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 Moui, Kaiedo [APPROVED 0-4+/0-3]

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Moui, Kaiedo [APPROVED 0-4+/0-3] Kaiedo

The Basics
Moui, Kaiedo
Appearance Age:
Early to Mid 40s
True Age:

Overall Appearance
Kaiedo always has a stern look about him, and typically that is as close to an emotion as he shows. His typical garb is the gray pants and jacket over the dark high necked shirt pictured above. He keeps his brown hair short, and his gray eyes rarely show emotion. He moves with the ease of a man who knows and has power, a subtle grace in his fluid motions. When in combat, his movements hard to precision; no move is wasted, and nothing done other than what has to be. Under the clothes Kaiedo is in great shape from a rigorous workout routine.

He is an imposing figure, though sometimes people fail to notice his presence both because of his general silence and his control of his reiatsu. He doesn't typically call attention to himself since he prefers to observe rather than be the center of attention. Though he appears stern he is usually relaxed, even in situations most others would find tense. If moved to emotion, he keeps a tight reign on what shows, and a tighter reign on how he lets it affect him. In these times, his face becomes a mask of indifference, flat and featureless.



Natural Abilities
Precise Spiritual Energy Control
Kaiedo has made a living on his precise control of his own spiritual power and pressure. As such, because of years of training and use he has attained a level of control few have attained. This grants him precise control of energy for Kidō, as well as the ability to reduce his spiritual pressure to the point that he seems like a barely spiritually aware being, or raise it to use as a shield against an attack aimed at a specific point on his body in similar fashion to Soi Fon or Aizen Sousuke.

As a former Shinigami of the Sixth Division Kaiedo was trained in the arts of Kidō. He has acquired a vast knowledge of Kidō from personal study and training.

Like all Vizards, Kaiedo has access to Cero and Bala because of his hollow side. His ceros do not take on a different color from normal, though his balas are strangely indigo in coloration.


Zanpakutō Name:

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Gekimetsu appears as a thin man standing just shy of six feet tall. He has long arms, broad shoulders, and is built more like an sprinter than a fighter. His hair is black and short, falling straight about his head. His eyes are sunken in and black in coloration. He always has a strange half crooked smile on his face unless he doesn't; if he doesn't then he has a full on slasher smile. His features are sharp, and he seems slighlty thinner than he should be. All together, something doesn't appear quite right with him.

Zanpaku-tou Spirit Personality:
Since Odeiak's arrival in Kaiedo's Inner World, Gekimetsu has been cracked. Whatever semblances of sanity he possessed before then were shattered. Now, he seems like nothing more than a blade hungry for the end of things, and hungry to be the one to bring that end. Impulsive and chaotic, he constantly speaks for Kaiedo to strike first and ask later. Seldom are his words heard by his master, but he speaks still all the same. For now, he is more or less lost and happy in his insanity. Whether this will ever change or not is unknown, and it doesn't seem as though Gekimetsu cares to sort out that answer in the first place.

Zanpakutō World:
Inner World; Crumbled Dreams

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

Release Phrase:
"Terrorize, Gekimetsu."

Zanpakotu: Shikai

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:
Spiritual Energy Absorbtion
Gekimetsu's main ability is the ability to forcefully absorb spiritual energy to be used else ware. In realms comprised of spiritual particles, such as Hueco Mundo or Soul Society, Gekimetsu is capable of forcefully breaking the bonds between spiritual particles and absorb them, and thus is capable of deconstructing buildings to be used as ammunition. In the human world and other worlds not constructed entirely on spiritual energy, Gekimetsu is capable of breaking down latent spiritual energies to be used. Weak souls(read as weak NPCs) can even be harnessed for this process if they are foolish enough to be in the area. This ability can also break down energy based attacks launched at him, though depending on the power and size of the attack Gekimetsu may not be able to fully absorb an attack. A weak Kidō, Demon Art, Bala, etc from an equal level character could be fully broken down and absorbed, but stronger attacks such as kidous 60 and up, advanced demon spells, and so on would only be weakened by Gekimetsu's ability. There is a limit to how much energy can be absorbed by Gekimetsu. As Gekimetsu absorbs energy, it is surrounded by a red aura of reiatsu.

Togu (Scour)
The main use of the absorbed energy from Gekimetsu is to surround the blade in an aura of reiatsu that glows a bright red in color. When Kaiedo uses Togu, the reiatsu is concentrated down closer to the blade. Effectively, this increases the cutting power of the blade and extends its range by roughly an inch of so. If someone is foolish enough to block Kaiedo’s swing with their blade and it is within an inch of their body, they could receive a cut along the area.

Zenkai (Destroy)
The most basic use of the absorbed energy Gekimetsu has, it releases the pent up energy in a wave of destructive energy, similar in nature to Zangetsu's Getsuga Tenshou. The major different between the two is that Geki can and most often does use very little of Kaiedo's own reiatsu. This attack takes the form of a wave of energy released by swinging the blade, and follows the arc of said swing.

Kaijin (Annihilate)
A significantly strong attack than Zenkai, Gekimetsu releases all of the absorbed energy plus a good deal of Kaiedo’s own energy to form a beam of energy. The attack’s true powers, however, is only revealed after it is launched. Firstly, the attack resists any energy based attack used against it, and absorbs it into itself. Secondly, the attack will follow and home in on its target, following them for up to 90 feet, plus an additional distance equal to the amount of energy the attack absorbs after it is fired. The beam takes the shape of a strange creature with gnashing jaws as it flies. After the distance is traveled, the attack dissipates.

Zanpakotu: Bankai
Bankai Name
Kishin Gekimetsu (Fierce God's Destruction)

Bankai Appearance:
When releasing to Bankai from either Shikai or Sealed, he holds his sword before him between chest and face level, blade facing out, hilt held in his right hand. His left hand curls around the bladed edge of the sword. As he calls Bankai, he slides his hand down the length of the blade, seeming to saw his hand in half. However, as he does this power erupts from the wound, and surrounds Kaiedo. A second later the energy dissipates, revealing Kaiedo and his Bankai; both arms have now changed into demonic looking ones (pictured below).

Bankai Abilities:
Enhanced Strength
During his transformation into bankai, each of the muscles within Kaiedo body become enhanced, strengthen and made stronger with the help of his Zanpukto and reiatsu. With a single punch alone, he is able to shatter most car's, boulders and small buildings. His strength is multiplied by a factor of roughly 5.

Enhanced Absorbtion
The rate and amount of energy that Kishin Gekimetsu can absorb is significanly larger than that of Gekimetsu. Kaiedo can speed this process up even further if he is touching the object being broken down. If he grabs hold of a living being, he can begin to literally rip them apart to be harnessed for energy*. He can break down an entire wall in the blink of an eye if he touches it, and can continue the process on a building if he focuses on it. Typically he doesn't use this ability more than he needs to.

Enhanced Energy Abilities
Abilities that require reiatsu or energy use, such as Kidō or Hollow Techniques, can be augmented while in bankai form to make use of the energy Kaiedo has absorbed. There is a limit to how much augmentation these abilities can recieve before they become unstable and possibly dangerous to Kaiedo himself. At maximum "Safe" augmentation, Kaiedo can match an unaltered Cero from most enemies with a bala, and an unaltered Cero Oscuras with a normal Cero.

Energy Constructs
The main power of Kishin Gekimetsu, with this ability Kaiedo is able to create weapons made of spiritual power, solidifying them so that they are combat ready. He is limited in his weapon selection only by his imagination, though he sticks mostly to melee weapons with this ability. He is able to create simple orb constructs of spiritual energy; these orbs will fire themselves at enemies. He can create these orbs only within 5 feet of himself, though the blast is not limited to this range. The orbs pack a punch somewhere between a bala and a cero, and he is able to create and fire up to 10 of these at a time. As long as he is able to absorb energy, there is no limit to how many weapons he can create, though he can only have 10 medium size constructions at any one time(medium sized meaning roughly the size of a weapon such as a sword or spear). He is able to create 15 small cosntructs at a time, but only 4 large constructs at a time.

He is also able to create ranged weapons such as guns or bows; however, he is only able to make a single bow or 2 guns at a time at max(this largely depends on the type of weapon he creates). With a handgun, he is able to fire off the weapon at a high rate (roughly 15 times a second), with ammunition strength varying based on weapon, much as how the firing rate is dependent on the weapon(so no, he can't fire a rocket launcher type weapon 15 times a second; that'd be silly.) Beyond weapons and such, Kaiedo is also able to form constructs on his own body if the situation calls for it. An example would be energy wings on his back or energy spikes on his body. Constructs not connected to Kaiedo through either touch of an energy rope/chain of some kind dissipate after 1 full post round(Kaiedo's and his opponent(s)'s) of being separated.

Genkotsu no Kishin (Fist of the Fierce God) Event Only
The most powerful single attack that Kaiedo can use. This manuever requires that Kaiedo be in full control of himself(can't be used in ressurreccion), in Bankai State, with his Mask on. This attack has a two round(2 of Kaiedo's post and 2 of his opponent(s)'s posts, fired on the third) charge time. Kaiedo creates 10 of his floating orb constructs, which circle around him and create a specific matrix for him to run his power through. During this time Kaiedo must focus on absorbing as much energy as he can. After the two posts are up, Kaiedo absorbs as much power as he possibly can from the surrounding area and picks his target. Extending his hand, he focuses all of the absorbed energy, as well as his own, through the matric around him, amplifying its power. Once released, the ensuing attack devours his Bankai state, shatters his mask, and shatters Gekimetsu. Kaiedo is left unable to summon or release Gekimetsu for 2 weeks(real time), unable to summon his mask for 2 weeks(real time) and is left barely able to move after the attack since he so drained.

The attack itself is a massive wave of raw, raging energy that surges forth in the direction Kaiedo fires, moving at incredible speed. Anything caught within the attack will most likely perish.**

Important Notes
*: Though this power can be used on player characters, it does not work on people of equal or greater tier than himself. Besides that, I personally will not use this to instant-kill other characters. This is to be used on NPCs mostly, unless a situation arises in which the killing of a character is deemed acceptable in this manner. You guys know me; I won't abuse this by "lolzdead"ing people.

**: As stated, this is an event only ability. Most likely, Kaiedo will never use this ability since the risks to himself are too great. This is basically his "FUCK IT; WE'LL DO IT LIVE!" button.

Hollow Mask and Inner Hollow

Inner Hollow Description:
Odeiak, or Hollow Kaiedo, appears in form like Kaiedo. However, the hollow has taken the liberty of changing his wardrobe ever so slightly: he eschews the under-shirt that Kaiedo wears for a bare-chested appearance, keeping the long coat and pants. His hair and skin are white in color, and where Kaiedo’s eyes are grey, Odeiak’s keep the traditional hollow yellow with black color scheme. He has also trimmed off the side-burns, calling them “ridiculous”.

Inner Hollow Personality:
Odeiak is the opposite of Kaiedo; impulsive, driven by emotion, rash, and short sighted. Those things in mind, he can be crafty with his tongue and his combat techniques, and possesses the skills to make his impulsive fighting style dangerous all the same. He is obsessed with taking control and power, and is constantly looking for a way to tip the scales in his favor for control of Kaiedo’s body. He knows that he is too important to be completely destroyed, but he also knows that Kaiedo could, if he wanted to, subjugate him completely and leave him there. He walks a fine line, knows it, and does so recklessly.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Hollow Powers:
Like most vizards, Kaiedo gains the following when he places his mask on.
Enhanced Strength/Speed/Endurance/Spiritual Pressure
Reiryoku Enhancement
Mask Protection

In addition to the common abilities most/all vizards share, Kaiedo gains the following when he puts his mask on.

Heavy Pressure
Once Kaiedo has summoned his mask, his spiritual pressure takes on an oppressive weight to it, the degree to which it affects those nearby varying based on their power levels and such in relation to his own.

Gran Rey Cero
In addition to the normal Cero, Kaiedo gains access to the Gran Rey Cero while his mask is active. The color of the blast is indigo with a red outlining.

High Speed Regeneration
If Kaiedo focuses and invests his spiritual energies into it, he can regrow lost limbs and heal wounds while his mask is active. This can only be done with his own spiritual energy, however; not the energy that Gekimetsu absorbs.

Dual Arts
While Kaiedo's mask is active, he is able to modify the effects of his Kidō and hollow abilities to make use of his knowledge. Effectively, he can change the properties of Hadō and hollow arts so that instead of shooting a cero of destructive energy, it can be a cero of lightning, or instead of a bolt of lightning from Hadō #2, Byakurai, it’s a beam of cero-like energy.

Resureccion; Unleash the Beast
Resurrección Appearance

Resureccion Release Action/Requirement
Unlike many Vizard, Kaiedo is incapable of simply releasing his Resurrección; instead he must undergo a similar path as Ichigo unwittingly took. What that means is that Kaiedo must “die” to activate his Resurrreccion. Kaiedo accomplishes this on his own with a small scale cero fired into his own heart, creating a whole where it had been that serves as the location for his Hollow hole. Upon his near death from this or possibly another source, his Resurrección with activate, releasing devastating force as the armor forms around his being. Above the roar of the energy, there is usually a loud, chaotic cackling as Odeiak assume control of the “throne.”

Personality Shift
Kaiedo undergoes a massive personality shift once he activates Resureccion, and it is the main reason he hates using this power and usually saves this for situations where he cannot afford to lose. The main reason for this is simple; Kaiedo relinquishes the majority of his control over his body and allows his Hollow side, Odeiak, to take over. Odeiak has a very different fighting style from Kaiedo’s, and almost the opposite personality. Where Kaiedo prefers to be efficient with his energy and slowly destroy his opponents with powerful attacks, Odeiak puts forth all of the force the body can muster from the get go, and seeks to grind his opponents into dust. Rather than sit and use Gekimetsu’s abilities to conserve his own energy reserves, he will launch attacks with both causing massive amounts of destruction over the area. These differences are the main reasons why Kaiedo is more likely to retreat or surrender before resorting to Resurrección; should he be forced, however, the opponent will find the kind of being Kaiedo lives with every day.

Resurrección Abilities
Physical Amplification
Kaiedo’s physical capabilities increase drastically once Odeiak is allowed to assume control in Resureccion. Odeiak’s focus on overwhelming force makes great use of these increases; his physical strength is amplified by a further 4 times, his endurance and defenses are amplified by 3 times, and speed is increased by 1.5 times.

Spiritual Amplification
Odeiak lacks the conservative Nature present in Kaiedo, and thus rather than save the massive amount of spiritual power he has at his disposal for long term effect, he applies all of it in an attempt to overwhelm and destroy his target. Combined with the additional power from Resureccion, the result is that spiritual abilities used while in this form are roughly 60% stronger.

Hollow Arts Amplification
As Odeiak is far more familiar by nature with the abilities of Hollows, once Resureccion is released such abilities gain a specific amplification (listed below) in addition to the amplification listed in Spiritual Amplification.
    Cero – Ceros launched in this form receive an additional 40% power boost, effectively doubling their power.

    Bala – Balas launched in this form receive a 40% speed increase

    Sonido – The travel time is reduced by 20%, and the noise is dampened.

    Pesquisa – Gains access to this ability

For the purposes of Dual Arts, only abilities with Hollow Arts as their base receive these additional bonuses, and said bonuses are halved.

Amplified High-Speed-Regeneration
Odeiak receives a moderate amplification to his High-Speed-Regeneration. He is capable of regenerative most wounds and able to regenerate lost limbs if given a few moments. He is not capable of regenerating organs or his head. To give an idea of his regenerative speed, it would take a full post to regenerate a single arm or full limb.

Retention of Zanpaku-tou Abilities
Odeiak retains knowledge and use of Gekimetsu, its abilities, and the ability to release it to higher stages or seal it back down if need be, though the latter is very rare. The only ability he does not have access to is Genkotsu no Kishin.

Loss of Bakudo
Odeiak has no patience for restrictive Kidō that, in his mind, just slow the fight down; so he has discarded the ability to use Bakudo while Resureccion is active.

Massive Energy Consumption
As long as there is a target within his reach, Odeiak will press the attack with an explosive and excessive amount of force. However, that force uses a lot of energy. It is entirely possibly for Odeiak to run his energy reserves into the ground; before that happens though there will be a great deal of destruction.

Grinding Pressure – [Bankai Active][Passive]
The only truly new ability Odeiak gains in this form, this ability becomes active once both Resureccion and Bankai become simultaneously active. This ability is a zone, centered on Odeiak, extending out up to 50 ft. This zone acts in a similar manner to Gekimetsu’s Spiritual Energy Absorption ability, with several specific stipulations.
    First: The zone is not capable of breaking down physical structures like Gekimetsu can, but it can break down spell-like abilities (Kidō, Demon Magic, etc) that enter its area of effect. As such abilities remain in the area of effect, more of their energy will be broken down and absorbed. The rate of absorption increases the closer to Odeiak such ability come.

    Second: Odeiak does not receive energy absorbed through this ability. Instead, the energy that is broken down from the air(to a minor degree) and energy from spells-like abilities is funneled back into the ability itself to help fuel it.

    Third: Odeiak has no way to turn this ability off once it has been activated, short of sealing Bankai or leaving Resureccion.

Upon this ability activating, it will absorb roughly 15% of Odeiak’s personal energy reserves, and will absorb a further 3% of his energy every post it remains in effect. This energy can not come from Gekimetsu or energy broken down by Gekimetsu. This drain is a constant effect and only ends once Odeiak’s energy reserves have been depleted, at which point this ability becomes inactive until he recovers 15% of his energy.

There is an offensive edge to this ability as well. Enemies caught within this zone will feel a grinding sensation, the intensity of the feeling increasing the closer them come to Odeiak. At maximum range, the sensation is of being pelted with sand in a windstorm; abrasive and annoying but not particularly harmful. Next to Odeiak, it is a different story; the sensation is equivalent to a belt sander or a sandblaster against one’s skin, and possibly on the bones as the monstrous pressure crushes down. This ability chooses no targets; anyone within the active area of effect save for Odeiak is subject to this ability. Depending on how much energy is absorbed by Grinding Pressure, the effects may be amplified to a small degree, and the drain on Odeiak’s energy reserves may be lessened.


Kaiedo tends to keep quiet during most any situation, choosing his words and timing carefully instead of belting out all of his thoughts. He tends to observe and decide his courses of action on his own, and move on them rather than voice them. This does not only apply to discourse with others; Kaiedo steps lightly, having such precise control of his spiritual pressure that he is able to bring it down to levels that most beings wouldn't find worth investigating. For someone of such stature of he possesses, he has become amazingly adept and not garner attention.

Coupled with Kaiedo's observative nature is a perceptive mindset that leads him to picking apart most beings he interacts with. It was this nature that led him to fall in with Hakai during Monsuta's formation. He uses this to his advantage during combat to predict his enemies moves and plan for them. He is not above using any tactic to win when it comes down to it, and if his enemy shows some kind of weakness you'd better believe Kaiedo will pick up on it and exploit to his full advantage.

Kaiedo has shown to be highly intelligent, both tactically and otherwise. Though he speaks little, the comments he does make are usually aimed at the heart of a matter, insightful, and useful. He has spent a great deal of his afterlife soaking up on knowledge, and uses all he has learned to his advantage. He is a creature of logic rather than emotion; he uses his mind to figure out how to fight, and knows when a fight is lost. It is this analytical mindset that has kept him alive for all those years.

Kaiedo spends a great deal of time observing situations; when he decides its time to act, his actions are decisive and to the point. Where others would spend time removing all enemies from an area, Kaiedo goes straight for the leader, and deals with the others afterward. When he decides to make a move, it is in anticipation of a move 3 steps down the line, and usually pointed at an outcome he has already sought to get to.

Kaiedo rarely shows emotions, other than curiosity. He is a creature ruled by logic, leaving emotions to his Hollow side which rages within. This is not to say that Kaiedo doesn't possess emotions; he keeps them under a tight leash so that they do not interfere with his objective and plans. If he is incited into emotion, it is only discernible by those close to him; his face becomes a mask of stone. However, his attentions will be focused on whatever incited him, and he will remove that thing with the utmost prejudice.

    Birth and Early Life 1224 A.D. – 1236 A.D.

Kaiedo was born early in the 1200’s to a then childless family. He would end up being the first of two children, his mother bringing in a younger brother into the world four years later. Kaiedo’s father was an extremely willful man, and did not appreciate being under the thumb of the Shogunate of the period. Three years after Zankaku was born, when Kaiedo was Seven, his father cut ties with the Shogunate and the Japanese people, and left Japan all together with a band of followers he had gathered to start their own civilization on some nearby islands. And so Kaiedo and Zankaku were pulled from their homeland, having barely begun to grasp the traditions and customs of that lifestyle, and forced to begin the work of helping build a new society from the ground up. Kaiedo learned quickly what was expected of him after they found a place to call home. He helped with chores, carried wood, and so on.

His parents noticed several things that were cause for concern, however. Kaiedo wasn’t the best at making friends; he generally kept to himself with only a few exceptions. He seemed far more interested in observing the events around him than actively participating unless he had too, which his father did not like. His mother didn’t like how quiet he was in general; he offered little on his own unless prompted. This wasn’t to say that he didn’t have opinions; he merely seemed content to keep them to himself rather than to voice them. He only made them known when it served him directly.

Beyond that though, his parents noticed something much darker and dangerous in their child. Because of his quiet nature, he did not get along well with all of the children; rather than take it out like most children would when they are ostracized and bullied, Kaiedo bottled it up and used his noted intellect to get revenge in much more harmful ways. He left a bag of ants in one kids bed after a particular encounter; the other child crawled into his bed without checking and woke up half the village as he fled to the water in hopes of removing the ants that clung to him. Of course, there was no way to prove it was Kaiedo’s doing, and he was as quiet as ever, but his parents had their suspicions.

It ended up not mattering really. At the age of twelve his parent’s lives, his brothers, and his own were changed forever. This was the day that he and Zankaku died; killed in the wild by a mysterious animal that was never seen again or found, despite the entire island being searched. Some claimed it was an oni that did it, retribution for leaving the Shoganate and Japan. Only Kaiedo, Zankaku, and a particular Shinigami would ever know what really happened on that day; the pair of brothers were struck down by a hollow. In retrospect, it wasn’t that surprising; though they didn’t know it both Kaiedo and Zankaku were born with unusually high spiritual energies; in the middle of the ocean on a sparsely populated island, there weren’t many other targets.

    The Day Kaiedo Died 1236 A.D.

The day was humid and warm, the air hanging heavy like laundry left out to dry. Kaiedo and Zankaku were exploring near one of the inland rivers that flowed through the island. This was little more than a game to Zankaku, still too young to fully understand what was at stake and what was happening around him at nine years old. Kaiedo may only have been three years old in terms of time, but at this age he was far more mature than most his age; for him this was a hunting expedition to find something worth eating, or at least a good spot for fishing. Zankaku…was making those pursuits exceedingly difficult however; the younger boy was randomly seeing things of interest or making loud noises to break the silence in the air. It was probably because he felt the same thing Kaiedo felt though; both boys felt something watching them. Neither spoke a word of this, nor made their looks obvious; Kaiedo simply assumed that it was one of the boys from the village.

They had been out a few hours when things began to go downhill. Kaiedo had found his fishing spot, and had cast his line out to see if he could snag anything. As he sat there, motionless and quiet, Zankaku ran past him, a blur of little energy as he ran to the bank and launched himself into the air, soaring the last few feet until he hit the water, sending waves through the once calm water. Surely, he had scatted the fish like leaves to the wind, and Kaiedo was on his feet in a moment, anger hot on his face.[/i]
The younger boy looked back, as though unaware of what he had done. Both boys were immediately distracted from their altercation however by the sound of splintering wood above them. A branch hit the water a moment later.

Kaiedo didn’t continue the rant, however. His eyes were focused solely on the water before him. Though the branch had hit and drifted already, something else was in the water now. A slight ripple was all that betrayed it at first as the waves created by Zankaku and the branch hit the invisible object. But it wasn’t quite invisible; more it was a barely noticeable blur, which seemed to fade further as he left the water. Kaiedo was instantly worried; he didn’t know what this phenomenon was, he had never seen it, and he was getting a strange feeling in the pit of his gut that told him to remove himself from this area in as quick a manner as possible.
”Zan…get out of the water. Let’s-“

A high pitched scream broke Kaiedo’s warning as he witnessed something irrevocably wrong; his brother suddenly vaulted from the water, rising high above the surface as he screamed his little lungs out. Something gripped him tightly around the middle, pinning one of his arms to his side. There was an audible crack as bones broke. Then his body was brought down, falling like a rock as it smashed first into the surface of the river, then on the rocks below. The body resurfaced once more, already bloody and broken before slamming down again. Kaiedo looked on in horror, unable to perceive what was really going on. With the second slam, Zankaku was killed, his body ripped from his soul. The hollow that held him wasted no time in devouring the poor young boy.

The shinigami that had arrived wasted no time in doling out retribution; he had not arrived quickly enough to save the first boy, but he would manage to deal with the Hollow before it removed the other. His blade sang out of its sheath as he cleaved through the creature’s mask with a swing. How was this shinigami rewarded for this act? He didn’t see Zankaku reform, now as a hollow after having been devoured. The now hungry Zankaku lunged at the first thing that looked appetizing; the shinigami that had just killed his attacker. With no warning and no way to react, the Shinigami was tackled and devoured as well.

Kaiedo, meanwhile, had waded into the belly high water and grabbed the body of his deceased brother, trying to rouse the younger boy. He was the second most appetizing thing in the area. He felt a hand close around him, though nothing was actually there. He didn’t know what was happening as he was suddenly lifted into the air as well; he kicked and screamed. Then he was flying as he was physically thrown from the river, over the bank, slamming back first into a tree. He wasn’t so lucky as to have just hit the tree; he hit a broken branch, which punctured his back and made its exit through his right-side ribs. He was dead upon impact.

Now a ghost, floating before his own body, wide eyed with terror, he turned around at the sound of something lunging towards him. Zankaku grabbed him once more, studying him as he held him.
”Brother…I’m still hungry…”
Kaiedo couldn’t respond to the creature before him, too shocked to understand and too scared to piece his thoughts together. Before he knew what was going on, Zankaku had eaten him. He felt himself torn apart, and then he began to come back together. The world was strange to him all at once; alien in appearance. The hunger he had felt before this ordeal was suddenly magnified by a thousand fold; he felt hunger like he had never felt before, as though he had gone twelve years and more and never found a crumb to eat. He let out a ghastly wail, now a hollow.

In the short time it had taken Zankaku to eat his brother, and for Kaiedo to reform, a second Shinigami had appeared. Zankaku had retreated instinctually to Hueco Mundo when the Shinigami had appeared; Kaiedo had no such chance, and was purified almost instantly. With no sins from his life, and nothing committed as a Hollow, his soul was found clean and thus he passed from this world to Soul Society. His body and Zankaku’s would be found days later; the island would be searched for the beast that had committed this murders. When nothing was found, the colony was broken up, the island declared cursed and left without inhabitants for many years. But that is now where this story continues.

    Rukongai 1236 A.D. – 1363 A.D

Kaiedo awoke in a strange place, his head foggy. He was disoriented and awaking in a place unfamiliar and yet reminiscent didn’t help the situation in the slightest. He wandered through the apparently endless village that he had found himself in, unsure of how he had gotten there. His memories were jumbled; he remembered being attacked, but after that things got hazy until he awoke. It took him some time before he decided to break his silence and asked someone where he was. When they informed him, and he was obviously lost, he was greeted by what would become his family for nearly a hundred years. He had asked an older lady, and he was brought into her home to find several other children of varying ages at work. He was put to work, and during that he was filled in on where he now found himself.

Over the next couple years he was taught the rules of Rukongai and Soul Society outside Seireitei. Kaiedo was smart, adapted quickly, and set his sights high. He pulled his weight during chores, brought in any food he could manage, and generally help out. If anything, this was the high point of his story; he was on the road to becoming a good person. This would continue until many years down the line. For the time, things were good, or as good as they can be in Rukongai.

He learned of the Shinigami early on; the “death gods” that effectively ruled here. Upon description, some of the hazy memories returned. He didn’t speak of them though; there was no need. Everyone had ended up here somehow; it was the power they wielded that caught Kaiedo’s eye. More specifically, it was the fact that those that had power became hungry in this afterlife; everyone ate, but it was more because it was a habit than anything. Kaiedo ate because he was genuinely hungry still; not the vast hunger like an ocean which he had experienced for a few moments; a manageable hunger that he could stave off. This was a sign of those with spiritual power. However, he wasn’t interested in taking just this small vestige of power in hopes of being accepted to the Shino Academy; he would refine his power to the point that he was sure he would be accepted.

Over the next sixty years he did just that. During this time, he made the first actual friends he would ever make within Soul Society; those that understood his aloofness for the quiet brilliance that it was and accepted it all the same. They lived and worked together, grew together, and so on. Kaiedo was most likely never happier than this time in his ‘life’ though he’d be hard pressed to admit such a thing. When he was sure of himself and his power, he went to the academy and passed its entrance exam without incident. A new chapter in his life was about to begin; one that would steer him towards his eventual fall into darkness.

    Shino Academy 1363 A.D – 1368 A.D.

Kaiedo joined and completed the curriculum of the Shino Academy in only five years, a year quicker than was the norm. While not a genius like Ichimaru Gin or Hitsugaya Toshiro, it spoke of his skill and intellect. He adapt quickly to his new surroundings, he understood the techniques he was being taught, and he saw ways of using them. His father had begun to teach him the basics of footwork and sword combat at the age of ten, and he had remembered those basics and put them to work. During this time was when he made a single enemy that would cause so much of his downfall and pain; a young man by the name of Reito who was a year ahead of him. Both were in Class One now, but Reito resented Kaiedo’s swift entrance into the class and absurd learning rate. The two clashed at every opportunity, and the instructor learned quickly not to place them together for exercises or matches.

Their rivalry was the type that pushed each to grow, but not in healthy ways. There was no friendliness in this rivalry; Reito was a controller. He liked others to listen to him and do as he said. Kaiedo silently refused to fall into line behind Reito. Reito also felt threatened by the newcomer; he had been top of the class, and now found his place in contention. Kaiedo didn’t like the controlling nature of this man, and the man’s apparent hatred for him for no obvious reason did little to garner sympathy from Kaiedo. The two butted heads as a result.

This was not a non-violent rivalry either; several times they had to be pulled away from one another by either classmates or the instructor. Soon the pair learned that it was useless to try and settle this with blows though; they were always interrupted, and as such it got them nowhere. They continued their rivalry in silence for the final year of their stay within the Shino Academy. The Division system took care of the rest; Kaiedo was accepted into the Sixth Division while Reito was taken by the Ninth. Many thought that this would be the end of the senseless rivalry.

Years of the Shinigami 1368A.D. – 1851 A.D.
This was a calm time, oddly enough. With the pair separated and rarely in contact, Kaideo settled back into a routine of training and duty within the Sixth Division. He rose swiftly through the ranks, and picked up knowledge that older Shinigami were willing to pass down. During this time he learned the name of his Zanpaku-tou, which only propelled him through the ranks faster. Besides this gradual growth, not much is worth mentioning here. He would eventually climb to the rank of vice captain, but the achievement was short lived.

    The Change, The End, The Beginning 1851 A.D.

A hollow invasion; of course this would happen. Several Division were scrambled to deal with the strange and pressing event. Kaiedo led his division to the real world to deal with the threat, and jumped into the fray without hesitation. Over the years, he had become a force on a battlefield, silently moving through an area with only minimal talking. When he did speak, he gave orders for his fellow division members to follow and moved along with his work. Things were proceeding smoothly as the hollows were dealt with. While he knew his was not the old division called, he didn’t guess who he would come face to face with.

Reito had climbed the divisions almost as quickly as Kaiedo had; his only road block was a strong vice captain that kept him from attaining the rank. He had come with his Division to deal with the Hollow Invasion as well, but when he and Kaiedo caught sight of one another, they instantly digressed back to insults and bickering, in the midst of a sea of enemies. They dispatched many while arguing, but Reito made a comment that sparked something within Kaiedo, and he turned on Reito in a moment. The pair clashed, there in the middle of a battlefield where none could stop them. The course of their battle took them out of sight of their division members, but not all of the hollows.

When Kaiedo ended their struggle no one else bore witness to it but a lone hollow; thus no one bore witness as the hollow ambushed Kaiedo and devoured him. He felt a strange, creeping darkness that was oddly familiar tearing through his inner world. Things were different now, however; unlike before, where his body dissipated and reformed before the mask, his mask sprang forth first, as well as a torrent of power in a similar fashion to how Kurosaki Ichigo would come into a similar power many years later. However, Kaiedo did not remain in that place as he began to reform. He ripped a hole between the dimensions and shifted into Hueco Mundo.

This was the scene of Kaiedo’s battle with his inner hollow. As his inner world crumbled he found himself in the middle of the once pristine city which now began to fall apart. Gekimetsu was nowhere to be seen which concerned Kaiedo almost as much as the collapse of this world. However, he felt a pulse from one of the buildings and hurried towards it. He found his blade in one of the large buildings as the ground began to give way. He also found Odeiak here; a strange creature that looked so much like him and yet different. Something profoundly evil emanated from this being; without hesitation Kaiedo lunged for his blade and his soul. The hollow did the same. Outside, he raged within the vast emptiness of Hueco Mundo.

The inner world ceased its fall into nothingness, and instead began to collapse around the pair of them as they fought for control of the sword. While Kaiedo knew nothing of vizards at the time, of inner hollows or anything like that, he did know that this creature was after his blade. He didn’t know how to react when the creature suddenly was absorbed into the blade. There was a blinding light, and Kaiedo was doused into blackness. When he came to again, he found his inner-world irrevocably changed by the hollow’s arrival. He also found said creature, resting on some of the reckage.
”So. You’re the one who ruled this place, eh? Seem rather weak to me…”
Kaiedo made no response.
”Not much of a sense of humor on you either it seems.”
Still no response.

The hollow’s grin vanished, replaced by a deep frown at the Shinigmai before him.
”Ain’t ya gonna say anything?”
Kaiedo responded here and now as the Hollow began to push itself to its feet. He had shunpo’d before the hollow knew what was going on, and his blade pierced clean threw the creature. It made no reply from here, only a grin as it seemed to fade from existence. With this action, Kaiedo’s body tore back through the dimensions to Earth, and he came too there, unaware of what had happened for now. He rejoined his division and help to fend off the last of the hollows. During that battle though, he felt an odd weight to his powers, and a strange laugh in his mind. Something had changed, but he didn’t know what yet.

    Revelation/Betrayal 1851 A.D. – 1855 A.D

It would take a period of four years for Kaiedo to make sense of the strange sensations he was getting. He began looking for information on the subject, discreetly. While he wasn’t sure, he knew that Soul Society probably wouldn’t take well to what he thought had happened. This was when he began to cut ties with those he knew; he wasn’t sure how things were going to play out. He drew his closest friends within the division closer to him as he debated telling them of what had happened, and his suspicions. The decision was taken from him before he got the chance, however. It was during another mission when Odeiak struck again, this time attacking Kaiedo directly and usurping control of Kaiedo’s body before the bewildered Shinigami knew what was going on.

When he dragged Odeiak back and off, he found that he had killed one of his friends, as well as the hollow that they had been called to slay. His other division members lunged at him, calling him a monster and a murderer. These were friends, comrades and they struck at him with the intent to kill. It was this betrayal that sparked the dark flames within Kaiedo. His captain had seen what had happened, and only stepped in when Kaiedo had attempted to defend himself. Kuchiki Byakuya’s blade pierced his body, but he had moved just enough to avoid a fatal injury of the loss of his powers. The second strike he barely dodged with a Shunpo. He shot a glare at his former captain, and other division members; a glare of hatred and rage. Then, before he could be struck again, he slipped from Earth to Hueco Mundo.

That was when he dealt with Odeiak. Their battle raged within his inner world as he tore at his hollow self. When he had won, he forced the hollow to give up secrets. And thus he began to unravel what exactly had been done to him, and what he was now to do. He would wander Hueco Mundo in the meantime, unwelcome in Soul Society or Earth this was the only refuge left to him…for now.

    Wanderer In Hueco Mundo 1855 A.D. – 2217 A.D.

Three Hundred years; that was how long Kaiedo wandered the White Desert. His precise reiatsu control might be why he wandered so many years with so little interference. His power might be another; he quickly took to his new powers, wringing all of the information he could out of his hollow side at every possible chance. Yet another reason why he was left alone is because he bothered no one; he kept to himself as long as he was left alone. Simply put, it was less work to let him be than to attempt to remove him. Life was simpler that way for all involved. Once he had figured out how his mask worked, he spent long stretches of time wearing it, aiming to increase the duration of time that he could use it. His Zanpaku-tou’s ability proved useful in this case; when he could use the surrounding energy instead of his own for attacks, he could devote more and more of his own energy to the mask to keep the duration up.

He was there when Aizen Sousuke moved in to Hueco Mundo; his response was nothing. He only registered the event then went on with his life, uncaring of Aizen’s presence within Hueco Mundo. Aizen wasn’t here for him, so it mattered little to Kaiedo. He was no hollow or Arrancar, so Aizen didn’t bother looking him up at first. When Aizen did, his messengers didn’t return. Given more time, maybe more would have played out between the pair of them. But the war came and went, and Kaiedo merely observed. He had no interest in such a war. With time, his thoughts of revenge had been tempered and cooled. Instead, he now looked at Soul Society’s way of doing things as flawed. He no longer agreed with the way Soul Society ran things. When he heard of the Vizard Corps, he heard that they followed Soul Society’s example, and instantly dismissed them as weak and foolish. For another hundred years, he wandered for another hundred years, and possibly would have continued wandered and thinking if he had not been dragged out of his thoughts by a destined meeting.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills: Shinigami
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Adept

Racial Skills: Hollow
  • Acid Skill: Beginner
  • Garganta : Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Master
  • Regeneration: Advanced

~We trip and stumble only so that we may stand back up...~

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