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 Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+]

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Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Genpakuheader32

[Last of the Wilds - Nightwish]
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Overviews
Arishima, Genpaku (Family, Given)

The Step, the Spark, and the Rushing Wind.
The Phantom Shinigami
The Howling Tempest

True Age – 514
Appears – Early 20’s



Formerly Special Human Task Force and the Gotei 13
Currently Vanguard

Former Founder/Head of the Special Human Task Force
Current Commander of Vanguard

Special Human Task Force Barracks, Karakura Town.
Arishma Mansion, Soul Society

╡Combat Rating╞

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Appearance
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Genpakuolderscaled
╡General Description╞
Genpaku stands taller than the normal Japanese male, a trait common in his family though he can only theorize at why. While in a gigai, which is quite common for him since he acts as a negotiator between the governments of Earth and Seireitei, he typically wears jeans and a simple button up shirt, complimented by a long dark jacket. While not in a Gigai his clothing is that typical of a Shinigami, with the addition of the Captain’s Haori sometimes. He is known for leaving said haori sitting in his quarters while training and sometimes when in a rush in general.

The distinguishing features that make Genpaku stand out in a crown are his hair, the color of platinum and down to the back of his neck, and his emerald green eyes. He has been known to adopt a gigai with a different set of features to avoid detection since his normal appearance isn’t exactly inconspicuous. The other notable feature is the innumerable scars that cover his torso and arms; these are a manifestation on his spiritual body of the wounds inflicted upon him before his death. He usually keeps them covered.

5’10” – 5’11”


Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Personalityw
Genpaku possesses a drive few others understand or possess. His drive has pushed him above and beyond what many expected of him, and continues to push him further. He is never satisfied with where he stands, believing that one can always improve. His drive is triggered by the strangest things; any time he is shown that he does not have enough power to accomplish one of his goals or to protect something, it triggers something in his brain that makes him work even harder to attain more strength

This is coupled with his fierce determination. Once he has decided on a course of action or goal he will devote everything he has to accomplishing it. In battle, his determination and focus are a remarkable thing to see, and he will show no hesitance to unleash his full strength and power if the situation calls for it. He will not back down on issues he feels strongly about, and will meet all opposition that comes his way head on rather than to divert it or circumvent it.

Genpaku is not the type to sit by and watch someone suffer. He will go out of his way to make himself the butt of a joke to bring up the spirits of those that are down, and will step into a conflict if he sees someone undeserving in pain. He sought power for the purpose of ensuring that other would not have to subjected to the pains he was, which he now recognizes as a foolish ideal; he is incapable of being everywhere at once, but that won’t stop him from doing his best all the same. He will try and comfort those in pain with whatever words or actions he can use. His compassionate nature is what leads one of his Zanpaku-tous, Fujin, to feel sorry for him; to quote her, Genpaku is too kind for the world of violence he has been pushed into.

In addition, Genpaku is incredibly loyal to those he calls his friends and those who fight to keep the world free of the pain inflicted by demons and hollows. He will lay down his life for those he calls his friends, and anyone who points their blade at them should be prepared to deal with a very angry Shinigmai. He says that the blade that represents his soul, Fujin, exists only to protect those important to him, and does exactly that without hesitation. Some may call that a weakness, but if you attempt to make use of it, be prepared to deal with all of the force that Genpaku can and will bring against you.

Behind Genpaku’s joking manner and fierce personality lies a razor-sharp intellect. He has always been a learner, and combined with his drive has led him not only to picking up and understanding how many techniques and such work, but to modify them to his own purposes. Beyond simply that, he is a clever man who has a knack for picking apart battle strategies and thinking off possible loopholes or weaknesses in a system. He downplays this, however, as he doesn’t see it as important that everyone and their mother knows he’s intelligent. He prefers to be happy, joke, and in general enjoy things.

That being said, when he decides on a course of action, he goes for it. He is decisive when the time calls for it, focusing his efforts on that decision. He does not make such decisions rashly when he can help it. He will speak up when others wont and make the calls others don’t wish too.

As displayed by the open door policy enforced by the Special Human Task Force, Genpaku has an open mindset when it comes to most issues. Having been more involved with most human goings than most Shinigami, issues of sexuality, race, and so on rarely phase him(hell, one of his best friends is a raging lesbian for god’s sake) if at all. Anyone who will raise their blade to help end the suffering caused by those that would see the world destroyed, burned, eaten, or what have you is welcomed. This does not mean that he brings everyone into the Special Human Task Force, however. He is cautious about who he lets in, and who has access to what information.

He has too be. Technically speaking the Special Human Task Force is the weakest link in Soul Society’s structure as people of almost all races are allowed in. Genpaku personally interviews all members who wish to join, and has them observed by those close to him to ensure nothing slips by. That being said, he can never be entirely sure, so he is careful when doling out tasks, information, and so on.

╡Laid Back/Modest╞
The thing most people immediately pick up about Genpaku is that he is laid back. Many mistake this for lazy, weak, or something along those lines. Genpaku simply prefers to be relaxed when he can, since he has lived through events that would drive many men mad. A sense of humor is about the only thing that keeps him sane sometimes, not counting his friends. Beyond that, he prefers to have a more relaxed feel about his Division than the others so that the members can interact and sort out their issues without feeling pressured.

Along with that laid back feeling, Genpaku is incredibly modest about his powers and intellect. Part of this has to do with the fact that he is never satisfied with where he stands. Part of it is because he doesn’t want that much attention; he has worked hard for his power, but he does not feel the need for recognition or anything like that. His power is a blade to cut through those that would cause suffering; that blade doesn’t need to be constantly shined with praise.

Though he typically has a good hold on his temper, if one presses the correct buttons Genpaku will succumb to it, and attack without thinking. Beyond the simple rage, however, he is prone to bouts of depression at failure or weakness, though he typically doesn’t show that(more on that in a minute) aspect of it. Slaying a friend or a child is one of the buttons that will set off his anger, along with general destruction of people.

Genpaku takes too much upon his own shoulders; he has been told this time after time and it does not sink in. There are events that take place that he blames himself for, and he will continue to blame himself for an outrageous amount of time. Part of him still feels bad about not being able to do anything to stop the slaughter of his Captain hundreds of years before. There is no way of knowing how long he will blame himself for the loss of London. Not that he shows this; Genpaku has his own way of showing that he is brooding, and that is to train. When he is sad or angry, he trains. Beyond that, he keeps a mask of a smile up most of the time when he is thinking about these kinds of situations. He blames himself too much, and his close friends know this, but it’s hard to tell when he is doing that.

Tying in to the above, Genpaku has a habit of fixating on things that he has done wrong or perceives he has done wrong or was not able to stop. This manifests as the above training. He can spend an unhealthy about of time fixating on things he had no possible way of stopping, to the point of injuring his own body while training. He has been chewed out about this by his Zanpakut-tous, particularly Fujin, but that doesn’t seem to have done anything either.

If it hadn’t been gathered already, Genpaku can be rather stubborn when he wants to be. Mainly this is about his stance on suffering or the things he has done wrong. Talking him out of holding himself responsible for certain events it like talking Zaraki out of fighting; difficult at best.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Backgroundhistory
Genpaku’s Full history is rather long, and so has been given its own thread.
You are welcome and even encouraged to read it.

╡Brief History Summary╞
Genpaku died and became a Shinigami in the early morning hours of August 12th, 1888 after having been hunted and slain by a Hollow. He went on to spend over 30 years chasing down and slaying Hollows on his own before finally being captured by Ukitake Jushiro of the Gotei 13. Ukitake agreed to travel with him for a short time while Genpaku finished fulfilling an oath he had sworn; to slay 10000 Hollows before he went anywhere. Upon completion he was taken to Soul Society.

Once there, it was discovered that Genpaku was the last of a dead Noble House that had vanished hundreds of years earlier. He was inducted into the Shino Academy in 1921 and would spend just over a year and a half before graduating. He was placed into the Fifth Division under Aizen Sousuke, but was later transferred out as he trained with the other divisions so regularly that he almost seemed to belong in all of them. He would go on to spend time in several different divisions before joining the Eighth, where he would remain for a significant length of time.

He discovered the names of his Zanpaku-tous at separate times; Raiden in 1977 and Fujin in 2008 during the invasion of Soul Society by Ender. After the invasion was settled, he was bumped up to Vice Captain of the Eighth Division with the retirement of Shunsui and Nanao. He grew to be close friends with his Captain, and continued to train to achieve Bankai with either one or both of his Zanpaku-tous. He discovered Raiden’s first after a hard test from the Zanpaku-tou, but that could not help him in stopping the murder of his Captain less than a year later. With that event Genpaku was raised to Captain of the Eighth Division, a position he would have preferred not to take, but someone had too.

He would discover Fujin’s Bankai three years after that, nearly dying in the process. With that knowledge in hand, he began to delve into the research of how to access both sets of Shinigami powers he possessed at once. This was something else that would nearly kill him when he attempted it. This would be one of his major focuses for the next two hundred years or so.

Around 50 years ago Genpaku left the Gotei 13 proper with a new plan; he proposed, founded, and began to lead the Special Human Task Force, a subdivision of the Gotei 13 aimed to serve as the first line between the Gotei, its allies, and everyone else. It would also serve as the major diplomat between the human world and Soul Society. He continues to lead it to this day. He was present at the events in London but was unable to stop it, much to his own hatred.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Combatcapabilities
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Hohox
Natural Speed/Agility
Genpaku has always been a fast runner, and ever since turning his abilities towards the arena of combat he has emphasized his speed and agility. His speed is great enough that he is able to keep up with most beings using Shunpo or its equivalents without resorting to it(up to tier 1-3). Beyond just his speed, however, Genpaku has great balance, reflexes, and control over his body.

Shunpo(Flash Step) Mastery
Of all the techniques Soul Society and the afterlife have offered him, Genpaku has spent the greatest amount of time working on his natural speed and Shunpo. He has great control over his Shunpo’s distance, and is easily able to use it in rapid succession to create “clones” as he moves, much like how Ichigo did the same when he first released his Bankai or Soi Fon did in the battle against Aizen Sousuke(in the canon anyway). It takes little to no effort for him to use Shunpo because of his extensive training. He has developed mastery over the ability that he is able to perform it off of his hand or even his head, though the range on such variants is lessened. With a normal, single Shunpo he is capable of traveling up to a full mile.
    Senka(Flash Blossom)
    Senka is the act of utilizing a Shunpo to travel behind an opponent and strike them in the Saketsu(Chain Link) and Hakusui(Soul Sleep), effectively sealing their spiritual powers. Typically, this technique is performed with the Zanpaku-tou and can be fatal.

      Ubuge Senka(Soft Flash Blossom)
      Genpaku does not like using Senka if he can avoid it, preferring to use this modified version while unarmed to channel energy into the target, temporarily disrupting the flow of energy at these central points. This can be overpowered by a large outpouring of power from these central points, effectively jumpstarting the system again.

    Utsusemi(Molting Cicada)
    An advanced movement technique used primarily by high ranking Onmitsu members, the user moves at high enough speed to leave an afterimage, which can appear to have taken damage. While the technique sounds simple, it is hard to master.

      Mure no Utsusemi(Swarm of Molting Cicada Cicada)
      An advanced version of Utsusemi where the technique is used in rapid succession up to 3 times, creating afterimages with each iteration. Genpaku is able to do this because of his naturally increased speed, but using the technique to its maximum will put unneeded strain on his legs and body.

      Sattou Semi(Rushing Cicada)
      Another variation on Utsusemi, this technique is not specific to Genpaku, though he is the only one who currently knows it. Effectively this technique is used in mid-movement, resulting in an afterimage that continues on the path of movement for a period of 4 seconds before vanishing. More details listed here.

    Doyadoya(Sound of Many Footsteps)
    A modification on the fast moving shunpo seen in use by Soi Fong, Kurosaki Ichigo, and so on this technique requires Genpaku to move at higher speed than normal, adding a second step to his Shunpo’s typical 1 step. When he does this, he forces a small amount of his reiatsu into his feet and out, creating a small scale sonic boom. Normally such a thing would give away one’s position; the purpose of it in this technique is that Genpaku uses several of these shunpo’s while staying in close proximity, effectively vanishing from site from most beings. The sound serves to confuse the target before he goes in for the strike. Understandably this technique can be quite draining if used too much.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Hakuda
Hakuda Mastery
In life Genpaku studied martial arts, and once he died he focused primarily on them after his formal training began. He has undergone extensive training to any and all he could find to spar/train/practice with, has researched the known and old Hakuda techniques in the Great Spirit Library, as well as creating several of his own techniques. His specialties are close quarter combat striking as opposed to submissions, taking advantage of his natural speed, dexterity, and flexibility.
    Ikottsu(Single Bone) and Soukottsu(Double Bone)
    Incredibly powerful unarmed strikes, seen in action by Yamamoto when he fought Wonderweiss. Ikottsu is a single fisted strike while Soukottsu is a dual fist and has substantially more power.

    Tessho(Iron Palm)
    An open palmed strike that possesses immense power, Genpaku prefers to use this to his closed fists because the open palmed strikes possess less power. That is not to say that, when Genpaku wants to, the strike is weak.

      Narusho(Echoing Palm)
      A step beyond Tessho, Genpaku forces reiatsu into his hand and strikes, unleashing the energy directly into his opponent. The energy attempts to hinder the flow of reiatsu/demonic energy/etc through the enemies body. The effectiveness of this can be increased if critical points are hit. A significant increase in power will dissipate the energy.

        Myakusho(Pulse Palm)
        An altered version of Narusho, this strike effectively collapses the effect of Narusho into a single pulse that rushes through the body. The purpose of this strike is to attempt to stun the target, rendering it helpless for a brief moment. The stun lasts for no more than 1 seconds regardless of tier. A sufficient amount of power being released or present can override this effect or lessen the length of time.

        Sasusho(Piercing Palm)
        Also an altered version of Narusho, this technique focuses on dealing internal damage nad injuries by simply forcing energy through his strike without the intent to hinder, only harm. Strikes using this technique can cause massive internal injury to organs and so on if too many attacks are taken.

      Hekisho(Burst Palm)
      A combination Kidō/Hakuda maneuver developed by Genpaku, the technique involves creating and compressing a Kidō spell in ones palm as they strike an enemy. Instead of the spell taking its normal form or appearance, the Kidō takes the form of a small glowing orb that hangs on the target for a moment before releasing, exploding with equal level strength to the original Kidō with appropriate skills and all. The higher the Kidō, however, the more difficult the technique becomes as the rapid compression and harnessing in the middle of combat is not simple. Genpaku does not go above Kidō Level 35 typically unless given enough time to prepare a higher one. The orb can be knocked off of the target if they can reach it before the orb explodes.

        Hekigohei(Burst Combination)
        An advanced version of Hekisho, this involves the addition of additional strikes and high speed Shunpos within a small area, the aim being to cover the target with compressed Kidō spells before retreating and allowing the Kidō to explode. This chain can be anywhere from 3 to 12 strikes long; beyond that, and Genpaku runs the risk of the first explosions going off before he had cleared the area. Beyond that, the rapid compression combined with the movement and strikes is a precise and taxing maneuver; using it multiple times, while possible, will begin to quickly drain Genpaku's energy.

    Assaitaiho(Crushing Cannon)
    More of a counter than an offensive technique; effectively, Genpaku uses a combination of a flying knee or kick and a Shunpo to apply tremendous force against his enemy. More often than not, he uses this if one of his kicks is caught, aiming to crush whoever caught said kick either into the ground or the wall.

Shunko (Flash Cry)
Genpaku underwent training with Soi Fon after having discovered the existence of Shunko through stories and some research of his own. While he can use it proficiently, he has discovered a flaw in the technique inherent in himself. Energy has a flow, and different techniques alter this flow to be used. The flow of energy in Shunko runs opposed to Kyoumei; what this means is that the two techniques cannot be used in conjunction. As such, Genpaku’s power is actually lessened for him to use Shunko. He mainly uses it when Kyoumei would be unnecessary or overkill. His Shunko has no special properties, and manifests as a combination of lightning and wind.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Kyoumei
Kyoumei refers to Genpaku's inability to normally access both sets of Shinigami powers present within him. He was told by his Zanpaku-tous that accessing both of them was impossible and extremely dangerous. However, Genpaku saw something different. Through trial and error(which in all honesty nearly killed him once), he discovered that he was unable to access them both because they had separate reiatsu signatures. Different wavelengths if you like. As such, they did not meld together well. However, he was able to interact with both sets independently of each other. This meant that he was able to interact with both reiatsus. He concluded that this was because his reiatsu was a sort of alloy, made up of both sets of Reiatsus from the powers. Kyoumei is effectively the warping of his reiatsu to incorporate both powers, allowing him access to his full power. This has several stages of progression, detailed below.

Kanipo;Kyoumei no Omoi (First Step: Resonance of the Mind)
The first step of Kyoumei is the unlocking of the barrier that seperates Genpaku's seperate Shinigami powers, and melds their reiatsu's with his own. This was the hardest for him to attain, taking nearly 100 years, but is the easiest to maintain as both of his Zanpaku-tous remain sealed in this state. Releasing one or the other does not interfere with this, and he is simply channeling the power into the blade and allowing it to meld as it normally would. While he is able to hold this level of Kyoumei indefinitely, he prefers not too. While Kyoumei no Omoi is active all of Genpaku's abilities are brought to their maximum, but he loses the extreme reiatsu stamina he held before as he is now accessing both sets of powers instead of one at a time.
During this time, his reiatsu manifests as an emerald power surrounded by crackling lightning, and is immensely powerful.
    Kyoumei No San Kokoro(Resonance of Three Minds)
    More of a half step than a fully, this is an extension of Kyoumei no Omoi. Effectively, this allows Genpaku to access and release both Zanpaku-tous to the Shikai level. He is freely able to use both sets of abilities within the Zanpaku-tous while doing this. While he is able to hold this indefinitely as all Shikais can, he doesn't because there is little reason for him to need that amount of force. Beyond that, once he re-seals the Zanpaku-tous he will feel a great deal of tension throughout his body, though that is the extent of the pain as he has spent time everyday training on this technique since he discovered it over 200 years ago.

Daniippo; Kyoumei no Shinjou (Second Step; Resonance of the Body)
The second level of Kyoumei, this is by far one of Genpaku's most powerful and dangerous abilities. Effectively, once he progresses to this stage he is able to absorb his Zanpaku-tous in a similar matter to what Baisin managed to do hundreds of years before(OVA Only). He is only able to do this if he has activated Kyoumei no San Kokoro and has spent at least 1 post in that state to acclimate to the feel of the Reiatsu. This move is not stealthy by any means, as he must flare his reiatsu and the reiatsus of his Zanpaku-tous for a moment to bring them into alignment. From there, he spins the blades around so that the points are aimed at his own chest. With one motion, he shoves the blades into his chest, which inflict some damage upon him. However, immediately after that the swords sink out of sight into his body, though their reiatsu can now be felt within his own. For the duration of this form, he is able to hold them within his body and channel all of their abilities through himself as though he were the swords. Several of these abilities are altered, however, and are listed below.
    Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds) & Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
    These abilities manifest around his person, effectively becoming a part of his aura. The power extends out only a few inches from his being, however; otherwise the abilities remain unchanged.

    Ittaiheki(Burst Zone)
    This ability receives an upgrade in the fact that it does not seal Fujin. Instead, what happens is that the aura of razor wind he received rushes outward, pushing enemies away. The aura reforms 1 post later.

    Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
    Whatever striking surface Genpaku is using is covered in electricity instead of his entire being. That is the only change.

Beyond simple use, Gen is capable of combining the abilities of the two Zanpaku-tous, such as combining Fujin's AoriShini and Raiden's Denko. He also gains one further ability.
    Aura Burst
    Effectively, Genpaku flares his aura and infuses it with electricity and scything winds before unleashing it in a burst roughly 30 meters wide, becoming the equivalent of a shrapnel bomb as it releases scything winds in all directions, imbued with electricity that can apply a stage of Sekkai. He loses access to all Shikai abilities for two posts while the aura rebuilds, and is unable to activate this specific power for six posts after it returns.

However, there are major dangers and drawbacks to this power beyond the intial damage he takes. The biggest danger is that if he does not keep his mind about him and on keeping the two Zanpaku-tous and himself separate while together, he can possibly end up fully absorbing them, and thus falling into the trap that Baishin did. While this is the biggest danger, it is also the least likely as Genpaku has put forth a great deal of work to keep such a thing from happening. Instead, the more affecting dangers are the extreme stress that this union puts on his body. The longer he holds this stage, the more stress is placed on both his body and mind.

Once Genpaku releases this stage, his Zanpaku-tous reform into their sealed states. Any stages of Kyoumei that were active are sealed away. He is unable to activate this stage for 3 days(real time) after the sealing. He is incredibly tired, and unable to release either of his Zanpaku-tous past sealed state for the remainder of the thread. Depending on how long he has held Kyoumei no Shinjou and how much energy he has used, he may even lapse into unconsciousness after sealing. He may also sustain muscle damage that would hinder his movements for days after.

Sanbanippo; Kyoumei no Reikon (Third Step; Resonance of the Soul)
The third stage of Kyoumei, this stage only requires that Kyoumei no San Kokoro is active and he has been in that state or greater for at least 3 posts. By raising his Reiatsu to a greater level and further focusing on the harmony between the three Reiatsu's, he can actually manage to push the resonance between the Zanpaku-tous to the point that is capable of releasing one or the other to Bankai while retaining the other at Shikai Level. Doing this however is incredibly taxing can get to be incredibly taxing on his system if he is not careful. He is capable of re-sealing the Shikai level Zanpaku-tou to sealed state, thus dropping him to Kyoumei no Omoi. He is capable of activating a variant of Kyoumei no Shinjou to absorb the Shikai level Zanpaku-tou, but doing so further stresses his system as a whole.

Besides requiring a great deal of energy to maintain, he begins to run into major side effects the longer he remains in this state. The first Five posts he remains in this state will only tax his mind and body, and when he drops out of Kyoumei no Reikon he will only suffer extreme exhaustion and the inability to release his Zanpaku-tous past sealed for the remainder of the thread. If he remains in Kyoumei no Reikon for six to seven posts, he will be unable to release the Zanpaku-tous for three days(real time) once sealing them again. At eight posts, he will be out of energy for the remainder of the thread. If he pushes it past ten posts, he will be unable to release his Zanpaku-tous past sealed for a week(real time) and will pass out almost immediately.

Koukiippo; Zekkou Kyoumei (Final Step; Perfect Resonance)[Event Only, Authorization Required*}
The second highest form of Kyoumei, along with being the most dangerous and least mastered of the stages. By synchronizing his reiatsu with Raiden and Fujin’s and releasing an absurd amount of power, he is capable of pushing both blades to Bankai simultaneously. He has access to all abilities that both Banaki’s possess as well as being able to combine their abilities. He is able to enter this state from either Kyoumei no Omoi or Kyoumei no San Kokoro after he has been in that state for five posts, Kyoumei no Shinjou after three posts, or Kyoumei no Reikon after two posts.

However, there are massive drawbacks to this. First off, this is the least practiced of the stages, and for good reason. Firstly, the sheer amount of strain put upon his body and mind to hold these two powers in unison is absurd, and only gets more so the longer he holds this form. If he retains this form for one post, he will face only extreme exhaustion upon sealing it again and the inability to release his Zanpaku-tous past shikai for the remainder of the thread. Two posts will result in the inability to release his Zanpaku-tous past sealed for remainder of the thread and for five days after(real time) and have very little energy available afterwards. Three posts will see damage to his muscles, a lack of energy, and the sealing of his Zanpaku-tous for two weeks(real time). Four posts will see him lose his Spiritual pressure for three days(real time), his Zanpaku-tous sealed for two weeks(real time), and major damage to his muscles. Five posts will see him unconscious for a week in addition to those other drawbacks.

Beyond that, and the negatives becomes more extreme. At six posts, his Zanpaku-tous will be sealed for three weeks, he will be without spiritual power for a week, his muscles will damage severely, he will be in a coma for a week, and he will be unable to enter Bankai with either of his Zanpaku-tous for an additional week(real time) beyond the previous seal. At Seven posts, he will also begin to run the risk of losing consciousness at that point in addition to the previous disabilities. These continue to increase in severity through eight and nine posts. At ten posts, he runs the risk of dying unless given immediate medical attention upon sealing his Zanpaku-tous. He will immediately lose consciousness as well.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Naiarashi
When Genpaku learned Shunko he quickly discovered that it was incompatible with the then fledgling ability of Kyoumei. What this meant was that he would be incapable of using Shunko when he managed to perfect Kyoumei and thus gain his “full power.” With that knowledge, after he had learned Shunko he began research into developing his own technique that followed a similar idea that would work with Kyoumei. However, it would take hundreds of years and a specific event to spur the completion of his technique; the event was the annihilation of London, and the technique was this, Yoarashi.

Benefits and Techniques
Amplified Speed and Strength
Naiarashi focuses on converting energy reserved for Kidō and such techniques and converting it into physical capability. As such, while Naiarashi is active Genpaku’s physical strength and speed is doubled, bringing him far beyond what his maximum was believed to be and what it truly is; you could think of this ability as an “overboost” of what Genpaku’s truly capable of. As such there are serious consequences to the use of this technique, detailed below.

regeneration Properties
Genpaku has trained a surprising amount in the arts of restorative Kidō for a variety of reasons. It was once said that Genpaku had a knack for the school, and if he had not been so gifted in combat capabilities he may well have ended up as a permanent member of the 4th Division of the Gotei 13. This exemplifies that; while Naiarashi is active, Genpaku gains an ongoing regeneration property similar to High Speed regeneration. This is visually displayed by the wound glowing a soft green color similar to healing Kidō before closing up. There is of course a limit to how many wounds can be healed and the severity of said wounds.

Storm-Center Armor
Naiarashi has a visual aspect to it. When Genpaku activates Naiarashi he is first outlined in the emerald and lightning reiatsu of his Kyoumei state before it begins to swirl tightly about him, as well materializing . This motion has no effect on Genpaku’s movements; instead, this reiatsu serves two specific purposes. Firstly, Genpaku’s reiatsu is actually drawn in instead of being allowed to extend out over the area like it normally would. This means that he is actually harder to detect at longer distances, though that is not the primary reason for this drawing in. Because the reiatsu is condensed, its area of effect is diminished but its effect is condensed around the area Genpaku is in. This energy will press down and attempt to crush, slow, or otherwise hinder opponent caught in its effect. The close one gets to Genpaku, the greater this effect is. Of course, he has no control over who this affects, so if allies get to close they become subject to this just the same. The second effect, the true focus of this ability, is the fact that his reiatsu surrounds him like armor and wards off magic, energy, and non-physical techniques and powers. The amount of effect this will have depends greatly on the opponent’s strength, the type of technique being subject to it, and so forth. This ability also does not distinguish friendly and hostile spells, so all abilities are subject to this.

Storm Clones
The final ability of Naiarashi is a highly advanced version of speed clones. All speed users have the potential to create speed clones, but those clones are just illusions of the user while they speed about. Storm clones are more than that; Genpaku invests a large amount of Reiatsu with the use of this ability, and the result is the creation of ‘physical’ clones. These clones are capable of maintaining their form for just long enough to launch a single attack. These clones replicate whatever form Genpaku is in; if he has accessed a higher stage of Kyoumei like say Kyoumei no Shinjou, then the clones are materialized in the same state and are capable of using attacks from that state. Of course the higher state of power Genpaku is in the more taxing the use of this capability is. The number of clones he is capable of making is also depending on what state of Kyoumei he is in, the state of his Zanpaku-tous, how damaged he is, how much energy he has used, and so forth. Regardless of state, he is only ever capable of creating a maximum of a dozen clones, and is only capable of using this ability a maximum of 6 times in a thread with a 2 post limit between uses. These number can change depending on how much power Genpaku has and the states of his various abilities.

The Other Side: Drawbacks
As with any power, there are drawbacks to its use.

Kidō Restriction
Naiarashi redirects the energy normally used for Kidō to power its incredible effects. It does so to such a degree that Genpaku is incapable of using Kidō while Naiarashi is active, as well as abilities that require he to be using Kidō such as maintaining a barrier or Kidō, or his own Hekisho(Burst Palm) technique. The drain on his Kidō energy reserves is so great that Genpaku remains incapable of using Kidō for 2 days after the use of this ability, plus possible additional time up to another 3 days.

Energy Consumption
This technique uses up a great deal of energy, and even someone like Genpaku who has a tremendous amount of energy cannot remain in this state for an too long with the risk of injury increasing. The initial consumption of the Kidō related Reiatsu allowed Genpaku to function in this state for roughly 5 posts with no major drawbacks other than the restrictions to Kidō remaining in place. Beyond that, he begins to drain his energy reserves; if he spends too long in this state he is completely capable of depleting his energy reserves, at which point he risks unconsciousness or death. These possibilities become more likely depending on how many states of other powers Genpaku is in. If Genpaku were in Kyoumei no Reikon(Resonance of the Soul) or Zekkou Kyoumei(Perfect Resonance) and exceeded the 5 post limit, he would have only a short time before he completely drained all his reiatsu reserves and risked unconsciousness or death.

Immense Physical Strain
Though the amplification of Genpaku’s physical capabilities is a good thing in terms of combat, the fact that Naiarashi pushes him beyond what his physical maximum is supposed to be means that Genpaku puts a tremendous amount of strain on his body. He is completely capable of moving faster than he can reliable keep up with, meaning that while moving at maximum speed he can fail to stop and crash into objects or buildings. Beyond that, the amount of power behind his movements can results in internal tearing of his muscles and further damage that could take days to heal even with medical attention.

Power Sealing
The use of so much energy does not go without its toll as well on Genpaku. After having sealed this ability back away, Genpaku is incapable of activating Shunko, Kyoumei(any stage) or Naiarashi for 2 days in addition to any restrictions on re-release present from the other abilities themselves. Additionally, Naiarashi can only be activated once Genpaku has been in a stage of Kyoumei(any stage) for at least 1 post.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Zanpakutous
Zanpaku-tou Inner World
Both Zanpaku-tous share the same inner world for Genpaku.
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Innerworldbph

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Fujin

Zanpaku-tou Spirit Appearance:
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Fujinavatar

Sealed Zanpaku-tou:
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] United_Yoru_Doragon_Forged_Katana_Damascus_Sword

"Howl through the worlds, Fujin!"

Shikai Description:
(most likely a temporary picture)
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Fujinzshikaint5

Shikai Abilities:
Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds)
When Fujin is released to Shikai, the blade shatters and is replaced by a blade make of high density, high velocity wind that shreds instead of cuts. The blade in incapable of blocking material objects such as blades, but is also incapable of being blocked by such objects. However, if it comes in contact with flesh or a similar substance, the result is the scouring and shredding of the surface as the twisting razor winds scar said surface. Depending on the direction of the swing and the surface it hits, the 'blade' is capable of removing limbs. Hits to the chest will leave deep gashes that may destroy bones or sever organs, depending of course on defenses and so on.

Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
Fujin's blade is not as fixed as it seems to be. The blade itself is made up of the razor winds that spin at cyclonic speeds in a confined area, while the area immediately around said blade is whipped about, Fujin's influence seeping out into the air around the blade. This effectively means that the air directly around the blade can cut as well. However, the damage isn't as severe as a direct hit from the 'blade'; it will still leave gashes along the surface however.

AoriShini(Reaping Gust)
With an investment of reiatsu, Genpaku can release a burst of scything winds in a direction. The attack is a cone in front of Genpaku, extending outwards up to 40 feet. The attack appears as a field of moving wind blades that slice and dice most things caught in the attack. After extending the 40 feet the air pressure decreases, no longer capable of cutting but possibly able to force enemies back. All effects of the attack dissipate after 60 feet.

Kirukaze(Air Cutter)
Similar to Reaping Gust, except concentrated into a single blade of air. With a swing of the 'blade' a blade of high pressure air flies forth in the direction of the swing; this attack is capable of cutting through buildings and multiple enemies if they do not get out of the way. The air immediately around the blade and extending out 3 feet from both sides of the attack is focused into a high pressure ridge that can push enemies away. The attack dissipates in much the same way as Reaping Gust.

Tokuteikiatsu(Cyclone Shield)
By holding Fujin point down and channeling Reiatsu into her, Genpaku is capable of creating a spinning barrier of spiritual energy and wind around himself and those near him. The shield acts as a semi-sphere if he is on the ground or a sphere is he is in the air, and has a maximum diameter of 15 feet. This shield is capable of deflecting projectile based attacks if it is kept below a diameter of 9 feet. Beyond that threshold, the projectile attacks are only thrown off course slightly. This is all based on the power of the enemy of course. The shield is not solid, but does act as Shredding Winds detailed above. For the duration of the ability, Genpaku is unable to use any of Fujin's other abilities, and must continue to channel energy into the blade. In addition, the enclosed area has minimal oxygen as most of it is being drained out to the shield, so prolonged use does not typically happen.

IttaiHeki(Burst Zone)
A seldom used ability at best, this move does not damage to enemies caught in it. Genpaku draws energy into Fujin, then releases both the blade and Shikai, the result being a literal explosion of air pressure. This explosion pushes most anything away from Genpaku that is not an ally of his to a distance of 40 feet away. However, this returns Fujin to her sealed state, and limits her release to either Shikai or Bankai for 2 posts.

Bankai Name:
Gekidou Fujin (Raging God of Wind)

Bankai Description:
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Fujinbankainew

Bankai Abilities:
Fujin(God of Wind)
As the name implies, Genpaku gain complete control of the winds directly around him that is readily useable. He is able to infuse that wind with Reiatsu and form different objects or shapes. He is capable of recreating any of his Shikai abilities because of this, and those abilities are amplified

Enhanced Durability and Strength
Gekidou Fujin's appearance as emerald armor is not for show; once released to Bankai Genpaku's Durability increases against all forms of attack as the armor is enhanced with spiritual power as well as the physical armor itself. Genpaku's strength also is amplified by roughly 1.5 times in this state.

Flight/Speed Increase
The wings on the back of Gekidou Fujin are not simply for decoration; in a place where flight would not normally be possible Genpaku is capable of using them to keep himself aloft. In addition, the wings manipulate the air around Genpaku, reducing drag and air resistance to increase his overall speed both on the ground and in the air by a substantial margin, making his one of the faster Captains.

Kazefumu(step On Wind)
While using a Hoho technique such as Shunpo, Genpaku's body can literally becomes wind for the duration of the movement. He is insubstantial during the movement, becoming solid once he has reached his destination. If he is scattered during this motion (by another wind controller), he instantly solidifies once more in place and ceases movement.

Reiatsu no Arashi (Spiritual Pressure of the Tempest)
In Fujin's Bankai state, Genpaku gains an aura that covers the area serving to aid allies and hinder enemies. In this form Genpaku's reiatsu rushes around in the aura, which extends up to 60 feet, assaulting enemies with air pressure which serves only to slow enemy movement down. Weaker enemies may actually become immobilized by this ability depending on thier strength. Genpaku's allies gain a benefit from this aura as they are propelled by the aura, this speed increased by roughly 1.5 times.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Raiden
Zanpaku-tou Spirit Appearance:
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Raidenspirit

Sealed Zanpakutô : (what does the sword look like when its not released?)
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Raidensealed

"Pierce the night! Raiden!"

Shikai Description:
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Raidenshikainew

Shikai Abilities:
Sekkai(Untimely Interference)
Once released, Raiden gains the ability to alter the reaction time of enemies it cuts. It must break the skin for this effect to come into play. The first time a successful cut is landed on an enemy, they're reaction time is dragged down to the average human reaction time(.215seconds). After that, each successive cut increases the reaction time by 1.25times, capping out at 1.6secons maximum. There are several ways for this effect to be negated or abolished; a substantial increase in power(such as with a release to a different stage), not being struck by Raiden for several minutes. or if Raiden is returned to its sealed state. Not being struck by Raiden for 3 posts reduces the effect by one stage. Stages are marked below.

Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
Raiden coats itself in electricity to amplify the damage of its strikes and to amplify the effects of [color=white]Sekkai. While this is active, the rate at which Sekkai stacks its ability increases to 1.5 times per hit. In addition, enemies wearing metal based armor draw electrical tendrils from Raiden as it passes. This do only light damage and do not apply a stack of Sekkai. This ability remains active for as long as Genpaku decides to channel reiatsu into it, though leaving it active too long can become costly on his reiatsu reserves.

A projectile attack where Raiden releases a pulse or wave of reiatsu enhanced electricity. Taking a direct hit from this attack deals electrical damage, burns the area it struck, and subjects the primary target(or first target to be hit) to Sekkai as though Hiraishin was active. The effective range of this attack is up to 100 feet before the energy dissipates. Depending on its strength, a direct hit upon a hollow's mask may shatter it and cleanse it as though it was struck by the blade.

Banrai can only be used after Denko has been utilized. A loud crash like thunder is released from Raiden; this sound wave is amplified by Genpaku's reiatsu and deals sonic damage to enemies within 20 feet of Genpaku. This attack ignores material barriers such as walls unless those objects are soundproof. In addition, the target may be thrown off balance by the attack due to equilibrium originating in the ears. The sound wave is capable of cracking or shattering hollow masks depending on the strength of the hollow.

Sekkai Stages
The rate and reaction times for Sekkai are listed below. Entries in () are with Hiraishin active.
    Initial: .215 Seconds
    2nd Strike: .269(.323)
    3rd Strike: .336(.484)
    4th strike: .420(.725)
    5th Strike: .525(1.09)
    6th Strike: .656(1.60)
    7th Strike: .820(1.60)
    8th Strike: 1.02(1.60)
    9th Strike: 1.2891.60)
    10th Strike: 1.60(1.60)

Bankai Name:
Reikoku Raiden(Relentless Thunder and Lightning)

Bankai Description:
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Raidenbankairevamp

Bankai Abilities:
Though Kyoumou Raiden blackens the visible sky, only a specific area of the clouds actually acts as Genpaku's bankai at any given time. This area is a half mile radius centered on Genpaku, which will move to follow him as he fights and moves about the battlefield.

Enhanced Speed/Reiatsu
Once Genpaku has released to Bankai, his speed increases substantially, though not quite to the degree he attains during Fujin's release. In addition, his spiritual pressure increases as is expected with a release to Bankai. In this state, his Reiatsu feels like the air during a summer storm.

Raiden(Thunder and Lightning)
Denko becomes Genpaku’s main attack once Raiden is released to Bankai, though the attack is now in the form of a lightning bolt fired from above. The bolts combine the effects of Denko and Banrai into a single attack at Genpaku's will. He is capable of unleashing several of these bolts at a time, each of which is easily quadrupled in power as compared to Denko in Shikai state. This attack can apply a stage of Sekkai as well, treated as though Hiraishin is active.

In Bankai Genpaku attains an immunity to electrical based attacks as well as retaining immunity to Banrai.

Haiden(Distribution of Electricity)
Haiden is a technique that Raiden gains when it shifts into Bankai. By striking Genpaku with a bolt of lightning, Raiden gives the opposite effect of Sekkai by increasing the flow and speed of the impulses sent through the nerves. This increases Genpaku’s reaction time by a factor of 1.5. Unlike Sekkai, this ability cannot be stacked any higher than the initial application.

Soshi no Raikou(Element of Lightning)
Genpaku strikes himself with Raiden, infusing himself with electrical energy. By doing so, he can either channel Raiden's attack through himself to change the directions and angles the attack can come from, or attack with enhanced melee strikes. During this time, Genpaku's speed and reaction time are bolstered by an additional 1.5 times. However, this ability can only last 3 posts, after which Genpaku must wait 6 posts before using it again. Additionally, Genpaku drains himself of vasts amounts of energy during this time; activating the ability more than twice during any one fight is incredibly dangerous and could lead to him passing out, injury, or if he pushes too much even death.

Shinkoru (Synchronize)
Shinkoru is an ability that Genpaku rediscovered through training and historical research. Namely, this ability refers to Genpaku’s ability to temporarily absorb one of his Zanpaku-tous, taking it within his body and using its abilities through his body. While this ability is powerful, it poses some serious risks. If too much strain is placed on Genpaku’s mind or he maintains the absorption for too long there is the possibility that he could fail to keep himself and the spirit separate, and thus fall into the same issue that Baishin did. To avoid this outcome, Genpaku has restricted himself to the absorption of his Zanpaku-tous in their Shikai forms only. Several abilities from his Zanpaku-tous take on different properties when absorbed, as listed below;
    Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds) & Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
    These abilities manifest around his person, effectively becoming a part of his aura. The power extends out only a few inches from his being, however; otherwise the abilities remain unchanged.

    Ittaiheki(Burst Zone)
    This ability receives an upgrade in the fact that it does not seal Fujin. Instead, what happens is that the aura of razor wind he received rushes outward, pushing enemies away. The aura reforms 1 post later.

    Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
    Whatever striking surface Genpaku is using is covered in electricity instead of his entire being. That is the only change.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] Skillsheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Grandmaster
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Grandmaster

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Grandmaster
  • Kidō: Advanced-
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Master

~We trip and stumble only so that we may stand back up...~

Genpaku's Cast of Misfits and Titans
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Comments/Notes: My god, this was huge. There is a little format error in the last bankai ability for Raiden, however.
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Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
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RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Re approved due to being checked by a staff member no longer here.
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I'm going to be unarchiving this character for you, but I'm going to quote and link one of our policies and recommend that you upgrade this characters app.

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Scenario 2: If you are unarchiving a character, but you were active with the character in thread and earned their upgrades ICly, then we will not demote your tier. Instead, we will provide leniency and simply advise that you update your application to match the standards we have for 2016.

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] WVMWLOu
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[mod]This character is being moved on over to inactive. The author of the character has not posted since the 30th of September, and by rules, the character must be moved and a notification must be left. I really hope that you're doing alright and okay, and we all hope that you can come back soon! To bring your character back, just leave staff a message here![/mod]

Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] QYEibkj
Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+] F2mrTYb
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Genpaku Arishima [APPROVED, 0-2+]
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