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Wed Mar 08, 2023 6:48 pm
April Fool's Event 2023 PhhATAJ

I. What Kind of Competition Do You Even Host for April Fool's?

That's a spectacular question, dear member of Platinum Hearts. I'm very glad that you asked! In the long-standing tradition of posting non-serious applications for April Fool's every year, we've decided to turn that into a real site event, with prizes and everything!

The theme for this competition is What If? This means that applications submitted for this competition should reflect one of your characters in a completely different life context. This could be anything from being born as a different race, joining a different organization, or having events early in their life go wildly differently. The world is your oyster, as long as it fits into the idea of your character from an alternative timeline where things went differently. Additionally, bear in mind that these applications will not be graded by staff, so don't feel constrained solely by PH's site lore and history, or by balancing out powers.

You aren't required to sign up for this event or anything like that, so don't feel the need to post in this thread. Additionally, do not post your submission until April 1! Applications for this competition will only be accepted until April 1 has ended in every timezone, so don't forget to post it! Applications can simply be posted in the Pending Applications board, but please make sure that you mark it as an April Fools app!

I. What Rewards Do We Get?

The fun of writing such a fun application and sharing it with the site.

Additionally, anyone who submits an application as part of this site event will automatically be given 10 extra points for the upcoming burst. However, that's not all! After submissions have ended, we'll be hosting a vote to see what application was the community's favorite, based on the application's concept and content. The winner will receive a special "April Fool" role in the Discord server, which will have a custom color they get to choose!


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