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Basic Information

○ Name: Cyan Sung-Sun
○ Alias: The 56th Arrancar, The White Princess
○ Age: Several Centuries
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Arrancar

○ Affiliation:
Aizen's Army [Formerly].
Tier Harribel [Formerly].
The Tres Bestias [Formerly].

○ Alignment: Lawful Evil
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Sexual Orientation: Mmm

○ Height: 5’0"
○ Weight: Ufufufu
○ Hair Colour: Olive Green
○ Eye Colour: Lavender

○ Aspect of Death: Asphyxiation
○ Estigma: Three pink dots below her right eye
○ Former Hollow Type: Menos Class (Adjuchas)
○ Hollow Hole: Chest
○ Mask Fragment: Three hair clip-like extensions_-

Cyan Sung-Sun [wip] Soji9Ew

Psychological Analysis
○ Sophisticated: Unlike many of her species, who thrive on the more barbaric and bestial elements of their Hollow ancestry, Sung-Sun makes the effort to outwardly always carry herself in an elegant manner. She is intelligent and shrewd, capable of keeping a level head regardless of her situation and prides herself on displaying this quality at all times. She is not the type to start arguments, much like a proper noble lady, but she will finish them in whatever manner she deems most graceful.

○ Cunning: Often covering her mouth with one of the long sleeves of her outfit, Sung-Sun considers herself an astute tactician and advisor. She is not above using any tactic to achieve victory, whether confrontational or reserved, and is deceptively intelligent. At a glance, she may seem rather innocuous but that only serves to better hide the fangs that lurk in the shadows. Beneath the surface, she is a self-serving creature that will do anything within her power to survive and prosper. There was a time when this drive was used for the betterment of her group, but alone she has no one else holding her back.

○ Manipulative: A trait that has only continued to blossom since her departure from the company of Tier Harribel, Sung-Sun enjoys most of all getting others to dance to her own rhythm. She is all too happy to use her cunning the fragile weakling to lure someone in, only to eventually turn the tables on them and wrap them around her finger. There is a certain amount of pride that goes into this work, so she often views those she meets with a sense of smug superiority even those that might be considered her peers.


○ Tier Harribel: Her former master, teacher, and protector. Sung-Sun was, once upon a time, prepared to lay down her life to protect the leader of their little group and would do anything that was commanded of her without much complaint. It was Tier's strength of will that eventually led to them both becoming Arrancar by way of the Hōgyoku possessed by Sōsuke Aizen. She once thought that she would serve at Tier's side for the rest of her life, even if her fellow Fraccion were insufferable at times, but that turned out to be nothing more than a fantasy. The former Espada abandoned her Fraccion, saying that it was for their own good but offering little more insight into such a flippant claim. Sung-Sun's opinion of Tier has greatly waned during this absence, she is not outwardly vengeful but certainly bitter about the decisions that she made.

○ Emilou Apacci & Franceska Mila Rose: The two other members of the Tres Bestias and former Fraccion of Tier Harribel. Though Emilou joined their group a little later than Cyan and Franceska, the trio once shared a tight bond based on their mutual respect and gratitude for their master and the power that they could wield together. Sung-Sun disliked having to give up one of her arms whenever they needed to form Ayon, but she could not fault its efficacy when it came to dealing with most of the problems that they faced. After Tier left them to fend for themselves, their relationship gradually deteriorated until Sung-Sun simply set out on her own too. She doesn't hate her old teammates rather she has tried to move on, though they may not think so favourably of her given her cold departure.


The creature that would go on to be known as Cyan Sung-Sun was not a particularly exceptional Hollow. She was small for her age, but not in a way that might show strength by holding a more humanoid form. Diminutive but distinctly reptilian, she slithered around the vast desert of Hueco Mundo trying to scrape by and survive. It was not an easy process, finding enough food to survive whilst avoiding those that would easily dispatch her. For all her other lackings, though, Cyan was cunning.

She set out to find a suitably strong opponent, but rather than face it alone she schemed to convince another Hollow to help her. Several declined, wise enough to see the risk of partnering with a stranger in such a dangerous venture until, finally, one lion was brave enough to accept her offer. Pleased with herself, Cyan explained her simple plan to draw the Hollow out into a ravine where they could use their numbers against it. Franceska, as the lion called herself, was all too happy to help when the prospective victory was presented to her on a silver platter. What dear Fran didn't know was that Cyan fully planned to make her a part of this meal too, so that was equally ideal.

Initially, the attack went as Cyan had planned. The creature was properly lured, and both Franceska and herself were able to land some critical blows, but it just refused to go down. No matter what they did, the Hollow was only growing more dangerous as they hurt it and then suddenly they were on the defensive. Even two against one they were no match. Cyan had been about to flee, to abandon her ally to her fate, when another intervened. A Vasto Lorde took pity on them, or perhaps an opportunity for a light meal, and felled their problematic Hollow with a single blow. Sharing in the spoils, though both Cyan and Franceska took far more than their saviour, she introduced herself as Tier Harribel and they both expressed their gratitude before going their separate ways.

Fate intervened again, though, as this would not be her only chance meeting with Franceska and Tier. A large pack of dangerous Hollows swept into the local area, likely following in Tier's wake, and Cyan sought to escape quietly. But it was the sound of a great battle that gave her the opportunity to be better than what was expected of her. Returning, she found Tier standing alone against a horde of foes. Even the most powerful of Hollows could fall to enough numbers, and then Cyan would have been unable to repay her debt. Before her brain had even properly processed it, she was moving to stand at Tier's side again. Franceska was there too, perhaps motivated by a similar desire, and together the trio was able to drive the aggressive Hollows back and stand tall again.

Their little group was born that day from the camaraderie of their victory, under Tier's leadership. It was an unexpected turn of events for Cyan, who had expected to have to struggle for everything in her life, to now finally have a safety net and a support group to fall back on. It had been a risk at first, a fear that it might turn sour, but they built up something of a rapport. It was easy to fall in love with that way of living, the simplicity of it all was enough to even breed a little contentment into her soul. They worked together, protected each other when required, and grew as Hollows and fighters. Even when Tier brought another member, Emilou, into the group, they accepted her and continued to operate in a similar manner.

Eventually, though, Tier grew sick of the unchanging cycle of things. Why did a Hollow have to slay its own kind just to survive? That was the question she so often posed to them. So they began to let Hollows escape, rather than kill and eat them. This change exposed them to the wider world of Hueco Mundo and left them vulnerable to the machinations of Baraggan Louisenbairn and eventually Sōsuke Aizen.

They refused Baraggan's demands of subjugation only to eventually end up in Aizen's Army, at which point all four members of the group became Arrancars using the power of Aizen's Hōgyoku. As a former Vasto Lorde, Tier became a member of the Espada and appointed her three associates as her Fraccion. Cyan fought against Aizen's enemies, besting two Vice Captains along with her fellow Fraccion before being gravely injured by Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Ultimately even Tier was bested too, but the four of them all survived and were healed up and eventually sent back to Hueco Mundo.

With Aizen, Baraggan, and Starrk all out of the picture, Cyan was all too quick to point out that they - via Tier - were the strongest force in Hueco Mundo. They had the opportunity to carve out their piece of this realm and break this unending cycle of selfish violence that they had once struggled against. Franceska and Emilou were all too quick to back her up, but Tier appeared to be haunted by the events of the fake Karakura Town. She wanted to just wander the deserts again, so Cyan dropped the issue and stuck by her side as always. Admittedly, she had dropped it because she assumed that this phase would pass and Tier would find her convictions once more. As time went on, though, Tier began to isolate herself from her Fraccion and spend more time in seclusion. Cyan tried to raise this concern with her, that fear that they were growing divided, but the former Espada didn't want to listen. Then, one day, without warning, Tier simply wasn't around anymore.

Why she had done so, the Tres Bestias could not quite understand. She had wanted them to be stronger, she had wanted to be stronger herself, and then suddenly there was nothing. They were leaderless and suddenly vulnerable, which became only more relevant as Hueco Mundo had since deteriorated back into its traditional chaotic state.

The end of the bestias

Her own path


○ Notable Spiritual Energy: Sung-Sun was a powerful, Menos Class Hollow even before being turned into an Arrancar using a Hōgyoku. Thus her Spiritual Power is considerably higher than many of her modern peers and she can easily wreak havoc with her pink Reiatsu. Whilst never reaching the levels of the Espada, Cyan is still a formidable Arrancar in her own right and was one of the few that came with Aizen to Fake Karakura Town as part of Tier's Fraccion.

○ Cero Expert: Though capable of using Bala, Sung-Sun prefers the use of the slower but far more devastating Cero. Her Ceros are dark pink in colour, unlike the typical crimson, and can be charged in either of her hands and then fired from another if she desires. This feeds into her unpredictable fighting style by allowing her to keep her opponents guessing about the origin point of her attack, though this is only the beginning of her aptitude in the art of Hollow Flashes. Her speciality is redirection, able to masterfully manoeuvre her blasts even after they have been released by focusing her energy upon them after launch and prematurely detonating small parts to trigger a sudden deflection.

Cero Inverso: Focusing her energy on unleashing a powerful Cero, Sung-Sun spends a post charging up her attack and juggling the energy in both her hands at gradually increasing speeds until the actual initial point of attack is nigh indistinguishable and then goes beyond this by splitting the attack from a single blast into a giant wave that fans out in a cone based on the distance between her hands. This powerful attack can decimate a wide area in any direction that she chooses, indiscriminately hitting all in its range and bathing them in scorching pink light.

Cero Falso: A unique technique that Sung-Sun has created based on her skill at both Sonido and Cero. When leaving behind an afterimage during a Sonido, the afterimage moves and appears to begin charging up a Cero. In the next post, if the afterimage has not been dispersed, Sung-Sun can unleash a cero blast either from her current location or that of the duplicate, potentially devastating an imperceptive target or deceiving them into believing that the image is actually the real one. Due to the focus that the technique requires, she cannot perform it multiple times in quick succession like basic Sonido and needs at least a post in between uses of Cero Falso.

○ Sonido Expert: A technique that pairs well with her deceptive nature, Sung-Sun is a highly proficient user of Sonido and utilises it often in combat to keep her opponents guessing. Much like with her Ceros, her strength lies in making her Sonido as hard to predict as possible. She is fast enough to leave behind afterimages of herself when she steps and she is capable of manipulating the volume of the feedback-like noise that the technique produces to make it either deafeningly loud or strangely quiet just to keep her opponent's senses on edge.

○ Reptilian Resilience: Neither the hardest nor the toughest of fighters, Sung-Sun has had to become creative when it comes to her own defences. She can regenerate in a limited capacity and produces a thin layer of skin that acts as a Hierro equivalent to her own Durability, which allows her to shrug off some damage, but she would prefer to avoid that entirely by using her natural speed and proficiency at camouflage. One particular advantage that her form does give her is a high level of resistance to poisons and toxins that might be inflicted upon her, especially her own venom that she produces in her released state should that somehow be turned against her.

○ Muda (蛇殻砦, "Snake-Husk Fortress"): A powerful but cumbersome defensive technique created by Sung-Sun shedding her skin, she forms a dome around herself and those in immediate proximity and renders those within to be invisible and undetectable to those outside of it without exceptional tracking skills relative to her Hollow Nucleus. The dome itself is hard to perceive too, and can easily be mistaken for a trick of the light when someone is not looking exactly for it. This takes enough time that it is infeasible to use proactively in a combat situation, in such dire circumstances that she deems it necessary to try then it takes two posts of uninterrupted effort, during which time her own defences are disabled as she is shedding her protective layer and she is completely immobile after which she and any willing characters within five metres of her are trapped within until the ability is either broken or dismissed by Cyan. The dome is only as tough as Sung-Sun herself, as the main focus of the power is on concealment.

○ Quimera Parca (混獣神, "Reaper Chimera"): A technique that can only be meaningfully utilised when performed by all three members of Tres Bestias at once. Each of them would sacrifice their left arm to form a giant creature known as Ayon, which would then wreak havoc upon their enemies. After Cyan left the Tres Bestias, it is unclear if this technique is still able to be used at all even if the members agreed to perform it. This should be treated as a narrative ability, requiring OOC consent to use it as a narrative device.


○ Zanpakuto Name: Anaconda (白蛇姫, "White Snake Princess")

○ Zanpakuto Appearance: Often concealed within her long sleeves, Sung-Sun's Zanpakuto takes the form of a sai. This short blade has three sharp prongs, best fit for striking and stabbing but can also trap an opponent's blade within it.

○ Zanpakuto Sealed Power: The only power that Anaconda has in its sealed state is that it can vanish and reappear instantly in one of Sung-Sun's hands, which are almost always hidden away within her long, flowing clothes. Commonly, she uses this to quickly switch which direction her attacks are coming from but it can also be used to quickly return the weapon to her if she is disarmed.


Cyan Sung-Sun [wip] SMYepAR

○ Resurreccion Name: Strangle to Death (絞め殺せ, Shimekorose)

○ Resurreccion Appearance:
White Snake Princess' Suffocation:

○ Release: Bathing her entire form in pink light, similar in colour to that of her Cero, Sung-Sun's lower body twists and contorts before eventually elongating into a slender anaconda's tail as she takes the form of a mythological nāga. Three more pink dots appear on her face, now under her left eye, whilst her mask extends into an armour plating that gives her a cobra-like appearance.

○ Resurreccion Abilities: On top of her enhanced physical and magical capabilities, whilst in her Resurreccion, Sung-Sun is capable of using her snake-like body to entrap and constrict unwitting individuals. Though her individual strikes are not remarkably stronger, her vastly increased size gives her phenomenal crushing power when she coils around a single target. Furthermore, her body is also encased in an impressively thick layer of Hierro that makes her nigh impervious to the struggles of weak foes trapped in her deathly embrace. This Hierro far exceeds her natural defences, equivalent to Elite Durability, but does not regenerate in a similar manner to the base layer beneath it and cannot be restored for the duration of the release. Should an opponent be strong enough to break through it, then that exposed weakness will remain until the Resurreccion is over. As an additional caveat, though she is still capable of moving dangerously fast with Sonido, the excess mass that has been added reduces Sung-Sun's Speed by one rank for the duration of her release.

Queen of Snakes: From the sleeves of her clothes, Sung-Sun can protrude white snakes, which all share the pink dots around their eyes in a similar manner to herself. These snakes can respond to her mental commands but can also act of their own volition in a limited capacity. Primarily to strike at nearby creatures with powerful bites or avoid imminent danger. These snakes can extend roughly one metre from Sung-Sun's sleeves but any further distance will separate the creature from her and cause it to immediately expire. There seems to be no limit to the number of snakes that can be produced in this manner, but she may wield no more than three from each arm at any one time for a maximum of six concurrent snakes. Each snake has Beginner Durability, so can easily be dealt with if targeted, but a new head will soon replace it if dispatched haphazardly.

Royal Touch: Whilst in her Resurreccion, Sung-Sun is able to create a particularly virulent venom that she can deliver via either the bites of her snakes created by Queen of Snakes or her own bite. The latter is definitely more of a desperation move, as she would much rather just use her pets to achieve that goal, but is equally effective as a means of infecting the target should she be able to latch on. Scaling with her Hollow Nucleus, this poison is destructive in nature and will attack the target viciously by breaking down any defences and barriers before entering the body and killing it piece by piece from within. There are no further debilitating effects from the venom beyond its potency, but this focus on destruction does make it markedly more efficient for Sung-Sun to generate to the point that she does not have to worry about running out during her release.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Arrancar Skills
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Hollow Nucleus: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Adept
  • Sonido: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Roleplay Sample

They stood amidst the ruins of Las Noches, three figures surveyed the domain that they had once thought to claim dominion over. This was the prize that Tier had refused, and none of them had quite understood why. Instead, they were left wondering why she had been so hungry for power and yet so unwilling to actually use it.

Emilou and Franceska were arguing, just like usual. Something about what to do next though their words felt hollow. Her peers were so fond of bickering and yet so reluctant to accomplish anything, Cyan had been about to tell them to shut up when she caught her tongue. It had been an instinctive reaction, to help and advise them, but what did that accomplish now that there was no one to serve? It was a liberating feeling, to finally realise that everything they had worked for was going to amount to nothing.

"I'm leaving too."

There was no response, as she spoke with one hand covering her mouth. They hadn't even heard her over their own inane nattering, which was understandable given how loud they were shouting, but she was done playing this game. Without Tier what did it all matter anyway? They would be defeated eventually, fall to some new Arrancar, and all that they created would be for nought. So why should she even care what they thought? What was stopping her from going out and making her own path? Finding a little of that strength that Tier had waffled on about before she left sounded like a fun idea.

"Try not to get yourselves killed. Or don't."

The buzz of a Sonido was what finally made them turn away from each other, but Cyan didn't hear their next comments. She was gone, her afterimage lingering for a half second longer before it too dispersed. And all that followed was a muffled laughter rolling on the desert wind.

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