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Ispir Sione [WIP/Waiting for Previous App] Empty Ispir Sione [WIP/Waiting for Previous App]

Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:28 pm

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ispir Sione
» Alias: Drunkard of the City of Lights, The Small Bard, The Doomed Hero
» Age: 21
» Gender: Male

» Association: City of Lights

» Appearance Written: Ispir is a fairly sickly looking individual, with very pale skin, a lithe frame and eyes that are bright but sunken. Standing at 5'5 Ispir does not cut a particularly intimidating figure. In fact most people are more likely to call him 'cute' or 'hot' than anything he'd appreciate. With smooth skin, youthful features and a nearly impossible lack of blemishes Ispir could be quite the Rockstar if he so chose.

Aside from purely his physical body, Ispir has a wide variety of casual clothes he could he found wearing but usually prefers to wear a more traditional aquamarine and white outfit like bards of old. With a poofy hat, shorts, stockings and a shoulder covering that tails down into a cape

» Appearance Image:

Bard Outfit:

When Performing:

Formal Wear:

I. Personality

» Personality:

To describe Ispir as depressed would be entirely correct. With his entire life defined by his lack of parents and the doom hanging over his head since his birth Ispir is, despite what his appearance would imply, a fairly surly and jaded individual. Consciously, he sees no point in applying himself to much of anything as he has been diagnosed as doomed to live a short life. Aside from this, and likely in large part because of his pre-destined short life, whenever Ispir does apply himself he does so with a sort of single-minded devotion most would be jealous of.

Subconsciously, Ispir is a very talented individual ruined by being trapped within his own mind. He does not realize he could, despite the doom hanging over his head, still achieve quite a lot in that time or, possibly, find a way to overcome his fate altogether. Instead of fighting for his potential future Ispir has fully accepted his fate as things are now, without realizing he could do things others could only dream of when he does apply himself.

His ominous fate not withstanding and when in an environment where he feels he can try, such as with his music, Ispir is actually somewhat cheery and very devoted. Able to talk hours on end about his craft, how he plans to become a better musician, the career in music he would pursue if he could, and would gladly offer to share a drink with a stranger. However, all too often this results in Ispir shattering his own fragile peace of mind and returning to his more downtrodden demeanor, especially when drunk.

Finally, the most free-spirited and liberated from the shackles of his seemingly-inevitable fate are during one time only: When Ispir gets to exercise his talents as an absolutely shameless, incorrigible flirt. Whether drunk or not Ispir knows that he does not have much time left and, accordingly, will flirt with anything vaguely female if he finds it attractive. Though his success at such things tends to be on the lower side Ispir is especially hampered by one simple fact: He is a chaste flirt. He is so used to being unsuccessful that his charming, flirty demeanor crumbles like wet paper if a woman actually flirts back with him.


I. History

» History:


Born to the Sione family who are rumored to be descendants of the great Quincy Yhwach, though this is only a rumor, his family nonetheless took great pride in their supposed heritage and are, as a result, intensely proud in their pure-blooded lineage. It is this lineage, many of his family rationalize, that resulted in Ispir having quite the auspicious and glorious promise when he was conceived.

To say that Ispir was born with natural talent and immense amounts of power, even in the womb, would be a near understatement. Like a natural born Alexander the Great with Reishi, and a potential obvious enough to be perceived before his actual birth, his family also consider it a crime and shame beyond words that Ispir's current fate befell him.

Prior to Ispir's birth his parents were married and had conceived their son with love and attention, but they were truly dedicated and prideful Quincy to the core and, thus, when a Hollow by the name of Safira Aldrovandi made itself known to them, and in spite of Ispir's father pleading with his mother to remain safe, she insisted in joining her husband in this hunt as she was not very far along in her pregnancy and could still fight. Unable to watch her husband go off to face such a threatening opponent alone, she stayed by his side until the end.

And the end it was, as Safira slew Ispir's father in the process of protecting his mother, giving his mother a comparatively light, poisonous scratch upon the torso before she fled. This single moment, this one action, would doom Ispir's mother and, if one were to ask him, him as well. Upon returning to safety Ispir's mother would begin to fight a losing war against Safira's poison. Despite all the Quincy with her could do they were not able to save her, not spare Ispir the poison becoming all but integral to his physiology, resulting in him being born prematurely and very, very sickly.

After being born, and his survival ensured, Ispir was all but raised communally by his family. Bouncing from aunt to uncle to cousin and then back to that same uncle. All throughout Ispir's young life he found himself unable to truly keep up with other Quincy children at their crafts, constantly finding himself coughing up blood, having severe bouts of dizziness, and even fainting on more than one occasion. These afflictions quickly crushed any hopes Ispir held of living a normal life or being a great Quincy, despite the fact that when these afflictions did not hold him back he was able to ravenously consume knowledge and progress in his studies at an alarmingly fast rate.

Thinking himself unable to contend with his peers Ispir retreated into more solitary, personal endeavors, and began his love for music on an old piano owned by his grandfather. Finding that even while coughing up blood, even while struggling to stay upright on his bench, as long as his hands could work he could make beautiful music. He could still progress, he could still improve, and most importantly he could still express himself in a way he felt mattered.

As a result of his love for music Ispir's spirit weapon ended up taking the form of a harp that, upon command, can shift into a bow. This bow looks much the same as Ispir's mother's and he cherishes it greatly, taking as much time to perfect it's use as he can between his drunken nights and depressive episodes.

In the more modern day Ispir still takes to practicing with his spirit weapon, as both as weapon and an instrument, with great care though his other areas of practice have suffered greatly for it. Nowadays Ispir is much more likely to be seen performing drunken parlor tricks with Reishi absorption or the most simple Quincy spellcraft as he is to be seen doing anything truly impressive.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:


Musician's Rhythm:

Doomed to Die:

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Blut Vene Boe:

Blut Areterie Schnepfe:

I. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Sturmschneider

» Spirit Weapon Appearance:

Harp Form

Bow Form

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

Though Ispir has unlocked only one, Strumschneider possesses a potentially vast suite of special abilities given it's musical nature.

D scharf:

I. Quincy Release

» Letzt Stil or Vollständig: Ispir uses Volstandig, though he has yet to unlock this state.

» Name: N/A

» Appearance: N/A

» Abilities: N/A

I. Equipment

» Equipment:
- Sturmschneider
- Small bottle of wine
- Traveling Lute

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Untrained
» Speed: Adept
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Adept

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Beginner

Quincy Skills
» Blut: Adept
» Reishi Absorption: Beginner
» Quincy Spellcraft: Beginner
» Spirit Weapon: Adept

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: N/A

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