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Ryuuichi Nakajima
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Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:50 pm
Ryuuichi was in his office, and sighed as he looked around, desperately trying to find something to do. He already had sent some of his men to investigate on what seem to be yet another rogue shinigami case. There had been quite a few as of late, especially since he had been appointed as Commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukido. Either that, or he had just begun noticing them. He had barely ever been sent on those kind of assignments since he first joined the special forces, mostly going after everything other than shinigamis.

“If only there would be one interesting case...I could do something by myself, rather than stay out of action, the only thing that I can do right now is train, and wait for reports to come in...This is so boring, sometimes, I wish I would’ve stayed in the special forces, rather than accept this...It’s been 3 weeks, and not a single fight yet...I need something, I’ll end up committing suicide at that rate if nothing interesting happens.” He said in his office as he was walking around, punching some of the few dummy panels he had set up around his office, in the hopes of making it less boring. For him, it was the only thing that was remotely close to amusing in that new office of his.

The man shadow boxed for a few seconds...He needed to fight. He needed to punch something other than the bouncing dummies in his office, something that was living. His entire life had been made off fighting, and now he was suddenly standing in an office, waiting for fights to come to him...As he was about to leave to go and catch up on his subordinates when he heard someone knock on the door, which somewhat startled him. He wasn’t expecting anyone, most of the special forces being on assignments, whether outside of the Gotei, or on defence duty. The Commander-in-chief opened, raising an eyebrow when he saw a member of the Patrol Corps that seemed exhausted in front of his commander, as if something extremely bad had just happened. The commander quickly went to grab his Zanpakuto, attaching it to his sash as he looked at the shinigami, waiting for him to spill the beans, and tell him what was going on.

“Kagekatsu...that shithead killed the rest of my group, and I lost him.” The man said as he was still panting, although with a closer look, Ryuuichi did not spot anything that looked like the man had fought. Ryuuichi had to make a stand as a commander, and look as sharp as ever in front of his subordinates, so that no one would doubt the strength of the new commander in chief of the Special forces.

“And running away was your only option? You could’ve just sent a hell butterfly, and we would’ve come to your aid. Now, Kagekatsu is farther away from us than he could ever be, we’ll have a harder time catching him.” He said as he got out of his office and slammed the door shut, somewhat annoyed to hear that, but also trying to hide that fact, so that the man would see that his new commander expects his troops to fight rather than to run away from the enemy unless the outcome of the fight already is decided. Stupid tactical decisions were definitely not something he appreciated, it was more the kind of thing that made him want to kill the person who did them. Of course, he knew that not everyone was as intelligent as he was, and he knew that he couldn’t try to get everyone to be as intelligent as him.


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Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:09 pm


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