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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sun Feb 05, 2023 11:38 am

I. Basic Information

Basic Information

» Name: La Timbre Muerta / The Dead Chime
» Alias': Belle Kleinmund
» Age: 735
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation:

» Alignment: Lawful Evil
» Nationality: Columbian
» Special Skill: Whistling
» Sexuality: Aroused by Fear

» Height: 5’8”
» Weight: 124 lbs
» Hair Colour: Blue
» Eye Colour: Blue/Yellow

Timbre SIDE__aqua_and_anti_aqua_kingdom_hearts_and_1_more_drawn_by_owlforkh__be252e42f57904c1ec7cb3e834007948

» Appearance Written:

Timbre originally took the form of a Keychain. However, in time it came to possess various objects, most notably an ornate Suit of Armor, which it slowly fused with. While she has found a more suitable host to merge with, she retains the ability to summon this suit of armor around her new Host, trapping her host inside of her own true form. However, Timbre's true body to this day remains that Keychain, a bright Blue star with a hole through it's very center and connected to a chain. A small and unassuming hollow when she is simply isolated in her true form.

As of late, she has taken on a new host: The Soul and corpse of Belle Kleinmund, a fairly tall blue-haired woman with soft blue eyes and a fair complexion. She has slight curves and generally rather short hair. Though in times when Timbre is hunting, those blue eyes can turn yellow and the complexion can turn somewhat dusky.

I. Personality

» Personality:

Timbre is a very old hollow, with roots that dabble in folklore. As such, rather than just wanton destruction and voracity, she operates with her own personal set of rules. Using the disguise of a Normal Human, she often takes on a sortof big sister demeanor. Taking it upon herself to look after others and offer warmth and advice. But in actuality, she is simply hunting by her own rules, searching for suitable prey. Otherwise, she is generally playful and somewhat jovial, taking great enjoyment in almost everything she does, as if to savor every moment. Her human persona is appreciative and somewhat eerie, treating every experience as novel and important. Her favorite saying is "Vivito y Coleando."Literally :Alive and Wiggling, having a similar meaning to 'Alive and Kicking'.

Timbre's favorite prey are women, namely women with poor relationships with other women in their family, such as sister,s mothers, ect. In the past, Timbre would have her host offer her true body, her Charm, to women having trouble with members of their family, citing it as a perfect gift for someone you love. If the person accepted it, then she would sap their soul, weakening them over time. In their time of dying, they would generally begin to make amends with their family, and thus the charm would be passed on. Once this occured, Timbre's host body would make it's move and kill the one who had originally accepted her, as well as the new recipient, devouring both souls before moving on.

Though she has since long evolved past passing her True Form around, Timbre still thrives off of the strife between family members. Even as she began hunting bigger targets, she continues to have a strong fixation on familial bonds and friendship, particularly those between women. When she is hunting, she will often whistle an old Lullaby. This lullaby is used to soothe children and especially between mothers and daughters. This is directly because of Timbre's influence and intentional spread of this Lullaby, whenever someone asks about it, she describes it as 'A lullaby my Mother would Sing'. Over hundreds of years, it has spread quite a bit. Those who recognize the lullaby tend to be those with strong connections to their mothers, and thus identify themselves as Suitable prey. While Timbre prefers to eat women, this is not exclusively the case, but only Women are chosen as new hosts. That said, once Timbre has set her eyes on her Prey, she will relentlessly hunt them. She has followed prey into warzones, hollow attacks, and even hunted their souls in the Rukongai in order to sate this insatiable desire to finish what she started.

Timbre's Rules are as Follows:

1. Prey is to be consumed slowly, giving them time to reconcile with their family. However, if that reconciliation reaches its conclusion (Either in success or failure) then Timbre will hunt them down and devour them as quickly as possible.
2. If Prey is put in danger, the source of that danger will be killed and eaten.
3. Individuals without strong Family bonds are not worth being Prey and can be killed and eaten freely.
4. Anyone who recognizes or copies Timbre's lullaby can be marked as prey regardless of gender.
5. Prey is to be devoured, no matter what. If their soul exists, no matter the form, all efforts must be made to consume them.

» Likes: Family, Home-cooked meals, Cooking, Quincy, Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes.

» Dislikes: Loners, Orphans, Breaking Family Traditions, Fast Food.

I. History

» History:

La Timbre is a very old hollow. She was originally a little girl in South America who had the powers of a fullbringer, her fullbring was a Charm which she carried with her wherever she went, and she subconsciously connected to that item, for it reminded her of her Mother, and a promise that she would one day meet them again, having been separated when she was very little. The reality was that she had been abandoned by her mother, and eventually she starved to death. But when she died, she had such a connection to her Charm that she became attached to the physical item, and even stored her soul inside of it.

In time, her Charm was found by others, and began to change hands. Passed down through families, mostly from Mothers to Daughters, Timbre found herself equally warmed and haunted by this, reminded of that promise, and slowly over time, her chain of fate began to corrode, and eventually, she hollowfied, her soul fusing to the Charm, and the charm itself soon became her true form as she soon began to feed on the women that possessed her. Slowly supping their souls. Each and every time, the woman would slowly grow weaker, until on their death bed, they would pass her onto a young girl. In this way, Timbre fed , and even evolved. Her powers developed and soon she was able not only to sap the soul of humans that held her, but also learned that if she completely consumed a Human through their physical body, she could then insert a portion of her soul into their corpse and take over.

Over time, she began to grow in strength, continuing to hunt stronger and stronger prey. From normal humans to targeting spiritual humans and even quincy. In time she began to even hunt other hollows that threatened her prey and has even traveled through the realms to hunt Souls in the outer Rukongai districts where Shinigami have a weaker hold on security.

Even so, although she has slowly evolved as a hollow, her ability to hide within a host allowed her to remain inconspicuous. A boogey man that hunts from the shadow rather than a mindless beast eating everything in it's path. But ultimately, nothing quite beats the prey she finds in the world of the Living. Though lacking in substance, whenever her Host is damaged beyond repair, she will inevitably travel back to the world of the living to find a new one.

This originally was a hassle, but with the advent of Ender's attack and World War Three, she found a whole new world of feeding and suffering. Finding new flavors of suffering as she would find that War produced delivious prey all on it's own. From hunting Soliders yearning for their loved ones back home, to feeding on the souls of those praying for their beloved soldiers to return. It was during this time that Timbre began to more rapidly evolve as a result of the powerful souls she was able to consume. By the end of the Ender conflict, she was a Gillian, which complicated her feeding patterns until a few years into World War Three where she evolved into an Adjuchas. A step which drew her more ...frequently into Hueco Mundo in order to sate her appetite. But this would inevitably cause strife, and she struggled to sate her taste for her favorite Prey. And ultimately, to keep from regressing, she was forced to abandon her host.

But even to sate her ravenous Hunger, she didn't quite feel right without a human host. And So, after years of seemingly endless feeding on tasteless, disgusting Menos, she at long last gathered enough strength to return to earth and dip back into her old hunting habits.

This is what ultimately led her to her most recent Host: Belle Kleinmund. Having been passed to the woman when she was very young, Timbre has slowly drained the woman's life, savoring the familial strife and suffering between Belle and her Family. However, as luck would have it, Belle's daughter ran away from home, thus preventing Timbre from being passed down to her and providing Timbre with a young fresh host. So instead, Timbre settled with Belle, and after slowly weakening her over several decades, claimed her soul. After Belle was declared dead, Timbre promptly possessed her corpse. Now in possession of a proper host, and ready to hunt her favorite prey again.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Expert Fighter/Sharpshooter:
As a result of mostly existing within a human or humanoid host, Timbre has an exceptional talent with maneuvering around in one. Thousands of fights with Shinigami, Souls, Supernatural Humans, and even Quincy have garnered her an exceptional, focus and skill with fighting wether with her bare hands or with a weapon, as well as Training she has experienced second-hand when possessing the body of someone born into a warrior family. This occurred most frequently when possessing the bodies of Quincy and in a series of Families in Columbia in her earlier years who passed down a tradition of Grima. As such, Timbre is at her most dangerous at range when she has a bow, and with a blade when up close.

Exceptional Reikaku:
The result of her fixation on hunting specific Prey. Timbre is capable of sensing a soul she has had close contact with from incredibly long distances, even through separate realms as this has even drawn her to the sereitei on occasion.

Paso de Chillido:
A Martial skill developed by her interactions with supernatural humans and pluses. This allows her to move at high speeds. Though it was developed with familiarity to Hirenkyaku and Bringer Light, it more closely resembles Shunpo thanks to it's martial nature and lack of reliance on spiritual energy: a necessity for not blowing her cover. This scales similar to Shunpo/sonido but scales off her Martial skill. It's most signature quality is the harsh whistle it makes when traveling. The sound is produced midway through travel rather than at the start or the end of the movement, making it deceptive and hard to track through sound cues compared to other Steps.

Silbido Grito (Whistling Cry):
This Style is an extension of her martial prowess from fighting with her Armor and Weapons which whistle through the air because of their shape when in motion. Through her own martial skill, Timbre has learned to throw the sound these make in order to throw off opponents, creating whistling gusts as a result of her motions. This can culminate into a form of attack, creating a whistling blade of compressed air by striking or slashing in a direction, capable of lacerating targets and deafening them with the shrill whistle. The potency and speed of these air blades are dictated by her martial skill. At base, this style can launch blades of air up to 20 meters.

Ecos de Gritos (Screaming Echoes):
A combination of her own Silbido Grito style as well as her Paso De Chillido technique culminates into the ability to leave behind tangible afterimages by quickly stepping away from a location and compressing sound around her body. The sound which normally would be expelled with the step instead is confined to the afterimage and when struck, this afterimage will promptly pop, causing an explosion of sound in a small confined bubble which can disorient and deafen targets.

By manipulating the afterimages with her reiryoku she can puppet them to perform simple actions, though if at any time they strike something with any actual force, they will simply explode, and as such they don't generally serve as much more than decoys or misdirections, or to obscure something her true self is doing.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Garganta Expert:
Part of her hunting strategy involves the use of Garganta as a means of quickly appearing and vanishing from a location into the garganta. Either as a means of escape, closing in, or simply striking fear into an opponent. As such, Timbre has excellent ability when using a Garganta and is capable of utilizing them mid combat.

The ability to remove a soul from the physical body is an innate trait for most Hollows, however Timbre has an exceptional talent for this ability and even has taken to putting the souls of humans into other things such as an animal or an inanimate object. The purest form is in her ability to inject a portion of her own soul into a human corpse in order to take over it's body.
The body being possessed acts like a sort of Gigai for Timbre. Not only giving her a means of operating without summoning her armor, but also in concealing her own spiritual pressure and nature.

I. Hollow Nucleus

» Hollow Power:

La Herencia (The Heirloom)

The Crux of Timbre's holllow abilities. Unique among all hollows, her True form is actually a Star-shaped blue Charm connected to a chain. It is her mask and her hollow hole is the star shaped hole at it's center. While for simple matters she can simply possess the corpses of humans she has devured in order to operate, her true power lies in two abilities:

Armadura Silbante (Whistling Armor):
With or without a host, Timbre's "Mask" is capable of forming her true "Body". A suit of Armor that can either operate by itself (When holding her true body, if Timbre is in a host, it can't operate independently) or wrap around her host in order to protect them. The shape of the armor itself causes a loud whistling noise when it moves at high speeds. The durability of this armor scales off of Timbre's Mask Protection. She tries to limit the use of this ability as it prevents her from hiding her spiritual pressure, and can blow her cover.

Pásame Abajo (Pass Me Down):
As she has evolved over time, and so did her ways of hunting, Timbre developed more indirect ways of choosing and feeding from victims other than giving someone her actual True Form, as this could prove dangerous. Instead, she is able to generate Copies of her True Form, little Charms created with her Reiryoku and by manipulating an existing inanimate object and infecting it with her spiritual energy. These trinkets, when making physical contact with a person, can Sap a large amount of spiritual energy from them every post (About the energy of a Medium level Kido Spell). This only occurs when Timbre wishes and as such these charms can move about harmlessly until Timbre decides to feed, the sapping effect does not stack with multiple charms. Timbre can make up to Nine of these charms per thread. Their durability and cutting power scales with her Hollow Power skill.

While these trinkets generally are a small palm-sized thing, they can be turned into weapons, namely intricate blades that look almost like Keys. By manipulating these Keys, or wielding them directly, Timbre can overwhelm most opponents either by cutting them to pieces or draining their strength. Keys move with Advanced speed and force when manipulated with this innate ability.

Since these weapons absorb spiritual energy rather than expelling them, they do not give off any spiritual pressure when used.
Hollows and other souls slain by these blades are devoured and absorbed into the charm. Because of this, her powers have at times been mistaken for that of a quincy's since the soul seems to vanish entirely.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Adept
» Martial Skill: Elite

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Advanced

Hollow Skills
» Evolution Stage: Elite
» Hollow Power: Advanced
» Mask Protection: Elite
» Cero: Adept

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

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