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Sun Oct 15, 2023 11:36 am

The Grand Witch

Hannah Chiza

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"Fear it, Kokuto. You need fear in your heart for Reason, and without it you become a fool. That said, never cross the line into becoming a Coward. Life is such a delightful balancing act. Fear, but not too much. Love, but not too much. Have pride, but not too much. Eat, but not too much. Drink, but not too much. Breathe, but not too much"

She would shake her head softly at the absurdity of living, and then reach out her hand.

"I would be honoured to have you walk me home, Kokuto"

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Sick burn, brah [Hannah/Kokuto] - Page 5 Empty Re: Sick burn, brah [Hannah/Kokuto]

Mon Oct 16, 2023 12:16 pm
Sick burn, brah [Hannah/Kokuto] - Page 5 EZID0uM


Even with all the fancy stuff she was talkin' up, there wasn't really much that would convince him to fear it. He had already died and went through far worse than most people would in death. He'd also faced the end so many times in his life by this point that it didn't bother him anymore. He didn't really...feel anything in the face of death, much less fear.

As she extended her hand, he chuckled softly, reaching out to take it. Despite him being a giant wall of unmoving tungsten, there was still an air of softness to him. He was still a gentleman, after all.

"Lead the way then."

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