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Thu Jun 08, 2023 2:58 pm
Demon on my shoulder [Tento | Arianda ] - Page 2 Cc273a97c03c9b2e584353292e339435

Tentō Zefā | The Unrefined Paragon

It was indeed a bit of a shock. Okay. A lot of a shock. That sweet pretty chatty lady was strong! He couldn't get a feel for any spiritual energy from her before so he had expected her to just be a human with the minimal amount of spiritual energy to see spiritual beings. But with how she moved she had a pack of strength she was holding to smoke out.

Initial reactions as warranted as they were. Tento and Arianda still had a situation to handle. And through that piece of rationale overcoming the moments of surprise and wanting to say, 'cool'. The 4th division style came to his rescue giving him the kick in the but to respond. Coming down from his slash to touch against the ground sword in hand. His tall frame turned up to gaze at the waiting hollows like Arianda was.

He definitely needed to do just that. Look up her name; Arianda Vael. "Something else hm?", he had to think about it. Not a Quincy for sure. He met a few by now and knew their type of spiritual signature. Definitely not a hollow, if so she hid her body and energy better than any stealth member. Not a human so that left out a high spec being or fullbringer. Danava maybe? He wasn't quite sure what those were though. Just what in the…


His moment of thought was cut off by Arianda assertion and cheeky comment. "Awwwww. And here I thought I was going to make a cutie like my company", Tento said in an obvious false sad tone as he swished his blade. His demeanor in his preposition and attitude in conversation towards her not changing one bit so far by appearance. "Guess I'll have to see you fly away". Tento said simply as she kicked off of the ground with an amazing amount of speed and ease.

As he watched her arm split and contort into what appeared like a string of tentacles limbs. He ah. Was pretty clear of it now and sure why he didn't figure it out before. SHE WAS A DEMON. …why am I always attracted the most to spooky shit lately…

Well, a demon. A rare thing given there weren't supposed to be any left on earth. Either killed or pulled back to their own world. There was at least one left though, and she was noted in their system by the sounds of it. He ah…didn't know how to feel about that. Being pleasant with docile hollows and arrancars when his duty didn't demand him to do action was one thing. A demon was a septate thing. A being outside of his normal duty but still related. What…would be demanded here?

Bah…thoughts for later!

The hollows were stuck in play being spun and bounced around like ping pong balls. When the hollows slammed into the ground Tento was upon them in an instant with no hesitation. Jumping from above to stab his Zanpakuto into one of their masks before slicing outward. Moving again in a flash step as the hollows were still dealing with the impact of their landing. A fact Tento was more than happy to take for his gain as he appeared behind another hollow. His sword lifted above his head to the right before being brought down in four vertical slashes that seemed to come out at once. Coming out in an arc similar to the curves of claws. Digging into the hollows, shoulders, chest, and mask as Tento's blade cut into the ground seeing the pitch black form of the hollow fade away.

As Tento turned to face the other downed hollows who were now gathering himself. He did call out and say one thing though. "So Arianda. When were you going to tell me I had a cute demon on my shoulder??", Tento said in a joke at the situation. Trying to be laid back and focus at the task at hand and the reality of the situation to come after.

Brother was gonna have questions for her and himself after this for sure…

Light in the Dark | End Post

Demon on my shoulder [Tento | Arianda ] - Page 2 Tentos10
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