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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:12 pm

Alright. Basically, Nature Iramasha are a sub-type of Iramasha. They have and can utilize Chaos Energy, but can also generate Natural Energy.

Energies: Each Nature Iramasha has an energy or aura color, based on their element of birth. This element is also the color of the blood they bleed; the energy also causes the liquid to glow. It cannot be recovered by the iramasha, but will return to its original element when it hits the ground. They also can use the bare minimum of Devil and Angel abilities, as much as Angel can use Devil and Devil use Angel.

* If we had a Plant Iramasha, he could create glowing green-vine like whips out of nature energy and attack with them. If his hand was cut and he dropped the whip, bright green liquid would spurt out and create weeds on the ground. He can also do a small shadow walk and purify polluted forests.

Nature Energy: Basically, Natural energy takes the form of the element they have. It's what keeps them alive; if they are drained of it, they return to being the the element from which they came, lacking any Iramasha energy at all. The Nature energy is also the basis of their forms; and after each form is unsealed, they gain a new reserve to use in that form to keep their energies going. Nature energy cannot be used in Chaos Energy spells, and Chaos Energy cannot be used to activate abilities linking directly to the Iramasha's element, as the Natural Energy instinctively performs those tasks.

Sensing Nature Energy: Much like the Arrancar's Pesquia, Nature Iramasha can sense high concentrations of Nature Energy all around them, allowing them to find each other and discover more about themselves. How far each can search is determined by their control over Nature Energy.

* For example, a Nature Iramasha birthed from the lava of Mt. Krakatoa could shoot a red Blast of Chaos Energy, as well as form a large ball of energy that transforms into Lava, hurling it at the opponent to burn them. However, if he created it too large, he would turn to a small pool of lava, and he AND his large sphere would fall down, gravity taking hold. He would also be unable to perform Time Slowing with his Natural Energy; and unable to supplement his large fire attack with his Chaos Energy.

Recovering: Nature Iramasha can ONLY be healed using their Nature Energy, which regeneration slowly within them over time. However, the only other way to recover it, and at a faster rate, is to consume their element through an opening into their body.

*Back to the fire Iramasha. If his right arm was blown off, he could be out for a month regaining and using the Natural Energy to regrow it. However, he could also stick his arm into a pool of lava, and in 10 minutes have absorbed enough energy to reinvigorate himself and heal up his arm.

Nature Spells: Each Nature Iramasha has at least ONE of these that is unique to them; their general archetype can also have them for use as well. Nature spells use Natural Energy, and can have a wide variety of effects based on the Nature Iramasha's element. However; Nature Spells of the same element as the target will only do 25% damage, the same as two Nature Iramasha of the same element using Nature Energy against each other.

* Our Fire Iramasha creates a large circle of flame and throws it around another Fire Iramasha, contracting it and holding it on his opponent, trying to burn him with the binding. However, the other Fire Iramasha is only sweating a bit; he isn't affected by the spell very much.

Seishen Buki: They also have a Seishen Buki, however, each creates his own, as they are weapons infused with their element. They are created within the Nature Iramasha's body, and originally emerge when they first have a desire of them. From there, they store it within their own bodies for use whenever they need it. The Seishen Buki is unique to them; there are no two alike.

* Our Fire Iramasha throws his arm to the left, creating a Flaming curved blade, similar to those used in the desert. It is flowing lava past the hilt, held together by his own Nature Energy on the edges. It is flaming hot, and to lay it flat on something could melt or burn it. He stabs the blade within himself when finished, it goes inside his body and joins the natural flow of his energy when he is done.


"Insert Element"'s Return: The Nature Iramasha acquire this form the same time as the Seishin Buki: When they first desire to fight and have need of it. They become surrounded in the color of their Aura, and gain a boost in most combat areas, as well as new abilities. It is roughly equal in power to Angel/Demon Angel form, if a bit less due to the way it is acquired. They also gain increased control over their element; able to manipulate it to an extent unique to each Nature Iramasha.

*Fire Iramasha has "Flames' Return: Blazing Lava", where he gains a crown of flame and can cast out small lengths of fire by swinging his Sieshin Buki. He also can rise a current of lava from a nearby source, using his hand as a conduit, and throw it at his opponent.

"Insert Element"'s Strike: In this form, their Seishin Buki evolves into another state, as well as giving them the freedom to create a construct upon their person of their element, like wings of flame or a shield of ice. The construct can also have ablities, and are roughly equal in strength to the Hell Angel or Golden Angel form of a likewise Iramasha of the same tier.

* Our Fire Iramasha shouts "FLAMES' STRIKE: SOARING HELL!" and generates a circular construct of fire that envelopes his left arm, from which he is able to shoot fire and lava balls. His Sieshen Buki also changes into a ball and chain, able to be thrown and burn the enemy, as the ball is made of lava and the chain, fire.

"Insert Element"'s Purity: The final form for Nature Iramasha, it is equal to Crystal Angel/Devil Angel in power. Very few Nature Iramasha have this; roughly 2 or 3 of each element obtain this. For in this state, the Nature Iramasha's body BECOMES their element, held together by a vast amount of Chaos Energy around their body. They are hurt when the Chaos Energy is disturbed by attacks, and die or return to their sealed form when they lose all of their power. As such, it can act similar to an Arrancar's Resserection, changing their body structure completely or simply elementifying themselves. Either way, the structure for their form is determined in their conception, hence why it is their "Pure" Form. Each Purity is different, with different abilities and effects. Most that obtain this form are high 1 tier or 0 tier.

* Our Fire Iramasha's final battle. He screams at the top of his lungs: "FLAME'S PURITY: BLAZING HELLFIRE!" And he transforms into a minotaur like being, consisting of lava and blazing bright red all around. He creates large spikes, grabbing them and throwing them at his opponent. He fight's his very hardest, but is eventually worn down, losing the last of his Chaos Energy, falling down in defeat. His opponent seals him away in a gem like any other Iramasha, where he spends his days alone...

Other: Nature Iramasha are a Sub-class of Iramasha, and can use things like Chaos Warp and custom chaos moves thanks to their chaos energy. That means they can also be Ziamichi's, sealed INTO ziamichis/chaos gems, and use chaos gems. They can fuse with Angel, Demon, or Hybrid Iramasha by Syncing to give that Iramasha temporary access to their elemental control, but two Nature Iramasha fusing will kill both, as each tries to penetrate the other's purity of element.

Cells of Nature: Every cell of the one Nature Iramasha have one family of animal that are recorded on them. When the recorded part of the cells have Chaos Energy flow into them, it allows the Nature Iramasha to turn into a member of that Family of animal, be it sharks, cats, canines ETC. However, it does take some time to master, although being in this state allows full use of Sealed Powers, but it cannot be used in other states from Return to Purity.

Example: James can turn into a blue, short-haired house cat, or, by using a higher amount of Chaos Energy, can become something like a leopard.

Hali kati yake [literally, Nature's Flow]: The user is able to summon a large amount of Nature Energy into a small space on their body. They then are able to release it very similar manner to cero/bala, or the Ramnyaku blasts that use Chaos Energy. However, there is one difference: Any Hali Kati Yake that are used automatically have the property of the Nature Iramasha who fires it, as it uses their unique Nature Energy. As such, it is unable to be absorbed or be broken down by opponents. It also comes in many forms, and is related to Nature Energy in the Nature Iramasha Skill Sheet.

Elec: Shocks the opponent
Water: Freezes with ice
Glass: Is able to cut the opponent depending how much energy is put in
Earth: Can throw sand all in the opponents eyes and cover their body in sand
Fire: Burns the opponent
Plant: Gains 20% more power in sunlight or underwater
Rot: 20% more damage to souls and 30% more to humans
Cloud: Can blow away their opponents with wind blasts
Metal: Does 10% more damage against pure-metal based objects.

||Nature Spells||

Dorō: is primarily used to disable. The practitioner raises his/her palm up to the target and closes his/her hand into a fist. The move calls forth a yellow energy in the form of very thick rope to ensnare an opponent., this spell binds the upper body of a target, physical strength alone should not be enough to break out of Dorō.

Hiiruuindo: A defense move, that can block a single attack at a time. It forms a barrier in front of them, that is as tall and 45 feet wipe in front of the user. If someone fires a energy attack of any power, it shall reflect that energy attack back at the opponent, if a physical attack hits the barrier, the opponent shall get a wave of energy with the power behind the physical strike towards them, with a strong cutting force. Afterwords the barrier shall fall apart and cant be used for another 4 post. While the barrier can appear instantly it varys on the user

Byakko: An attack created from compressing reishi onto the user fingers and causing it to spiral rapidly until it becomes a warped color. Once fully formed they fire it as a double helix shaped beam of energy. That possess a compact form with devastating results when launched. When it makes contact with the target, it expands it's size as it engulfs the opponent in a massive explosion of reiatsu that implodes inwards once it expands, causing even greater damage than a regular reiryoku-based attack, such as Cero, this attack is classed as the user version of a gran rey.

Sōryū: This technique allows for the user to speed up the reishi around a target, causing them to become volatile and explode. This action requires physical contact and only effects the area where contact occurs. Its secondary effect is to freeze the reishi around the target in place and can be used to halt the target's movements of that area for half a post. This technique requires physical contact with the target to halt or to speed up the movement of reishi. The damage done can never reach fatal levels, but can make a zanpakutō snap, but on others, it is like being hit by a powerful force that sends them flying backwards.


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Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:22 pm
[adm]Archiving this since it's old. We have a new material being written up for the Iramasha.

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