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Wed Sep 06, 2023 5:34 am
Eliane [Finished, OTY] Rmerx69

Basic Information

○ Name: Eliane
○ Alias: N/A
○ Age: Functionally 25
○ Gender: Female.
○ Race: Mongrel [Fullbringer]

○ Affiliation:
-Vandenreich (Prisoner/Asset)

○ Alignment: True Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single.
○ Nationality: N/A
○ Sexual Orientation: As required.
○ Special Skill: Swallowing a whole egg.

○ Height: 5’10”
○ Weight: Healthy.
○ Hair Colour: White
○ Eye Colour: Ice Blue

Eliane [Finished, OTY] B552Ngz

Psychological Analysis

Eliane wears a relaxed smile at nearly all times, looking for all the world like she’s just come from a very relaxing day at the spa. When she speaks, there is a soft, melodic tone to her words, which might sound comforting if not for the fact that every word she says is so transparently malicious. For lack of any better word, Eliane is a genuine misanthrope, who considers everyone she meets to be worth barely any more than an ant on the sidewalk. The suffering of other people makes her happy in the most fundamental sense, and there are very few things that satisfy her more than seeing other people give into their worst urges. It’s because of this that perhaps her most defining characteristic has arisen, her needling, irritating personality that always aims to incite trouble. She wants people to hurt her, wants them to do something objectively immoral simply because she made them so upset.

However, Eliane is a woman who understands what her nature does to others. She knows how her actions harm people, and she knows that it is fundamentally evil for her to do it. She doesn’t relish that evil, but she isn’t disgusted by it, either. She was made to be that way, after all. If she were a wholly independent creature, one without any attachments, she would be all too willing to simply indulge it as she sees fit, and to push it aside only when it benefits her, for Eliane is a callous and driven woman. But her sisters, who all are genuinely dear to her, have forced her to maintain some awareness of what a truly deplorable creature she is, to deny that singular need.

She doesn’t lament that existence, or find herself pitiable. Indeed, anyone who tried to act like she was some tragic creature would find themselves at the mercy of that very cruelty Eliane is so naturally inclined toward. She simply sees her own nature as something to overcome, to be applied methodically rather than as a default way of being. Even if it would rob her of the one thing that makes her truly happy, Eliane would gladly lose that joy for the sake of those few people who matter to her.


○ Ovide Sisters: Eliane knows that her presence in her sisters’ lives has been one of consistent torment and needless cruelty, that she has never been a particularly positive presence for any of them. She isn’t nearly so idealistic as to think that can change, either, no matter what she does. Eliane allows all of them to maintain whatever distance they would prefer, entering their lives only when it’s absolutely necessary, or when they wish for her to be there. That isn’t often, but she accepts that reality.

○ Claudia Duvalier: Of all the Ovides, Eliane has always been the one closest to their creator. She understands Claudia better than most, and that thought fills Eliane with a level of genuine disdain that she doesn’t feel for anyone else. She understands the exact mentality necessary to have thrown the four of them away like trash, to let them suffer in some cruel game that never really mattered. There’s no greater specter haunting Eliane than the knowledge of just how similar the two of them are.

○ Alastair Eisfluch: The one man Eliane would say that she respects in a genuine fashion. It isn’t because of anything arbitrary, like his refusing her little advances or how strong he is. Rather, she respects him because she knows without any doubt in her mind that he would unflinchingly destroy her if it were necessary. She has staked much on her trust in this man, and for a woman like her, trust is not something that comes easily.


Eliane, much like the rest of her sisters, was born in the laboratories of the Carrington Developmental Institute’s Section 12. “Created” would be more accurate than “born,” admittedly, as while Eliane is genetically a clone of Claudia Duvalier, adjusted just enough to pass more as a daughter, she nevertheless was formed in a tank, forced to maturity at a rate far quicker than a real human would be, and was put to use as a tool. When she and her twin Arlette were made, the two were designed to fundamentally be at odds, conflicting personalities that made up different sides of Claudia’s own mentality so that they would never be able to conspire together. While Arlette received Claudia’s brutal and unforgiving pragmatism, Eliane, instead, was made to share in their mother’s cruelty and misanthropy. It was this nature, the more deep seated personality that came alongside it, that led Eliane to ultimately be the one who became closer to Claudia.

Of course, she understood what her purpose was. When her mind was forced into endless simulations of the killing fields, made to learn and to die on repeat until she had become a suitable weapon for Claudia’s use, Eliane hated every moment of it. She didn’t hate it for how torturous it was, however, but rather for the fact that she knew it was all fake. That knowledge, if anything, was what made her resilient, what carried her through the thousands of years of training that drove other previous iterations to the breaking point. It was all fake; she simply wanted to hurt real people. Death, mutilation, torture, all manners of training and abuse forced into her mind so that she would learn, and none of it particularly fazed Eliane. Why would it? It wasn’t real, so she could just sit back and think about when she was done here.

When compared to the time she’d been subjected to in the lab, Eliane found real work much more exhilarating. It was easier, by far. The average corporate assassin was barely a challenge to someone who had been made like she had, and any time she needed to handle a business matter, she could easily have someone dancing in the palm of her hand. It was easy, when you knew how to make people squirm, and that was something she could cause for more than one reason. But it being easy didn’t matter, when it was real. The suffering of other people made Eliane feel content with life, fulfilled for at least that little bit of time where she could still relish in the pain she was causing. It was nice, and she wouldn’t have minded it continuing forever.

But then Claudia decided there should be more of them. Eliane had, personally, not been in favor of the second generation of Ovides. She didn’t see the point, and the idea of two more of Arlette to complain about her methods didn’t sound pleasant. But Arlette had supported it, and Claudia had already been in favor to begin with, so Eliane suddenly found herself with two younger sisters.

They were more like her than she’d expected. Cruel, vicious, and yet, at the same time, she could see that they were also far more normal. Not that they were even close to typical people, of course, but they had a genuine bond with one another that she and Arlette had never come close to. More jarring, however, was how the two of them both seemed to gravitate toward their older sisters. Eliane and Arlette had never acted like anything other than fellow employees, two women who happened to share the same DNA. But Antonetta and Wolfina hadn’t been made that way. They saw the matter of the Ovide name as familial, and Claudia, by any metric, clearly condoned that outlook. Eliane saw it for what it was; manipulation. Even in spite of that, though, she couldn’t deny some degree of fondness for the newer Ovides, and she opted to indulge their little fantasy of being a family. No, it wasn’t just indulgence; she wanted to be a part of it, too, even if the only way she knew how was through cruelty. However, she understood what a second generation meant. In time, there would likely be a third, and by then she and Arlette would be obsolete. That wasn’t Antonetta and Wolfina’s fault, but it was something Eliane naturally had to prepare for.

She took more proactive work in the wastelands, taking work that was, by all accounts, typical Duvalier subsidiary business. Establishing shell companies, selling arms on the black market to guerillas, and generally causing problems. Eliane tended to die in the crossfire of firefights, or be caught in terrorist bombings, but she had always been reckless with her life. That was why no one thought much of it, and why she was able to pay one particular group a small fortune to collect each and every one of her corpses. These were kept in cold storage at a small encampment, every one of them being treated as a depository of parts rather than anything really valuable.

Eliane had been ready for the day she reincarnated into that patchwork body she was building, the day she was deemed obsolete and no new Eliane came from Carrington’s vats. What she’d been less ready for was Claudia’s plan to upgrade her and Arlette, to make them up to par with the second generation. Eliane accepted, obviously, because why would she care? But Arlette refused, all trace of her lineage except the human burned away from her soul and leaving her crippled. Eliane thought that was pretty stupid, but not half as stupid as the decision to suddenly disappear. For all their disdain toward one another, for every fight they’d ever had and every time Arlette had ever killed her, Eliane knew that there wasn’t a single person who understood her better than Arlette. Claudia knew how she operated, knew her from a utilitarian standpoint. But Arlette knew what made her tick, and now, she’d lost one of the only people with whom she could hold a genuine conversation. That bothered her, and it bothered her more that she cared about that.

Suddenly, the remaining three sisters were being watched. Bomb collars were kept affixed, and Claudia seemed to lose a great deal of faith in them. No, that wasn’t right. Eliane knew she’d never actually had any “faith” in them. They had always just been useful tools, and now their use was in question. She didn’t want any part of this. Neither, it seemed, did her sisters. It was the one thing that they could genuinely connect over. A mutual disdain for the situation they were in, for the sister that had caused it, and that genuine connection once again ate a hole in Eliane’s mentality. Her sisters were already suffering; she didn’t need to do anything to them. She was content, without any need or outlet to hurt others, and she realized then that there was a fundamental difference between herself and her sisters. They all wanted more out of their situation. They wanted to be free. To do something else. Why had Eliane been made not to care? Even the spare body she’d prepared in the wastes wasn’t for any need to find some bright new future; it was just so she could continue in the same way she always had.

Her life, she realized, had no value. It never had, with how little she had thrown it aside. She had two choices with that knowledge. To fall into obsolescence, be erased, or to simply brute force her way into a life that would only make her unhappy. A life where she would protect, at the very least, those three lives that meant anything to her, and which she knew had value in relation to her own. So Eliane went off to the wastelands, and allowed the bomb collar on her neck to blow. She didn’t wait to reincarnate this time, however; with the help of the very same spiritual surgeon who had put the body together, she forced her soul into that patchwork creation. A painful experience, and a painful existence; but that was what her sisters were already living, right? She was thankful that she could at least experience it too.

She went to the City of Lights, knowing perfectly well her sister was there, knowing perfectly well that the one man her creator had considered even moderately interesting was there, and knowing above all that her two remaining sisters in captivity would be there soon to handle Arlette. She intercepted; it was the only thing she could do. She didn’t relish being moved from one captivity to another, but it was only a process.

She hated it here. But her happiness was of no consequence and no value. It was arbitrary contentment from the most primal and meaningless of sources. She would throw it away with no hesitation to protect her sisters, to give her life some spark of genuine value.




○ Genetic Augmentation: Originally created for the sole purpose of protecting Claudia Duvalier, Eliane has been given quite exceptional modifications from the original genetics of their “mother.” This is, of course, to make up for her otherwise wholly unremarkable physicality or talent. Unlike Claudia, who is by all accounts a normal woman, Eliane has more than enough physical prowess to match the average threat to her well-being. These include extreme enhancements to strength, durability, agility, and perception, as well as several systems of secondary organs to function in the event of the primary organ’s failure.

○ Simulated Experience: Despite being a clone, and having never undergone a genuine upbringing, Eliane lived through several thousand years of combat simulations before ever even having been introduced to the greater world at large. As such, she carries the hardened knowledge of the battlefield that most only find after years, if not decades, in the killing fields. It must be noted that many of these simulations were not mere electronic exercises, but rather direct recreations of real battles, and on several occasions Eliane was left to simply experience the aftermath of failed exercises so as to impart the importance of success. Any environment, any foe, any circumstance, Eliane has been drilled in it to a degree that would likely have broken many.

○ CQC Expert: While all of the Ovide siblings are trained in combat excellence, Eliane in particular has rigorously worked to be the best of the four at close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat. Its visceral nature and immediate feedback is naturally in line with her own methodology, and she gravitates well to it in nearly all styles. However, her preferences are in judo and sambo, and so while her striking ability is still excellent, it is Eliane's takedowns and holds that should be considered the greatest threat of all. She is quite capable of destroying the average person joint by joint if she brings them into her clutches, and it would likely be easier to escape the wrap of a boa constrictor than to get out of Eliane’s vicegrip holds.

○ CBT Grand Master: Eliane is, perhaps, the single greatest practitioner of this particular skillset on Earth. Is this helpful in combat? It can be, certainly.


○ Fullbring Name: Patch the Good Luck

○ Fullbring Appearance: Eliane’s Fullbring takes the form of the patchwork body she currently inhabits, made from pieces of previous iterations of herself. When activated, its changes are highly variable, based on the current parts and genetic material most active.

○ Fullbring Abilities: Eliane’s Fullbring is a highly unusual one, tied to not only her own versatility but to the nature of her body. By default, Eliane has no Racial Skills apart from Fullbring Affinity. Her remaining three Racial Skills are Variable Racial Skills, which can be modified by Eliane using a series of surgeries, blood transfusions, and injectors to align her body more closely to one of the many races that make up her lineage. The skills available for her Variable Racial Slots are those from Humans (High-Spec, Fullbringer, and Quincy), Hollows (including Arrancar), and Shinigami (including Vizards). These Variable Racial Skills each have their own skill rank, which is maintained regardless of the skill currently using that skill slot.

Naturally, such a radical modification of one’s own body does not come without limitations. Most immediately, Eliane’s Variable Racial Skill slots may never be of a skill level higher than her current rank in Fullbring Affinity, as they are naturally limited by her understanding of the body that comprises the Fullbring itself. Additionally, these Variable Racial Skills are wholly inactive if Eliane has not released Patch the Good Luck; she is incapable of using the three skills she currently has if she is not released.

Skills which require an object for the purposes of use, such as Zanjutsu or Kreuzen, still require Eliane to have access to the relevant object in question, and if she does not, then she cannot utilize the skills in any meaningful way, regardless of her skill level. Similarly, even if she has the requisite skill level for a release, Eliane is not assumed to have access to any release by default, even Resurreccion should she utilize Hollow Nucleus, and all releases, as well as any techniques which apply fusions of multiple skills (such as shunko), require Eliane to learn them through training and submission of an upgrade. Finally, due to over-muddling of spiritual types leading to power growing weaker, Eliane cannot use the abilities of more than two races at once in her Variable Racial Skills.

Upon learning any releases or other techniques reliant on skill level, Eliane will always maintain knowledge of these abilities, even should she replace the skill in question. She is naturally incapable of utilizing the ability without the requisite skill, but she is not required to relearn the techniques upon returning the skill to her Variable Racial Skills.

While the process of modifying her body in this way is not necessarily traumatic (at least not for a woman like Eliane), it is nevertheless very involved. As such, any changes to her Variable Racial Skills cannot simply be decided in the course of a thread, or even at the start of it, but rather must be submitted as an upgrade to her application and approved by staff.

When activated, Patch the Good Luck allows Eliane to actually utilize her three Variable Racial Skills. Additionally, the boost from her Fullbring applies to utilizations of those three skills.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Racial Skills
  • Fullbring Affinity: Beginner
  • N/A: Untrained
  • N/A: Untrained
  • N/A: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

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