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Sat Sep 16, 2023 8:49 pm

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Kita Lirio
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details:


Current History:


Amongst the sands, a lonely form of strength marched - a fearsome predator that would crush any who dare oppose her with raw strength alone. Though animalistic in mind, her power was sizable and calculated, capable of taking on even the largest prey to maintain her current form. All who sought to consume the tigress would be met with her fury… Until three little ones came into her life. Even the desolate sands of Hueco Mundo appeared capable of producing solace, no matter how little it was. The pained, angry heart of the Adjuchas was soothed only by the minding of her offspring.

Though their appearance was questionable, their role and relation to her was all too obvious. It gave the beast a purpose; hunted for them, played with them, slept with them, and survived the horrid wastes with them by her side. But this little light of joy in a dry hell would not last forever.

The first one perished, having fallen off her back as they were traversing a mountain range. It’s tiny weak body could not have survived the fall, and she had two others that couldn’t be risked. The beast mourned.

But the last two… A band of Adjuchas had raided her den while she was hunted, a calculated attack on an enemy they were sick of dealing with. She returned to the corpses of her children and blood painted on the walls. Something within what little mind the Adjuchas was capable of snapped, violence consumed her, the red mist dissipating only when her heaving, wounded body was over her final opponent.

Something changed in the Hollow, something twisted, perhaps broke. That comfort was gone, those little things to fight for were no longer in the picture. She… Was alone. Staying alone for a considerable time, she would come to crave the need to protect once more, especially with the witnessing of far more amicable groups of Hollows collaborating. Dragging weaker, more helpless hollow into her thrall, she would soon form a little community of whelps who needed her, relied on her.

Until that same tragedy struck once more. Emptied den, taunts and threats, only to end in the beast all alone again, with no purpose. She would leave this territory, wandering the sands aimlessly and purposeless, a sort of grief or anger having overwhelmed all else. It was until she witnessed strange, human-like hollows - something she had never witnessed. A threat, they were a threat she had to dispose of.

She stalked, she crept, she lunged for one of the anomalies, fighting as hard as the powerful beast could, but… She was defeated by those she would have thought to have been simple prey.

And then she was taken.

» Supporting Material:
Decided to rewrite a portion of her history so that a part of her character that I feel I haven't represented clearly could be better communicated.

I. Additional Information

Yes shes a milf. She's always been a milf. Oops my freakin' bad.

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Tue Oct 03, 2023 5:52 pm

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