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Sun May 28, 2023 4:55 am

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Safira Aldrovandi
» Character Application: Safira's App.

» Upgrade Details: See below.

For Elite Cero.

Safira is quite a prolific user of her cero and bala with more focus on her cero. By using her understanding of cero she is able to form constructs out of them, such as making balls and throwing them, or shooting them as a bomb rather than a beam, alternatively she has also display the ability to grant them more complicated shapes such as weapons, barriers, and projections such as snakes and so on. She is capable of using the more advanced applications such as the Gran Rey Cero, and Cero Oscuras.
» Vile Lance: Forming a cero in her palm, Safira can utilise Vile Lance in a couple of methods. Rushing a target and impaling them at close range, launching it at a target from afar, or converting the cero into a short-term melee weapon by wielding an ornate silhouette of a spear formed from the cero. The most common application of her Vile Lance is aimed at spearing her target and due to its simplicity she is capable of using it for a number of more advanced applications such as "crucifying" a target by having them be impaled in multiple places by her spears which restrain them in a most painful way.

» Tainted Gospel: Creating a clump of her spiritual pressure in her hand, Safira's Tainted Gospel is designed to incorporate the toxic nature of her hollow powers to infect and rapidly breakdown oncoming attacks. Most beings' reishi is too dense to be split apart but many energy-based techniques can be broken down by the green miasma which is left in the area after the bomb explodes, the ambient effect scales off her spirit class but direct hit with the attack itself can incorporate her cero skill. The affect can be resisted with user's reiatsu such as hierro, and their general spiritual pressure.

» Lost Eden: A technique which involves launching a blast at a target, transmuting the environment to be poisoned by her power. This area causes people to take poison damage over time, meaning the longer they remain in the affected area the worse they will come out of it. The area lasts for four posts.

» Heaven Eater: By all accounts a Gran Rey Cero, it is initiated in much the same way. Preferring to take her own idea towards it she renamed it and gave it a slight modification that instead of using her just her blood she could draw in blood that was laying around her from the environment to further empower it however trying to draw in more blood would require her to charge for a post and then also be in an area where there is blood to draw in.

» Second Advent: Utilising her energy she is able to gather it as a clump in her hand before expanding it around her in the form of a sphere that can catch an opponent off guard if they are around her, it is quickly deployed but at the cost of being only moderate in damage compared to something more serious. It also serves as a quick defensive measure.

» Wicked Eraser: A cero that forms as a large ball in her hand, by launching it at her target it implodes momentarily before exploding outwards to potentially shake defences and have more impact to it due to the sudden change of force it has. It is highly condensed but slower moving than most typical ceros making it easier to dodge. She can only produce one every three posts.

» Inferno: A cero that she spreads as a green energy across the ground, immediately causing damage to a person's feet or legs if they are caught by it however the true power lies in her letting it continue to build for two posts while steadily giving it energy, after this period it explodes upwards and does heavy damage all around her. It does have the potential to be interrupted however.

» Paradiso: Considered the opposite of Inferno, she fires a blast of her energy into the air where it gathers and draws from her energy pool. Once this is done for two posts it explodes outwards in a massive shower of ceros that can inflict massive damage to the environment and all those within its range. Like Inferno, it has a window to be interrupted.

For Advanced Martial Skill.

Safira, with her serpentine origins her body sports a very tensile physiology and allows for her to flex and bend herself in almost impossible ways that allow for her to escape and contort to a plethora of means. She makes use of her flexibility to acrobatically dodge, grapple, and constrict targets to trap them in holds which disable them. Her fighting style shows a mixture of hit and run tactics, swift executions, and flamboyant displays rather than anything subtle.

By mixing her fighting style with her own hollow powers she is able to infuse attributes of her poisons into her fighting moves to her advantage by infecting people as they clash.
» Charizma Killer: A technique which is corrosive in nature, causing visible burns and specifically towards energy-based defences, it creates an opening for her to utilise other poisons but can be easily blocked by using a inorganic and physical objects since it is the opposite of what it was created for, if something made out of spiritual energy was to come into contact with this poison it's total effectiveness would drop considerably at the point of contact.

» Nitro Fireflight: For a brief moment she empowers her own speed and can strike as though she was twice as fast for a single action, this is due to poisoning herself which allows for her to increase the flow of energy and body functions to give a surprise strike albeit a double-edged sword in that every consecutive use drops her own resistance to her poisons and after three uses during the encounter she would become vulnerable to the same effects of her poisons as other individuals.

» Violet Burning: The attack involves her causing a wound which spreads a burning agent and an anti-coagulant through the bloodstream of her victim, causing a great deal of pain that builds up over three posts that feels as if their whole body is burning from the inside and can cause some people with low tolerance for pain to faint meanwhile their blood will rush out more profusely and become thinner which can be a problem for any wounds sustained over three posts.

Other Minor Things.

Previous Sealed Power:

» Arrogant King's Alcohol: The primary example of Safira's power, it takes the form of allowing for her to both create, manipulate and induce poisonous attributes through her reiatsu. An example of this is her capacity to transmute her bodily fluids into having various different chemical effects, such as her saliva functioning like a pleasure inducing drug or her blood being acidic and poisonous. On the most basic of applications she can infect something so that if becomes poisonous in nature such as spreading her energy through a water source which leaves a signature for a short period before it would inevitably disappear leaving the water having transmuted into a poison.

Safira's poisonous effect can be applied to her energy and body, allowing it to seep into others bodies after they are struck by an attack. Which allows for her to apply a number of detrimental affects to a target by fighting them ranging from paralysis, numbness, blood clots, and so on which come down to testing a target's durability and spiritual power.

The target's durability often determines the effectiveness of her poison and ability to resist whereas their spiritual power boils down to how well they can counteract the effect which is derived from her own spiritual power. In the case of durability it checks against her hollow nucleus, in the case of spiritual class it checks against her own.

She has a high tolerance if not nigh-immunity to her own poisons which allows for herself to use her own body to host them. If she has time to prepare they can be more advanced though such as creating poisons that are specifically effective against different races, sexes, or increase attributes of the poison such as its robustness to fight against the immune system or have more advanced transmission methods.

It is possible for her to augment herself at the cost of poisoning herself, she is able to increase her own capabilities by 100% for every rank of her hollow nucleus but she will put stress on her body which causes damage every round. The damage also scales off her power so if she was to use the maximum boost then she would sustain more damage every round by the third round one could expect to see her layers of hierro expended and blood to be coming out of every orifice of her. She cannot use this in her resurreccion, and it will not carry over.

Any poison that would reasonably cause death quickly requires permission from a staff member in the case of an event to utilise and naturally permission from other RPers to use lethal functions of this power on their characters. As an important rule of note due to Safira's power only working on organic creatures, anything inorganic is basically immune with the exception of poisons that have high acidity.

» Stigmata: Through the usage of her zanpakuto, Safira is able to "scar" another individual and grant them some of her power in the form of a stigma. This can manifest in different ways depending on the individual and what they themselves are like. For example, one might find the stigma begin to fuse with their powers, or it may simply occupy their soul as a separate source. It may manifest as an inner-spirit and convert a shinigami into a vizard for the duration of possessing it, or it might cause an arrancar to display chimera like properties. Each case is different and no two stigmata are likely to resemble one another.

The purpose the stigmata is to cultivate her own power through having it proliferate among others. Rather than a sole pathway of development restricted to her, she cultivates her power to develop along a series of different routes simultaneous to increase the rate of development. While she does have the power to recall the fragment of her powers inside of others to reclaim the stigma and all its development, the reality is that it may leave a shade or not be perfect while also requiring her to be in the vicinity of the individual.

Due to being fragments of Safira's power they will must relate to her serpent theme, poisons, or her aspect of death being pride.

» Supporting Material: Upgrading in light in burst upgrades to her skills from burst upgrades to reflect being at those skill levels. Additionally, making some small changes to her sealed power and adding her "stigmata" in light of her imparting her power onto others. Paradiso and Inferno are reskinned Mavro and Pandemonio. Wicked Eraser is Fragor. Second Advent is Esparcir. Heaven Eater is Grande. Cooldowns have been removed in most ceros because it proved pointless but charge times have remained. All other cero which aren't carried over here such as Pronto and Formacion are just getting dropped.

With Criella.
With Eliane.
Fighting Kita.
Fighting Kizuna.
Getting Klein on the job.

I. Hazard Rating Information

[Has your character done anything to necessitate alterations of their hazard ratings whether that is gaining greater influence with other characters, acquiring greater resources and equipment, power reflected in this upgrade of their notoriety has increased? Please list a short summary of your character's actions between now and your last upgrade for the purpose of ensuring that they are still up to date or if they should be altered to reflect your character's growth.]

» Power: B

» Influence: E

» Resources: D

» In-Character Summary: Safira controls the region of Brazil and has begun to exert her influence into surrounding countries in South America. She is a shrewd enough businesswoman to be able to run a business out of it and acquire a large amount of funds from this venture. She set Klein up to be a builder and construct a couple of structures hidden in Hueco Mundo which have yet to be played.

She has a professional relationship with Eliane Ovide as business partners, while having Klein as her generally reliable subordinate, Safira also controls much of the manpower that operates the resort she runs. She has an arrangement with Criella to work together where their interests align now, and she has Kizuna as a wildcard.

Uh, she's pretty stonk I guess too. She clapped Kita, and did pretty well against Kizuna's resurreccion despite not using her own resurreccion.

I. Additional Information

It's called snake milk, Lillian.


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Sat Jun 03, 2023 1:37 pm
Tainted Gospel
What does the breakdown scale off of? Is it Cero or SC? What's it take to resist?

Charizma Killer
This drop in effectiveness should not be so effective on people using a skill higher than her Martial Skill, 50% across the board is a lot.

Nitro Fireflight
A more cumulative detriment per use would be good here rather than simply the cooldown, to reflect the self-destructive angle.

Should specify that you can't recall the power back anywhere/any time.[/adm]
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Snake Buffs [Safira Upgrade] Empty Re: Snake Buffs [Safira Upgrade]

Sun Jun 04, 2023 7:12 am
[adm]Approved. Resources, Influence, and Overall Hazard to B.[/adm]
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