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Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:58 pm


James Mizumuzi

[N A T U R E I R A M A S H A]


Name: James Mizumuzi
Age: 6,438
Appearance Age:21
Gender: Male



Personality: James is a fairly peaceful soul. He is like the water, eternally calm, unless disturbed. He is calm in speech and action, until he is disturbed. It is like dropping a rock in a lake. It starts strong, and cause a fast reaction, but it reduces gradually. However, as it reduces, it widens, creating a larger area of effect. Much the same as James. He is calm and pleasant, but taunt him or rile him up, and he will be sharp in tongue and movement. He will gradually calm again, but is not soon to forget.

He has a long memory, but doesn't have many enemies. Mostly due to the fact that he outlived them all, being what he was. His gaze seems to look deep into a person's soul, he is extremely observant of other people's actions and words, and reacts to them with sensitivity, for the most part.

He usually can find it within himself to forgive if requested to; he doesn't like holding grudges. He finds harming things important things to him harder to forgive, however, and may take time and seperate himself from that person for a time.


James is a very calm being; He has gotten past the greatest source of angst in his life and knows that he needs to be calm in order to survive. He will always act cool and collected, in the interests of the other Nature Iramasha.


Despite how he acts towards the other Nature Iramasha, he isn’t very outgoing, especially in relationships. The smallest act can sometimes result in a nosebleed, although when he is focused this does normally not occur. However, when he is with other warriors, he tends to be more focused, keeping his focus sharp.


He knows how to calm down and focus his mind, allowing him to focus on his mission and complete it to the best of his ability. However, when he is forced do to choose between duty and the interests of other Nature Iramasha, he will save them first, no matter what the cost. The same is true if someone is planning to harm the earth for the good of the mission. He will refuse and go against it as much as he can. However, as long as neither of these situation occur, he will faithfully carry out his mission.

||Disliker of Boredom||

He doesn’t like to be bored. It makes him feel like he is wasting time, and he puts a high value on his time. So, if he can do something to prevent his time being wasted (IE going where he thinks he should, but not finding anything he was searching for, but taking up something else, like perhaps a spar) However, he usually doesn’t consider when he’s at his job any situation boring.

||Mental Stability||

James is able to tolerate a high amount of mental strain, as well as being able to take constant annoyances in his stride, thanks to how he himself has matured. This skill also helps him when he is communicating, or gathering information. As well as with relationships, and helping with his quest to reunite the Nature Iramasha.

||Indomitable Will||

As his quest to reunite the Nature Iramasha can testify, when he sets out to do something, he will do anything in his power to achieve it. He doesn’t like it when people try to make him quit, and also admires others who refuse to give their ground. Trying to get him to quit without being respected enough in his mind is like getting a cat to stop the hunt.


He is extremely observant, using anything within his view to come up with a solution. This also allows him to think of possible solutions to problems using his water that might not appear to most people. He is also not above using any honest tactic in battle; throwing water into the opponents eyes, attacking from behind… all these are fair game.


He is fiercely independent in his normal state; except for a few exceptions. Of course, he can still work in a team if he realizes it is necessary, as well as knowing when to use teamwork to accomplish his goals. In other words, he is lifestyle independent, but not stupidly so.


If he believes you are deserving of his respect or loyalty, he will not falter. That is why he is one of the center pieces that holds the Nature Iramasha. That also means that if you are his partner, he will be loyal until the day he dies. The same is true of his brothers-in-arms and just his friends, as well as the Nature Iramasha as a whole. This also extends even to the Regular Iramasha.

Likes: Water, Cats, Ocean, the Beach, the Sunset, fine dining, Good company, Winter

Dislikes: Fire, volcanos, cramped spaces, spiders, pencil sharpeners, jack hammers and Newt Gingrich (who he is certain is still alive)

Fears: Eternal Rage, the Nature Iramasha being wiped out, New Zealand.

Quirks: He likes cats. Randomly, without his even knowing, he will form his water into cat ears on his head, roughly 4 inches high, and/or a tail, about 3 feet long. It can happen at the most akward of times, and he has NO control over it.


Seishin Buki Name: Sakibo (先棒: Cat's Paw)

Seishin Buki Appearance: [Event/Experience Class]James Mizumuzi [Approved 0-4+ Nature] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIRMtEf9hv8SBNMLerJiLpwHDZPf1qmxIovWcZG-PikDbeSD5S

Seishin Buki Abilities: \
The Seishin Buki primary ability in this form is the creation and manipulation of water. It allows him to control the weather in the immediate vicinity, or more specifically, control the water in the surrounding atmosphere. The water used for his attacks is generated by the blue-cracks on his blade.He can fire a high-force, mist-form Zanpakutō in a series of three shots. Upon contact, it can cause severe damage.He can also points his blade out and instantly boils any form of water that comes close to it, including ice, blood. and deflects it around him, this makes coming in contact with the blade dangerous as the body is normally composed of fluids, and thus can he can increase the damage upon contact with the blade. James is also able to condense large amounts of water around his blade before firing it as a blast that resembles a Curved-wave. He has also demonstrated the ability to fire multiple blasts in rapid succession with relative ease. The blasts strike with enough force to demolish houses.James can also launch a rushing surge of water at his enemy. The torrent of high pressure water is large enough to cover several town blocks. Because he can control water, he can freeze it as well. His slashes can create an immense amount of spiritual power which overflows from the tip of the blade, creating a flow of ice shaped like a cat paw, that then flies towards opponents and instantly freezes anything it touches for a max of 2 post, thou the freezing depends on the targets power. James can create multiple ice cat paws to attack an opponent from various angles. James can also direct his slashes towards the ground and form a wave of ice which rushes over his opponents, overwhelming and freezing them as well.


Nature Powers:

Manipulation: James has the Element of Water, allowing him to influence pure and salted water that doesn't have iron in it to varying extents.

Aura: James has a silver-blue aura.

regeneration: James has a fairly high rate of regeneration when in water, and going for a swim alone can help him heal. A glass of water can regeneration 8% of his energies. Thou he can’t uses the water he created himself.

Nature Cells: James' are felines. He can go anywhere from a regulard house cat, to a full-on black panther. Really, though, he only uses those 2 forms, as he doesn't think he has need for anything else.

Appearance of House-Cat Form:
He looks exactly like this; however, he has 2 different traits. His fur is pure Sapphire blue, from the tip of his tail to the whiskers on his face. His eyes also retain their chromium indium, the right being red and the left, blue.
-and minus the Santa Hat, of course.

Stealth Form:

In this form, he takes the form of a round, blue cat. Exactly like this, with hat and all, but minus the eyes on top. He uses this as it completely disguises his power and abilities while in use up to the abilities of a regular cybernetic eye (Not an enhanced one), as well as will almost ALWAYS fool an enemy as to his true form. Mostly because of its appearance. However, he usually doesn't use this unless he has no other choice, and cannot use Chaos Moves or Nature SPELLS.

Heat Form: In this form, James is only able to heat up the water around him. However, that allows him to creates fogs, small windstorms, etc from the distribution of hot and cold particles in the air. He can create a smokescreen from his mouth that blasts out very similar to Tenran, making it a viable means of escape should he require it.


In panther form he simply that, a generic black panther, having its base speed and strength.

Water Purification: By using 2% of his nature energy, James can restore a polluted source of water to its original state, as it was in its prime. He cannot heal an ocean with this; in fact, purifying a source of salt water will temporarily become free of salt; however, the salt will replenish very quickly. To heal it, James must get on his knees and plunge in both arms up to his elbows, and close his eyes, searching out the pollution. Then he pumps it full of purified water, neutralizing the pollution and purifying the spring.

Waterwalk: Similar to the shadow walking of the demons, James can use the small amount of demon influence he has to use his Natural Energy to transport himself along large bodies of water, turning himself into his element and trading places with his target destination, appearing there nearly instantly. However, it only applies to the surface of water, as he needs to step onto the surface, for just a moment, before he uses it. It should also be noted that when in the water, James’ speed increases, and his attacks are not lowered by the water all around him. He can also swim very quickly, shooting up in the air like a dolphin. He is also more flexible in water as well, as his Nature Energy acts like its energized by being around its element. He is also able to place his Nature Energy around his feet, giving him the ability to walk on the surface of the water.

Water Breath: His very element grants him this ability. His Nature Energy, when surrounded by water or activated by James, will automatically begin converting the water he breates in into breathable material. He can last underwater for longer than 3 weeks using this technique. He can also turn it off at will, if he so chooses.

Nile Spray Stream: James sidesteps before his opponent, slashing the ground behind him to gain more back step. The slash creates an unexpected back-wash, summouning or utilizing a crushing stream of water. The stream is cylindrical, with a radius of 5 feet. It slams into the opponent like a wall, ramming them over as best it can. It uses the abilities of Sakibo, so it doesn’t use that much of James’ energy. He can even use it multiple times, up to 4 in rapid sidestepping succession.

Freeze Shots: Similar to bala, James is able to fire out spheres of ice from his hands. When they connect with an opponent or surface, it shoots out 5 ice crystals like a plant, creating a small spiked ice structure on whatever they hit. The spikes are medium sharp, and only go up to 6 inches long. The spheres that are fired have a radius of 7 inches. He can fire 12 per post in sealed, 16 in Return, 20 in Strike, and 30 in Purity. They also do light frost damage to anything they come in contact with.

Frost Breath: James takes a deep breath, collecting many water particles into his mouth, either with the air or with water. Then, after a few moments of charging, he shouts out, creating a wave of ice energy. Anything that it hits it freezes, with a temperature of 300 degrees below zero. It takes a heat of 200 degrees to melt, or the strength of 300 pounds of force to break out of. It also has three levels of range effect; depending on the words that James calls. The levels are: Sheen! For 10 feet around, going 25 mph with his mouth being the center. Foss! For 25 feet around, with his mouth as the center, going 40 mph. Kah! For 50 feet aroun, his mouth being the center, going 100 mph. Note: Kah is only usable at Strike and above.
SHEEN FOSS KAH!=Final Form of Frost Breath.

Numb Nerves: Due to James temperature manipulation of water, he can numb his own nerves, able to nullify pain up to a moderate-high rating. However, anything more than that will cause him to flinch as well as taking the damage, as he isn’t very much used to it, despite being a defensive type. That also means that he cannot sense an attacker if he is using Numb Nerves all over his body, but he can allow himself to feel momentary pain in order to tell their location, and THEN Numb the Nerve.

Water Charge: Being underwater increases his stanima and defensive capabilities by 30% of their normal on-land ones. While underwater, his excited Nature Energy reacts positively with the Element all around him, regeneration at an enhanced rate from his norm for a while, increasing his overall stamina. It also attaempts to reach out to its Element, toughening all areas of James’ body by fortifying his skin with the energy.

Water Freeze: His Naturue energy has the ability to manipulate currents, James is able to sense where their key point is and gently nudge it in the direction he desires. He can also reduce or increase the speed of the current in a similar way, or simply stop the current altogether. It does not use much energy, as the current does not attempt to fight him, since he knows how to prevent it from struggling.

Ranmyaku Blast: James' Ranmyaku consists of him putting out both hands, pointing at his objective. A great field of blue energy emerges, covering around him like a dome between him and the enemy. Then, when he fires it, the field stays, and another field is formed on the other end of the blast. When the field hits the ground, it creates a fountain of energy, exploding out in a large radius, depending on how much energy James put into it. When used in a swamp-like area, the water spreads into a large sphere of water above his head, as large as the small swamp he acquired it from. He can then throw the sphere onto his opponent, hitting them with several gallons of force. In the desert, he gathers the water to himself similar to his base move, but he forms them different. The attacks appear as spikes of water, 3 feet long, and hover before James’ outstretched hands. He snaps his fingers, freezing the timps, then presses the flat bottom to hurl them at the enemy. It is a faster attack then most of his techniques, and can be good when used on opponents that keep dodging. In polar climates, James rises up several balls of ice, throwing them one at a time at his opponent. However, althought they are thrown one at a time, he does it fast enough that it begins to resemble a hoard of flies. Each Iceball has a diameter of 1 foot, and remove that much ice from below him. When James chooses, the iceballs fire out spikes in every direction, for 3 feet all around the center of the ball. It spins outwards from there, beginning to descend into the ground below, affected by gravity.

Abraham’s Inspiration: What parting to sea meant was that he learned how to part very large bodies of water. That allows him to quickly make flowing water part, become walls of water, allowing allies to pass and perhaps use to crush his enemies under the waves. However, he cannot hold the waters back for more than 2 posts, and if he holds a large body for that amount of time, overstrains his body and his ears shatter on his head for the rest of the thread he had held the waters. However, moving smaller bodies is fairly easy for him to do.

Boiling Rapids: James is able to boil water with Sakibo, either by touching the source, generating it himself, or channeling Nature Energy through Sakibo. The maximum amount that he is able to boil at once is a cube of water up to 30 feet from one end to the other. However, doing the limit of boiling causes the heat he means to put into it to be halved. At 20 feet, it has 3/4’s the strength, but remains at full heat he is able to past that, which is 400 degrees farenheit, either using salt water or using his abilities to hold the water molecules together while still speeding them up.

Ice Shikigami: James can also summon small, round beings of Ice, each one about 1 foot in diameter. They have small hands as well, able to grip things by freezing it to themselves. They are manipulated by James, but after creation, will simply stay where they are, ready to be used. James is also able to use the small eyes that they have to see what they see, using them as stealth tools as well as general help, as past picking things up and floating, they do nothing more than occupy space. (sealed and above)

Babylon Star: James, thanks to having lived for so long, has seen many cultures. This allows him to know many shapes that he can shift his ice into. One of his favorite styles to use are the killing tactics of the East. He is so used to summoning these types of weaponry that he is able to summon the small tools almost effortlessly, as well as having a high amount of skill with them. These include the senbon: Large Needles that fly and cut through the air to damage the opponent. Also the Ninja Stars: Which have either 4 or 5 points, and also fly through the air with ease. Last are the Kunai, or knives, which have a handle as well as a pointy end. Babylon Star is the Name of his own custom tool, a giant ninja star that unfolds into 5 points, looking like a star that you can hold in your hand. When it is thrown, its points shoot out, stretching to 15 feet around. However, when it hits the ground, it is its normal foot long around once again. He can only create 1 Babylon Star every other post.

Triple-point: In triple point, James’ arms and legs become infused with his Nature Energy, increasing their speed to 1000 mph and his strength by 3 times. However, it has a major downside: During Triple Point, he is completely unable to use his water manipulation, and is unable to wield Sakibo, as his charged hands reject it and put it away. He can only use Triple-point in sealed state, and is similar to as if James was placed into a Shinigami’s shunko, although it’s destructive force is not as high as that. Usually, he only uses this state for hand-to-hand battles, or when he wishes to hold back, or if his water isn’t proving effective enough. The drawbacks of using Triple Point involve the fact that no matter what, James cannot manipulate water for 6 posts after its activation, and for a minimum of 2 posts after Triple Point is ended. So he can only use water at a max of 6 posts after activation of Triple-Point, and must end it on the 4th to regain his water manipulation in the minimum. He is also unable to touch Sakibo for the 1 post of extreme weakness after finishing using Triple-point. Triple-point cannot last longer than 8 posts.

Nature Spell(s):

Water Spout: James charges his right fist with Water Elemental Natural Energy, hurling it behind him. Then he hurls it downwards, hitting the ground with a great force. Water is called up from beneath the ground, swelling it to giant sizes all around James, up to 50 feet, depending how long he holds it. Then he presses down, breaking the ground. The earth explodes, throwing him up into the air with a crushing amount of fast-moving water. It slams into the enemy, giving him transport and an attack. The ground is litterally ripped apart, creating a giant pit where the water was gathered from. Note: Cannot be used with salt water.

Current of Calm: James charges his limbs with his Natural Energy, turning them silver-blue. When he hits an enemy with them, their body acts like it is caught in a current, moving them out of their control and forcing them to fight it. Thus, he can fight his opponent as if they are in a current, moving right along with each attack. So, he can activate this attack, then press his palm against his opponents chest. They would suddenly move backwards, as if underwater, their feet slightly off the ground and James would spin and hi them with a kick.This would spin them over in the direction of the kick, but gradually closer to the direction where James is facing. The opponent still has complete control over everything else about their person, and characters with exceptionally strong will or power may be able to resist its effects altogether. After activation, the effect lasts for 2 posts.

Chaos Moves:

Chaos Warp

When this technique is activated it allows the user to teleport from short range distances at first, then when they become more master this move more they able to use to technique to teleport from long range distances along with being able to warp anywhere as long they can sense someones spiritual pressure or reiatsu. When they become more powerful they sometimes able to slow down within a limited range and gain the upper hand on their opponents. Advanced and master's can also teleport through dimension's and create pathway's to other world's. Adept can do it, but it takes much longer and drains them.

However, Chaos Warp is not just limited to that. It can also be used for teleporting things and other beings. It starts by firing a burst of Chaos Energy from either your finger tips, palm's or anywhere else you can think of in your body. Then you can create it in any shape or form you want and try to have it attach itself to the thing you want to teleport. For objects, it's almost instant to teleport. However, to move massive land masses and things along those lines it would take a bit more time. Between one or two post for master's, three or four for advanced users, five or seven for Adept and 20 for beginners.

To teleport or beings it would take 1 post for masters, 2 for advanced, 3 for adept and 5 for beginners.

A very common way to utlize Chaos Warp is for it to be used to control the flow of time around a certain area. For example, Time Control can be used to speed up the time. So if you have a slow attack, you can apply the Chaos Energy to it and speed it up. You can also increase your opponents speed as well. Another example of time control is by slowing down the flow of time around you or on a certain object. Say for instance you were about to get punch. Well, you can apply Chaos Energy to the punch and slow it down so it won't hurt as much. The same applies for energy attack's as well and pretty much anything else.

Name: Shattering Chaos
Type: Offensive
Effects: Shattering Chaos is a move where the user can either summon a small amount of Chaos Energy or a an extreme amount of Chaos Energy in order to shatter most things around them. For example, a typical wave to use Shattering Chaos is to place your palm on the ground, transfer the energy from the air, through your body and into the ground in order to cause it to explode and shatter the very earth around an opponent or even the user.

Another example of using this move would be to direct the Chaos Energy needed for this move into their palms and soles in order make Earth Shattering punches and kicks, possibly cancel out attack's with this intense shattering effect, defend themselves by releasing this energy all around them in one intense shattering attack and so on and so forth.

The only drawback to this move, however, is that the user can risk harming themselves if they do not put something in effect to protect their own body. They can also injure those around them along with causing much damage to the environment around them.

Notes: This move was created by Koichi, but can be learned by almost any Iramasha.

Name: Chaos Ray
Description: Chaos Ray is activated when the user generates a fair amount of Chaos Energy and light from the sun. Afterward, they would need to appear in the center of the sun for angel's, or the center of the moon for demons, and let loose a burst of bright white light that would hopefully blind an opponents eye for two post.
Rank: Adept
Character: All Iramasha
Notes: You must be either near a sun or some type of great light for this to work.

Name: Chaos Link
Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
Rank: Advanced and Master.
Character: All Iramasha's with enough Chaos Energy can.
Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.

Name: Chaos Break
Description: Chaos Break is the brother move of Chaos Soul. Upon usage, a mirrored version of the Chaos Soul seal appears under the user, and two clones of light or shadow appear, as usual. After entering the mind of someone, seals on their powers and inner demons can be attacked - Advanced can break most seals, while Masters can only be stopped by other Masters using Chaos Soul at the same time.
Rank: Adept can learn, Advanced can nearly master it
Character: Every Iramasha can learn this skill.
Notes: Adepts in Chaos Energy can only damage seals, and not break any.
(Note: his clones are made of water)


"River Current"'s Return:

Command: River Current's Return: Flow Forwards!

Description: James' eyes turn from red to deep sea blue, and he becomes surrounded in his silver-blue aura. His manipulation of water allows him to take it from a nearby source and create spears with it, throwing the construct at the opponent. He can create and throw up to 7 before he has to lose focus on it to get another one.

Water Slide: James transforms his Natural Energy into a kind of field under his feet, making it look and feel like he's surfing along on his feet. This allows him to peform things like sliding up curved walls, leap around and then change directions quickly, etc. Basically, the water is creating a small rounded platform between him and the ground, giving him perfect balance and coordination. To James, it feels as if everything all around him is now an Ice Rink, and he is a pro skater. He can also apply this to other people with his Nature Energy, for three posts, giving them the same abilities, albeit temporarily. His is a passive effect, it begins when he enters Return.

Water Armor: His sword plunges into him, creating fields of really hard ice around his fists and feet, as well as creating light armor everywhere else. The armor can take up to medium level attacks without breaking; however, taking repeated attacks in the same spot causes it to break. The ice has a rough tecture anywhere but the fists and feet, making cutting through it with a sharp edge cumbersome. The feet and fists are smooth, so that in unarmed combat he can glance repeated blows on his opponent, striking hard and fast.

"River Current"'s Strike:

Command: River Current, Strike: Nile's Fury!

Evolved Seishin Buki: [Event/Experience Class]James Mizumuzi [Approved 0-4+ Nature] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQmSksfFzoxTL_n957vEuATjptVNbpudmcNBt_u_0nWF6p-vZJb


This form is akin to how he was able to completely get over his stress and obtain a truer form to himself. The clear lines on his face reveal his former amount of stress he has taken; as well as his live face that shows how he overcame it. He remains in this form from Strike onwards, and changes to normal when he goes below strike. As his blade freezes, it lets out a stream of water that moves down from the blade's tip, freezing it, and it continues donwards. It creates claws on his knuckles as well as his fingernails, and 3 curved ice blades like shark fins on his arms. It spreads up his shoulder, splitting into 3 paths, one going up, one going down, and one that keeps going. The one going up forms the two cat ears, hardened in ice. The stream goes down, make his teeth like a sharks, sharp and icy cold. His left arm becomes exactly like his right, fins and claws. The final stream coils out from just above his waist, creating a strong and animate tail, three feet of ice that wags around.

Feline Fury: James' eyes turn red once again, and his speed vastly increases. allowing him to use his sharp objects to their fullest effect. However, he can't talk or think past reaction while in this mode of it, making it hard for him to plan things out. It’s a purely predatorial mode, he is the predator, and his opponent is his prey. When activated, it must last for 3 posts and can only end by him going unconscious, or the time ending. From there, he returns to what is considered “Normal” for this form. He is able to activate it at any point, but each use in a row breaks off a half a foot of the ice on his tail, reducing the amount of Nature Energy he can exert.

Water Bite: His sword now freezes what it touches on contact, leaving a plethora of ice crystal structures going out in the direction of where the blade made contact on a solid surface. However, he can only create a limited amount of ice in one spot. He can create 5 places of ice per post before the ice on his blade is made to thin; it regeneration after the post, and the blade is less effective while thin. It’s attack power is reduced when it becomes thin.

Ice Channel: James places his hand in front of his opponent, the other hand at his side, channeling either Nature Energy or water around him into a ring of water that hovers just off the skin of his bare hand, the bottom at his wrist and the top at the tips of his fingers. He holds a breath during the entire length of this attack. Then he fires the ring at his opponent, launching it with Nature Energy. The ring drops a line of water as it travels, going 80 mph as it circles the enemy. Then, it goes high up into the air, 5 feet above the enemies head. It can surround up to a diameter of 15 feet around an opponent. Then, James snaps the fingers of his still outstretched hand, causing the attack to activate.

The water around the opponent freezes, creating Ice crystals that shoot out away from the opponent. It creates a circular wall of Ice crystals around the opponent, tipping where the ring is still spinning. The ring expands outwards, creating a cylindrical structure of shooting ice crystals, like a work of art. Then he holds aloft Sakibo and turns it horizontal before him, pointing the blade at the opponent. Then he runs the hand (that caused the activation of the attack) along it, activating the attacks second part. (Strike and Above)

Ice Hell: The first alternate to the attacks second part is quite painful. All around the frozen cylinder of the opponent, large 5 foot nails of ice appear, like floating icicles. They are made of frozen water particles in the air, and there are 9 of them. Four of them are in the North, South, East, and West positions, pointed diagonally at the structure from 2 feet away. 4 more are pointed at it horizontally and level to where the opponent’s chest would be, from the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The final nail is 10 feet long, held directly in the middle of the roof of the cylinder. Then James releases the breath he took before, drawing the Ice nails into the cylinder, stabbing the opponent within with reinforced ice.

Water Hell: Second Alternate, From Sakibo’s tip emerges a flow of water, that goes directly towards the cylinder. It flows underneath it, going through the ice due to James’ water control. It fills up inside the cylinder, all the way up to the roof. This cuts off the opponent off from a source of air, but costs James energy to hold within the ice. He can only hold it for a post before it disperses, breaking and shattering from the water pressure.

Final Freeze: James can choose to freeze the water within the structure, freezing it all around whatever stands within it. Past that point, it stops using his energy to maintain, but isn’t strong enough to hold anyone who is stronger than 2 tiers below his own. However, it can still slow them down or distract them. Total amount of time from start of ice ring to final freeze: 1 post.

The Flood: James places his hand on the water below him, or onto the ground by using Nature Energy. As he does so, the water shoots up around him, covering his bent over form from the enemy. Then, James stands up, pushing forwards his hands at the opponent. The Flood shoots out, and when it hits the opponent, greatly reduces the friction around their body to near zero, making them very slippery and hard to get a grip on, including the ground. (Strike)

God Almighty: This is only usable in Strike Form in the sea or Purity form anywhere else.. Basically, what it does, is creates a Typhoon of water and whirling wind, with himself at the storms center, pushing it out at the opponent with his nature energy.. It can drag up things that weigh less than 200 pounds or are exerting less force than that with their muscles, or if they are weighing themselves down with their spirit energy. James is able to travel freely through the Typhoon, able to use water walk to go just about anywhere in the Typhoon instantly. However, it can only be used once per thread and after use, he cannot use his water abilities during the 1 post duration of the storm.

Mirror Dome Cataclysm: In strike form, he uses 20% of his Nature Energy, holding out both hands to the side while the enemy is within a range of 20 feet of him. He gathers his Nature Energy on the ground in a circle 25 feet around himself as the center of the circle. Then it shoots up, creating a large frozen dome above them, as well as spreading down below them and covering the ground, making it slippery for most people. From here, James is able to manipulate the dome, infusing it with his Nature Energy to manipulate it into different shapes to use. Also, while in the Dome, the reflections of the people within are reflected everywhere, able to sometimes deceive an unwitting enemy with a Perception rating of Beginner.
Example: He could make Anvils drop around his enemies, create chakrams for himself to throw, or just throw down a cleaver of ice from above.

"River Current"'s Purity:

Command: River Current's Purity: Blue Panther

Description: James' body becomes more catlike, the chaos energy holding the water together in a humanoid shape with feline features, such as arched legs, a more pronounced jaw, and a tendency to move like a hunter. The fins extend out to a foot long each, his hair, held together by chaos energy, lengthens, and his tail lengthens to 5 feet, having a diameter of 2 inches. He also gains curved claws, two on each foot, that go from the top of the foot, curve up, and land equal to his toes. As he transforms, a ring of water forms around him, shooting up into the air and surrounding around him, encasing him in the water. It doesn’t have any defensive properties, but it may distract an opponent long enough for him to enter his purity state.

Water Cry: James charges up Nature Energy into his mouth, either by drinking a drought of water or with his own power, and then curves his body forwards, getting on all fours. He opens his mouth, jerking as he fires out a ring of water energy. It flies outwards at a fast speed of roughly 80 mph, and is 3 feet in radius. He fires 3 in a row, one after the other. When it hits something, the rim of the ring explodes around 4 inches around. He can fire this once per post, and the action is generally him roaring, getting back onto all fours, hulking back, then shifting forwards like he’s about to break into a run. Instead, he only opens his mouth, firing the attack.

River Hunter: James' blade goes into his body, and his claws extend out to 8 feet. They are sharp enough to cut solid steel, although it is still best to use them outdoors. However, they are fairly light, and he can extend and shorten them as he desires. They become more curved as well, able to create small spheres of water along the edge that explode into the enemy when they make contact. Each sphere is roughly 5 inches in size, and are up and down the claws. In this form, he is much like Feline Fury, although he is able to keep his mind clear. This form is also faster than Feline Fury, as he now has access to a larger reserve granted by his Purity Form.

Splash Attack: James throws his head back, opening his mouth wide. He summons a large amount of water from below himself, creating a swivering ring of water around him. Then he throws his arms to the side, gathering more Nature Energy. He then claps his hands together, activating the attack. The water moves forwards from himself, growing dramatically upwards and outwards. It grows by 2 feet every inch that it covers, up to being a 100 foot tall tidal wave that is 20 meters across. It slams into the enemy, blowing them back. If the opponent attempts to surf the tidal wave, James, who dives in and rides in the wave after he creates it, attacks them, like a shark in water.

Unlimited Water Works: In this form, James has enough control over water to draw it out of the ground and use it at his disposal. However, he can only cuonciuosly maintain 3 large, 7 medium, or 15 small structures of water. He also can use his Natural Energy to speed up or slow down the particles in the water, causing it too freeze or become way to hot. The temperatures are in a range from 1435 degrees farenheit, to 400 below. However, if he transmutes water into ice, it can only last for 1 post before it shatters.

Nile Dry: James creates a large amount of water, summoning it either from a large body of water or over time. Then he bursts the entire thing out of the ground, pressing all the gallons of water in the shape of a giant cube, like a waterfalling cube 400 gallons worth, onto his opponent, trying to force them onto the ground and possibly break some bones. When he launches it, he is able to heat it or freeze it, causing to shatter when it hits the ground. His tail also falls off after using this, making him unable to use his water abilities other than basic water manipulation until he recovers it. After using this, he is unable to manipulate water for 3 posts due to the shock and strain that it places on his body. Also, one post after use, he has barely able to move, so if he misses, he could end up in a LOT of trouble.

River of Mount Sinai: In Purity Form, he is able to forcibly weaken the strength of his Chaos Energy field that holds him together, losing its form. This allows him to avoid blunt damage, becoming only a bag of water in the place where he is hit, but still strong enough to not burst. However, doing so renders that spot weak to sharp attacks for the post that it is used for.

Ice Cross: When in the ocean, or another source of water, completely surrounded by it, he can activate this technique. It is a finale of sorts, using up a large amount of energy for what it does, 40% of his total supply. He starts the attack by forming two spikes of ice in his hands, one for each, and throwing them at the opponent. If even one makes contact, then the rest of the attack starts. If they both miss, he is unable to attempt to begin the attack again for 2 posts. After one of the spikes hits, another one shoots out of the water below his opponent, sailing right at them. As this is done, James freezes a very large amount of water under the sea, brining it up with Sakibo due to its size. Out of the water emerges a cross, the vertical ice plank 40 feet in length, the horizontal ice plank 20 feet in length.

It rises behind the enemy as they are attacked by the other spike, looming over them. From each side of the planks, so 4 spots in total, fires a band of ice. Each one attempts to attach itself to corresponding side of the opponent, freezing the side and drawing in the line. If 2 of the lines hit, the opponent is drug towards the center of the cross, attempting to slam them into it. From here, only someone with master strength or higher can forcibly break apart the cross from there, shattering it. However, if they are unable to break the cross, the attack moves on from there.

James creates 20 1 foot long spikes all around him, forming a frozen plate benath him from which to stand. He stands on the plate 15 feet away from the opponent on the cross, then points his finger directly at the opponent. From there, all the spikes point at where the opponent is, and are thrown directly at the opponent, their points fairly blunt as to only do bruising damage, and can only pierce beginner levels of Durability. Then, the spik1es and the cross begin to glow, and throw layers of ice all over the opponent, up to 20 in total layers of 3 inch thick durable ice. Then, James lifts Sakibo high in the air above him, manipulating the water ONE LAST TIME. Giant nails appear, the tips 1 foot long and the bases 20 feet. They are 5 feet each, looking more like cones than nails. Then, James slices down Sakibo, the platform underneath him shattering. The 4 nails that he has summoned over each end of the planks of the cross slam forwards into it, acting upon it and the enemy bound under the layers of ice at its center.

The Cross of Ice Planks falls backwards, the entire structure falling into the ocean, bringing down the opponent with it. It goes all the way to the bottom of the source of water used during the battle, holding down the opponent to the bottom of the water. It remains there, as it is natural water, and takes heat up to 200 degrees farenheit to melt it. Generally, it doesn’t kill the opponent, or even badly damage them. However, it DOES work quite well at holding down/sealing an opponent. After this technique is used, Sakibo returns within James for the rest of the thread, and he cannot go past Strike into purity, as well as losing control of manipulation of water for two posts. It should also be noted that he loses his cat ears as the Nails slam into the cross, shattering into the sea below with the cross, and do not come back for the remainder of the thread. 1 true use per thread. (PURITY ONLY)


For James' Return Form

Water Clone: James claps his hands together, releasing a small amount of Nature Energy. When he does so, a water source nearby to him begins spinning, and a limp form of water begins to emerge from it. It slowly turns into shape, taking a post to complete. After the post, it gains all the details of James' Sealed form, including his red eyes. The clone also has his Seishin Buki, but it lacks the properties of James', only being used as a simple tool. It can also use Chaos warp and Chaos Shatter, but nothing else other than those two.


In strike form, James can summon up 2 after just 1 post. He does this in the exact same way as the first time, but at a faster rate. The clones are also to drink water in order to heal their own wounds, and fully recover after 1 post of doing nothing but drinking. They are also able to fire a smaller wave of chaos energy or 5 small blasts like bala per post.


In Purity Form, James once again takes a post to summon his clones. 2 clones emerge, with all the same traits of James but for his Seishin Buki up to that point in Strike. However, they are also still limited by needing to drink water for 1 post to recover. If one is killed, James may drink from the Nature Energy-laced water to recover any small wounds, but needs a post to drink it.

For All: If ANY of the clones are hit, their flesh parts to reveal water, which spurts out instead of blood. They only have as much resistance as James does in any of their points: His sealed resistance in Return and Strike, and Strike level resistance in Purity. So, they could easily have an arm blown off and need to drink water for a post to regrow it. Also, each move may ONLY be used twice per thread, with a 6 post cool down from the point when the clones are operational.

Roleplay Sample: James smiled, looking upwards. He had just walked onto shore, finding an old acquaintance waiting. The man was a Nature Iramasha like him; a fire type who loved battle but was extremely rash. James knew what he was about to do, and thrust his arm out behind him, over the water. His water sword shot up, and he grabbed the hilt as Fi leapt forwards. James blocked his strike with Sakibo, twisting his wrist as their blades clashed,c catching the blade in Sakibo’s niche. James brought forwards his left hand, bringing out a sphere of ocean water as Fi fought to get his blade loose of Sakibo’s hold. James froze the sphere, turning it into a shape like a spike, throwing it at Fi. Fi dropped his sword, leaping away to dodge. James pursued him, throwing back Sakibo and throwing away Fi’s Buki.

He brought it forward again, firing a wave of mist. The mist slammed into Fi, and he was blown away. Fi recovered on the sand, performing a chaos warp. James spun around, putting out his left hand, his eyes open wide. He saw Fi reaching down to recover his blade, and James cried out:


Fi’s eyebrows shot into the air as the water he was in dragged him under. However, he had managed to get ahold of his Buki, and drug it down with him. James ran forwards, and touching the water’s surface, leapt 20 feet outwards, following Fi. He held his arms before him, spinning through the air, landing in a dive that sent him deep underwater after Fi. He suddenly shot forwards, a punch flying at Fi’s face. Fi’s eyes were ablaze and he was awash in a deep crimson, he had entered Return. He grabbed James’ hand, throwing him at the sea floor. James hit it with a gasp, pushing off again at the retreating Fi. He brought up Sakibo, as Fi tried to parry him. James smiled, as suddenly, Fi found himself covered from head to toe in a parcel of ice. James smiled, swimming up to the surface, launching up into the air as the Ice surfaced. He smiled, in the bright light of the sun… and suddenly felt a heat. He looked down as he began to descend, seeing the ice beginning to crack. Fi exploded out, his eyes bright red. He had large wings of fire going at behind him and a demonic smile on his face as he rose up into the air.

James shot his arms out of the water, pulling himself out it, standing up on the water’s surface. Fi was above him, creating a flaming sphere of energy. He threw it, and a great ball of fire flew out, directly at James. James held up Sakibo, creating a large shield out of water, blocking and neutralizing the attack. Then James smiled, raising up Sakibo above his head and closing his eyes. He took a deep breath, and swallowed forcibly. The water all around him began to swirl and part from him, leaving him in what resembled a crater of water. A blue aura now encompassed all around him, as well as his formally red eyes a deep sea blue. He then began moving Sakibo in a circle above his head, manipulating the air particles above him. Suddenly, a great monsoon began to appear, raining on Fi and trying to put out his wings. The former began yelling, trying to create a defense against it. James took Sakibo down, placing both hands on its hilt, pointing it at the water below him, and stuck it into the waters surface.

“River Current’s Return: Flow Forwards!”

He said calmly, the water around the carter that was him now swirling around quickly. He placed Sakibo as if he was going to drag it behind him, and pushed his right foot back. He shot forward, moving as if on skates around the crater. He brought along Sakibo, dragging it along a few feet below the rim at an angle. His eyes never left the yelling Fi, and as he brought up Sakibo, he struck his right foot, moving to the center of the current crater. He kept going, pushing himself off the rim of the crater. As he did so, the crater suddenly disappated, and the space that he had cut with Sakibo went through to the surface, going all around him as he flew up in the air after Fi. As he came on the level with him, he used Chaos Warp, temporarily slowed down time so that he could grab the air around him with his hands. Then he pulled his arms in, releasing the Chaos Warp as Fi looked back at him. The water wall shot inwards, covering and smashing completely into Fi, who was left with nothing more than charring shoulders.

Together, the two of them descended, and as Fi tried to gain control of the situation, James threw back his right hand, charging it with chaos energy and releasing Sakibo into himself, creating his armor of Ice. He brought the hand forward into Fi, right into his stomach, plunging downwards into the ocean. The monsoon continued, the wind in their faces and their bodies covered in water. James smiled, looking right into Fi’s shocked eyes.

“That’s right. I’m nothing like I was before... SHATTERING CHA-OS!!”

He yelled as Fi’s body made contact with the sea. As he did so, he stopped moving, coughing up blood into James’ face. James simply deflected it, using the water in the blood to move it from hitting him. The water instantly fell away into itself, a carter 15 feet deep and 30 feet around. James touched his face, feeling on top of his head, frowning as he felt his cat ears appeared sometime during the battle. He snapped his fingers, and a torrent of water shot out form the sides, freezing, creating a platform for Fi. He turned around, beginning to walk towards the ocean to go to his next destination, his tail wagging behind him in the air, when suddenly he felt something on his leg. He looked down, seeing Fi beneath him. Fi looked up at him, his neck jerking.

“You must… Tell me… Have… Have you… Got-gott-“ He stopped, spurting up blood. James knew he was going to need a source of fire soon to help him heal. Suddenly, Fi gave a shudder and grabbed his foot tighter, looking him right in the eye. “Have you… Gotten it?” He coughed, falling back on the ground, holding his stomach.

James looked down at the man for a few moments before answering. He sighed, his aura disappearing. Then he became surrounded by a great field of water, swirling around him, and Fi jerked back. The water dispersed, throwing the water droplets all over the very slowly filling crater. Standing above him was a cat-like figure, with a slimmer form that was hunched over, as if it was on the hunt. He could barely move from the pressure of this Nature Energy, the water around was circling excitedly as well.

“Wh…What… In the world…?”

James, for it was he, looked down, grabbing Fi by the right arm, picking the fire Iramasha up and throwing him behind his shoulder, hooking the arm around his neck. He looked at Fi as he began walking towards the rim of the crater.

“This. Is Purity. We All have it, for we are All Natural.”

He finished, walking into the rim with Fi and vanishing.


Class: Spirit of the Flowing Stream

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

These rules apply to both General and Racial Skills

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy: Advanced
  • Chaos Control/Warp: Master
  • Chaos Blast: Advanced
  • Chaos Sync: Advanced

  • Nature Control: Advanced
  • Nature Spells: Advanced
  • Nature Energy: Advanced
  • Element Control: Master



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Bumping to 1-1+ to justify him being closer to Crystal Angel level.

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The Life of an Aegipytian.

James first opened his eyes as a young man; he was never a baby. When he first opened his eyes to the world, all he could see… was sunlight, blaring down on his face. He tried to move, tried to get up, but his body would not cooperate. However, he felt a great peace in the water. He looked around himself: he knew nothing of what he was and less of where he was. Eventually, he felt the calm in the water fading, and he rose to the surface, standing up. He looked around, and looked down at himself, completely bare. A group of young men nearby cried out as he stood up on the water of the river, and they threw him a line, which he grabbed. They clothed him and tried to ask him what he was doing there, but they soon realize he did not speak. However, as soon as they were able to get across to him what a word meant, he ate it up, learning it and memorizing it instantly, soon knowing their entire language. When he was able to, he explained how he had no idea what he had been doing there, and he had no memories past of what he used to be before waking up there. They looked at him with baffled expressions, but eventually took it as the truth, explaining their own situation.

They were Isrealites, slaves to the Egyptians, building their monuments. James decided to help these poor men and women who had decided to help him, despite their own meager situation. Over the years, it began to be rumored he was a sorcerer of some kind, with his different colored eyes and his strange blue hair.

Faith in the God of the Israelites: (Background) James was brought up believing in the God of the Israelites. As such, he is constantly remarking about such things as “May the God of the Israelites judge your soul.” However, that also means that he knows of the stories of Genesis.

However, one day, 10 years after he had joined the builders, tragedy struck. They lost the things they needed to make bricks for the monuments, and yet they were STILL told to make the same number. James knew they would never be able to do that, but it came truer than he had feared it would. One day, one of the whipping masters of the Egyptians took down one of his good friends, one of the originals that had helped him out of the nile. The man was strong now, in his mid twenties, and the slave driver was using him as an example of what would happen if they didn’t make enough bricks. He began whipping him, CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! James gnashed his teeth, forced to be in the crowd at this public display. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! It just kept snapping, and he saw his friend gritting his teeth, absolutely refusing to give the Egyptian the pleasure of seeing him beaten and begging for mercy. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! James’ different colored eyes were wide open, the rage evident on his face, seeing his friend was weakening. CRinf ACK! CRACK! CRA-

Suddenly, he snapped, stopping hearing the world around him. He didn’t know what he was doing, he reached over a bowl full of water to make bricks, and suddenly, out of the bowl, a very strange blade appeared. It was niched, but large, and as soon as he touched it, James felt at ease, like he did when he first awoke in the Nile or took a bath. He gripped the handle, it felt good, and he was suddenly awash in a silver-blue aura. He had never lost a drop of blood before; despite his constant labors, his skin was tougher than most of the Isrealites, despite it being paler. Suddenly, he vanished from the crowd, how, he wasn’t sure, but he appeared behind the slave driver, nevertheless. His blade moved almost instinctively, the hilt slamming into the driver’s lower back before he even knew what hit him. The man stopped, freezing up, trying to look behind him as James’ blade continued its deadly arc. The niche swirled around the man’s neck, holding him in a hold where any movement would cut his artery.

The driver dropped his whip, and James looked at his scared eyes, still being run by instinct. He pulled his sword, and the mans head popped clean off, landing in front of his now torture-free friend. He blinked his eyes, suddenly dropping his sword, falling back on his behind, suddenly very scared. The Isrealites and his friends were frozen for a moment. Then, a general cry went between them all. “He’s a Magician, a Sorcerer, A warlock! He cannot stay with us any longer!”

And so, James began to run, leaving behind his sword with his stunned friend on the stand, running for his life. His breathes were desperate, he suddenly felt very tired. He ran as fast as he could, ducking behind a building set next to a sphinx and resting down, beginning to cry in his hands. He was still only 10 years old, and while mentally and physically was much more mature, his actual maturity was still in its teens. He stayed there the night, cold and tired, fearing for his life against the terrors of the sands.

The next day, as he awoke with a shiver, he realized his brain had completely shut down for once. It had never done that before; unlike his friends, he had never really needed to sleep, and simply daydreamed during the nights. He looked around, shivering more as the day began to heat up. Suddenly, he began to hear voices, in a strange tongue unlike any he had heard before… but he could understand them! His eyes opened wide as he ducked over within listening distance of the voices, two men from the sounds of it.

“I KNOW it came from here, my chaos energy readings don’t lie.”

“Indeed, we found a seishin buki over in that plaza. Seems that it was used, to kill a torturer.”

“Well, whoever did this, he’s going to pay. We can’t have an Iramasha going around getting involved in petty human affairs.”

An… Iramasha? Is that what I am…? And, that strange sword… A seishin Buki? What is that?

“In any case, we’ll have to report this and scan the area. Here, I’ll open the portal back to Iramasha Island…”

James peaked over, seeing one gather a strange sort of energy into his hand, placing it on the side of the sphinx. He watched as a strange opening in the sphinx appeared, and the first one walked in. In that instant, he made a snap decision. I’m going after them. There’s nothing left for me here. He got up from behind the wall, beginning a run as he approached the portal. It began closing, and he suddenly gave a strange burst of energy, leaping into the portal, barely fitting through it…

Oldfarts be Oldfarts

He rolled as he appeared on the other side, landing on a beautiful place. It was a large Island, covered in strange plants like he had never seen before, and water, SO MUCH WATER! His eyes were wide as he looked around, but nowhere near as wide as the two Iramasha that had gone before him, hearing him land on the grass. “WHAT THE?” One of them cried, as the other drew a strange sword, dropping a wrapped package. The cloth on the package became unwrapped, and James saw the tip of the strange blade he had drawn out of the water before, his “Seishin Buki”. He held up both hands, quivering. The situation was very scary for someone with only a teenagers mentality.

He gulped as the man put away his sword, coming up to him and binding his hands.

“Alright. Tell me right now, HOW DID YOU GET PAST THE BARRIER?”

“i… I… You had my.. my sword…”

“Your sword? That’s impossible. Only Iramash…” He paused, looking over at his partner, who shrugged. The man gave a shuddering gasp, then hefted James up by his bindings, looking him square in the face.

“You’re coming with us. Now.” He said, giving James no options of his own fate, also picking up James’ sword. He brought him through a strange settlement, with many strange looking persons walking outside their homes to come stare at the three of them. James felt uncomfortable and scared as the walked up to a very large building, opening the door. They entered a strange room, and they took James over to small basin of water, pushing his face in.

“You’ll have to wash all that dirty sand off your face for a meeting with the Elders.” The first Iramasha explained, lifting James out. He didn’t gasp, which they didn’t even notice. He suddenly felt full of energy, and that everything would be alright. They brought him into the council room, large and circular, with the Elders seated above.

“Sirs. This is the being who we believed to have caused the disruption on the earth, acting as a risk of exposure. However, as you can see, he is barely more than a mere boy, and has acted as such since we captured him. He was able to storm through the portal, getting through the barrier, and claims this sword is him.”

“SO?” The councilman asked, his voice ringing. “WHO ARE YOUR PARENTS? HOW ARE THEY ALLOWING YOU INTO THE HUMAN WORLD?”

James, shaking, stood up of his own accord, his hands still bound. “I’m… I’ve… I haven’t any parents!” He said, speaking up.

“WELL?” The Elder roared, quite enraged. “WHY ARE YOU LIEING? ARE YOU NOT AN IRAMASHA?”

“I’m… I don’t… I DON’T KNOW!” He yelled, falling on the ground on his hands and knees, trying to prevent the tears from the shocks over the last few days from surfacing. He was doing his best, trying not to let them out, trying to act with the same determination as his once-friend was, but the severity of his situation, being cut off from his people, alone in the world… “I DON’T KNOW WHO MY PARENTS ARE! I AWOKE IN THE NILE RIVER! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON ANY… ANY…” He paused, taking a deep shuttering breath and looking up, meeting the elder in the eyes. “I DON’T KNOW!”

The Elder sat back in his chair, stunned. He took a few moments recess, discussing with the other Iramasha gathered. “He doesn’t feel like an Iramasha.” One remarked. “And He’s too young to have yet gained a Seishin Buki; he can’t be an Iramasha.” Said another. “But then, how’d he get past the barrier and into the island?” Yet another reflected. Such they debated amongst themselves, as James waited below, his hands no longer bound. He began to think to himself: These… these people, they’re like me… But, they aren’t… A small look of hope crossed his eyes as he looked up, wondering. Maybe… maybe they can help me see who I a-

He was cut off from his thoughts as the Elder Iramasha banged his gavel, gaining everyone in the room’s attention. He cleared his throat, enounciating loudly: “This is the decree of the Irmasha Council. You ARE an Iramasha, but you are Not an Iramasha. As such, you may not remain on this island. We decree that you should go back to the Earth, for we cannot rightly punish you, as it would seem you are not responsible for your crimes. We will seek out whatever force that created you, and eliminate it, to prevent this from happening again, but we shall not kill you, as both punishment and the fact that you are in some way Iramasha. That is the ruling of this council.” He finished, banging the gavel again and ending the council.

James stood there, his momentary hope, the only he had had since he had killed the driver, vanished, disappearing. He fell down on his face, the monumental emptiness and sadness overwhelming him. He had no rage, but was just empty, lacking in emotion. The two Iramasha that had been seeking him came up to him, and the one threw down James’ Seishin Buki next to him. Then they both clapped their hands together, and set them on the floor to either side of the unmoving boy’s body. Sparks went off, and the next thing that James knew, was darkness.

Parting the Red Sea: (Background) James himself was the one who parted the Red Sea, during his training. He had had a very strange feeling, like he MUST part it, as a test to himself and a way to prove himself. He wasn’t sure where the voice had come from, but he recognized it as powerful and so did as it asked, opening the way. Then he saw to his shock that the Isrealites who he had once been a part of crossed, and felt quite strange, unsure about his opinions towards them. He sighed, letting them pass, but wondering why they needed to. Then, he felt them. Egyptian troops in the parted Red Sea. His eyes flashed with rage, he still remembered what they had done to him and the Israelites the last time he had met them. He released his hold on the waters, throwing them in. He wasn’t sure what had caused him to do it with such ferocity, and he had had that strange feeling once again, crushing the Egyptians beneath the waves. It was the last time would ever see his home people…

The Finding of Anna

Several years later, he heard it. A cry, somewhere for help. He arose, and began to move, leaping into the current. He soon arrived at a coastal town, taking a deep breath. He was trying a trick he had seem some of the citizens up at the island. He vanished form sight, reappearing above a building, his ears able to hear everything, his travels and Natural Ability with languages quickly allowed him to pick up the native tongues, leading him to understand what was happening.

"Αυτό το κορίτσι; Είναι ο μοναδικός επιζών που έχω ακούσει τόσα πολλά; Ψέματα!" the emporer bellowed at her, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her up to meet his eyes, ignoring her crys of pain. James quickly located who it was: after all, it was a similar situation that had happened to see. He closed his eyes, and vanished once more.

Without warning, the Emperor's hand was cut off and shredded.The girl dropped to the ground harshly as the Empress looked at her with shock. Clearly not knowledgeable to how this young girl did this work.

The girl's arm hit the ground and shattered on impact with the ground form the fall. The shards quickly returning to her and reforming her arm as the Empress scream, "SEIZE THAT WITCH!"

As the guards closed in, a man appeared infront of the little girl. He looked at them with pure hate in his eyes, His eyes were literally tiny slits on his eyes, like a mother cat who's kittens had been harmed, or the pride of a pack of lions who's kin had just been threatened.

"You shall not harm this child." He quickly drew a strange sword and killed the gaurds, he then picked the girl up and dissappeared. "It's alright. I'll definitely get you to safety." He said, wanting to rest before he could explain.

The girl looked at Rome, four miles out from the city the man spoke. "Hello little one, you now bare the name from the Old Testament. You are Anna." His voice was soft as he set her on the ground, making sure she could stand before lowering himself to her level. "My name is James Mizumuzi of the Israelites, and may their god give you all the luck in the world. You, and I, will both need it."

The Finding of Inanna

James took a breath of fresh sea air, in the same way as he had done for the last 1000 turning of the seasons. He felt the comfortable sensation of his Seishin Buki within his body, knowing what he was at last. He had termed the strange energy that he used “Nature Energy”, having trained what he had since that fateful day on that strange Island. He was currently in Argentina, next to a long stream that led all the way back to the Pacific Ocean (Which hadn’t yet been named), thus giving him access to most of the world. Here, he had built himself a little shack, with a family room and 2 bedrooms. He had had an idea, after realizing what he has. He could sense Nature energy all around him, it wasn’t much, but it was definitely spreading and multiplying all around. He had experimented with many things, but only found that things with water in them restored him, leading to his knowledge about what he was. He was a Water Iramasha, using the Nature Energy of the oceans to restore his own energies…

As he was standing there, outside his shack, he suddenly sensed it. It was like a slap to the face, suddenly he could sense a HUGE reading of Nature Energy, much more potent than any other he had sensed around. He reached the edge of the location where his senses had been going off, feeling the energy going, and fading, beginning to dim. OH PLEASE. He thought, releasing his Return, as he had called it. PLEASE OH PLEASE LET ME GET THERE IN TIME!!! He thought, skating along with one of the abilities he had figured out, racing as fast as he could to the location. When he reached it, he found the energy source, almost dead. He nearly fell to his knees, but still sensed some inkling, and with a determined air, he picked up the youngish girl, who seemed about the same age as himself, and closed his eyes tight, picturing the shore where he had been.


He roared through his mind, vanishing in a chaos warp. He touched down on the shoreline, vanishing, appearing next to his cabin once again. He quickly raced inside, feeling the energy beginning to completely fade. NO NO NO NO NO! He roared within his mind, getting a sample of each of the elements and seeing their reaction to her. Eventually, the small sample of cloud he had gone through great pains to acquire reacted, being absorbed by her, and he fed the rest of the sample to her, feeling her strength returning. He gave a great sigh of relief, falling back on the chair next to the bed. He took a moment to study the girl that he had rescued, lifting the strange patch she had over one eye, giving a gasp. She had the same thing as he, different colored eyes that the isrealites had said were the mark of a sorcerer, but which he knew by this point was wrong. What does this mean…? Do all Nature Iramasha have different colored eyes…? No, that can’t be right. The other Iramasha had same colored eyes, all the ones that I saw. He reflected, remembering his short visit to the Iramasha Island.

He himself got up, getting a glass of water to restore his own powers, exiting his Return state. He sipped on it as he watched over her, making sure nothing went wrong. Under his care, she soon awoke, and he slowly began to tell her about what had happened. He told her all about who she was, and who he was. He explained to her everything he had discovered, and how she was the Cloud Iramasha, showing her the sample jar. Soon, she had to depart, and James allowed her to, but he always kept an eye on her nature energy, making sure that she wasn’t in danger. Fairly a simple task, considering how similar their elements were…

The Finding of Aki

James had been fearing this flare; some 500 more seasons had passed since the last emergence. He had been feeling this power growing; it hadn’t started like Inanna’s or Alex’s. It was there, but it wasn’t possible for him to track it. It was dim, and all around, for it was one of the most pure of all the Elements of Nature. It was Decay, the Element that thrived and gave out energy from death. James wasn’t sure what it’s wielder would be like, but he could fairly tell from how the energy had been shooting up. Soon, it had become large enough for him to track, and he went out in search of it…

He came upon the owner fairly soon, a strange man with a mask over his face and very quiet looking. He looked quite annoyed as James approached, finishing off an animal meal. James gulped as he approached the sitting figure; the swamp he had gone to via the ocean wasn’t very welcoming.

“What do you want here?” The man asked, his voice gravelly.

“I… I am James Mizumuzi,” He began hesitantly, but his voice picking up in strength. “I am a Nature Iramash-“

“I Said.” The man interrupted him in his gravelly voice. “WHAT DO YOU WANT HERE? I don’t care who you are.”

“I am here for you.” He said simply. The other man looked shocked for a moment, but then interlocked his fingers, speaking again.


And so it was that James began to explain about the Nature Iramasha, the same as he had done with Inanna and Alex. The man sat there squarely, eventually answering him when he finished his tale. As he did so, the ears appeared on his head, further bizzaring the situation.

“… Very well. If you are telling the truth, which you must, considering how you were able to find me, then I suppose I will join you and these Narture Iramasha. HOWEVER.” He said sharply, standing up. “If I feel that you are failing to help us survive, I will not hesitate to devour you and lead them myself.”

James paused for a few moments, walking over to the swamp again and gesturing in. “Very well then. I swear to do my very best to help us ALL survive. Now, if you would just tell me your name, you can step into this bit of water and I will be able to show you our headquarters, and you can be free from there. Anytime you need something, just send out a burst of Nature energy. I have instructed and will instruct any others that I meet to do the same, and I will perform it when we all need to gather.”

“Hmm. Very well then. I’ve not had a name for quite some time, but if you wanted I suppose you may call me Akisame.”

“Aki it is then.” James said shortly as Aki stepped into the water. James poked Aki’s cloak, and they were off, to show him the house. Then they went their separate ways, until they would need to meet again…

The Strike

As James reached his 3000th season, he began to wonder. He felt as if there was more to being a Nature Iramasha, more to being what he was. He wasn’t sure WHAT that meant, but he began to push himself. He used up all of his energies consistently, being able to stay in Return form for days on end. He eventually discovered that perhaps there was another level to himself; he could feel it, he KNEW it was there. He consistently focused himself, thinking about all his anguishes in life since his Seishin Buki had appeared and made him a true outcast. He reflected on the rage of his people; o how the Nature Iramasha were treated and how the “Normal” Iramasha refused to honor them, refusing to admit that they existed.

All his tension steadily rose in him, and his own mental stability, which was considerable, began reaching the breaking point. However, he could feel it, he could feel whatever it was whenever he manipulated the current, used his Seishin, called on his Natural Energy. He could feel it so deep within him, that he had to bring it to the surface, had to bring it to bare.he got to the point where tears began running down his cheeks during his training sessions, but he eventually began to gain control of the sadness and rage, take back himself. He began to understand an important fact: The Nature Iramasha were their own people, and were meant to be TOGETHER, not apart among other peoples. So his own resolve became solidified, and he understood completely his own mission: To gather all the Nature Iramasha so that they could be together, the only ones who understood one another, and to support each other and to protect th earth, for without the elements, they were nothing.

As he understood this, it felt like a great weight was lifted from his mind. He felt the rage and sadness towards the other Iramasha and the humans lifting as well, and his annoying cats ears began to rise as claws sprouted from his hands and fins extended on his arms. It felt like a physical embodiment of his race’s pain had gone through him and come out, leaving him to use as tools for the betterment of his race. As he did so, a great flood of Nature Energy flowed out from him, being felt from any awakened Nature Iramasha with Return and their Seshin Buki that a great change had just occurred…

The Finding… of himself.

As he was steadily in his 5000 years of age, he began to reflect on his life, by staring at his reflection in the water below him. He shifted the light, creating pictures: Inanna, the Elder Iramasha of the Council, his old friend the Isrealite… all people that he had met on his path to being a Water Iramasha. He had Strike, he had found it, as he had known that there must have been something more than Return, he could tell there was something more than Strike. He could feel it in the strange Nature-Energy filled water that made up his cell and body. He could tell there was something more. So, he decided to search for it himself. This time, instead of performing simple training under the sea, he began to search. He wasn’t sure for what, but he allowed his simple instincts to guide him, to take him to where he felt that he needed to go and be at.

His body followed the natural currents, taking him to places he never thought that he would see in his lifetime. He wondered if all other Nature Iramasha could see the world so: Could Inanna see all through the eyes of the clouds? Could a Plant Iramasha see all that was happening in a forest? Perhaps all at once? He meditated on these things, and continued allowing his body to tell him where he needed to go.

Eventually, he found it. It was strange; there was a chasm where he was being guided. There was no light, nothing to tell him where he was going or to guarantee he would be safe. He simply had to trust that it would take him to whatever it was that he felt calling him. He closed his eyes as he descended; they would be completely useless at finding whatever it was exactly that was down here. He went deeper, and deeper… he could feel light, but knew enough about the ocean to know that it was only large fish, trying to lure him in. He gave them no heed as he continued descending… deeper… and deeper….

Eventually, he felt something strange. He stopped moving, and realized he could see. He looked around himself, his eyes wide open and his mouth agape. So many things, he could see, from all areas of time: Crashed ships, strange corpses of animals the likes of which he had never seen before, canoes, and other strange baubles and creations. The strange thing was that his feeling, the one that he had been following, had suddenly left him. He felt almost like he had felt when the Counicilman had denied his basic right of birth as an Iramasha, dooming him to face an unknown destiny. He looked around frantically… and then he wondered how he was able to see. He looked onwards, spying the source of the light…

It was a strange gem, deep sapphire in color. It looked like it would just suck him inside of it, so deep and calm. He hesitated for a moment, but then, in a surge, he shot down his hand, swiping up the strange stone. Suddenly, he stopped moving. His Nature Energy stopped flowing, the Shell of his Chaos Energy that kept his form loosening at the seams. If he had been touched by ANYTHING in that moment… he would have been ripped apart, and there would be nothing left of the Nature Iramasha, his water blending with the water all around him. Then, slowly, he could feel something. A rush, that coursed through his entire body, ripping away the color his skin completely. He felt something, the claws and fins and ears of his Strike form growing… and still growing. He felt desperate, he was hunched over, he didn’t understand. He felt himself becoming more cat-like as the moments passed, his back naturally arcing, his legs twisting to allow for greater jumping ability and power.

Eventually, it stopped, and he rose up. He felt like he was looking at a new dawn; he could see under the water, see everything, even in this Abyss. And it… it was beautiful. He felt completed at last, content, as if he had come from water and to water he would surely return. However… this was different. His very BEING felt pure, and he saw that the reason why was that he had discarded almost everything that hid the fact that he wasn’t human, all of it, but for the gem, which he could feel inside of him, like his Seishin Buki…

And so it was that James decided to name this form “Purity” Because in the end, the element they would come forth from, and to the element, they would return. After a few days, he worked out how to seal the power, and began to learn how to use it as his own. Because it WAS his power, his pure power, that he had felt dormant in his cells since he had picked up that gem…

The Finding of Pierre

400 years later, after he had first felt the form of his purity, he felt that ancient call once again. He moved quickly, running out to the stream and jumping in feet first, his eyes shut tight. He appeared, walking out of the coastline… watching his target jumping. Into where James had just walked out of. WHAT THE ABYSS? He thought, quickly drawing his Seishin out as he watched the Iramasha hit. He waited a few moments, having cushioned the water, waiting for the Nature Iramasha to swim out, but…

WHY ISN’T HE COMING OUT??? James yelled in his mind, diving back into the water. He began to approach the Nature Iramasha, a young man, grabbing him by the foot. It was a bit akward, but James was able to get up one hand, grabbing the surface of the sea.

He went behind the Nature Iramasha, picking him up by his arms from behind. He dragged him into the house and used a tendril of water to set him on the spare bed, as he had done before. He quickly got out all the samples; quickly finding this ones. Thank the God of the Isrealites I was able to save him in time… He thought, crushing several leaves and creating a mixture that he poured down the Iramasha’s throat.

Soon, the Iramasha awoke, and James explained his situation, as he had done sporadically over the years now. As he was speaking, he noticed how the Iramasha seemed almost… scared of him. Why are we tortured so…? We are the children of the Earth… and yet… He bit his lip at one point, pausing, but then proceeded on, explaining everything he had so far discovered about the Nature Iramasha. However, what surprised him this time is that the Nature Iramasha, who’s name was Pierre, desired to stay with him and train, instead of going out into the Wilderness or prepare himself.

James soon discovered why; he learned of Pierre’s past, and the state that he entered when he went into his Return, and eventually Strike. In due time, he explained to him fully about the Gems, giving him instructions on where he would most likely find his. Pierre managed to do it, despite his fear of water, and James decided to hold onto it for him, just to be on the safe side…

Present day.

December 1st, 2411

Note: !@$# are the To Be Named Nature Iramasha.

James had finally done it. He had found what he needed to do to access the Spirit World, the Rukongai. He had found a portal in, and then he had sent out a flare. It was a flare of Nature Energy, and he felt how every single Nature Iramasha would know it. They would know that it was time. He sat down next to the portal, messing with some water creations whilst he waited. Slowly they began to appear: Pierre was already with him, and was checking the state of some nearby flora. He felt as Inanna appeared, the girl who’s face was nearly a mirror of his own descending down from the sky. He felt the familiar overwhelming presence as Aki entered, walking through some of the plants that Pierre was studying, causing a small disagreement that Aki ignored.

He watched as Alex appeared, in all his metallic glory. He was soon followed by Victoria. James smiled as he felt the earth tremble, and !~#@ appeared from below. Through the same hole made by jJ!#@$ came !@#$, leading up in a great wash of volcanic fire, as a single peal of thunder rang out, heralding the arrival of !@$.

They were all more or less here, and he waved them all forwards. They created a half circle in front of him, all 9 of them assembled for the first time. It almost brought a tear to James’ eye, as he solely knew what each of them had gone through. However, he knew he had to be strong, for them, and so that Aki wouldn’t devour him utterly.

“This is it. This is where we go and prove that we exist, where we prove they can’t ignore us any longer. This is who we are.”

He said simply, gesturing to the portal. They lined up, Water, then Rot, then Plant, then Steel, then Electric, then Fire, then Cloud, then Glass, then Earth. They all vanished, reappearing in the Soul Society. James gave a signal, and they all exuded their Nature Energy, as well as their Chaos. It wasn’t long before souls took notice, and soon an emissary came down to see them. An Iramasha it was alright, one who looked quite baffled by the different beings before him.

James held up his hand, signaling that the others should prepare themselves. It wasn’t going to be like last time, of that he was certain. When the Iramasha came to try and bind them to take them up, Aki stepped forwards, and suddenly the Iramasha was quite agreeable when he saw the strange blade of threads pointed at his throat. So he allowed them to come up without binding them, and they went up to see the council…

This time, James was ready. As the nine of them entered the building, he had simply snapped his fingers, removing the water in the basin and holding over their escorts head, giving the man some idea of what he could do. The Iramasha simply gulped, and led them inside the council room. James walked calmly, all his old rages trying to come to surface. However, he held it all in, and they stood there in front of the Council, lined up horizontally before them. The Elder Iramasha who was leading the council looked down, and seemed to catch his throat. He stopped, coughing for a few moments.

James smiled, Good. He remembers me. Well, he should, considering I haven’t aged a DAY. He thought, looking down at his left hand and gripping it. He glanced to his left and right, seeing that most of the other Nature Iramasha were looking around themselves, all but Aki, who’s strange eyes were determinately on the Elder Iramasha. He looked at the Council, being pleased to see new faces than the ones in one of his darkest times. He took out the Water Gem, gaining many gasps of surprise from the council, throwing it up into the air and catching it several times, its cyan glow surrounding the Nature Iramasha almost protectively. James put his left hand in his pocket, still tossing with the right, waiting for the Elder Iramasha to look down at them again.

The Elder Iramasha eventually rose again, looking back down on them.

“SPEAK! Why is it that you have come here and created yet another disturbance?” He demanded, trying to keep up his demeanor.

“We are here for one reason.” James began calmly, holding the gem in his hand out before him. “To show you that we are more than nothing. I’ve learned a lot since your counsel said I was nothing, that I, that we, did not exist. And one of them is that you’re wr-“

“I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS NONSENSE!” The elder roared, banging his gavel. “You are officially a criminal! While we may not have found your parents or whatever it was that gave you that seishin buki, you have officially acted against the wishes of this council! Even convincing others to join your sensele-“

He stopped dead, as James lift up his left hand, followed by the other Nature Iramasha.

“W-What? What are you doing now? Guards, att-“

Once again, he was interrupted, but this time, by a stream that began running from James’ hand onto the floor. !@$# rose his hand as well, creating a ball of fire beneath the stream. @!$# solidified it into a sphere of earth, with small rivets like streams from James’ water. From Inanna’s hand appeared a cloud-like substance that began to rotate around the sphere, moving and rotating. Alex created small bits of metal, inserting them deep within the quickly-shaping sphere. From Pierre’s hand shot seeds, dotting the land that wasn’t with the rivers, creating very small plant-life all over the sphere. !@$#’s hand shot out a bolt of lightning, which when it hit the cloud-like substance created by Inanna, turned some of the clouds dark, using James’ water as rain to create small storms. Finally, from Aki’s hand emitted several small threads, poking along the sphere and created dark and damp areas…

From in front of the Elder Council of the Iramasha, a 10 foot in radius exact to scale model of the Earth had appeared, directly in front of and created by these 9 assembled Iramasha. The Elder sank back into his chair, marveling at the sight. Then James put down his hand, the others soon following, speaking once more.

“You see now? We are Iramasha. However, we are not like you. We all come from the EARTH, spirits of Nature. THIS IS WHO WE ARE.” His voice rang out, the other Nature Iramasha giving their nods of approval. The Elder Iramasha signaled for a break, and the Nature Iramasha on the floor began to discuss what they had just created, which was still hovering in the middle of the room.

“Good job, everyone.” James said as they began to huddle together.

“Well, it was one hell of an entrance, at least.” Aki said simply behind his mask.

“I think we blew those old geezer’s minds!” Pierre whispered excitedly.

“In… indeed.” Inanna began, taking a deep breath. “That… Even though we’ve never done that before… I can’t believe how well we were able to pull it off.”

“It was downright incredible.” Alex agreed, nodding.

By this point the Elder Iramasha had hit his gavel once again on the platform. The Nature Iramasha quickly lined up once again, underneath the Earth Model, which was now hovering right under the ceiling. James was downright proud of the Nature Iramasha: They had done all that, with so little warning. He had only told them the plan before they entered the portal, and was glad that they were able to pull it off so well. Let’s see where things go from here, eh?

“… After much debate. Very much debate.” The Elder Iramasha began hesitantly, looking around nervously. “It would seem… that this council was mis-… Mistaken.” He muttered, looking down. James had to hold out his hand right in front of Pierre’s face, just to make sure his student didn’t yell “WHAT WAS THAT?” “We… would like to know the true story. In full, if you may.” The Elder Iramasha said, almost looking down in shame or apologetically as he did so.

And so James began. He was so used to this story by now he was able to tell the entire tale by heart, also having each piece of the other Iramasha’s stories. As he told about his initial meeting with the council, some of the newer members looked around with looks of revulsion and the older members seemed to shift in their chairs, all but for the one who had voted that James WAS an Iramasha initially. James could see it in their eyes as he explained about gaining Strike and how they found out about the Nature gems. He could see that they were beginning to understand what they were.

When he was finished, the Elder took another brief recess, taking only a few moments. He came back with a more pleasant look on his face, banging the gavel.

“By Unanimous decision, we would like to overturn the previous decision of this council, as well as submit a formal apology to James Mizumuzi of the Nature Iramasha. In addition, a new concept has been brought to light.” He said. James tilted his head as his cat ears of water appeared on his head, and Pierre nearly laughed out loud while the members of the Iramasha council simply gave him a few baffled looks. “Erm… Erm…” The Iramasha began again, trying to get over the ears. “The idea is as thus: A new Branch of the Iramasha, like the Angel and Demon.” James opened his eyes wide, clearly surprised. The other Nature Iramasha had similar looks on their faces. Even Aki lifted an eyebrow.

“Yes, a new branch; a Nature Branch, one completely comprised of your people.”

James looked taken aback; but he knew that this is what he would need to be strong for. He could almost feel Aki’s eyes on him as he spoke up. “I believe that would be a very good idea, helpful to both our peoples. However, I believe it will take some time for us to set it up. Agreed?”

“V-Very well then.” The Elder Iramasha replied, now looking taken aback himself. “In that case, do you have any idea when you will have it set up?”

James smiled; this was the plan he had just come up with. He thought back to his days in Egypt; he had been following his once-people’s movements, knowing that their religion had, in a way, become a completely new one. And it had a significantly important day coming up.

“In that case, I would like to propose December 25th, Christmas, the day of birth of Jesus Christ and a time of great joy for the human race.” James said with a bit of a smirk on his face.

“Then it is settled. On that date, we will officially begin this new branch. Until then, you all are welcomed to stay on the Island, and may build your homes in any space not taken. You are all welcome here, as long as you come under the flag of this Nature Branch.”

“Very well then.” James finished speaking, pocketing his Nature Gem and signaling for the Nature Iramasha to walk out. As he did so, Aki walked up behind him. The Nature Iramasha began talking amongst themselves about what had just occurred as they walked out of the room.

“James.” He said in his gravelly voice.


“Did we mean to leave the Earth model we created in there?”

“Yeah, we did. I like to think of it as a peace offering between our peoples, that and the fact that there is so much Chaos Energy here that it will be able to remain suspended and rotating, exactly like the real Earth.”


“Oh yes, Aki, I also had one other thing I needed to talk to you about.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I have heard of a more recently created organization as well. It just so happens that where our base is, they don’t have a defender of. So, I have taken that position, to help defend our base as well as help the Earth.”

“So… you won’t be here to help us with this Nature Branch thing?”

“…Yes. However, I need you to be acting leader of this branch while I’m not here. Will you do this favor for me to help protect the Nature Iramasha?”

“All right then. Yes, I will take over, at the very least for now.”

“Thank you, old friend.”

And so it was. Most of the Nature Iramasha were tired from their endeavors, and went to gather their respective things to restore themselves, save for James, Alex, and Aki. They went out to a location to create the headquarters on a corner of the Island, Alex creating the metal for the location and Aki setting them all into place with the threads. James coordinated the shape, creating a large place with a great meeting room, a second floor that looked very much like a nature sanctuary, and several rooms for barracks on either side. By this time the other Nature Iramasha returned, and truly made the place interesting, using the elements of nature to enhance its looks and how it looked inside and outside. The nature sanctuary itself had EVERYTHING that the Nature Iramasha would need to restore themselves (including clouds along the second-floor ceiling and a small swamp.)

December 25th, Christmas Day

James had finished the agreement with the Nature Iramasha, as both parties had agreed. It was a proper branch, and he left it in the good hands…. Erm, threads, of Aki. Now they were ready to completely reveal themselves to the residents of the Earth from which they were birthed. They were ready to show that they were its Natural Defenders, for they…

Are All Natural…
Note: The Master Nature Gem: On December 25th, 2411, as the final agreement was made between the Nature and the Normal Iramasha in the meeting room, the model of the Earth created by the Nature Iramasha upon their hearing with the Nature Iramasha began to glow, all colors of the rainbow, from every part. As it finished doing so, a large Gem emerged… pink in color. It went from tip to top at a foot, the largest of all the Nature Gems. James and the Iramasha froze, watching it slowly descend to the ground. James had run to it, trying to find out what it was, and as he got on his knees, placing his hands on it, he gulped… and then passed out onto the floor, falling back. James had been quickly taken out of the room, getting to Pierre as soon as possible. Pierre soon discovered that James’ Nature Energy was almost completely gone; he was about to die.

They had soon rushed him into the 2nd floor of the Nature Sanctuary, dropping him in the miniature river that was there and giving him as much water as possible. He had remained feverish for hours, and whenever they gave him water, the energy he gained from it seemed to constantly disappear. Eventually, a team of Iramasha Medics arrived, sent by the Elder. Things were getting bad; the leader of the new branch had entered critical condition, on the very day it had been created. The other Nature Iramasha went with them, and he was placed into a river on the Island, as he had taken all the water in the Sanctuary into himself. All the Nature Iramasha could feel it; his pulses of Nature Energy were consistently getting weaker.

He remained there through the night, losing his strength. The water wasn’t replenishing his Nature Energy fast enough. He was barely giving off any by the time morning came, and they all knew he would be dead within the hour, the man who had got all of them together, the one who knew who they all were, what they had been through, and helped them understand. They were all desperately thinking, trying to come up with something, anything, they could do to save him. Suddenly, while they were all desperately thinking, they all felt it, they’re faces becoming ashen. They looked down at him on the skiff, but all knew it was pointless. His pulses… had stopped.

Suddenly, Pierre, with a terrified look on his face, leapt into the skiff where they had been holding James in the water, despite his fear. He watched as James lost his human skin right in front of him, tears running down his own face, as well as some of the others, as his mentor became a weak blob of water in the rough shape of a person with clothes on. He shot his hand into James’ pocket, quickly finding what he was looking for. All the Nature Iramasha suddenly realized what it was, and what Pierre was about to do. That, and the fact he sent out a message as he began it. The collected Nature Iramasha still on the land prepared themselves, yelling at the other Iramasha to get back as they all turned and ran.

Pierre brought it out, his hand shaking, pointing its tip directly over where James’ heart would’ve been. He threw his arm up, then down, piercing the blob of water in one blow. Suddenly, what remained of James gave a great jerk, and large pulse of energy threw back Pierre, all the way out of the water, knocking him into the dirt of the Island above, a good 30 feet away. James’ body continued pulsing, the gem sticking out of himself, his body spasming as it began to regain its shape, his torso becoming defined and solid, followed by his arms, then his legs, then finally, with one more great pulse that bent his torso a good foot into the air, his eyes opened all the way, the gem popping out of his body as his skin returned to himself. He shot his hand up, grabbing the sailing gem, his arm fully outstretched and his eyes staring at it.

He got up, coughing up a patch of his silvery-blue blood into the river. He got up from the skiff, looking over at the shoreline. There, helping Pierre get back to his feet, were all the Nature Iramasha once again, as well as the Iramashan medical team, who quickly descended on him and began doing tests. However, all that James was interested in was his gem, which while under the water, had already recharged. He got up, asking what had happened to that redicoulously large gem. He soon discovered that it had been placed in Aki’s office, and the entire procession went to study it.

When they arrived; they saw something very strange. Mixed in, like paint or watercolors, with the main pink, was the same silvery-blue color of James’ blood. He fell down onto h Geis knees in front of it, as the Elder Iramasha finally arrived. He explained about the Master, Angel, and Demon gem’s, and James realized what must have happened. This, must be ours, then…. The Master Nature Gem. He touched it, running his hand down the side. He could feel it; the gigantic amount of Nature Energy within it, as well as his own. Anyone… who touches this, will be able to use the insane amount within it, probably boosting their abilities… however… if they do, they will have their Nature Energy completely sapped from them… until there is nothing left to take and it fills itself.

He turned around, explaining to everyone what had happened. As well as what it did AND the consequences…

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Adding this in under Nature Cells:

Stealth Form:
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In this form, he takes the form of a round, blue cat. Exactly like this, with hat and all, but minus the eyes on top and the ribbons on the ears.. He uses this as it completely disguises his power and abilities while in use up to the abilities of a regular cybernetic eye (Not an enhanced one), as well as will almost ALWAYS fool an enemy as to his true form. Mostly because of its appearance. However, he usually doesn't use this unless he has no other choice, and cannot use Chaos Moves or Nature SPELLS.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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James has certainly been putting in the work, making Iramasha History, Role Playing alot and seems active. Therefore, I will be reapproving his app with the tier of 0-4+

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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Due to an update on the board, I am going to go ahead and move this character into the Approved Nature Iramashsa section to better classify other sub-races of Iramasha.

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Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:20 am
I am transferring this over to NPC's, as I will not be actively using him, but there are conditions where he needs to be active as a part of his duties as a NI.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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