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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Mon Feb 06, 2023 8:16 am
[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard F] Tiresia Klein-npc3

Basic Information
» Name: Tiresia.
» Alias:
▕ Replica #5. Gilga.
» Age: 100s.
» Gender: Female.
» Race: Arrancar.

» Affiliations:
▕ Klein.
▕ Szayelaporro Granz [Formerly].

» Alignment: True Neutral.
» Marital Status: Single.
» Sexual Orientation: Unclear.

» Hollow Type: Evolved Hollow.
» Hollow Hole: Left Eye.
» Aspect of Death: Despair.
» Estigma: Teeth around hollow hole.

» Height: 4'5".
» Build: Lithe.
» Hair Color: Black.
» Eye Color: Grey.

[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard F] Tiresia Klein-npc3-app

Psychological Analysis
A rather quiet and melancholic individual, she doesn't have a lot to say unless she's asked. Most of the time she can remain eeriely quiet and people will forget she's there because she has such a weak presence. She's easily swayed by shows of power, quick to give up and has very little in the way of benefit to provide in direct combat. She'll opt to just sit and watch or do minor things to help out.

Sometimes that's taking a bullet for someone else. As someone who is bathed in despair Tiresia finds her powers of insight to be a burden. She's only known the black hearts of others and doesn't have very positive feelings towards them. It's quite sad really, living on the cusp of death for so long has done little to raise her spirits.

So she'll just meekly follow and do what she's told.

NPC Purpose
Weak NPC for Klein after his investigations into Szayel's lab. She's primarily only good for supplementary uses because she cannibalised her own body and powers in order to sustain herself after being trapped in a box for her entire life through the last hundred years. She may become more useful to Klein as he develops and invests in her but for now she is nothing but a melancholic sidekick that tags along and does what he wants.


» Szayelaporro Granz: Her creator. An attempt to make a clone of Nnoitra Gilga that was left to rot after being deemed a failure. She is worth nothing to the one who made her and she feels nothing but misery being reminded of him.

» Klein: She follows him after he saved her. There's not really much here, she's less inclined to run unless he tells her to. Basically their relationship can be summed up to he tells her to jump and she says "How high?" but that's because she doesn't really care enough to put up a resistance to being told what to do.


Made roughly a hundred or so years ago. Tiresia was done as an attempt by the Octava Espada of the time to clone the Quinto Espada as a means to build his repetoire of subjects and seek out the perfect being. It was not her and she was frankly quite a disappointment. It can be assumed she was once as powerful as a low-ranking Espada but that wasn't enough and Szayel could never actually achieve the desired result of capturing Nnoitra's full power in her, she lacked much of a hierro even when she was powerful and her resurreccion was all wrong.

She was a failure and for that she was cast into the vault and left to die. Ironic that she should outlive him though when Hueco Mundo was invaded and he was killed by Mayuri Kurotsuchi. In the destruction that proceeded afterwards she remained trapped into the lab underground for a century and had to devour her power and body to survive. She didn't exactly understand why she bothered drawing out her painful existence but she did anyway.

That's until Klein appeared and risked his neck to save her. She doesn't have much of a will to live so she decided to just follow him around until he was done with her.


» Atrophied Soul: As an experimental arrancar that has survived on scraps of reishi that she could eat for a hundred years and being unable to expend her reiryoku. Tiresia suffers from atrophy where her spiritual powers were never given a chance to actually bloom or develop, her sickly appearance is not for show. The amount of spiritual power that she boasts is quite low and there was never a chance to even grow them that much before she had to prioritise her survival rather than starve herself to death using her powers to try and escape.

» Reishi Eater: Using her hollow powers, she is able to eat reishi. This is not comparable to proper absorption like the individual she serves or an expression of a unique arrancar state. Tiresia preys on the reishi around her to eat it though it's not effecient and even though she has managed to survive on eating reishi for over a century it was barely enough to sustain her life, let alone provide any benefit to her in the way of supplementing her power.

» Pesquisa Expert: While lacking in many areas, Tiresia is among one of the best sensors that a hollow could hope to be. She is inheriting it from her source material but the deviations of her own attributes - which caused her creator to deem her a failure - is only making it more potent. Even with her eyes closed she is able to navigate and see perfectly, visual impairments are nothing for Tiresia and she can extend the reach of her sensory abilities quite far as well as determine many specific details about an individual just by focusing on them.

She showcases the same technique that her original, Nnoitra used called Indice Radar where she is able to touch the ground and trace it along to make a connection between herself and a target. This is particularly effective compared to standard pesquisa since as long as the energy trail makes contact with the target she is able to immediately determine the full extent of their reiryoku, even should they be suppressing it themselves or through other means.


» Zanpakuto Name: Mantis [Spanish for Mantis, Greek for Seer].

» Release Phrase: Pray.

» Sealed Appearance: Tiresia's sealed zanpakuto takes the shape of a small knife which is ill-suited for combat. It is not very durable and actually quite awkward of a shape. It is a dagger that appears like it is meant to be used in more ceremonial or ritualistic purposes than proper combat.

» Sealed Ability: By stabbing a target with Mantis, Tiresia is able to insert her Indice Radar into the target. This direct contact method allows for her to gain an insight into the person's powers and characteristics including their release, historical details and the like. It's essentially deducing the history of their soul except that Tiresia's physical condition and weapon is poorly suited for combat so it's difficult to utilise this against anyone meaningfully unless they were willing or restrained by someone more comptetent.


» Appearance: Upon releasing her zanpakuto Tiresia gains additional limbs which sprout from her sides which she can utilise as additional limbs with a total of six arms, they are covered in an insect-like caraparce. With the same white forming along her cheeks and waist. Her feet become covered in the caraparse which extends up her shins to give it the aesthetic of an insect. Two white antennae sprout from her forehead.

» Abilities: After devouring her hollow nucleus, and particularly her resurreccion she does not receive any benefits by entering into this release form. She'd have to somehow recover or acquire power to recreate it after its destruction so she only gets the benefit of whatever her physical characteristics provide her.


General Skills
» Durability: Adept.
» Speed: Untrained.
» Strength: Untrained.
» Martial Skill: Untrained.

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept.
» Deduction: Advanced.
» Focus: Advanced.

Arrancar Skills
» Hollow Nucleus: Adept.
» Regeneration: Adept.
» Sonido: Beginner.
» Cero: Beginner.

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