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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Lan-Fang  Burst_Angel_Signature_by_unleashed117


"Must KNOW!"

Name: Lan-Fang

Appearance Age: 17 - 19

True Age: 889

Gender: Female

"She looks pretty compared to most girls these days..."


The Burst Angel's personality seems very unique... in a very special way. She seems to be one of the most quiet people of all times often keeping her posture with a calm gesture and hope that no one would talk to her. Why is this? She just doesn't like talkers - such as her hollow which she gets annoyed by - because the fact that talking takes time away from her that can be used for other stuff for improvement. She doesn't really care about anyone except for herself. However, there are few exceptions at the least. Since she dislikes talkers, she isn't a talkative one as well. Just staying there without any words and when someone decides to talk to her; curses them out with one simple word.

Even though her non-sensitive ego exists, she still have favorites, likes, loves, dislikes and whatnot. Her favorite food would be apples since she grew up mostly eating them as snacks. And, she believes that the citrus within the orange can make her blood flow a bit faster due to it being mostly water and all; actually, most fruits are watery, they just have this flavor from the citrus. Anyways, her most hated food would be anything that are meat. You'll also know that she hates meat by just mentioning it since she's a vegetarian and her body looks a lot lean and skinny compared to meat consumers. You show her meat or even force her to eat meat, you'll expect a long rant on why she dislikes it and prefers vegetables and fruits instead of those.

She absolutely have tastes in guys as well but she tries to make it unnoticeable as possible since she prefers to concentrate what's in her way rather than what's on the side of the train tracks if you know what that means. If you don't, visit a psychologist and check your brain, thank you. Though, on the comic relief side, she can be quite funny and intimidating for one; a weakness are children. She absolutely adores children and will lose her posture by this. Lan-Fang carries no sense of gratitute to whomever helps her except the ones that she adores the most and can cooperate well with. The reason is because she likes to operate alone rather than working with someone else.






110 lbs.

Zanpakuto (Sealed) Description

Zanpakuto Name:

(Dragon Brander)

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Lan-Fang  SpiritWolf

Ryujomaru takes a form of an ethereal spirit wolf. Its form isn't solid but rather ghost-like. Untouchable by others except Lan-Fang herself. This spirit takes great pride in serving his master and its loyalty is only toward Lan-Fang. Without a moment hesitation, he will attend Lan-Fang with help from the inner world, whether it be an advice or physical attunement for improvements.

Zanpakuto World:

A moon surface. However, the moon's crater seems to emit a powerful source of blue reiatsu. Burning whatever that comes in it. It may be a simple explaination of the inner world, but that is usually how it works in this work. The gravity on it seems to be the same as Earth, perhaps maybe a bit less but around the same. It actually has an atmosphere and Ryujomaru is seen walking on it leaving traces of blue reiatsu behind its tail.

Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:

Ryujomaru's actually has a simple looking sealed appearance. The hilt is crimson with trims of gold and the guard is shaped like three crescent moons merging toward each other in a triangular shape but on its back. Under the guard are two rings equally on the sides for her hand-to-hand equality and balance for compositional fighting. Its blade is at least three feet long or possibly a bit lower. Sharp as good, solid as steel and strong as a mallet.

Release Phrase: "Tachiharae, Ryujomaru." (
Swath, Dragon Brander)

Zanpakotu (Shikai) Description

Shikai Appearance:

When Lan-Fang releases her shikai, the zanpakuto completely changes. The katana - instead of retaining its katana-like shape - actually becomes a scimitar of a red hilt and golden trim with a special part of the guard that covers a part of the hilt as it connects from the butt to itself. On top of the scimitar are two rings and on the bottom is a hole for her finger.

Shikai Abilities:

Ryū Tenzoshu (竜天蒼瞬): Lan-Fang's speed increases for a short time, allowing her to maneuver more quickly and deliver combos at a quicker rate.

Rengoku (煉獄, Purgatory; lit. "smelting/forging prison"): Lan-Fang swings her Zanpakutō forward, causing four geysers of flames to erupt from the ground.

Rasen (螺旋, Spiral; lit. "spiral-shell (as of a mollusk) swirl"): Lan-Fang raises her Zanpakutō in the air and violet energy surrounds her and engulfs anyone surrounding her. The energy itself can also randomly burn anyone who gets caught in the vicinity. The burning affect causes a softness in the area it burned, making it less defensive than normal.

Kosō Renbu (虎陶円舞): Lan-Fang twirls Ryujomaru over her head and compresses spiritual energy within the blade. Afterwards, she swings it, and the area it is swung in is engulfed in a violet pillar of energy giving a burning affect to anyone who has been caught in the area that appeared with it. The pillar is as large as 15-30 meters depending on how long Lan-Fang swings it in the air.

Zanpakotu (Bankai) Description

"Kokyu Ryujomaru"

Bankai Appearance:

In Bankai, a dragon-headed pad envelops on her left shoulder with a cape on her waist toward the feet. The blade will be composed of a highly red energy with the blue hilt fading into a red color as well. A cape drapes on his back of the same color of the energy. Lan-Fang will also gain two disks floating next to her with emitting red reiatsu along with three sliver of red energy on the other side.

Bankai Abilities:

Enhanced Speed: Her speed greatly increases, at least able to leave an afterimage behind with ease.

Ryukyū Zesshō (虎糾絶衝, Dragon-Seeking Finishing Thrust). The blade of energy extends and slashes all enemies in range. The length of the blade is possibly unlimited as it stretches with the amount of reitasu that Lan-Fang possesses. The energy is strong and enduring enough to pierce through a basic arrancar hierro (or the type of ability like that).

Ryukyu Shiage Zatsugi (仕上げ雑技, Dragon-Seeking Finishing Acrobatics). The blade of pure red energy just disappears into make-ups of reiatsu. The make-ups form into two more slivers right beside the three slivers of energy to her left. As it does so, the slivers starts to move their position around Lan-Fang. In the end of their swift moment, two sliver gets placed on the exterior side of her each legs, two others gets placed at the exterior side of her each arms which usually leaves one sliver out in the ordinary. She would grab the sliver and form it into another set of blade which looked exactly the same at the beginning. Or, she could just leave the sliver out around her shoulder areas.

Why she positions these slivers are for a reason of her hand-to-hand advantages. By putting the slivers there, she can cause a boost of power extremely in those parts of the body. For example, her normal kick might knock back an opponent stronger than her, but less likely with damage. If the slivers are attached to that part, she can kick and cause an extreme knockback with a large damage. This attack also has a burning affect to anything. The one left out of the parts will be used as defense to block attacks.

Ryukyu Korogashi-Kudō (転がし-駆動, Dragon-Seeking Toss-Powered) The two disks next to Lan-Fang starts to emit a larger source of red energy that it normally does and starts to move around actually. It starts to spin at an extreme rate and where ever Lan-Fang commands it to go, it moves there at a very large speed. The weight of the disk plus the speed will equal to an impact of Radioactive flying one of his softest punch (and we all know his softest punch is still tough, able to break bones and shit). This disks can also burn anything that touches it causing that area of burn to get soften and loose that it gets less defensive & endurable.

Hollow Mask and Inner Hollow

Inner Hollow Description:


Lan-Fang's inner hollow looks like an average hollow except that it has this unique acrobatic look as if it's going to jump at a person in a martial arts position. Its name is "Vergo" as he has that crabby-ness and dislikes Lan-Fang's way of treating her inner hollow like that. Why? Lan-Fang was able to supress her hollow in a matter of minutes due to the advantage she had over its mind.

Inner Hollow Personality:

Vergo is a joker like Pesche, and doesn't like people who doesn't get amused at his humor; Lan-Fang being one of them. Even though she dislikes the way he handles things, and he hates the way she treats him, they seem to still get along well with each other as if the phrase; "Opposites attracts to each other" a true statement. Still, Lan-Fang doesn't call him by his name but rather a nickname suited for his behavior on the situation.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Lan-Fang  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRTopni5m1mjw2SNpkIUSEleeQiYYd7koec56c_lz_iG869StPK0A&t=1

Hollow Powers:

Cero: Lan-Fang can shoot out a cero from every part of her body except her mouth as she describes it as a "vulgar act that disrespects nature." If she wants to swing a cero out of her leg, she can do that as well.

Sonido: By putting on her hollow mask, Lan-Fang is able to use sonido; the arrancar equivalent of the shinigamis' shunpo. Except, it might be a lot faster than it is with shunpo.

Garganta: A hollow passageway from an area to another specific direction; mainly Hueco Mundo (unless it has been modified to be able to go somewhere else in the placements...)

Enhanced Strength: Lan-Fang has improved and immense strength with her mask on. This is proven when she was able to kick a shinigami in the past, the shinigami flew many football fields away getting bashed through buildings and such. Her strength also makes it possible to slice through objects in a range.

Enhanced Speed: His speed is able to match up against one of the fastest people in the world. But, her speed even with the mask is no where near Shadin's or Yoruichi's level whatsoever. However, she still is fast enough to leave afterimages if tried with the mask. If used with bankai, then she'll be able to create more than one afterimage of just moving around with ease.

Resurreccion Appearance:

Lan-Fang  The_Demon_Girl_by_transfuse
(In Lan-Fang's standard)

Resurreccion Abilities:

Epic Spiritual Power: Lan-Fang's and her hollow's reiatsu completely mixes into each other and blends in with the opposite one. Her reiatsu will usually leak out of her body and burn anything around her. If she touches a metal, it will be rusty by the end she gets off due to the heat she has around her body.

Maximum Attribution: Lan-Fang's abilities and techniques are to their max, abling her to push through her limits at will.

Retention of Past Abilities: Any abilities of bankai and shikai (and such and on) will be retained in this form also furthering their power.

High Speed Regeneration: When her limbs are lost and such, she will be able to regenerate them in a matter of seconds in this form. Due to that, the only way to prevent it is to render it useless with an ability or destroy her before she does it.

Shinigami Skill Level- Kidou: Advanced
Shinigami Skill Level- Swordsmanship: Adept
Hollow Skill Level- Sonido: Advanced
Hollow Skill Level- Cero/Bala: Adept
Skill Level- Hand-to-Hand: Master

Racial Skills

  • Hoho/Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala/Kidou: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Advanced (close to Master-ish?)

Background/Roleplay Sample


    Lan-Fang's Birth with the Power

    Lan-Fang was born over eight hundred years ago in a city in China. It was the time where most of the situations of the world were pretty hostile toward each other and dynasties existed. The only thing she remembered was that she was an empress of a castle in a small city. It wasn't a primary factor of one of the main cities of China, but it was well-known for their powerful machinery and gun-power at the time. There were one of the few people in the world who actually discovered how to use gun powder for themselves as well without having disadvantages. Lan-Fang was famous for her fan blades at this time; she was an awakened human being able to throw off a huge damage by swinging her fans around. The fans were sharp as knives and they served as one. The city kept their gun-power in reserve unless necessary so they were barely seen used.

    Lan-Fang started out of course as a little baby under a wife and the emperor. The emperor had many wives due to the traditional marriage system they had at that time, and wars were bound to happen between territories. She was born in a large house-hold under her mother between few other people who took care of Lan-Fang. The wife died due to the illness that she already carried and luckily, Lan-Fang was able to grow up without being infected by it. It was also the same exact time when cannonballs were shot onto their land destroying housings and killing people with a squash. Lan-Fang was too young - as an infant - to be fighting outside in the battlefield. Her father was naturally the commander of the whole army they had; he declared some talented officers to work as leaders. Four were picked, but one was a lot more special than others. That one had awakened powers with the water able to shoot out waterballs or shoot a huge stream of high-pressurized river at the enemies. This man looked at the kid held within the emperor's arm and raised his hand saying that she had this 'potential' noticeable by a glance. The war ended with a clean victory of not too much loss on their vision.

    Awakening It

Lan-Fang grew up a normal princess-like life until she was six; eating like a princess, talking like a princess, walking like a princess, dressing like a princess and even fighting like a princess. Yes, she was taught basic martial arts abilities at the age of five and mastered one type of it by the age of six. It was a big surprise toward the one leader that was selected to command the troops. He was really interested in how Lan-Fang was growing so fast in abilities and having the talent to do such a thing at such a young age. Her father was a great swordsmanship but would falter if he had to fight with Lan-Fang at the age of 13, where she managed to master kendo and fencing. However, her favoritism went toward the hand-to-hand combat style instead of blades as she thinks it's boring to just smack swords already with each other. The only fascination came from those style when they actually land a hit on the person they're fighting with.

Another war happened between their territory and another territory when she turned 17. That's when she fought with fans balanced with reiatsu placements by the man who had awakened his powers. That man died after doing so due to his age but died like Lan-Fang's grandfather. Hopefully he's somewhere out there in the afterlife having fun again all over. She was deployed into the battlefield as one of the commanding officers after begging her father to be one. He denied the fact that his daughter was fighting while his other wife is pregnant with her half-sister. She just grinned and nodded without an answer then left to the battlefield, proclaiming herself as one of the commanding leaders.

This fight was going to be a different one considering that the other side had two awakened powered men at their disposal. This side only had one and that was Lan-Fang who was able to fight with her war-fans and shoot out cutting wins from it. At the first sequence, three gunshot was aimed toward Lan-Fang in which she cuts them with two of her fans, each of them in one hand. She then twirls the two fans toward the three gunshooters causing it shoot out winds from all direction as it spins. The wind cuts the men's gun then causes them to drop on the ground in fear. Lan-Fang smiled, patted them on the head then left off toward the other enemies. She disliked hurting other people despite their conditions with her own town. She just kept dashing through the grassplain battlefield with the crowd. Many men were shot down, slashed down and ... powered down. A man who had an awakened power shot out fiery forces toward the enemies. Lan-Fang blew out the flames out of the way and ran toawrd the man slicing his arms to prevent himself from doing another spell. Then, he continues by kicking him in the groin and onto the back of his neck.

Another powered user from the other side shot a fiery material at Lan-Fang. It looked as if the guy was this guy's twin and a bit angry that she might've killed the guy. By repeating what she had just done, she dashed toward the guy then proceeded with the same action. The war ended after awhile in their victory.
    Number of Death; 4

Lan-Fang was 19 already and had a half-sister at the age of two. She cared for her dearly, telling her stories about her life and what she has done when she was her age. That's when Lan-Fang started to get ill and acted a bit more poorly on what she used to do. Her skills were still considered an excellent level but she was failing on styles on what she was good at. War was too common during this time. That's right, it was time for another war between other territories. Again, she was declared as the top commander for their territorial troops while having other three sub-commanders under her. The other territory had siege weapons and heavy artillery. This was going to be one hell of a battle. When Lan-Fang went on firsthead toward the enemies, they look like they just shot billions of artillery weapons at her. She was able to dodge them all and even reflect some back at them. The other territory's commander happened to be a poweruser related to guns. He shot one clean toward Lan-Fang's head, and she was gone just like that. On her forehead where she was shot was the bullet hole and the number of death; 4 written on it.
    A New Beginning

Lan-Fang appeared in a weird looking environment. Her outfit looked as if she was born a commoner in the war-days during her past life, and... she didn't remember a single thing that happened before she woke up here. People looked at her awkwardly due to her white hair and amber red eyes declaring them as a scary thing. Literally, she was teased throughout the whole district of Rukongai she lived in by children and other mature adults. It was a huge surprise. Why would the adults encourage their children to do something like this? Lan-Fang was hating life already after a rebirth, and that usually comes to a bad sign. She was poor too, and she was having to beg for her living supplements. And her hair made it worst for her, but she kept on going again and again. It was then when a savior came when she was starving and on the brink of death in the middle of a street where nobody even dared to pay attention to her. As she tries to close her eyes, a man walks up toward her and tosses a huge jug of water and a bag of fishes. The man only showed his back as he walked away. Lan-Fang yelled out a thank you but the guy only waved his hand back and disappeared into the sight. Lan-Fang did get accepted... by at least one person. He also looked familiar... he was young for sure though by his physique.
    The Power Of Love

Lan-Fang enrolled herself into the Shino Academy without trying due to the natural talents she had with her body. She was already getting used to the kido as she had awakened powers in her past life, but she never knew as she has forgotten everything during that period. Her zanjutsu was already improvised from her fanblades and her hoho skills were pretty impressive. She was even put into the higher-class above all. Although, she never really had any friends during her time there. That was until a familiar face rolled in front of her. He asked her name, and as she answered, the guy remembered that he saw him on the street before and is glad to meet her again. This guy was the one who saved Lan-Fang from dying again. She was feeling love, and had this... odd sensation growing from her chest. It was love toward this boy. Love in first sight was true afterall.

Aftersince the day they introduced themselves, the boy was known as Hikaru. He didn't know his surname but he knew that his family owned a fishing place outside of Sereitei. His reasons for wanting to become a shinigami was that he earned less money in his business alone and nobody ever came. It was to get more money from doing shinigami jobs in which Lan-Fang agreed to help to do so. Everytime she saw him, she would always blush. And the Shino Academy was going on and on until she graduated.
    Tragedy of Love

Lan-Fang joined the third division with Hikaru as they both agreed to stay together forever no matter what and remain friends. Besides, he was the only friend she had ever had in this lifetime and she didn't want to lose it. As they kept doing their job, Lan-Fang and Hikaru rose up and up until they reached the fourth seat together. That's right, they were competing who would also go up faster; and the current situation was that they were going at equal rate. They thought they needed to do something a bit more competitive and challenging so when a mission was sprout by the Captain, they left off first to the destination. This mission was related to hollows obviously and an unknown source of reiatsu that was destroying buildings in half by a strike of its blade.

When Lan-Fang reached there with Hikaru, a voice came toward her. "Push yourself... forward... it... easier..." Its voice was vague and Lan-Fang didn't understand what it was trying to say as words gets cut off as it goes. Hikaru only wondered what she was doing in hesitation. As he looked at Lan-Fang, he couldn't help but to feel worried. He walked toward her and grabbed her hands. "We'll get through this together, alright?" Lan-Fang looked at him desperately and nodded. That's when she realized something; they were both shaking.

The source of the high reiatsu went toward her again, high enough to supress them onto the ground slouched. It was an arrancar with a cyan hair reaching upto his neck with red wings made with reishi. It only laughed in a spanish accent and swung its blade onto them both. The source of reiatsu was uncomprehendable back at the station, but when people approached him or got close to him, they were slouching or laying down as if they're getting forced by gravity. When the blade swished through the air, a sound of clang was heard. Lan-Fang was closing her eyes and when she heard that, she just had to open her eyes to see it. Hikaru tried to block the strike but it evidently broke his zanpakuto and went on toward his shoulder, pretty deep. Lan-Fang screamed at the sight of that and requested medical help by the comm immediately. The arrancar was just stunned and backed off in disgust. The voice came again, "Push yourself into the horizon... go foreward and keep moving toward it... it'll make it easier for you to get stronger." The voice was clear and she guessed where it was from; her zanpakuto.

"I want your name!" She yelled out.
"Knowing my name is a hard feat. Are you su-..." The zanpakuto's voice was cut off by Lan-Fang's.
"Obey me! I'm going to protect everyone here! No matter what. Especially the people I love..." Tears sprang out of her eyes and in proudness, the zanpakuto walked away. "Ryujomaru."

"Swath, Ryujomaru!" Lan-Fang took out her blade in a burst of red reiatsu from her. The blade looked like a scimitar with two rings at the top of it. She swung it vertically downward on the ground which created fierceful fiery columns to sprout from it. The last column hits the arrancar immediately which killed him instantly. But, instead of disappearing like most hollow. It looked as if it was burning while slowly fading away. She fell down onto the ground helplessly with Hikaru next to her hoping that the medical help comes fast as possible.
    Hate & Destruction

Lan-Fang woke up with a white gown on her in a bed. She stared across the room then glanced around it only to notice the fourth division insignia hanging on the wall above an open door. A person came in with a smile. It was a female shinigami. "Are you okay?" She asked. Lan-Fang just nodded with a grin. "What you did was a great thing; you should be able to get up now which is why I came here." She stood up carefully then grabbed the door until Lan-Fang asked; "Where is... Hikaru?" The female shinigami only sighed with a glance toward Lan-Fang then shook her head. Lan-Fang didn't know what that meant; is he dead, alive, getting treatment, running around having fun or what?! "I'm sorry... he... didn't make it." That's when Lan-Fang's eyes got rageful in blazes of flame. She was angry. She was mad at the Sereitei not being able to do what she wanted them to do, what she hoped for them to do. She yelled as a pillar of her own reiatsu bursted through her room. She took up her zanpakuto nearby and left the place. The female tried to stop Lan-Fang but was supressed by her huge reiatsu pinning her down like a paper.

Lan-Fang was already in a forest after few minutes of leaving. She sliced down trees in rage until a man grabbed her blade from the flat. "I can make you stronger." Lan-Fang wanted it, and she wanted it now and damn she was in a hurry. "I'm in a hurry, can you do that?!" The guy nodded and leaded Lan-Fang toward a place. She laid down on a steel-hardened bed and slept.

When she woke up, she had on this metal contraption holding her down with bunch of needles poking on her body. Her veins poked out and in with deep pain and Lan-Fang was screaming. A huge reiatsu bursted out from that place until the whole area was destroyed, she appeared with reishi wings with the color of black, however it was small. Her skin was a lot more pale as if she was dead. And her hair grew in length toward her shoulders. She still kept her sanity after that but there were no one to keep her down at that time. She discovered her abilities of a hollow able to trascend toward another dimension with just one single ability. She broke her own mask in the end after a long battle of her hollow inside of her. It was that the men injected a hollow in her body and that she had to compress it or she would get taken over completely. She literally made the hollow her bitch and now she's in Karakura Town.
    Rebirth of Powers, Rebirth of a New Beginning?

Lan-Fang has already mastered her bankai and shikai as she lived in Karakura as it has already been over hundred years that happened. She stole some money and clothes for a living and didn't give a shit about anyone but herself. Her only love and friend was dead, what more could she possibly need from the hatred of God? Lan-Fang was already able to even transcend into her full hollow form, and put on a mask for a long duration of time. That's when she thought she needed new friends and people to support her beliefs and morals. That's when she found the Monsuta group. Powerful group of vizards who were hollowfied shinigamis that was in deep hatred for the Sereitei, Gotei 13, and the allied group of Gotei 13, the Vizard Corps. The completely opposite directional vizard group from the Monsuta. She claimed her seat as a Black Operation leader due to her impressive abilities.

Role Play Sample: (Not a must...)

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Comments/Notes: Nice job; Hakaixlan possibly in the future as you suggested, eh? Anyway, I like the powers and such very much, good job here mate. Worthy of the Monsuta!

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