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 Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+]

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Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Nataliaprofileimage1

B A S I C ; ; I N F O R M A T I O N


Name: Natalia Ashmourne
Gender: Female
Age: 4800-5100; looks 25
The Host Race: Human

Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Natalia1
Hair Up

Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Natalia2
Hair Down

Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Natalia3s
Hair Down, True Smile


P E R S O N A L I T Y; ; T R A I T S


Natalia is a complex person, as anyone who has grown up melding and living in different societies since the dawn of civilization would be. She is at her core a kind-hearted girl who cannot stand to see suffering and pain. She is well known for passing around food out the back of her restaurant before the dinner rush begins inside to the homeless. She values life, and will fight to defend it if she must. Luckily, the only beings that have come to the small town she is currently living in have been weakling hollows, weak Arrancar, and weak demons so she has not gathered much attention. While friendly and outgoing, she is surprisingly stand-offish towards people who attempt to get closer to her; what this means is that she will polite and nice to people, but is incredibly proficient at keeping personal information out of the conversation and not letting people get too close to her for a variety of reasons, chief among them retaining her anonymity.

Under this mask, she is a patient and decisive person; she has grown into this through so many years of life. Her experiences in battle and her long life have groomed her to be incredibly knowledgeable and intelligent. To many, she seems a mysterious stranger, kind hearted but distant despite the best of attempts. She has a fondness for dogs, and actually owns a small dog that lives in the “tavern” she owns. In battle, if she is forced to fight that is, she is a relentless bruiser, using her regeneration properties to take on attacks many would consider suicidal to gain unexpected opening. She will relent only if her enemy is rendered incapable of fighting, is killed, or admits defeat. And woe to those that feign defeat and attempt to strike afterwards; she has a strong sense of honor, and will not tolerate such deceit. She is, for the most part, honest herself, but there are times when she must lie. She does not approve of it, or enjoy it, but if it must be done so be it.


B A C K G R O U N D; ; P A S T


    Every Story Has A Beginning

Once upon a time there was a little girl. This girl lived in a faraway land which then had no name, and since has changed hands and names hundreds of times. Her life, like everyone’s at that time, was simple; she worked with her mother and focused on providing those things that were essential to survival. And at that time she was happy, for it was all she or anyone else knew. But there are things that have been left unsaid; this girl’s name is now Natalia thought it has changed a hundred times, she now lived in Japan but has lived just about everywhere, and though she looks no older than twenty-five, she has lived for over five millennia. There is more to this story, no? Natalia’s first name, her original name given by her mother, was Niem. She lived in Mesopotamia, also known as the cradle of life, for the beginning years of her life. Had she lived free of external influences she would have lived and died in her proper time. But, where would the fun in that be?

The source of this change can be linked to a single pivotal event that took place over 5100 years ago; Niem was 13 at the time. To this day she can recall that day with absolute clarity; it was a rare mild day, the heat of the summer on the imminent horizon. She had awoken early that day and had slipped out of the house to pick berries and such for a special pie as a surprise for her family (a pie that to this day she refuses to make). She had collected only half of what she needed when her foraging was interrupted in a big way. As she stooped to pick from a clumb of low lying berries there was a sudden shock of impact, a barrage of flying rocks and dust, and an unearthly roar. The tremor had sent Niem sprawling, and as she regained her senses she was promptly scared out of her mind.

Before her was a great beast, an ebony mountain of scale and spines, with great wings that cast a swath of darkness of the land and herself. Yet one of those wings was torn and seared, and let beams of warming light pass through. As the beast reclaimed its own footing and Niem scrambled back in mute horror, a light brighter than the sun itself blinded her. There was a deep howl of pain that shook the very earth below, and something crashed into the ground near Niem; the impact cratered the ground once more and sent earth to sky, and Niem went with it. She hit the ground hard, and may have blacked out bust as she had been blinded only a few moments before it was hard to tell. She laid still for several minutes either way, sprawled out on the ground.

When her vision did finally begin to return, she took stock of herself; in one way she had been lucky that when she was thrown she had not been injured. Whatever the beast had been it left its mark upon the ground. Niem pushed herself shakily to her feet; there was smoke rising over a familiar ridge, and if she could have run she would have. Instead, she stumbled forward towards the ridge, skirting the impact crater cautiously lest she fall in. Apparently she hadn’t been as lucky as she thought, as upon moving forward she realized she had indeed broken something; she couldn’t be sure what, but she did know that if she moved in the wrong way pain wracked her body. Her brain, meanwhile, was making a valiant attempt to figure out what was happening; unfortunately, it would continue to lag just a little ways behind for a bit longer.

Her village was a sea of fire, smoke, and death. She almost did not recognize the place, warped by heat and smoke and light; almost, if not for the familiar layout of the houses and her own memory. She wrestled with the need to investigate and her own fears. Her worry for her family and her curiosity won out in the end. She started down the ridge, but kept to the side, avoiding the fires. Her home was on the outskirts of the southern side of the village, and it burned the same as the others. Yet there were no bodies. It was as though the people had fled in time, which was what she hoped for.

She took a step back and immediately bumped into something. She let out a yelp, partly from surprise and partly from pain, and began to whirl to face this person. Strong, long fingers wrapped around her shoulders, holding her painfully still. She could see the person all the same; she didn’t recognize his jutting jaw or obsidian skin or his countless scars. He opened his mouth, filled with teeth too sharp to be normal. When he spoke she did not understand. It was language, but it was not one she understood, and that must have registered on her face. The man let out a low chuckle and gripped harder, an unsettling grin warped his features. There was a hunger in his eyes that Niem did not understand, and it scared her to her core.

The man opened his mouth, and before she knew what he was doing his teeth sank deep into her left shoulder, between the cap and the neck. Her scream rang out through the desolation that was once her home. He pushed her down, ripping out tendon and muscle and bone with strength that was no mere human’s; already injured, what would expect her to do but fall. She hit the ground near the burning rubble of her home, and lay in a rapidly expanding pool of blood. The man stood over her, an ebony tower against a blackened sky, with a twisted and bloody smile on his face. He knelt down next to her, taking left hand again and bringing it up towards his mouth. He paused, drinking in her scream of pain from the motion, and added a dark laugh to it to make it a twisted harmony.

She closed her eyes from the pain, but even so when the blinding light returned she could see it. Her left arm dropped back to the ground, which she was thankful for, and as she opened one eye she saw the man hit the ground 20 or so yards away, rolling along. She would have probably been more invested in what had done it and what the man was if her shoulder was not in unbelievable pain after having been bitten through then coated with dirt and ash. As another wave of pain wracked her body she saw a bright light growing at the edge of her vision, and reflexively closed them; there was a scream of pain that was not her own though she thought about screaming again in that way that people do when in pain.

She opened her eye again and saw white; white feathered wings on the back of a person as the person walked past, heading towards the dark man, who was smoking as though he was on fire. He let out a yell, and the ground began to shake as Niem watched his skin ripple and bulged, and suddenly he began to grow until he was not a man but the great scaled beast from before. Her mute fear had returned to keep her from screaming, but this time she could not bring herself to shuffle away. It only took a few more moments before her vision blacked out, and she sunk away; Death opened its arms and invited her in, and she had no power to resist.

But something else did. Slowly her vision returned, and she found herself laying on the ground on top of the small rise just outside of town. She pushed herself up to sitting, and looked at her shoulder. It was all there, though there was a strange deformation where the chunk had been ripped out. If she did not see the city still smoldering before her she may have believed it to be a dream. Part of it still smoldered; the other part was nothing more than a large crater, barren and desolate. She pushed herself fully to standing, shocked by the sight. How was she alive? How had she gotten to this place? And what was she to do now?

    Every Hero An Ally

She remained near the ruins of her village for some time until another village’s group came to seek out the reason for their silence. By this time shock had set in, along with a lack of nutrition and so forth. She was taken back to the other village, and given food and water. There was a great deal of controversy in that village about what to do with her though; she was the last of a neighboring village, which could have meant that she was cursed. With no evidence either way, they choose to keep an eye on her and hold off on their decision. Surprisingly, after the shock wore off Niem bounced back and began to help with the village however she could; she felt it her responsibility since they had shown kindness and taken her in. She lived more or less comfortably for 4 years like this.

That changed when another village decided to attack this one, for land or food or whatever; it didn’t matter what the purpose was. They assaulted and massacred the village. Niem fled with the family that had taken her in. They did not get far before a group of men on horseback found them. The first to die to the spears was the youngest son of the family, then the father who had turned to try and take his revenged. The mother was last before Niem, and Niem had stopped by that point, trying help the woman who was not quite dead. A second spear finished the job of the first, and as Niem looked up the riders were upon her. They chortled and cackled, and their intentions were as obvious as lights in darkness.
”Run,” a voice said, and she did not have to be told a second time; she was on her feet and dashing off. Before she knew what was happening her feet left the ground and she rose into the air. The beat of wings sounded in her ears, and as she looked back great white wings unfolded behind her, carrying her away from the now astonished men and their horses. Perhaps this is where the original myth of angels came from? Who is to say?

She landed on a hillside, still completely unsure of what had happened.
”Do not be afraid, little one,” the voice sounded again, and with it came warmth. A bright light forced Niem to close her eyes. After a few moments, she slowly opened them to find herself suddenly with company. The white wings were what gave it away; before her stood the angelic figure of the one who had saved her from the strange scaled beast, later to be called a dragon but what was truly a demon. The woman’s white hair hung down low past her shoulders, and her eyes held a great kindness within them as she smiled at Niem.
”There is no need to fear, Niem. I am not here to harm you,” the being spoke once more, and Niem believed her, for her words rang truer than any she had heard in a long time.
”I am Aisha. What is your name?” the being asked, and gave a small smile.
”N-Niem,” she managed to say after a moment, and reflexively returned the smile with one of her own. Aisha took a seat across from Niem, and the two looked at one another for a few moments.

Aisha proceeded to apologize for the destruction of Niem’s home. The demon had been chasing her, and the village had only happened to have been in the way. She apologized about not bringing the village back to life, despite it being in her power, and explained that if she were to do that on such a large scale then it would upset the balance. The spirit went on to explain how she had come to be here, revealing to Niem that she had been hiding with her body and protecting her in a way. At first, Niem was furious at the spirit’s apparent lack of sympathy for the events that happened at her home, at the loss of everything she had ever known. These feelings would remain for longer than she would this day want to admit. Aisha also explained the reasoning for taking shelter in her body; when Aisha had disposed of the demon that had caused the destruction she had found Niem on Death’s Door from the attack. She had needed a vessel to hide herself in lest more demons and other monsters come to this world in search of her power, and knew that if she were to take shelter in the girl’s body the girl would be spared and healed, as was the case.

That was how the situation was revealed to the young girl so many years ago. There was little choice in the matter; while Niem could expel the spirit and did think about doing such, to do so would be to invite more monsters like the first to attack this world. Additionally, though she couldn’t admit it at the time, she was grateful for being spared from death as any human would be. So she allowed the spirit to stay in hiding, and went on with her life. Given endless possibilities, she began her journey.

    Every Hero A Weapon

Niem quickly learned that with her immortality came the requirement to change her appearance and actions, lest she invoke suspicion in others. She changed her name to a more common one, and would do so many more times until the world had come to a state where “uncommon” names could be found just about anywhere. She changed her hair in terms of length, and later would be able to change it in terms of coloring as well. These were small things though; she would learn something far more valuable. Being a woman was not an easy thing she would find out as time went on, and she learned she needed to find a way to defend herself.

The world was a violent place, but there were those that would begin to teach methods of defense in the Far East. That was where Niem would travel, leaving her home lands. She traveled the lengths of the Asiatic continent, and learned from any who would teach her. It was during this time that she began to understand and unlock her own power; chi. Those of the east had discovered Chi in its infancy and had attempted to tap into it as a means of calming and teaching. Niem also sought to learn of this, and of the martial arts that were being developed and practiced. She quickly found she had a knack for such things, and learned from all who would teach her. Some were not convinced that she could be taught, and instead sent her away or demanded ridiculous tests to see that she was worthy. She passed these, and returned for her training to their astonishment. Those that refused to train her she would watch and learn from anyway. She had to be careful, however. Her appearance barely changed with age anymore, so remaining in one place too long became dangerous.

Beyond just monsters, man was interested in the power of ‘immortality’ as they called it. They sought relics and places that were said to grant such a thing, hunted for remedies to bring about its creation, and generally sought it. Death scared all, even Niem. Though Aisha had said that she was now beyond Death’s grasp, she believed otherwise; none were immune to death forever. If she was not careful, then even she would fall to it. She had learned what happened if she was “killed” and had tested the limits of the healing abilities granted by the angel within her. Too many pain and damage to her body, and she would lose consciousness for weeks at a time before waking up.

Through training and Aisha’s influence, Niem learned of her Chi capabilities, and began to shape them. It would take centuries to begin to grasp the full extent of her powers. In the meantime, she studied martial arts. When she had stayed too long in the east, she traveled back to the west and began to learn from them their skills with weapons. She would learn sword and bow and axe and hammer. She would learn pike and halberd and shield. And when she had overstayed again, she would travel away to the east once more, and learn of different martial arts. All the while, she remains aloof from others; to bring them too close invited pain she had learned. When one is immortal they can experience only loss from ties with mortal ken as they fall to either the blade of man or the blade of time.

    Every Story a Journey

Through the expanded life-span granted by Aisha Niem, later known as Natalia, traveled the world. She saw the rise and fall of empires, the comings and goings of “gods” and religions, and the advancement of a species as a whole. It gave her a rather interesting outlook on everything. During her travels she met and made many interesting friends, though all were kept at arm’s length to a degree because of Natalia’s need to keep on the move and out of touch. As time went one, it got harder to so easily avoid notice, but the world got larger. The discovery of the Americas was a great boon for Natalia, who used it to flee a piece of the world that had begun to notice her comings and goings.

This land though required no less an exercise in caution. The European continents had grown “civil” while the Americas were wild and untamed. She lived and experienced the whole of history with an almost outside perspective to the whole thing, and somehow she remembered almost all of it. Aisha explained once that unlike normal humans her brain did not diminish or deteriorate with age thanks to her presence. You could call this a blessing and a curse, as Niem was not capable of remembering every horrifying act of violence and every act of endearment ever committed and reported. A walking encyclopedia of the human history she had become, and she kept this to herself as well. Throughout this time, her training continues and expanded; she learned different trades and jobs, marital arts and arts in general.

In the current time her journey had brought her to Japan, considered the safest place on the planet by some. She was there when the events 400 years ago had forced the human race’s spiritual eyes open, and had safely melded back into the masses. With the world slowly going to chaos, she had moved about as time demanded; the realization of spirits in fact made her life harder. The more people noticed she didn’t age, the more questions were now raised. She was forced to move on a more constant basis, though she had learned to control her appearance in terms of age to a minor degree. Currently, she owns a tavern in a small, un-domed city and serves secretly as the city’s protector. She has been lucky and she knows it; the question of how the city remains alive has been asked, but with such major events such as London happening the question has not been given much thought. She continues her existence in anonymity, for now.

    And Every Story An Ending, But This One’s Is Yet To Come…


T H E B E A S T; ; W I T H I N



Legendary Angel Spirit, Aspect of Life, Embodiment of Life

Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Aishascaled
Aisha, when in her own physical form, is a radiant woman. She stands just shy of five and a half feet and appear lithe in build. Her hair extends roughly four inches past her shoulders. Her wings stand taller than she does, giving her a wingspan of over 16 feet. They are an unblemished white in color, matching her hair. Her eyes are almond in color.

Aisha is a benevolent being, empathetic and kind. She is the first with words of encouragement, a kind word, or even silence if that it what is needed. She does not like to see pain, and has a soft spot for children in particular. She does not abide evil, and strives to keep away from such beings who would seek to attain and abuse her power. She can see the heart of a person, and makes decisions based on that. She is quite perceptive and intelligent, and shares her knowledge and information willingly provided she likes her current partner.

Ziamichi History
Since the beginning, there has been Death and there has been Life. These two forces were given physical and meta-physical forms; Aisha was Life’s physical body, opting to take a new name rather than keep the name “Life” as Death did. In a way Aisha and Death as siblings; Death was the bold and cocky brother to her shyness. As Time continued on, beings like Touketsu began to awaken into being. Death feared nothing, and remained in the open. Aisha was not so pompous; she was the embodiment of one of the most cosmic forces, but they were talking about forces on an equal scale. She had within her the power of immortality, restoration, and the ability to grant life. That kind of power could NOT be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

Rather than remain in the open, Aisha compressed her power further into her solidified form, and fled to the far reaches of the universe. From there, she set the wheels of life turning. Once complex enough beings existed, Aisha changed her physical form into the meta-physical, or spiritual, body. From there, she began to mask her presence by jumping from body to body. This is how she has managed to avoid contact with most beings that would seek to obtain and abuse her power.

Ziamichi Powers:
Specific powers are unknown; Aisha is the embodiment of life, and has demonstrated immense restoration and holy magic capabilities. The full extents of these powers is not currently understood.


B E N E F I T S ; F O R H O S T


Unique Traits:
The primary benefit, and the reason Aisha is sought by a plethora of beings, is that the person who has her as a Ziamichi Spirit is granted immortality. In many senses, the normal cycle of life is halted for them, as their body is imbued with her holy energies allowing it to constantly regeneration new cells to the point that one does not age(there are limits to this ability, as listed in Restoration). Beyond that simple trick, however, if something were to fully destroy a person beyond the limit of what Restoration can heal, the person falls into a state that would register as being dead to most individuals. In actuality, at this point the person is effectively removed from time, freezing the body in a temporal stasis. This lasts for a period of 5 weeks(real time), during which time the host is incapable of acting or thinking. During this period the body as a whole is returned to its last operable condition, and brain damage or major organ damage being repaired.

This refers to the healing properties of Aisha. Effectively, the host is granted high speed regeneration of a high degree. The host is capable of re-growing limbs and even some organs because of this at a rapid pace. However, this has its limits. The demolition or serious injury of the brain will overpower Restoration and immediately set the host into the temporal period described in Immortality(ex. A bullet to the brain(depending of course on caliber, distance, spin, and other such factors) may not trigger this. Electricity being directly channeled into her brain, her brain being imploded/exploded/etc. would). This power takes an investment of time and energy to heal major injuries, while more minor ones like minor cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. will heal on their own quite shortly. Of course, this has a limit as well; if enough damage is taken, the host risks being pushed into a lesser temporal stasis where they are incapable of acting for a matter of hours, days, to a week.

Resistance to Death Energy
Aisha herself has an immense natural resistance to the energy of her brother Death, and passes that resistance on to her vessel.

Eyes of Intent
Aisha is able to see the intents of beings as a type of aura. She is able to impart this ability upon her host so that they may know if the person/being talking to them has honorable or dishonorable intents in their discussion and actions. This manifests as the irises of the hosts eyes changing to a white/silver color for the duration of the ability.

Internal Energy Source
Aisha is capable of acting as an internal energy source for whoever she is the Ziamichi spirit for. This gives the host a great deal more power to work with for their abilities or to be funneled into Restoration. It has no real effects beyond those, unless the user can find a way to utilize her power. One thing to note, however; the energy being drawn and utilized is holy/light based energy. It would take a great deal of work to bend the energy to be used for a dark/unholy themed power because of this.

Natalia and Aisha have 3 different forms between them; each form is based on how much power Natalia is given access too. These forms grant Natalia relatively few personal power boosts; instead these forms focus on assisting and amplifying those she designates as allies.

Saint Form
The Saint Form is the first of the forms between Natalia and Aisha. In this form Natalia takes on an aura of power about her person, radiating a small amount of the pure holy energy that Aisha constantly puts out. This power feels completely different from any form of Reiatsu, Chi, or other powers; it has a distinct feel to all beings, though a common factor in that feeling is warmth. In this form, she only has access to roughly 5% of Aisha’s power. This grants her two specific abilities;
    Touch of Life
    This ability allows Natalia to use the same healing powers that give her immortality to heal others. This ability requires physical contact with the target.

    Energizing Aura
    This aura functions as a zone centered on Natalia extending out to 100 feet. Those designated as allies are granted a small boost of power. Allies are granted minor regeneration capabilities as long as they remain within the zone of effect, as well as a minor energy regeneration rate.

Angel Form
The second form between Natalia and Aisha is referred to as “Angel” form. The main reason for this is the appearance; once this form is activated Natalia gains Aisha’s feathery wings. In addition the radiant aura that surrounds her in Saint form is drastically increased in intensity and power. This is a visual example of the increase in power Aisha has allowed her to wield; in this form, Natalia wields roughly 20% of Aisha’s power. She gains the following abilities.
    As is to be expected, Natalia gains the ability to fly in this form, which is important since she is actually incapable of maintaining a stable platform to stand upon normally.

    Amplified Holy/Light Based Abilities
    Any abilities that Natalia uses that have their roots in holy or light based powers, such as Yang Blast, gain a 20% increase in their powers and effects due to the influence of the increased holy energy Natalia is in possession of in this form.

    Improved Touch of Life
    The effectiveness of Natalia’s Touch of Life ability is increased and its energy consumption decreased by 20%.

    Aura of Protection: Death Energy
    Natalia, while in Angel form, constantly radiates an aura of life infused energy that dampens the effect of Death/Shadow-based magics and abilities on her allies by 20%. This aura does not affect her since she has her own defenses against Death Energy.

    The final ability Natalia gains in Angel form is dubbed Sanctuary. This is a powerful healing magic that can be used on anyone other than herself, and yet it is more than that. Tapping into the immense power she has access to in this form Natalia separates herself and one ally from the current dimension, sealing them in a beam of light that designates the edge of the dimension, not unlike Negacion. Within the confines of this area, Natalia’s Touch of Life ability is further increased in its effect by another 80%. Typically, Natalia and her subject are unreachable in this area. She is capable of maintaining this zone for a variable amount of time based on how much healing she is granting her subject, how much energy she herself has, and so on. Regardless of how long she holds the dimension, she is only capable of activating this ability once per thread as long as she remains at this level of power or lower. Dropping to a lower form and then ascending back to this one does not reset this. The use of this ability consumes roughly 45% of Natalia’s total power.

There are a few drawbacks to this form however. Firstly, Natalia loses the ability to use Geppo and must rely solely on her own natural speed and stealth. Secondly, the aura provided by this form acts as bright light, and while not blinding it can easily give away Natalia’s position in a fight. Finally, the use of this form reveals more of Aisha’s power, meaning that it becomes more likely that those who know of Aisha’s existence can identify the source of this power; while this may not seem like a large drawback it is exactly opposed to Natalia’s main goal of keeping Aisha hidden. Additionally, those who have felt Aisha’s energy will be able to detect more of it; for beings like Touketsu or Death, it means that they will be capable of identifying and finding her, though with only 20% of the power being shown it is possible they will not feel that power unless they are relatively close.

Archangel Form Event/Story Use Only
The highest form of union that Natalia is aware of. In this form, Natalia takes on more of Aisha’s appearance; her clothes are changed into those of Aisha, her hair becomes longer and a silver/white coloration, and she gains Aisha’s staff as well as an increase in aura intensity. At this point the holy energy rolling off of Aisha is enough to ward off most demons, and weak demons(Tier 3-2 and below) that come too close to her risk the possibility of being banished back to demon world unless they have significant will to resist the energy. This is more a reflex of demons to holy energy than an ability that Natalia consciously uses. At this stage, Natalia gains access to roughly 55% of Aisha’s power, and it results in some significant advantages.
    Amplified Touch of Life
    Natalia’s Touch of Life ability is further enhanced, the effectiveness of the ability being amplified by a further 40% and energy cost reduced by an additional 20%. Additionally, Natalia is capable of now using the ability over a small distance(roughly 20ft) though to do so she must engage in no other activity including movement.

    Amplified Holy/Light Based Abilities
    Any abilities that Natalia uses that have their roots in holy or light based powers, such as Yang Blast, gain a further 20% increase in their powers and effects due to the influence of the increased holy energy Natalia is in possession of in this form.

    Amplified Aura of Protection: Death Energy
    The effects of Aura of Protection: Death Energy are amplified by an additional 30%. The range is increase by 10 yards.

    regeneration Aura
    This ability replaces the effects of Energizing Aura. Allies within 100ft of Natalia while she is in Archangel form are subject to a powerful regeneration aura. This aura acts as high speed regeneration for those who do not possess the ability already. For those that do, the rate at which they regeneration is increased by 30%. All who are subject to this aura gain a small energy regeneration rate allowing them to fight for a longer period of time.

    Mass Sanctuary
    An amplified version of Sanctuary, there are several key differences with it. Primarily, Natalia is capable of enclosing herself and up to three allies within the Sanctuary’s limits. While she remains within the confines of Sanctuary she is capable of extending her Touch of Life ability over all allies within the area of effect, retaining the previous bonuses from Archangel form and Sanctuary. She remains incapable of healing herself with this power. She is capable of using this form of Sanctuary once per thread regardless of how long she sustains it. She is capable of using the normal Sanctuary ability from Angel form twice, or using Mass Sanctuary and Sanctuary once each per thread.

    Immunity to Death Energy(Personal)
    Because of the amount of Life energy surrounding her while Archangel form is active, Natalia gains full immunity to the effects of Death Energy upon her person. This immunity only applies to the effects of Death Energy.

There are several drawback related with this form however, which are far more substantial than the drawbacks to either of the previous forms.

Release of Aisha’s power
With releasing roughly 55% of Aisha’s power, it becomes highly likely that anyone who knows of Aisha’s existence and identity will identify her, making Natalia a target in the future.

Immense Energy Cost
This form puts out an extreme amount of power to maintain all of the effects that it has. As such, there is an immense energy cost that comes from Natalia as well as Aisha. Once Archangel form is dismissed, it leaves Natalia with surprisingly little energy, to the point that it becomes dangerous to attempt to open the Chi Gates.

Time Limit
The amount of energy that Aisha puts out is no random amount; based on her observations this amount of energy is the maximum amount of pure life energy a human body, even enhanced with her regeneration properties, can handle for even a limit amount of time. As such, Natalia is only capable of holding this form for a maximum of 6 posts before it and all forms vanish. This leaves her feeling immensely drained of power. In addition, she is incapable of activating any of her and Aisha’s combined forms for 2 weeks after she becomes active once more.

Burned by the Light
Because of the amount of energy being put out to maintain the regeneration auras and other abilities, while Natalia remains in Archangel form her regeneration power is reduced by 25%.

Because Aisha is actively hiding and aiding Natalia, there is no real aim to maintain control over her. In fact, Natalia and Aisha get along well enough that there is no exertion of dominance from one side of the other. The drawbacks of overuse of Aisha's powers are listed under said powers.

Special: since Aisha is aiding Natalia and vice-versa there is little "control" over the spirit. Instead, the two work together towards a common goal.


T H E H O S T ; ; P O W E R S

Natural Abilities
Serene Center
Natalia has focused on the internal focusing and draw of chi energy since she discovered the energy so long ago. As such, her body has changed and adapted to the point that it now unconsciously draws in her chi energy and focuses it internally, meaning she gives off no detectable energy signature while not attacking. Beyond that, she unconsciously draws chi energy in from the surrounding area while attacking further increasing the amount she has at her disposal.

Sixth Sense/Perception
Natalia, like the rest of Earth’s population now, is able to see ghosts, spirits, and the like; beyond that though, she is capable of pinpointing the locations of spiritual beings within two miles of her and distinguish the type of being that it is(Shinigami, demon, etc.). She is incredibly perceptive concerning her surroundings (sight, hearing, etc.) as well as in conversation.

Amplified Natural Abilities
Due to her exposure to Aisha, the discovery and use of chi, and her own extensive study and practice of martial arts Natalia’s base natural abilities (such as physical ability, reflexes, and so on) are far above that of other humans. Without going into her chi abilities or Ziamichi powers she is capable of feats most cybernetically enhanced human could not even dream of; she is capable of lifting a car over her head and flinging it at an enemy, punch clean through stone walls, run at speeds cybernetically enhanced athletes would think impossible, and so on. If the world was not filled with demons, Hollows, and so on she would probably be the strongest “human” on the planet. She is able to suppress these abilities and drop down to true human levels of strength and ability. She is capable of turning these abilities on and off at will depending on the situation.

Purified Chi
A direct result of Aisha’s presence within Natalia’s body, her Chi has been altered so that it is imbued with more life energy. This allows Natalia to purifying beings, though the exact results of that purification varies depending on the being in question. If a pulse was being purified, it would simply move on to its next stage of afterlife (Soul Society or Hell). If it was a Hollow, it too would be purified and sent on to the next stage.
Additionally, this alteration increases her offensive power and effectiveness against “dark beings”, as in beings conceived in fear, darkness, death, and so forth.

Beyond the Touch Of Gods
As impressive as this sounds, this actually has a very limited use. Due to Aisha’s presence, Natalia cannot be directly altered or erased from existence/reality by powers that warp reality. The only exception in this is the Final Gate.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery
During her over 5000 years of life, Natalia has studied hundreds of martial arts and mastered many of them. She shows very little of this outside of combat however. She knows of several “secret” martial arts as well, of which she does not talk about unless special circumstances arrive.

Weapon Master/Improvised Weapon Master
Natalia has trained and used so many different weapons through her years of martial training and fighting for survival that there is no object that she cannot pick up and make ample and deadly use of as a weapon. Now if you hand her a weapon…well you’re just an idiot really. Neither of these are the truly dangerous aspect of this power, however; most physical objects are incapable of harming spiritual beings because they are not of the living world. Natalia unconsciously imbues objects she is holding with a small portion of her chi, allowing it to harm and possibly destroy physical beings. This includes objects she is holding or objects she has recently held; objects dropped or thrown retain this chi for 2 posts before it is released into the surroundings.

Master of Disguise
Over the centuries, Natalia has learned to be or not be just about anyone at the drop of a hat. She is incredibly proficient at hiding her physical appearance, and has changed it several times through the course of her life. After all, if she didn’t someone would have noticed the same person living year after year after century.

Master Linguist
Through her life and her travels, Natalia has lived in hundreds of countries and learned thousands of languages. She has been through the collapse of empires and the rise of tyranny. Whether because of her own talent or a result of her merger with Aisha, she is capable of remembering an incredible amount of information, including language. She speaks most if not all known languages, and several ‘dead’ languages. She is capable of writing in these languages as well.

Master Chef
Partially because of a like for the skill but mainly because of the place of women for much of history, Natalia has spent a great deal of time cooking. She has used it as a cover more than once, and currently does so. She knows millions of recipes, secret ingredients, and combinations. She makes a stew that has moved hardened soldiers weep. Her favorite meal is a simple chicken soup she makes from scratch.

Chi Abilities
Internalized Chi Flow
Natalia has trained extensively with her chi powers since their discovery, and has focused on the ways the Chi flows within the body and the benefits that can be wrought from that. She has done this to such a degree that she has considerably more control over the chi in her body than most other chi masters. This comes at the cost not having nearly as much control over chi in her surroundings, but that matters little to Natalia. Her chi abilities that are internally based are boosted, while abilities that require the control of outside chi are weakened. These changes will also be noted in the individual abilities.
This also manifests in how Natalia fights. For example, she is unable to hold a stable platform of Chi that would allow her to stand in the air. Instead, she must remain in constant motion while in the air, or else she will begin to fall.

An equivalent of Shunpo, with the notable exception of being silent. Natalia is capable of using the technique, but it is not her focus. She is capable of faster movement without this technique, and thus uses it mainly to move around silently when she needs too.

Yang Surge
The Yang Surge is a blast of positive energy that typically has the destructive force of a Gran Rey Cero over a large area. Beyond that, it lays down an area roughly 2000 meters wide that increases the flow of positive energy and boosts the user’s abilities. Most of this remains true for Natalia, but there are some notable exceptions. First off, because of the amount of life energy Natalia has access to the power behind the Yang Surge is tripled. However, she does not have the ability to shape the blast; it is always in the form of a cone-shaped blast extending outwards. Secondly, she has no control over how much power she releases with the attack, meaning she is incapable of reducing its power when in locations where such wide ranged destruction would be a hindrance, such as in a city or crowded battlefield. Thirdly is a modification that Natalia has developed around the amplification ability present within Yang Surge. Anyone she designates as an ally will have their energy related abilities boosted by 10% in addition to the normal effects present in the ability. Any allies within the area also will find a light healing power within the zone, healing minor wounds. If they were to remain in the zone for the full duration, a moderate wounds could be healed. This zone lasts for only 2 posts instead of the normal 3. In addition, Natalia is only able to use this blast once every 4 posts.

Yin Surge
Yin surge is the opposite of Yang surge, a negative energy blast that usually has the same destructive potential as Yin Surge and covers the area in darkness. However, Natalia has little negative energy that she can pull free of her overwhelming positive energy. Thus, her Yang Surge is actually incapable of inflicting damage, and the area of effect is cut in half. However, the obscuring aura remains, and Natalia typically uses this as an escape mechanism.

Due to prolonged exposure to Aisha’s influence, Natalia’s Vindeca has been permanently altered and bolstered. Typically, the effects of this ability are rendered mute however due to Aisha’s healing properties. Should Natalia ever be separated from Aisha this would allow her to heal her wounds at a quicker rate than normal humans, and at a higher rate than even other chi users. Given enough time, she is capable of regeneration non-critical limbs, though it would take a month to fully regrow a leg or arm. Through Vindeca alone, she would be incapable of regeneration organs.

Surprisingly, Natalia’s Tekkai is only on an average level for Chi users of her power, despite the amount of Chi she has flowing through her body. The main reason for this is the fact that the Chi is directed towards the regrowth of limbs rather than the prevention of hits.

The Chi Gates
Aether Gate
The Aether Gate is the entry level gate of the Chi Gate System, and governs the flow of Chi within the body and the limiters placed on the body to prevent it from burning itself out. By opening this gate the body is allowed to work at 100% of its natural capability instead of the ~15% capability the body typically works at. Additionally, once the Aether Gate is opened chi is funneled into the user’s bones to strengthen them, enabling them to withstand the forces placed on them with the increased capability of the body.

Additionally, through training one may learn and gain access to a series of five sub gates that grant minor capabilities that can be accessed while the Aether Gate is open. This takes additional time before one moves on to learning the advanced gates.
    Chi infuses the user’s skin and muscles, granting a 20% bonus to strength and defensive capabilities.

    Grants the user a slight heat aura which can ignite flammable objects not worn on the user and cause slight burns. Also increases the users speed by 20%.

    The chi around the user floods outward in a light gust, and grants the user a heightened sense of things in its area of effect. Additionally, the gust subgate assists with short burst movements, granting a 80% speed boost to movements that go no more than 10 feet in total distance covered.

    Increases the flow of Chi in the user’s body, increasing all of their physical capabilities by 5%. Additionally, the subgate increases the flow of chi out of the body, allowing chi to be forced out of the user’s body and into the enemies, which attempts to cause internal damage.

There are drawbacks to this gate, however, depending on the level of mastery present. The first drawback is the amount of time it takes to actually learn; assuming a physically fit body and concentrated mind, it takes a human who has aptitude for chi use approximately 30 years’ worth of training to access this gate. Beyond that, each subgate can take anywhere from 5 years to 12 years more to gain access too. To fully master the Aether Gate it can take a normal human’s lifetime, though it is possible to learn and master the gate in less time.

Beyond that, without a method of healing or caution on the part of the user it is possible for the user to inflict damage upon his/her body from the unrestrained actions. Increase fatigue and muscle soreness are the least of the effects, but depending on exertion can range up to muscle tearing, bone damage, and so forth.

The Advanced Gates
The Advanced Gates refer to the gates after the Aether Gate, which are extensions of the subgates present in the Aether Gate to a degree. These gates are incredibly hard to learn and master, place great strain on the body, and are typically unattainable by mortals unless they have Awakened. It takes a large amount of time to discover and access the gate; there is no particular order in which the gates are discovered, and vary from user to user. After having mastered the Aether Gate, a process that can only be completed once one decides to either learn or forsake the sub gates and has spent 100 years training with the Aether Gate, it can take anywhere from 1 to 100 years to learn the first of the Advanced Gates. Beyond that, the time to mastery and learning of the others varies greatly based on personal ability.

Mountain Gate
The Mountain Gate’s focus is on immovability and strength. Once this gate is opened the user’s muscles and skin is flooded with chi, increasing their physical strength by 600%(6 times) and their defensive capabilities by 300%(3 times). Along with this increase in strength, they gain a rather impressive defensive ability in that as long as they remain in contact with the ground or a wall they redirect roughly 40% of the force they are struck with into the surroundings. This ability is inactive while the user is not in contact with the ground.

The second major effect of the Mountain Gate is to impose a penalty on movement against those that are struck while it is active. Incredibly heavy Chi floods into the opponent and attempts to weigh them down, reducing their movement speed by a cumulative 5% per hit. This reduction cannot reduce a person below 20% of their movement speed. Additionally, this energy can be dissipated by a release of power on the targets part, or by not being hit for 3 posts time after a strike. For every 3 posts, 10% of this effect is removed.

The user’s total movement speed is reduced by 40% while this gate is active. However, if the user managed to unlock the Stone subgate of the Aether Gate BEFORE learning the Mountain Gate, this penalty is reduced to 30%.

Inferno Gate
The Inferno Gate focuses on destructive power and speed; once this gate is opened, the user’s leg muscles are flooded with chi, empowered and hardened, increasing their total speed increases by roughly 500%(5 times). Their reflexes are amplified while this gate is active as well to keep up with their new speed.

The destructive side of this gate comes from the second effect. Once the gate is opened, a field of chi surrounds the user. While the user is in motion, the chi reduces the friction the user experiences from the atmosphere around them, and converts it into a heat aura around the user. This aura is only active while the user remains in motion and for 2 seconds after, at which point it returns to normal. This heat can exceed 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (over 800 degrees Celcius) and is used in attacks to burn the opponent, the area around them, and so forth. This aura also absorbs heat directed at the user up to a point while it is active, protecting them both from its effect and from heat based attacks directed at them, though it has its limits.

There are serious risks with using this gate, however. Primarily, this risk is to injury to the user’s legs from the strain on the muscles, though the entire body is at risk from the forces being exerted on it. Additionally, it is possible for the user to exceed speeds that their reflexes can keep up with, resulting in further injury both to themselves and those around them.

If the user learned the Spark subgate BEFORE learning the Inferno Gate, the speed increase is increased to 550%, the damage from the heat aura is enhanced slightly. All other effects remain the same.

Wave Gate
The Wave Gate’s focuses are on Flow and Vision. The Vision aspect is revealed once this gate is opened. Upon the user’s forehead the symbol of a vertical, open, lidless eye appears, the center of which will glow with a faint cerulean glow. This eye serves three purposes; firstly, it increases the user’s reflexes by 400%(4 times), giving them greater reaction time and capability. Secondly, it serves as a shroud to mask the user’s mind from abilities that would seek to gain information from it. Finally, it grants the user the ability to see the flow of energy within or around a person. For example, the eye would allow Natalia to see the flow of energy as it flowed from Ichigo to Zangetsu for a Getsuga Tenshou. When the third ability is activated, the user’s eyes take on the same cerulean glow as the third eye.

The Aspect of Flow corresponds to ebb and flow, internal and external energy movement. The internal flow comes in 2 forms; first, the flow of chi within the user is amplified, increasing all physical attributes by 100%. Secondly, the user draws energy into themselves while the Gate is active to power it, and can draw energy out of enemies they strike and convert it into Chi, albeit at small quantities per strike, meaning that extended contact with the user in this state or taking too many hits can end up being dangerous.

The external flow of energy comes from in 2 forms; first, the user’s offensive power is increased by 50%, empowered by chi in the striking surfaces. The more dangerous ability of the gate, however, is the second external flow ability. The user’s strikes are followed by an immense wave of pure force, which will crash down in the direction of the strike and deal massive damage to those it strikes. (Think of the force shockwaves being thrown around in the battle between Ichigo and Aizen in the final battle in the manga, then imagine that weaponized; that is concept behind this ability.)

The unique danger to this gate is the fact that it drains a great deal of energy and places a great deal of stress on the body and mind simultaneously. Prolonged use of this gate can become life threatening if the user is not drawing in some type of energy or does not possess a great deal of energy on their own. Even then, the strains on the body can become life threatening through prolonged use.

If the user learned the Stream subgate BEFORE learning the Wave Gate, their physical abilities and offensive capabilities are increased by a further 10%, and the drain effect is slightly enhanced. All other effects remain the same.

Sky Gate
The Sky Gate is the most defensive of the gates, and focuses on avoidance and attrition. The avoidance comes from the user’s ability to, while this gate is active, negate their own mass. This has many applications from removing the weight of a punch during training to using it to avoid attacks. They do not actually become mass-less, but instead temporarily alter reality to reduce their mass down to negligible levels. They are only able to do this for 1 second at a time, and doing so requires a good deal of energy. Additionally, the user’s senses are heightened by a small flow of Chi that rushes out around them to a distance of 20 meters; they are able to sense movement or energy within this area to a heightened degree.

The attrition factor comes from the same flow of chi; as it rushes out, it physically pushes all energy in that area and out to another 20 meters away, effectively depriving those within its area of effect of environmental and latent energy.

As stated, the major drawback of the Sky Gate is the use of energy, which can quickly deplete resources. They are also effected by the second effect, the removal of the latent energy.

If the user learned the Gust Subgate BEFORE having learned the Sky Gate, they retain the increase in short range speed within 10 ft.

    Advanced Gate Progression

As previously stated, the Gates have no order in which they must be opened. However, for those that can learn and master the gates, there is the ability to open multiples of the gates at a time. This is no easy task, however, and comes with many dangers. This option only opens up once the user has learned all of the gates and spent at least 100 years training with them. Awakened Chi Users are capable of opening 2 of the gates simultaneously, while Fully Awakened Chi Masters(tier 0-3) are capable of opening 3 at once. Incredibly talented Fully Awakened Chi Masters(0-2) are said to be capable of opening all four gates at once.

However, there is great danger in this route. Opening any number of the gate compounds their own inherent disabilities and drawbacks, in addition to those listed below.
    Two Gates
    Opening two of the Gates simultaneously compounds their own drawbacks. Additionally, the user’s body is placed under even greater amounts of strain; muscle damage, bone damage, nerve damage, and so forth will easily result from the use of two gates.

    Three Gates
    To activate three gates at once compounds all of their drawbacks. Additionally, the user risks injuring their chi circulation system; this can result in hindered chi use for up to a week to follow the use, in addition to the drawbacks listed under Two Gates. Prolonged use can results in serious injury or death.

    Four Gates
    By Activating all four gates the user compounds all drawbacks listed in the gates, guarantees muscle, nerve, bone, and chi circulation system damage. Use of this many gates for more than 2 posts will result in death.

~We trip and stumble only so that we may stand back up...~

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Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Nataliaprofileimage2
The Heaven Gate
The Pinnacle of Power
The Heaven Gate is Natalia’s own invention, just as the Chi Gates are. It is her greatest trump card, and an absolute final resort for it holds the most devastating drawback of any of the gates, one that not even Aisha can offset.
First, to open the Heaven Gate Natalia must have all Four of the Chi Gates open. Upon releasing the Heaven Gate, all abilities of the previous gates are amplified by 1000%, granting Natalia more power than should be feasible for a being of any stature to hold. For the duration of this Gate, Natalia is unaffected by the drawbacks of the Gates as a whole and is capable of regeneration indefinitely and from anything. She cannot be hindered or halted from whatever purpose she has set her mind to that has forced her to open the Heaven Gate. She additionally gains the following ability:
    While the Heaven Gate is active, Natalia has the capability to snuff out Divine sparks, ending immortality and similar abilities. She is capable of killing gods, as the name implies.

For this power, she trades everything. The Gate can only be sustained for 5 minutes in its entirety, and once the Gate closes Natalia is reduced to powerless save for the ability to see spirits(aka she drops to tier 5-4); this is the “kind” part of this drawback. She is then granted a 1 day’s grace period in which she remains powerless; there is no method to return her powers or grant her new ones during this time. At the end of that day, Natalia fades.

She does not die; she Fades from existence, ceases to be, and is gone for all eternity. Once this has come to pass, there is NO method of bringing her back or restoring her existence short of turning back time and stopping her from having opened the Heaven Gate in the first place. This happens because the Heaven Gate effectively devours the rest of Natalia’s existence upon opening, taking any remaining life and afterlife she would have had and condensing all of that power into a 5 minute burst.


S O U L ;; S T A T E


Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:

Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance: (Optional. This will be at least 1 to 0 tier level characters, however. You may fill this out, but the app will ultimately be up to the staff member who reviews it)

Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

The reason Natalia's Soul State Evolution Appearance and Abilities remains unknown is that she is not aware she is in possession of these abilities. She has never had need to seek them out or notice them with her mastery over her chi capabilities. However, such close proximity to a spiritual being combined with her incredible life span have served to alter her genes and create the potential for a Soul State Evolution to become active. Only time will tell when, or if, that will happen however.
(I like the sound of this power and can think of a few story places to go with it; however, since Natalia doesn't particularly need a power boost from a skill like this I'm leaving it blank but open for future flavor/story purposes.)


E X T R A ; ; I N F O


Ziamichi Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of demons. Don't do anything to this, the staff will decide how strong your demon will be from how good your application is and how good your role playing skills are.)

Universal Tool:
-To Be Added Upon Creation-

-To Be Added Upon Creation-

-To Be Added Upon Creation-

-To Be Added-

Serenity(Tavern) in Osora Town
Numerous Other Land Holdings under other names.


S K I L L ; ; S H E E T

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills: Human
  • Spirituality: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Valor: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Perception: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Motivation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills: Ziamichi
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

~We trip and stumble only so that we may stand back up...~

Genpaku's Cast of Misfits and Titans
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  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: If anyone has real problems with this, they can come to me on this one. This is a great app that has been well-thought out and deserves the tier it's being given.
Tier: 0-3+
Ziamichi Class: X (If anyone has a problem with this, check with me. This should be alright, given the circumstances.)
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+]   Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 7:54 pm

Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] Chuck-testa-gregory-brothers


  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: Re-approving this with 0-2+. If she's an X class Ziamichi, and S class ziamichi's are usually 0-3 or 0-2, this alone makes her worthy. Plus she has the anti-thesis to death inside her, LIFE. So this hurr's easily 0-2+. i can come up with many other reasons why, but yer.
Tier: 0-2+
Ziamichi Class: X (If anyone has a problem with this, check with me. This should be alright, given the circumstances.)

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Moving this to archives!
Simply post in this topic here, in order to come out of archives~!

a beckoned run away leisure
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I'm going to be unarchiving this character for you, but I'm going to quote and link one of our policies and recommend that you upgrade this characters app.

Quote :
Scenario 2: If you are unarchiving a character, but you were active with the character in thread and earned their upgrades ICly, then we will not demote your tier. Instead, we will provide leniency and simply advise that you update your application to match the standards we have for 2016.

Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+] WVMWLOu
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[mod]Archived on request due to updated app being approved[/mod]

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

We Are Legion
Character Permissions
Communication Thread
Character Substitutions
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Natalia Ashmourne [APPROVED, 0-2+]
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