eye level, bangs and tresses adorning the circumference of his very cranium.

Porcelain skin covers a fine abdomen, muscles sculpted to a well-defined appearance. He is not skinny, nor is he overly muscular; the line has been drawn perfectly, creating a mixture of agility and power which would be put to tests of varying intensity.

The young man is dressed in strong man's clothing, matching black top and baggy pants tied at the ankle to secure a pair of simple black shoes (similar to those that the Naruto characters wear). The symbol of "Power" in Kanji lay tattooed on his right shoulder, the shirt sleeveless so as to allow his limbs freedom from the confinements of any fabric.

The bi and triceps are circled by thin dragon design, resembling lightning bolts with the head of the dragons ending at the bottom with mouth agape, as if in attack pattern. No accessories matched the "Art"..only the color of his very attire.

His hands are calloused. This was the evidence of great whipcracking, though the rest lay as blank as the attire that he is wearing. Ambidextrous, he keeps his whip strapped in one of two places: At his left side, or upon his back. The reasoning behind this is to allow himself comfortable drawing of his weapon, regardless of the proximity between he and his opponent.

» Appearance Image: Lowki Mercer  Asta-black-clover

I. Personality

» Personality: What's the difference between a king and his horse? I don't mean kiddie shit like... One's a person and one's an animal or one has two legs and one has four. If their form, ability and power were exactly the same, why is it that one becomes the king and controls the battle, while the other becomes the horse and carries the king?!

There's only one answer... Instincts!

In order for identical beings to get stronger and gain the power they need to become king, they must search for more battles and power! They thirst for battle, and live to mercilessly, crush, shred, and slice their enemies! Deep, deep within our body lies the honed instinct to kill, to slaughter!

...and because of that I refuse to carry a king who's weaker than me and get to cut ribbons with him. If you're weaker than me, then I'll destroy you, and take your crown for myself.

CiA File Report: Subject Lowki Mercer
The entity is easily considered an enigma. His persona is not one that may be classified or placed into an exact category, instead placing him on an edifice that is incomprehensible by any means of society's standards. He is seemingly cold and calculating, often found taking up analytical processes so as to allow him to discover the greatest method of advance or strategy. An expert tactician, he believes in the value of rational least, for the most part. At other intervals, the entity will show signs of hot-blooded rage. This is evident in the heat of combat when the subject shows signs of an overly sanguine nature, accompanied by an adrenal stimulation that alters the tolerance for pain. It has not been concluded on whether this is an anomaly that is of supernatural origin, but the feats that the subject is capable of under extreme intensities is unaccounted for in the face of human history, however we note that his family members aligned with the Mercer Circus show similar ability.

The subject is often seen being rather quiet and reserved. He speaks when necessary, and usually the words range from sarcastic and witty to serious and commanding. His voice a rather barotone proportion, it is quite easy to mistake his comments or outspoken thoughts for imperative statements. One should be careful when judging this, however; when the Mercer believes that any situation is being pulled out of context, he will heighten his intellectual prowess and literally attempt to verbally rend any who would stand against his word. Thus, it proves to be a pet peeve to oppose him during his time of explanation. Most else will either go ignored or unheeded, the patron usually choosing rather quickly that which is irrelevant and that which holds some bearing to his situations.

Casual advances have been known to rise to the surface when the subject is in a calm or collected state. Social status is not truly an aspect of life that he yearns to excel in, often being pushed aside for the greater cause as a blight too the earth. He is an "intellectual genius", if one would, dabbling in most subjects in education to further understand the trials of life. He is well-versed in mathematics and distance, using these to aid him in his progress as both a fighter and scholar.

However, there seem to be two inconsistencies that rest with the Mercer. He appears to possess an obsession for butter pecan ice cream, choosing this as his snack more-so than anything that may have an overabundance in starch. The Mercer will usually find himself losing thought in the process of eating such, but there have also been rumors that it fuels a thought process that is above average in comparison to the ordinary human.

Report End

I. History

» History: June 16, Lowki was born with a promising outlook for the future, his father was a man by the name of Robert and his mother Vontrese, he was born as he would live, on the move. From a young age Lowki accompanied his father and mother working the circus this was a job that Lowki neither liked nor hated he simply found having something too do and the constant change of scenery refreshing. Along his childhood years was where he learned to box a practice that heavily laid out the man the boy would soon become, it was evident that Lowki was a rather sadistic character choosing to learn how to hurt people for the joy of it. He separated himself from his peers personality wise at a young age.

Something his father and mother noted and while the attempted to teach Lowki the right way to use one's skills he simply adapted and learned better to hide who he really was. At 13 Lowki decided to leave taking his few belongings and packing up too live on his own. He eventually joined a minor gang it was that or be beaten every day. Though when he gained strength and became stronger than his enemy he’d strike them down but until then he had to play along, become some soldier for them and have them train their very enemy. Lowki became darker during his time of joining the group and gaining strength. He learned about his ability's more and started training at local dojo’s whenever he could.

He continued training in mostly swordplay, did some slight contracts for money to pay for lessons and during the night, in his spare time he learned some small techniques. It all worked out and he was becoming stronger than most at his age.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities: Sixth Sense: Lowki was born with another sense which is linked with the ability of most animals to detect when their lives are in danger. Call it a heightened sense but it is in fact much more than that despite only being limited to picking up threats to Lowki. His reflexes are top notch and as a result he is able to engage in combat even in total darkness relying on his opponents to make the first move so that he can "sense" it and react accordingly to get himself out of said danger. Despite this those with the absence of killing intent as well as those without the intention to kill can cause this sense to not be able to pick up their attacks. Depending on Lowki's age this sense grows more refined over time as the older he gets it the more attune he is at detecting when killing intent is being utilized on them as well as the speed of things which can trigger their 6th Sense.
Age - 6th Sense Trigger Speed/Rank of Killing Intent Techniques able to be detected
Birth to 10 - Beginner
11 to 20 - Adept
21 to 30 - Advanced
31 to 40 - Elite
Above 41 - Master

The Ringleader is the lord of the show, they know how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Everyone wants to see the events, they always want to see more and the Ringleader knows exactly how to do such a thing. Ringleaders are able to draw upon the fervor of the crowd around them and Lowki uses this like most Mercer as a means to practice his hormone tactics. Due to doing this most of his childhood, Lowki has adapted solid showmanship skills that coupled with his whip skills he is a natural ring leader.

Whipcracking is the act of producing a cracking sound through the use of a whip. Lowki is extremely proficient at such a task and one could even say a prodigy even going so far as to strip the skin off of stray animals he would come across when tree's and walls got tiresome, his skills are surely combat ready but as of yet he mainly uses his skills to intimidate people into giving him what he wants.

I. High-Spec Powers

» Powers: Sensory Control: Lowki has control over his five senses. He can make his five senses increase or decrease. An example would be increasing your eye sight to see long distances, increasing smell to smell poison or far away things, increasing hearing to hear whispers or talking from another building, or decreasing your sense of touch so you won't feel pain from an attack. You can also make it to where you decrease your senses making you blind, deaf, or even unable to taste. Though these each have a downside. An example would be a bright flash of light would temporarily blind a person making them unable to see even with control over their sight, a loud noise would harm ones ears drastically if they had their hearing increased, or unable to feel how much damage they have taken making them unable to know when they should stop or if they have broken something. This technique can be used whenever, but takes 1 post to change 1 of the original 5 senses likewise Lowki has 100% in each of them (500% in total) since in order to increase one sense another must be lowered however all can be lowered to complete sensory loss without being required to raise any others.

Hormone Control - An ability natural to the Mercer Family, their bodies are focused on directing the flow of specific chemicals in another person, chemicals present in nearly all living creatures called Hormones. These hormones control specific aspects of a creature's emotions and even their bodily functions and the Mercer can tap into this in order to influence them. Depending on their age the range that they are able to do this is different and they can target both foes and allies.

There are four specific Hormones that are chosen from although others can be created. These four are Serotonin, the hormone that is in charge of happiness or joy, which can be used to replenish an ally's Joy Limit, negate fear or sadness effects or even cause foes to become pacifistic as the joy overcomes them. The next is Melatonin, the hormone that tells a creature to sleep or to become calm, this allows them to start depleting the slumber limit of foes to send them to sleep or to calm an ally if they are within an enraged state. Adrenaline is the next one which can cause poisons to take effect faster, help allies overcome shock and even negate pain. Lastly is Cortisol, the Fear Hormone, which can cause panic or allow someone to become hyper aware to give them a form of danger sense. Each of these can then be increased further by becoming medical focused, allowing access to the tighter aspects of each Hormone.

Circus Agility - Members of the Mercer Circus are known for being wriggly and hard to pin down, especially in high stress or combat situations. This is due to them naturally possessing greater agility and athleticism than other humans. Depending on a Mercer's rank, they add a certain number of PT to any form of grapple or lock before negative effects apply due to them being so hard to hold properly as they squirm around. Being so limber, they are also able to use other techniques even while stuck in a grapple or lock, manipulating and shifting their body just enough to trigger them. As well as this, their athleticism lends itself to a light-foot and due to this, they can fail to set off trap-based techniques if it involves them walking over it due to how lightly they step.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your character has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Adept
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Elite

Human Skills
» Power Control: Beginner
» Physical Augmentation: Untrained
» Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
» Mediumship: Untrained

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: With everything going the way it was so far maybe it would be a good idea to up and leave north america all together; with a subtle flick of a finger a flame would fill the confines of a alley way tucked in the middle of the dallas downtown area. Lowki didn't really care about the states that much even though he had spent most of his life traveling along the breath of it doing the same routine, set up camp then take down camp. Every once and awhile he found something too thrill him and it was mainly in some way a violent activity, so he adapted bringing him to where he is now working for a slum gang in dallas under a man named treble that should really be working for Lowki. The young male would exit the alley, he stood out simply cause he never work a normal shirt his current attire would be some loose fitting black pants no shirt and a whip wrapped around his torso with the hilt snugly on his left hip flexor for quick use.

There was no reason for violence tonight but from working these street's Lowki knew that most of these so called thugs were dumb and they needed to be shown strength to listen words rarely won them over, at the turn of a corner a black truck would be sitting the engine running with a small hum Lowki would walk around too the side give a small head turn too his surroundings then enter the vechile. Inside the truck were two men one in the back; small stature black hair and the type of beady eyes that would almost make you think he was a alien if he snuck up on you in the dark, you have worked with him before, Sam wenton was his name if you could remeber correctly, Lowki would reach a closed fist back and Sam would reach one up and after the two collided Lowki would turn and face Sam who was wiping down a rather long sword,

"Still got that thing huh?"

Sam would scratch his cheek where a slight stubble would be showing, "Well you can't be the only one going all old times on them aye" he was prepped for combat with black pants laced with armor over them and a vest along with a ski mask in his lap, Lowki would smile and postion himself back in the front seat the car would skird off and Lowki would look over at the driver, long brown hair about too his shoulders Oliver Treble was one of the main people in the gang his father started it but from what you could tell he was just as dumb as the rest of his siblings but no less dangerous; his attire would showcase this he would have a shotgun on his lap along with a rifle while he was driving he never wore a vest instead he opted for the more expensive everyday bullet proof clothing, Lowki never liked the protection but could not say they didn't work.

"So what's the plan we just rushing in"

"Well they should be setting up, we need too see who the rat is and then we take everyone out and bring the goods back to base."

Everyone would nod in a way that if you were looking from a movie view you would have been confused as to which one was talking but as the two would round the corner the windows would roll down and out would fly two bodys one too the left and one too the right while the car continued down the rode, Sam would run up a building and Lowki would cut into a alley before pulling out his whip and latching it too a pipe to pull himself up a building as well, the two would give each other a small grin as they reached the rooftops at about the same time and then began jumping and running in order to get too the spot the needed to be, upon arriving oliver would already perched on a rooftop overlooking a pier with a set of bionculars he would reach them out as the two showed up and after a look Lowki would note that there was at least ten cars down there it was suppose to be a small meeting and this surely did not seem like a small meeting.

"We should probably call this in"

Oliver would look over at sam as he spoke and Lowki would simply kneel down trying to see what was going on.

"Call in for more back up tell them we will hold them until they get here"

Sam would flip open his phone and Lowki and Oliver would run and climb down the building they would slowly creep up on the meeting area and once they got as close as they could the two would simply pause, Lowki would strain for a second removing his sense of touch slightly in order to increase sense of hearing he would listen to some bullshit and mainly get the jist of what was going on this was a out of town deal for some drugs and mainly this was going to get their rivals a new supplier. Lowki would whisper too Oliver that they should attack and pretend its a set up. Oliver would grin and nod his head before walking forward his shotgun in hand he would only start blasting as the out of town people and then motion for the other too shoot as well in the confusion they would start shooting and Lowki would dart out cracking his whip about and knocking weapons out of anyone's hand he would at this point before following up with a backhand or slant kick too the chest or ribs, the two would keep this up for quite some time and eventually clear out the main group situated on the pier, two make things short the trio left and boarded a plane after being summoned to the main headquarters.

it was raining, thunder in the sky. Screaming of the winds. Tree's where ablaze just to be put out by the torrential deluge of water which was hammering down on the city below. The jet Lowki was on had been a gift from the gang in order to get him back too the headquarters well really for Oliver but Lowki would embelish,.

From the window he could already see the lights of the city and with a steady sigh he would tilt his head back lifting a glass filled with rum to his lips before stopping never having taken a sip. He would see a solid light coming toward them and before he could say anything the jet would be hit and begin spinning around violently.

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