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Yasha Uragami
Yasha Uragami
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Yasha Uragami Empty Yasha Uragami

Thu Feb 02, 2023 7:24 am
Yasha Uragami BzLmZa3


◈ Name: Yasha Grander Uragami
◈ Alias: Green Demon
» The Bully's Bully
» Troublemaker
» Delinquent
◈ Age: 17
◈ Birthday: July 21st
◈ Gender: Male
◈ Race: Human

◈ Affiliation: Himself

◈ Marital Status: Single, keeping things very casual
◈ Nationality: American / Japanese
◈ Religion: Atheist (in for a surprise)
◈ Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

◈ Height: 5’7”
◈ Hair Color: Black
◈ Eye Color: Dark Brown

Yasha Uragami D4etc2C

◈ Appearance: Yasha stands at an average height with medium length wavy black hair that he often styles upward in a hi-top spiky fashion. It seems to have a slight green tint but this is natural. Caramel-colored skin sets him apart from most of his classmates and his large dark brown eyes are usually fixed in a scowl along with the rest of his face. Though if one looks closely enough they may find a distinct sadness hidden within their depths. Two beauty marks adorn the left side of his face one below his bottom lip and another just above his eyebrow. Bilingual, he speaks Japanese with a 'punkish' accent like other hoodlums do.

Dressing for comfort he can often be found in loose fitting casual clothes when not attending class. While at school he wears a standard student uniform he dyed green to the annoyance of the school's faculty. Usually his shirt is unbuttoned and/or untucked. Green is his favorite color and can often be found somewhere in whatever outfit he chooses to wear. All white low-top sneakers are his shoe of choice. Yasha's left ear is pierced and he wears an earring from time to time along with a thin chain of silver or gold depending on the day. Carries a small folding knife in his pocket for protection but doesn't have much occasion or need to use it.

Psychological Analysis

Authority's Nightmare. Anyone in a position of power can get bent. From a lifetime of bad experiences with authority figures be them parents, teachers, or police, Yasha holds a deep disdain for hierarchies in general and those who uphold them blindly. To him, respect is a two-way street. Not automatically given just because someone is older or has some fancy title.

Brilliant, but Lazy. For most people it is either street smarts or book smarts... Yasha has both. Owing to his less-than-ideal upbringing and a love for reading nurtured as a child he has a sharp wit and a knack for learning one might not expect from a teenaged troublemaker. Knowing your way around the mean streets has its advantages and Yasha is rarely caught lacking. While he hates applying himself, he tests exceptionally well in school and indulges his natural curiosity whenever he can on books, media, and the internet.

Heart of Gold. Beneath his rough delinquent exterior lies a desire to protect the weak and a soft spot for outcasts or strays. Yasha believes that those without strength should learn to protect themselves and isn't above giving them an earful but is never one to stand idly by and allow people to suffer if he can help it. He is most at home among the lower classes of society. Burn outs, runaways, and other undesirables all call him friend.

Pissed Off. Perhaps his most outwardly apparent trait. Yasha is, in a word, angry. And this manifests in various different ways. Whether through him picking fights at school or lashing out at others it's obvious to anyone that spends time with him that he carries around baggage. He's no simpleminded berserker however and his inner rage is rather pointed— usually towards those he feels deserve it. It isn't unheard of for bystanders to catch some strays, though.

Serious Snarker. Sarcastic to a fault. Possibly his favorite means of expressing himself. He isn't above pointing out the inherent absurdity of any given situation and his tongue only gets sharper when pressed. Fools beware.


History: Born in Minatumi City to a Japanese mother and an African-American father, Yasha had a rather abnormal childhood. Nothing quite as dramatic as the types of tragic, troubled youths you might see in teen dramas... but it was no walk in the park either. Uragami Yana, his mother, is the daughter of an average working-class family who inherited her parents debts far too early in life. His father, Sacha Grander, hails from midwestern America and is the latest in line to a long cycle of poverty. The two of them met while Sacha was overseas working as a laborer and they immediately fell in love. Not long after Yasha was conceived and for a time they lived as a happy family. Due to money troubles, various societal pressures from their families, and other circumstances outside of their control the couple split. Sacha moving back to America when Yasha was only five and Yana remaining in Minatumi City to care for their son. He hasn't seen his father in person since, but Yana maintains an amicable correspondence with him. Sacha sends what little money he has to support the two back in Japan. Yasha wants little to do with him.

Growing up in Japan with his background was tough. Even from a glance one can tell that he stands out in a crowd. He was a naturally curious child and developed a knack for reading that his mother helped nurture, meaning his grades were rather good. At first. But from an early age his appearance made him a target for bullying... and Yasha was having none of that. Earning himself a reputation as a 'problem child' from the justifiable act of defending himself and other children being tormented he quickly became a beacon for trouble. Not just from other kids either, but from loathesome teachers eager to see him fail. Rather than keep his head down and redouble his academic efforts the boy met these challenges head on and where bullies were involved always let his fists do most of the talking. Leading to constant punishment and a spotty permanent record. It wasn't all bad, though. Those who preyed on the weak learned to fear him and several of the kids he stood up for came to follow him in turn. While he considers himself a loner they maintain that they are his friends... even if he doesn't always treat them that way. Even now in his high-school years he remains a delinquent. Choosing to slack off rather than apply himself he spends most of his time brawling or chasing skirts.

Hoping to find an outlet for her son's anger his mother enrolled Yasha in a Jeet Kune Do school when he was around ten. Unsurprisingly, martial arts served as a near perfect medium for his fighting and he stuck with it for quite some time. Wajima Mio, his mentor, was a harsh instructor and whipped him into shape in little time at all. Though he'd never admit it he developed qutie the crush on her over the years, and she eventually came to act as more of a motherly figure than a simple sifu. Once he was fifteen he quit his studies as the daily struggles of school and his extracurricular 'antics' took up more and more of his time... but the two still have a close bond to this day. When he has nowhere else to go he still ends up at her dojo, to blow of steam by sparring and usually get an earful of advice he didn't ask for.

In the present day he and his mother have relocated to Karakura City, living in a small apartment together in the underground section of the city. Yana spends most of her time working and drinking leaving Yasha mostly to his own devices. Yasha attends Karakura High and his constant fighting and delinquency have earned him the moniker of 'Green Demon' around the the school... which he finds utterly ridiculous. Regardless, he leans into it and still maintains watchful eye over the various other other hoodlums when he isn't skipping class or talking to girls.


Willpower/Durability: A lifetime of struggle has afforded the youth a determination to go on bordering on the unnatural. Simply put, he doesn't know when to quit. And if needed can push himself past his normal limits of pain or fatigue to continue fighting. Getting kicked around has a tendency to toughen one up and his ability to take a punch goes hand-in-hand with his considerable force of will. A struggler through and through he rarely stays down for long. Because after all, what good's throwing a strong jab if you have a glass jaw and go down in one hit? This fierce tenacity helped cement his reputation at schools he attended and serves him well in battle. Some consider him inhuman for this trait alone, but alas, he's only mortal.

Strength: Trained by Sifu Wajima Mio in Jeet Kune Do Yasha's body is solid and his physical strength although distinctly human is perhaps a bit above average for his age. He is not capable of any crazy feats but his martial arts studies leave him primed for Spiritual Augmentation once he learns how.

Speed: Perhaps his most impressive physical aspect aside from his willpower and durability. Yasha's style of fighting requires one to be light on their feet and able to adapt at a moment's notice, and so he is. Deceptively quick his movement speed is that of a highly trained athlete. Extending also to his reflexes he is able to weave deftly around strikes and enter in and out of a foe's guard with little trouble.

Martial Arts: Not an ideal student by any means, but Yasha's own anger and determination served as perfect fuel for Wajima Mio to mold him into a formidable martial artist. Mixed with his own street brawling skills he picked up over the years the young man is a wily hand-to-hand fighter and quick to adapt. Not above using deception, underhanded tricks, unorthodox tactics, or even improvised weapons to win a fight. 'Anything goes' or so he always says. Watch out for cheap shots.
    Jeet Kune Do: The infamous "Way of the Intercepting Fist" or "Way of No Way" claims Yasha Uragami as a practitioner. He is no master by any stretch but his Sifu made sure he was able to handle himself and when he was still enrolled he put everything he had into learning the martial art. Able to move "like water" in a scuffle Yasha is an adept fighter, mixing in fluid whip-like kicks, brutal knees, swift punches, elbow strikes, or headbutts to slip past his opponent's guard and deliver crushing counterattacks.
Wild Reiryoku: Unbeknownst to him the boy possess a large amount of reiryoku that lies dormant within him. It is untamed and notably potent but as of now he is wholly incapable of using it. Perhaps due to the sheer quantity he has only recently become slightly aware of spiritual beings. Mostly he chooses to ignore them and half considers himself crazy. Those able to sense Spiritual Power may feel this well of energy within his body. Normally blue in color it manifests as a striking yellow-gold when his emotions flare.

Quick Learner: Contrary to his outward demeanor, Yasha is sharper than he appears and dedicates a large portion of his free time learning about new things. A regular 'master of none' he has an eclectic range of interests and never hesitates to go outside of his comfort zone in search of new knowledge. Art, music, philosophy, advanced areas of study— odds are he knows something about a given topic. Just don't expect him to give a thesis especially on supernatural subjects which he is still almost entirely unfamiliar with. This also translates to him being a rather good student... if he actually ever applies himself.


» Despises those who pick on the weak... doesn't much care for people who don't want to help themselves, either.
» A deep well of rage lies within and those trained in the uses of Spiritual Power will recognize this as ripe for weaponization.
» Prefers not to talk about his feelings and will change the subject if broached.
» Has attachment issues and a fair bit of childhood trauma, any interests of the heart tend to be fleeting.
» Secretly in love with his Sifu, Wajima Mio. Probably the only person who has ever seen him act bashful or glimpsed the genuine person underneath the bravado.
» Known to occasionally smoke nicotine and drink despite his age.
» Uses his mother's surname Uragami although officially he is a Grander.
» Plays a few instruments that he taught himself.


Pocket Knife: A simple, small, foldable blade with a black plastic handle that's textured for easier handling. Yasha doesn't like to use it and mostly only carries it for odd tasks that might come up.

Phone: Older model smart phone with a cracked screen. Used mainly to look things up and text cute people.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Human Skills
  • Power Control: Untrained
  • Physical Augmentation: Untrained
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
  • Mediumship: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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