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Mon Feb 20, 2023 10:04 pm
[Spirit Class 1 | Hazard S] Yuuto Hisakawa Bt3y0Gu


Basic Information

○ Name: Yuuto Hisakawa [優翔, 久川]
○ Aliases:
▕ The Quiet Autumn Wind
▕ The Wise Man’s Fear
▕ The Man That Stops the Monsters
○ Age: 204
○ Birthday: September 9, 1918
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Vizard

○ Affiliation: Gotei United, Shin'o Academy

○ Alignment: Lawful Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Ideal Mate: Confident redheads
○ Special Skill: Shakuhachi
○ Nationality: Japanese
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

○ Height: 5'8”
○ Hair Color: Black
○ Eye Color: Dark brown

[Spirit Class 1 | Hazard S] Yuuto Hisakawa Bdbsk7A

Psychological Analysis

Self-Aware: This trait is one that has manifested more recently. Several years of heightened emotions due to his now former demon blood has led him to become more and more aware of his own thoughts, feelings, and reactions. While those emotional highs are no longer present in his heart, it has done little to quell his constant introspection. He spends a lot of time in his own head, pondering his thoughts and feelings, wondering about the future, all the while remaining aware and trying to better himself as a result.

Loving, Yet Ruthless: A man that loves too much and loves too hard, willing to do anything to protect those that fall under his care. His friends and loved ones see the kind, gentle, and caring man that spends time with them, smiles, and greets them with love. Yet, for their sake, as well as a result of his cynicism and bitterness in recent years, his passivity and patience have waned. He no longer restrains himself when it comes to threats to those he cares for, and has since fully embraced his skillset and power, using it to protect those he cares for, to be the man that stops the monsters.

Endlessly Stubborn, Endlessly Determined: In spite of everything that’s happened in the last few years, Yuuto has remained as stubborn and determined as ever. To protect the people he loves, to ensure that the world is a better place, and to hold himself to not only his own standards, but to the standards held by those in his fragmented memories. In spite of the struggle that he’s faced in his life, he still keeps going, because people need him, and his pain doesn’t change that. He will face the day, trying to be stronger, and even if he is at his lowest, he tries to lift others up and help them.

The Selfless Masochist: To ensure that his loved ones can live happy lives, Yuuto is willing to do anything that is necessary, including damaging himself or sacrificing parts of himself. By extension of this, he often throws himself into the fray, aware of the likely injury and even doing so for that specific reason. Overall, he cares little about what happens to his body, capable of taking tremendous amounts of pain before being affected, and is very willing to break an arm, leg, or even have them torn or cut off if it was necessary.


○ Kagayaku no Murasaki: Mixed feelings. He respects her as a friend and a combatant, but also holds wariness to her as a result of his previous ejection from the Gotei, even if it wasn’t by her order. He has little doubt that it could happen again, and he keeps the thought in his mind with her now being the Head Captain. He hopes that he can trust her as she trusts him, but there will likely always be a semblance of doubt in him.

○ Sui-Feng: Formerly a woman who greatly inspired him to train until every atom of his body ached. While he was not taught by her personally, she was the assassin and Stealth Force member that he strived to be, a woman that he respects even now, in spite of the different paths they walked.

○ Kirei “Hime” Tatsumiya: The former Princess of the Kokoryuteishi is someone that he holds a great deal of hope in. In spite of his rage at the news of her reimprisonment, he desires to ensure that she is released. She is someone who wants to repent, wants to atone, even if she is misguided and unsure of what exactly she wants. He wants to help her find and realize what she wants, to help her make the world a better place. He will not give up on her, no matter what happens or what he must do.

○ Saiko Mori: A woman that he related to through both of their struggles as hybrids of Shinigami and Demon. At first, he saw interest in her due to how differently their lives went, but as they were brought back into the Gotei, they saw more of one another, becoming pillars of support for the other in their struggles. He holds a deep fondness for Saiko, both as a person and to an extent, romantically, and wishes the best for her, wanting to be there for her whenever she may need it.

○ Hiroe Miyashiro: He tries not to play favorites with his students, but Hiroe is one that makes him bend that rule. He has a bias toward electric-themed Zanpakuto, and this is no exception for the little dreamer. She is someone who puts tremendous effort into becoming a Shinigami, having been anything other than shy about her goals. To that, he respects her dedication and wants to see her succeed.

○ Mirai Takamatsu: A woman that he offered a new life within the Gotei, and someone who eventually became a good friend. While at first he was concerned that his naivety and willingness to forgive would come back to bite him, he is thankful that she has proved him wrong in her case.

○ Erchanhardt Burgstaller von Königsberg: While many of his memories are in fragments, this name comes up frequently whenever he thinks back to his time as a human. He can vaguely remember Erchanhardt, even if only in small bits. He remembers their friendship, the man’s expectations of him, even if he does not remember the details. He hopes to be able to reunite with his old friend, to talk of the past and fill in the gaps. Maybe, one day.


Born in Toba, Japan, shortly after the end of World War One, Yuuto Hisakawa was raised in a rather strict home. With a father that served proudly in the first World War, he had high expectations of his son to follow in his footsteps. As a result, most of his time was spent studying and readying himself to join the Japanese military. Even in his youth, there were great expectations for him, ones that he didn’t meet consistently, much to the irritation and ire of his father.

While he did not exactly make the expectations on him any less, a man that Yuuto met certainly motivated him to try and meet them. A man named Erchanhardt Burgstaller von Königsberg, or, as the Germans would label him, "Der Übermensch." The two came across one another in a judo dojo, and over time, the two became friends, though their time together would not last long.

Upon reaching twenty-one years old, the Second World War had begun, and Yuuto was placed into the Japanese military. While it wasn’t possible for him to witness everything that occurred, one of the most notable tragedies was the Raid of Nanjing. There were no words which could capture his utter horror for the events that took place during and after the capture of Shanghai and Nanking.

Returning home after the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, signaling the end of the war, every metaphorical step back was nothing but somber: fighting for his home with everything he had, experiencing the worst of his own countrymen, the devastating casualties and losses from the atrocities of the atomic bombs, only for him to return home with the shame of defeat.

Meeting up with Erchanhardt not long afterward, they both shared quiet moments in this dark time of their lives, though neither knew of what the other had done. Yet, the two friends still enjoyed their time with one another, with Yuuto welcoming the company of his close friend and his daughter, Adalwolfa.

As the seasons began to change, and the winter snow set in, a virulent sickness took the Mie coast, spreading violently and sparing no one. Mother Nature was equally as unkind, a blizzard coming in and burying the family in snow. With no way to get medicine, Yuuto and his mother fell gravely ill. Eventually, his little sister fell ill as well, with none of them surviving the winter.

Waking in Soul Society with fragments of his memories, Yuuto was sent to the outer ends of the Rukongai, unbeknownst to him, far, far away from his sister. Like most in the outer districts, he had to fight for survival and fight underhandedly, something that eventually drew him to the Gotei 13. Going through the academy’s curriculum with high marks in Hoho and Zanjutsu, he enlisted to the Second Division under Sui-Feng.

The Captain became a person of great inspiration for him, the assassin and Stealth Force operative that he aspired to be. It drove him to train as hard as he could, to sharpen and hone his skills until every bone in his body ached, even going as far as to develop a simple, yet effective technique inspired and based on her infamous Death in Two Steps technique.

However, as time went on, the Gotei changed as well, rearranging the divisions and culling some of them as the leadership changed time and time again. As the Gotei changed, so too did Yuuto. And time and time again, Yuuto continued to serve in the Stealth Force, studying any skill that he could add to his arsenal. He mastered weapons, everything he could under the category of covert operations, eventually making his way up the ranks. Yet, there would be a turning point in his life, one that was destined from the moment he was born.

During a tournament in Greece, Yuuto found himself clashing with a powerful demonic force, and in response, his own half-demon blood awoke, surging, roaring, and lashing out violently. While he still lost in the end, the newly awoken demon blood would become an inseparable part of his life. Not long after that, he met Arianda, someone who helped him control the violent and unstable demon half that now plagued him. Wrestling back control of himself only motivated him to continue growing, and he returned to the Gotei in confidence.

He threw himself at every opportunity to become stronger and be useful to the Gotei and his division. By 2117, as the Gotei had shifted once again to what was now known as the Gotei United, he had finally reached Captaincy, having gone through countless struggles to understand his Zanpakuto and to gain strength. He fought countless people, the leader of the Monsuta, a high-ranking officer of the Monsuta, trained and sparred against innumerable Gotei members of varying rank throughout his time, whether being trained or training them himself.

But, two years later, World War 4 came to a head. Despite his activity in the war and service to the Gotei, he was removed from his position as Captain from association with Arianda, a former Archduchess of Shadow Fall. Leaving Soul Society out of bitterness and anger, he moved to Minatumi Harbor, only for him to suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth, remaining missing for well over a year before he finally resurfaced not long after Minatumi Harbor went dark.

Nevertheless, he tried to live a normal life, to put all of the recent grievances behind him. Settling down back home in Toba, he tried to bear the mundane, repetitive loop of life. He wanted to be in the Seireitei, to teach others, to do something other than rot away in the quiet and still. Then, Murasaki, the newly appointed Head Captain, came to him, offering him a return to the Gotei as Captain of the Fifth Division once again. At first, he was doubtful, but warily accepted.

But, not long after being reinstated, the world immediately began to move. The attack on the Living World from Ichigo, but also the death of Vastime in the sudden attack on Africa. Yuuto went to investigate, only to find far more than he was expecting. Attacked by a powerful Hollow that infected him, corrupting and corroding his demon half away to replace it with its own infection, erasing the existence of his demon half.

Now a Vizard, suppressing the creature out of sheer force of will, Yuuto still is trying to face the day and overcome this chapter of his life, unsure of how to feel about this sudden change.


○ Speed: With his formerly frail body, Yuuto turned to bolstering his speed, taking advantage of his unnatural weight as a result of his physicality. This, in conjunction with years of honing and his skill in Hoho, has led him to being capable of reaching incredible speeds in little time, hardly needing bodily movements in order to move, able to give off the illusion of teleporting across the battlefield. He can reach maximum speeds in short order, cross villages and towns in minutes, and continents in a few hours. In short, with how much time and training he has put into his speed, limitations are virtually nonexistent.

○ Weapon/Martial Skill: While he has practiced in many forms of weaponry and combat over the course of his life, without question his greatest skill lies within his swordsmanship. Mastering all the forms of swordplay that Shin’o Academy has to offer, he did not stop there, choosing to study, learn, and eventually master the sword styles in the Living World. In spite of his time in the Stealth Force, his swordsmanship shined above all else, something that he dedicated incredulous amounts of time toward, even during his time in the academy.
    Nidan Kyōkan (二段鏡鑑, Two-Step Mirror): Inspired by Sui-Feng’s famous Death in Two Steps, this technique is a kesagiri, a double-diagonal cut. By approaching the target and enacting an upward diagonal slash from the front, the user then quickly moves behind the target, following the cut through with a flowing, yet still violent slash in the opposing direction. This can be used in conjunction with Shunpo to create an afterimage and fool the opponent, but, in general, is meant to take someone by surprise.

    Nadegiri - Senmaioroshi (撫斬・千枚卸, Killing Stroke: Thousand Page Wholesale): A combination of two Zanjutsu techniques, Hitosume: Nadegiri and Senmaioroshi, utilizing the nature of both techniques and the user to create a barrage of attacks with tremendous speed. The user attacks from a sheathed stance, utilizing either Shunpo or general speed to surge forward, unsheathing and making a single strike, a barrage of slashes following immediately afterward. Overall, similarly to Two-Step Mirror, it is meant to take someone by surprise or be a quick end to a fight.

○ Covert Operations Exemplar: Alongside his speed and swordsmanship, the broad category of covert operations, both in the Gotei’s classifications and beyond is one of Yuuto’s signature characteristics, something that aided him in working his way to Captain status. He has studied and mastered just about every skill under this category, assassination, infiltration, espionage, impersonation and sabotage. These traits have even been taken even further with him studying every ninjutsu form known to him, utilizing them to amplify his capabilities. While it is not his first option, he is also capable in interrogation, making him a dangerous opponent as much as a useful ally.
    Muon [無音, Silence]: To bring his stealth capabilities to the limit, Yuuto developed the Muon, the Silence. In essence, it is a symbol of his capabilities in stealth, silencing almost any sound coming from him. Footsteps are deafened, his Hoho is mute, spiritual pressure is suppressed, and even the usual rustle of clothes are absent from him. While this allows for him to move around without a sound, this technique only applies to when he is in his base form, his Shikai and Bankai can still be heard and felt.

○ Kumodan [雲段, Cloud Step]: His own variation of the platforms used by Shinigami to walk in the air and simulate flight, this showcases tremendous Reiryoku control in order to create a platform that he can utilize for a variety of purposes. The first and foremost purpose is to give him something to rebound off of when using the rings from his Shikai and Bankai, however this also can have another use of breaking a fall and silencing the sound of the impact.


○ Kakan Inazuma [果敢稲妻, Resolute Bolt]: An ability learned after training with Erna with the intent of channeling his focus and will into higher quality attacks. By infusing his will into his lightning, he can augment it to cut through the bonds of attacks, cutting through the particles of energy producing the attack’s effects. This is far from absolute, as it is an ability that requires virtually all of his concentration in order to enact properly.

Breaking his concentration would end up preventing the attack from being fully cut through, causing whatever was left to deal damage. Furthermore, this ability can only be used once per post, having a three-post cooldown as a result, taking up a rather large portion of energy compared to his other abilities.

Additionally, with a high enough magic user, they could create potent barriers to shield themselves, move out the way, or have other objects in the area around them take the damage. In addition, Yuuto needs to know what his objective is for using Resolute Strike to channel that into his energy and control it with the utmost of will being infused to distort the reality around him. So, with no focus, there is no attack.


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[Spirit Class 1 | Hazard S] Yuuto Hisakawa 971HDau


○ Zanpakutô Name: Raiu [雷雨, Lightning and Rain]

○ Zanpakutô Spirit Summary: Raiu has long dark hair and stormy blue-gray eyes. Two locks wrapped in bandages frame either side of his face. He wears a collared white kimono held closed by a dark sash.

Decisive, quick, and ruthless, Raiu does not waste his time. Once a decision is made he will act like lightning, striking without restraint. Though this can lead him to appear dogmatic, steadfast, arrogant, and careless, this is not the case. Just as his wielder, he is as meticulous in the process of his actions as he is fast.


○ Inner World: A temple in the mountains, always overcast, stretching endlessly through the mountain range, as if it could be home to more than merely a small collection of monks. Wouldn't it be nice if the sun shined here and a nice day could be enjoyed? If that were to occur then everyone would come to the temple. The lone figure of this world awaits the day when those storm clouds disappear and the season passes. What a day that will be when such a thing happens.

The Forsaken Monastery:

○ Zanpakutô Appearance: Yuuto's Zanpakuto takes the standard form of a katana with gold-yellow wrappings. His sword also has a golden tsuba with the design of a komainu, something shared with the handle as well. The wooden sheath has a simple, clean style with an ornate design at the end of the scabbard.


Sealed Zanpakuto Powers

○ Zanpakutō Manipulation: This is one of Yuuto's main powers in terms of usage. With such a strong connection to his Zanpakuto, as well as the main part of his kit being versatility, Yuuto has gained the ability to manipulate his Zanpakuto’s shape at will, a process that is usually instantaneous, or, close to it. While this does not affect the overall properties of his Zanpakuto, such as not making it sharper, there is no definitive limit to how long these changes last.

○ Lightning Rod: Due to his Zanpakuto being of the lightning element, Yuuto can draw and negate lightning-based attacks by pulling them into his blade. The energy is immediately neutralized and so he cannot actually make use of it beyond canceling the lightning attack.

○ Tsuyugaminari [梅雨雷, Rainy Season Thunder]: The actual manipulation of lightning that Yuuto has access to. It is the dominant aspect of his Zanpakuto's storm theme. While its potency is reduced in base by about fifty percent compared to the full release of his Zanpakuto, his ability to manipulate lightning is by all means quite versatile and liberal at the cost of its potency. The potency of his lightning manipulation increases in the event of rain and storms. Instead of the normal fifty percent, it will instead be closer to about eighty percent potency when compared to his Shikai.
    Raitairyū [雷体流, Lightning Body Style]
    By gathering energy and charging his body with it, Yuuto can heighten his speed by overcharging his muscles. This allows him to move and attack at much faster speeds than before, as well as allowing him to react much faster than before. All of this combined makes him a much more devastating force in battle, as this allows him to reach even greater levels of Mach speed than before and close most distances in a matter of seconds.

    However, this does not just extend to just his speed. As a result of the lightning that courses through him when this ability is active, this also allows all of his lightning-based attacks to come out much faster. This is due to the immensely increased energy summoning that he has whenever this is active, as he can use this as a means to quickly use an electrical attack, though this is something that will shorten the time of this ability by a post, of which is roughly around four to five posts and has a three post cooldown.

    Tengiri [天刻, Heaven Cutter]
    One of the most basic applications that Yuuto can perform using his control over electricity. By manipulating existing electricity, or by creating it through his own spiritual energy, Tenkoku takes the form of a blade of lightning on either the blade of his hand or originating from his hand. Regardless of the medium, this grants him drastically increased cutting power, allowing him to cut through a good majority of physical objects without much issue. However, when it comes to spiritual objects, it often takes either a great deal of strength or infusing a further amount of energy to cut through these, should he even have enough energy to counteract it in the first place. This lasts around two posts and has a two-post cooldown.

    Mandara Kairo [曼荼羅回路, Mandala Circuit]
    An ability developed as a result of mastering his Shikai, Yuuto is able to summon one of the rings from his release states. This ring is smaller than the other ones at only a meter in diameter. Additionally, its functions are also considerably limited. It allows for the brief augmentation of any of his attacks that pass through it by 50%, doubling their size and altering their shape to be that of a large, azure blue sword. However, the primary limit of this is that only one can be summoned at a time, and after being used, the ring shatters and enacts a single post cooldown.


○ Shikai Release Phrase: Scatter the birds, Raiu.

○ Shikai Release Action: N/A

○ Shikai Appearance: Upon entering Shikai, Yuuto’s Zanpakuto becomes pure white, while the blade is stained black as if struck by lightning, with an erratic, forked and pronged gold design on the flat end. The black trimmings and ornamentation turn to gold. Four bright rings appear behind him made of energy and all having a magatama spiral in them, these rings will follow him as he moves.

Shikai Abilities & Techniques

○ Shikai Abilities: The Shikai ability of Yuuto is primarily through the control of lightning. The rings themselves are important for the release as they serve as conduits for his abilities, the actual rings idle behind him however they are not restricted to just that spot. The rings measure a diameter of two meters each.

Yuuto is freely able to move all four rings and have them attack or defend him, despite the fact they are made of lightning they very distinctly do have the ability to take a tangible form and become physical obstacles or just remain as energy.

While there are no actual abilities directly related, Yuuto's Shikai will steadily cause the weather to shift to a storm. The sky will darken over the next few rounds, rainfall will begin, winds will pick up, and finally, it will just be a complete storm going on around him for a couple of miles when it reaches its apex.

    Raikeiju [雷継受, Lightning Inheritance]
    One of the most notable changes in his Shikai is the shift from simply negating absorbed electricity to allowing him to weaponize it. When taking electricity onto his sword, he can immediately utilize it and unleash it in any way he chooses. Though, as noted before, this is something that must happen immediately, as if not, the lightning will fizzle out and be negated, like in his Sealed State.

    Raiko [雷鼓, Lightning Drum]
    At any point in time, Yuuto can utilize the rings behind him to execute a powerful explosion of force outwards from them with a sound reminiscent of a thundercrack. These blasts can be omnidirectional which carries less overall force or directional which occurs from the direction they are facing with greater force.

    Denkousekka [電光石火, As Fast As Lightning]
    Lightning strikes in an instant, a momentary flash that leaves one stunned after it has occurred. That is where Yuuto can utilize his four rings as means to gain a momentary burst of speed by launching through them. For example, by moving a ring in front of him and dashing through it the ring will propel him in that direction. Using multiple ones he can increase that by a factor of how many he launches himself through capping at four obviously, the entire process similar to a railgun. The downside is that it launches him at that specific trajectory, making it hard to back out.

    Hazuraisen [筈雷閃, Bound Lightning Flash]
    By shrinking at least two of his rings, Yuuto can wrap them around his arms or legs to increase his swinging speed or movement speed. He can take the remaining two to further increase it. This buff can also be stacked alongside his Sealed Form’s Raitairyu in order to create an even larger bonus, though this causes the buff to last a much shorter time. Normally, it lasts about three posts with a two post cooldown, but when mixing the two, it lasts only a post, keeping the two post cooldown from before.

    Raikyu [雷急. Abrupt Lightning]
    By using one of the rings in his Shikai, Yuuto can create a lightning trap, masking the ring on the ground, an object, or even the air itself. Should someone come within the radius of the trap, it will explode in a burst of electricity, dealing damage and blinding the recipient for a short period of time. This ability is limited at four uses, with a cooldown of one post, increased by the number of rings he uses and totalling out at four.

Shikai Weaknesses:
  • Size: The rings are fairly large. Being two meters in diameter and there being four of them. To utilize them in a large group of allies might be difficult and to manage all four at once and they do not actually passively do anything other than idle behind his back, meaning actual focus needs to be dedicated to moving them.

  • Weather: The influence of the weather may impact others, while it can be countered. The weather shift would need to be countered by someone who can expend enough energy to prevent the shift of weather. While it could be beneficial against an enemy to have them waste their energy to do so if they needed it; Yuuto's allies are possibly just as inconvenienced.


○ Bankai Name: Toriun Ikazuchiu [鳥雲雷雨, Distant Birds in Stormy Weather]

○ Bankai Release Phrase: "Bankai, Toriun Ikazuchiu.”

○ Bankai Release Action: Raises his sword into the sky, bringing down a lightning bolt to strike him before transitioning into his Bankai appearance and activating the state in full.

○ Bankai Appearance:

Toriun Ikazuchui:

Bankai Abilities & Techniques

Yuuto's Bankai has the quirk of only being able to be activated after the stormy conditions have been created from his Shikai or they are already present by other means. Regardless, once he has initiated Bankai his ability to manipulate lightning is increased drastically compared to his previous release states. The rings have shifted to create an elaborate array reminiscent of drums of Japan’s God of Thunder, Raijin, behind his back, totaling at eight rings. All previous abilities from his Shikai carry over, due to still possessing the rings and can be considered enhanced due to having more rings to work with.
    Dōkakazuchi [同化雷, Assimilating Thunder]
    When in Bankai, the lightning rod aspects from his Sealed and Shikai state have an additional trait added to them. With the same urgency as noted in his Shikai, Yuuto can utilize electricity taken to his sword in order to create an extra, temporary ring to utilize for his techniques. This allows him to have an extra ring leftover, should he utilize the other eight for Great Thunder, something that usually would consume all of his rings. However, as noted before, this is temporary and only lasts for about three posts before fading away.

    Ōikazuchi [大雷, Great Thunder]
    This technique is rather basic in concept. By tapping into his influence over lightning, Yuuto is able to convert all of his rings into a massive ring around him, stretching to around a kilometer in diameter before a colossal lightning bolt would fall from the sky and create a massive blast in the center of the circle with enough power to singe the ground black, as well as cause a city-wide blackout. After the initial strike, lightning immediately spreads out to the ends of the circle, igniting the air and the area in the entirety of the circle before immediately redirecting and surging back to the center and causing even further damage to whatever should find itself in the circle. Due to consuming all the rings, Yuuto will regain one ring back every post after using this technique. It can only be used when there are eight rings to consume.

    Honoikazuchi [火雷, Blazing Thunder]
    When he is in need of a sword, all he has to do is transmute one of his rings to create a lightning bolt that turns into and acts as his sword while in this state. This weapon naturally has an immense amount of cutting power, capable of cutting through average-level physical and spiritual material with little to no issue or resistance. It mimics the properties of his rings, as it can take the form of just energy in his hand or turn into a physical property. It has an immense amount of heat and ripping power, being easily able to cauterize any wounds it inflicts on a target.

    Kuroikazuchi [黒雷, Darkening Thunder]
    Four of Yuuto's rings are dispersed and turned into dark clouds reminiscent of a storm, using these clouds Yuuto can hide attacks within them or himself. Due to being made of his own Reiatsu, it is difficult to discern much going on within them though a skilled sensor or person with keen senses might be able to work around it. They are ultimately only able to obscure one's sense of spiritual sensing and eyesight after all, not conceal specifics happening like the density of attacks, etc. The clouds will reform back into rings after three posts unless dispelled earlier.

    Sakuikazuchi [折雷, Splitting Thunder]
    All rings disperse and take the form of a flock of birds made of lightning, the crackling sound of the energy sounds like their chirps. By splitting the rings into a cloud of bird-like constructs, it prevents any kind of usage of other ring-related abilities, however, provides access to the creative use of the flock which is not restricted to the eight rings, such as getting into smaller and tighter spots, surrounding an opponent without the cumbersome nature of the original forms, and so on.

    Wakaikazuchi [若雷, Young Thunder]
    An ability which Yuuto can utilize, by designating a target he is able to swear fealty to that target as his 'lord'. This is a fanciful way of Yuuto giving four of his rings the ability to be controlled by an ally. There are a couple of benefits and downsides to this though. The most major downside is that the person will likely not be able to use four rings to the fullest potential without experience and that Yuuto cannot use some of his other Bankai specific techniques without cooperation. The upside to this ability though is that it allows for a more oppressive and flexible battle strategy when he is not having to manage eight of these rings himself and also allow someone else to continue using some of his Bankai's power if he is incapacitated.

    Do note this does not allow a person to gain benefits of Yuuto in his Bankai. They cannot suddenly manipulate lightning or get the boost in power of a release like this, rather they can only utilize the rings as weapons and unless Yuuto was to teach them some techniques prior to battle then they cannot utilize any of the rings actual techniques, limiting them to just making the rings act on his behalf.

    Tsuchiikazuchi [土雷, Earthen Thunder]
    By using a ring, Yuuto is able to provide up to eight allies (seven, if it includes himself) with an incredibly high tolerance to lightning-based attacks. Reducing the potency of all sources of lightning by eighty percent. The ring will shrink down and wrap around their body at some point in order to provide this boon.

    Nariikazuchi [鳴雷, Booming Thunder]
    Usage of a ring, Yuuto can use it to increase the potency of something that is shot through it. Similar to Denkousekka of Shikai, however rather than just increasing the speed, it increases all aspects of whatever attack is passed through up to a potency of eight if all rings are used. Nariikazuchi will have a cooldown of one post for every ring used, capping at eight.

    Fusuikazuchi [伏雷, Bowing Thunder]
    By catching a target inside the center of a ring or multiple, Yuuto can bind it around the target by causing it to constrict around the target. The number of rings being used in the binding increases the amount of pressure restricting the target from moving. While effective at binding, the target does become immune from lightning while bound which prevents other rings from doing much damage to them in this.

Bankai Weaknesses
  • Conditional Release: His Bankai requires it to be stormy, whether that has already been created by other means or if not, he needs his Shikai to finish creating the weather conditions for him which take some time to form the conditions of a storm. This makes it difficult to release on a whim.

  • Cumbersome: There are eight rings with a diameter of two meters when they are being used. They are not as big when they are idling behind him in the array but trying to use all eight will make it hard to navigate a battlefield when there are allies.

  • Mentally Taxing: Essentially the strain on Yuuto's focus is doubled, in Shikai, there is a maximum of four rings he has to dedicate thought to control if he wants. In Bankai, there are eight possible rings to use which can get very difficult to manage to get the most use out of them.

  • Juggling: His Bankai has a lot of nuances that require juggling, some abilities require multiple or all rings to activate. Some of these need conditions that can make it important to actually manage and prioritize what he wants to do with it.


Inner Hollow Name: Unknown

Inner Hollow Summary: Since managing to suppress the Hollow out of his sheer force of will, there isn’t much known about his Inner Hollow. It hides in the clouds of his Inner World, keeping out of sight while its cries can be heard throughout the mountainous temple.

All that is known about it is an extreme sense of self-preservation, as well as a violent hunger. It is very aware of the change in his biology as a result of corroding away Yuuto’s demon half, and seeks to ensure that he doesn’t die very easily. Coincidentally, its powers are rather neatly aligned with that.

Inner Hollow Powers:
  • Regeneration & Shapeshifting: With a deep sense of self-preservation, the Hollow dedicated an exorbitant amount of time to honing its ability to regenerate, morphing the power to suit its needs. It is capable of regrowing limbs in short order, moving organs around in its body to avoid heavy damage, even going as far as to changing its own appearance to disguise itself and blend in, leaving it incredibly tedious, difficult, and time-consuming to completely destroy, and if it escapes, tracking it is a challenge in it of itself.

  • Acidic Touch: Outside of the regenerative capabilities it showcases, its most fearsome ability is its Acidic Touch. Far more powerful than most conventional Hollows, its skin corrodes through most metals and skin as if it were nothing more than paper, infecting and corrupting whatever it comes across with Hollow energy, capable of overriding otherworldly beings like demons in spite of their aggressive, violent energy that seeks to dominate. Put simply, it is a creature that is capable of corrupting others to the deepest level.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Yuuto’s Hollow Mask resembles something of avian origin, with a medium-length, beak-like protrusion from the center with a small slit around the middle of the beak as if it could open. Wide black openings line the surrounding surface area of the beak, two where his eyes would be, one near his forehead, and two more where his cheeks would be.


Vizard Powers:
  • Regeneration: Both when donning his mask and passively, outside of the basic abilities that one obtains as a result, Yuuto also gains the powerful regeneration of his Inner Hollow. Able to regenerate or reattach limb in short orders and instantly repair light surface wounds. Organ damage, while slower than the traits mentioned prior is possible, given enough time, though is considerably more complex and only available when his mask is active.


○ Throwing Needles: A preferred throwing weapon to the stereotypical kunai or throwing star. Easier to conceal in all formats, easier to keep multitudes of them on him. Yuuto keeps a vast collection of these on his person at all time, preferring them when utilizing range outside of his supernatural powers and is capable of firing them in rapid succession, at high speeds, all with simple movements.

○ Garb of Tsukuyomi

○ Chōkoku-ka (彫刻家, Carver)

○ Cassiel's Confinement

○ Yume no Jitsugen


Upgrade Log:

Hazard Rankings
  • Overall: S
  • Power: S
  • Influence: S
  • Resources: A

優翔 - 優 (yū) meaning "gentleness,” 翔 (to) meaning "soar, fly"
久川 - 久 (hisa) meaning "long time ago" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream"


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Grand Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation: Master
  • Hollow Control: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite


— Changed name to fit origins, retconning all mentions of “Henrex” as a name
— Extreme overhauling and condensing of history, including the name change
— Unique powers condensed, much of it removed and/or rewritten
— Alterations and expansions on Zanpakuto:
    1. Removed Zanpakuto Manifestation
    2. Removed Shigure due to demon half being overwritten
    3. Added Sealed Ability: Mandara Kairo
    4. Added Shikai Abilities: Raikeiju, Hazuraisen, Raikyu
    5. Added Bankai Ability: Dōkakazuchi
— Removal of Demon traits due to recent events, replaced by Vizard specs
— Removal of the ultimately unneeded resources section
— Removal of some equipment, due to being unnecessary or obsolete
— Not looking for a tier change or skill change


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