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Fri May 19, 2023 7:16 pm
Helle Armstrong EWk1atT


Basic Information

○ Name: Helle Armstrong
○ Alias: Director Armstrong
○ Age: 22
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Pureblood Quincy

○ Affiliation: The Vandenreich

○ Alignment: Chaotic Good
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: German
○ Sexual Orientation: Complicated

○ Height: 177.8 cm/5.10 ft.
○ Weight: -
○ Hair Colour: Blonde
○ Eye Colour: Emerald

Psychological Analysis

>A Harsh Compassion: If anything, no one can deny Helle’s passion for the cause she strives for. The way she behemonthly continues forward despite the opposition to complete a goal is truly admirable. Though, it’s not only her goals that moves her. It is also the goals of her brethren. Through her own trials, she has gained an understanding towards others who walk a path just as she does. This does not mean she agrees with every step they take, but she understands how difficult it can be, and she is not one to keep her hand closed to those who outstretched theirs to her. In fact, she shows all respect when respect is due. Even her opponent’s unwavering desire moves her heart despite how she must cut them down. She is a person who is always there when needed, always ready to lend a hand, an ear, or even words of advice to all who request or require it. However, she is not one to hold her tongue in giving advice. She will reprimand out of love, she will scold because she cares, she will punish to teach a lesson. All of it is because she cares for those and wants all to succeed, but succeeding is a long and cruel task that requires lessons of all kinds, good and bad, for she had to learn herself through trial and error. Do not take her demeanor or roughness for cruelty because it is all for the betterment of those around.

>Gracefully Fierce: Probably what makes Helle the beauty and juggernaut of death on the battlefield, her fierce personality leaves a blazing trail behind her. Though, those who try to follow behind her coat tail, see a refined individual who has perfected her craft to the point that every movement she makes has a beauty about it. Helle aims to carry herself in a way that all can look up to. She desires to be more than just strong. She desires to be a star in the sky that shines brighter than any around it, that leads the way for those lost in the darkness. To do so, she must stand with such defined definition that none could ever look at her without remembering her face or her words. She shows little mercy to her foes, for that is what respect is. She holds her tongue back for no one because that is how they shall remember. She stands tall so that all must look up to her in ooh and ah. She is a person who wishes to lead by example.

>Headstrong: One can see that Helle believes in herself and her abilities, but some will learn that she may think herself a bit too highly for her own good. Her thoughts come out with little filter at times even if correct. Sometimes she may speak words that were better kept unspoken. Advice is taken, but her feelings are sure to rear their ugly heads at times when she feels the wrong decision has been made. She is the first to raise her voice. She is the first to enter the battlefield. She is the last to leave. Sometimes she moves disobeying orders believing her thoughts better at the time. Though, despite how unreasonable she can be at times, she does attempt to understand the way others see things and fight against her own stubborn nature, but half the time, she finds herself unable to bend.

>Overworking Guardian: Helle loves her fellow Quincy. That is without a doubt a fact. She loves her brethren so much that she would put her life on the line for them, and it’s not just for her fellow Quincy. Any who Helle comes to appreciate as a friend garther her protection and support. And, still, it does not stop there. People that have no reason for being in the path of danger, those who simply wish to live their life as normal as possible, humans who simply want to survive. Helle will do all she can to protect them all. Some may think her selflessness a weakness, but she finds her ability to move between those who wish to harm and those who need saving her strongest strength. Not all can stand against opposition, and the fact that she can do so with unwavering conviction makes her a truly strong person no matter the opinion.

>Brilliant Prodigy: Helle’s mental ability is surely one of her best qualities. Since she was very young, she had a knack for learning. Whether it be general skills like math, science, or history or Quincy skills, Helle showed a unique gift for understanding and applying her teachings. Even when she worked alone, her ability to teach herself new things and learn anything she desired was evident. With such a fierce drive for improvement, her brain was forced to grow at a rate faster than any child or young adult her age. She wasn’t just a prodigy because everything was naturally easier to her. She was a prodigy because she forced herself to learn, adapt, and grow. She never faltered on her studies even when training till her body broke. That is just the type of person is, and it shows with how she carries herself that she has an intelligence beyond the norm.

>Gentle: Helle, despite how imposing she may seem, is actually a rather gentle woman when the time calls for a caring hand instead of a strong hand. Though, a strong hand can do both at the same time which is what she aims to do. She may be harsh at times, but she also shows a soft side to those who get to know her. It expresses itself strangely though. Her tones come out demanding when she feels something is wrong, for she is already desiring the want to help whoever needs the attention. She will snatch from someone carrying too much if simply to lighten the burden in their arms. She will caress those who require it and smile to those when they need it. She can be just as caring as she is harsh when the time calls for it.


The Vandenreich

A Director of the Vandenreich, Helle's relationship with the City of Light's citizens is one of respect and authority. She has her friends and those she'd rather only know in a work capacity. However, most citizens find her presence comforting. Those she are notably concerned of are as follow: Ninsianna Kishar, Liltotto Lamperd, and Alastair Eisfluch.


Helle Armstrong: a member of the Vandenreich and the Director of the Sternritter. A woman that many find an unapproachable imposing figure, she carries herself with an otherworldly air. However, she was not always this figure of power. Her life began with tragedy after the death of both her parents while she was just an infant. This led to her being taken into the current Vandenreich at the time, a hidden base of surviving members in Antarctica. This is where she grew up, surrounded by thick walls and frozen terrain.

Her days in the Vandenreich were dull and grueling. Due to her lineage, much was expected of her and her choices in life were kept narrow. With that in mind, she focused entirely on bettering herself in the Quincy arts, becoming an apt Quincy at a young age. Her exponential growth created a rift between other children and her. Jealousy poisoned the air wherever she ventured, leaving her a recluse who cared for no one but herself. Everything in life became something to better herself or not worth her attention, but that stone cold focus was what led to her self deprecation.

After constant training, straining her body beyond its limits, her heart gave way. Suffering a heart attack, her young body barely survived the endeavor, permanently stunting her growth. Angered from losing the only thing that mattered to her, Helle became a tyrannical youth that began tearing through the Vandenreich for a means to either relieve her weakened heart or enhance her abilities despite it. That is how she happened upon a dusty book in the back of the library that revealed to her a hint at finding what she’s looking for.

Texts detailing the past of the Quincy, which, for some reason, wasn’t readily available outlined the fact that they once existed wide and far in the world with temples constructed to teach new and young Quincy. With a horizon of details around the subject in this one book, it was no wonder Helle discovered the location of a temple in Russia, near where her family resides. It wasn’t hard to get there through shady means, but once there, finding the temple proved difficult. She did, however.

This is what led to the Helle today. She discovered the existence of Reishi ghosts, remnants of ancient Quincy left behind through the use of Reishi to preserve their souls. This is where she learned of the first Quincy and of the past of her kind. The need to learn this power to protect themselves from Hollow, the massacre that followed that led to the Gotei deciding to genocide their kind. She even learned of Ywach and his ego. When Helle emerged from the old ruins, she was a new woman, transformed from years of learning from Reishi ghosts and experiencing their past firsthand.

Her involvement with today’s Quincy came from meeting the current Grandmaster, Cyrus ast-Auramazda. Her relationship with the man is shaky at best right now, especially after the events of Mazda warping reality. Things have changed since then, and even with knowledge of some things, she has lost some knowledge of information she once had involving Cyrus’ tempering with Godhood.


The Vandenreich

Being a member of the Vandenreich, Helle is privy to the equipment it gives to its operatives. Since she is a Director, she even has access to information and technology that those underneath her aren't allowed to interact with. However, being as she leads the Sternritter, she is still unaware of many things that pertain to the more sensitive side of the Vandenreich.


Reishi Manipulation

Helle's ability to manipulate Reishi is what differs her from most other Quincy. Trained in ancient forms of meditation and how to connect to the world around her, Helle makes manipulating Reishi seem like child's play. This, in a sense, makes her stronger than her fellow Quincy and also gives her a dominating presence on any battlefield.

Finesse of The Blade and Body

Trained in the usage of melee weapons, Helle possess a keen sense of hand to hand combat with her rapier. This training also translates to her body as a whole, making a strong fighter.

Master At The Bow

Helle's proficiency with her Quincy Bow, despite its simplicity, is truly a displace of marksmanship. Since her ability to form a bow, she had trained religiously to perfect the craft and now has the skills of master Quincy at her disposal. Her aim is always true and her targets are sure to feel her wrath with every shot.


Elden Life Craft

In the ancient days of manipulating Reishi, its usage proved mundane to today’s Quincy spellcraft. However, the basis of manipulating the world through the use of ceremonies and rituals continue to dominate the core of what being a Quincy is. With the teachings of old, Helle possesses an innate affinity for crafting spells and has a broad horizon to unleash her creativity, but she has such an understanding that she does not require preparation to use the mundane aspects of her abilities.

[Add link to Spellcraft here]


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Quincy Skills
  • Blut (Blood): Advanced
  • Gebet (Prayer): Elite
  • Kreuzen (Cross): Elite
  • Steigen (Soar): Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite

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Sun May 21, 2023 5:07 am


Spirit Weapon Appearance

Unlike most Quincy who's bows take on special forms based on their personality, Helle is incapable of forming a special weapon herself. Instead, she wields an ancient Rapier that has existed since the creation of Quincy. The rapier is created from the finest metals infused by large amounts of Reishi and soul energy. It takes the form of a normal rapier in its blade shape until reaching its hilt which has it spiral into a spherical shape. It has a spiraling hilt that encloses around the users hand forming a protective guard around their wrist.

Once activated, Serathiel evolves; its hilt blooming in a spiraling motion, transforming into a large lance of spiraling intersecting metal.

Spirit Weapon Abilities

Arrow Creation
Despite being a melee weapon, Serathiel is still capable of creating Reishi based projectiles like any other spirit weapon. Though, this capability is mostly showcased in slashing motions, meaning a swing is what creates these arrows instead of a normal firing or pulling string interaction. This does give Helle a wide array of attack patterns, giving her the ability to unleash wide arcs of energy from the edge of her rapier or produce multiple arrows in a single swing at her discrepancy.

Ancient Armor

Spirit Weapon Appearance

Armor obtained from the temple and created from the same material as Serathiel. It is construed in a way to be bonded to the person much like Helle's primary weapon, disabling her further from creating a bow by utilizing her Reiryoku and Reishi for itself. It primary distinguishing feature is its helmet which takes the general shape of a lion's head with fur erupting from the back of it, similar to a lion's mane.

Spirit Weapon Abilities

External Protection
Blut is normally a technique only useable on the surface of a Quincy's skin. Helle's armor allows her to externalize her blut around her armor, enhancing its effects by utilizing the percentage boost her armor grants her in terms of power. This is capable because of the drain of energy the armor requires to work at full efficiency, basically acting as a second skin for Helle.

Due to the nature of both spirit weapons being external and not something she creates, Helle is capable of having them both boosted by her Spirit Weapon skill. However, the boost each weapon has is half of what normal primary spirit weapons usually have.

Serathiel (Unfurled) - Vollstandig Only
Spirit Weapon Appearance

This is the alternate form of Serathiel, a shape it takes only when Helle enters Vollstandig due to the nature of the weapon. Its large uptick in energy requirement drains Helle far too quickly for usage outside of her Vollstandig. In this form, Serathiel unfurls from its rapier form, becoming a spear, stitched together by the branching intersecting metals that makes up the ancient weapon. Its size and range of reach increases along with its form.

Spirit Weapon Abilities

Maximum Proficiency
As a spear, Serathiel still possesses the same ability to create arrows like its rapier form. However, because of its larger intake of energy, the boost that is normally cut in half from Spirit Weapon is applied wholly to Serathiel when in this form.

In fact, the arrows no possess a special quality called pierce. By collecting energy at the tip of the spear, Helle is able to fire arrows that have a piercing effect, capable of hitting multiple targets in a straight line.

This ability is only usable while Helle is in her Vollstandig and ends it once this ability is used. Helle raises Serathiel over her head in her one hand commanding it verbally to commence absorbing Reishi in the area. This causes her body to be enveloped by cylinder of Reishi before she takes a charging stance. Two giant hands from her Vollstandig's ability appear next to her, commencing the ritual for this ability.

"Turn my body, my soul, and my heart into God's messenger. By my hands lay down holy retribution upon mankind, and by my might pass down your verdict! Judgement!"

The massive hands take hold of the cylinder of energy forcing the energy to condense around Helle into a massive bow as she pulls her spear back, the hands mimicking her actions before releasing her and the energy around her towards her target at blinding speeds, releasing her full might against that singular opponent or group of opponents in one deadly explosion of energy.

This ability does turn off her Vollstandig and leaves her especially winded from its use.


Vollständig Appearance

A cape emerges from Helle's back that begins to flow outwards from her person at startling speeds before forming an exact replica of the Aurora Borealis around her. Her eyes take on a vibrant emerald glow as her hair starts floating from the pull of energy erupting from her.

Vollständig Abilities

Projection of Might
This is Helle's primary ability, and it is the power to utilize Reiryoku and Reishi to create constructs of her actions. Through the act of creating clumps of Reishi around her, she can transform said clumps into extensions of her limbs, recreating a movement, whether this is her stepping which creates a large foot mimicking her or slapping away an opponent. The radius of this ability rather large, being somewhat half a mile.

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