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[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] Empty [Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE]

Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:28 pm
[ N A T U R E I R A M A S H A]
[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] Clan_Symbols
[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaTop


Name: Dravenhilde, Innana Ishtar
Age: 5,012
Gender: Female
Nature Iramasha Type: Cloud [Air]

[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaApp

Appearance: Inanna is a pretty girl : petite in height and size, she looks almost child like often times. Her body height is about 5'5 and she looks very fragile, and nearly weightless. Her eyes are of a pretty blue purple color, or rather the one eye that's visible, since she always wears an eye patch. Her eye is very big and round, child like and innocent in it's gaze. Her skin is fair, as she seems to be healthy. Her hair is relatively long when untied, but usually she keeps it tied in a sort of bun ponytail. Her hair color's seem to shift from a deep indigo to a purple : that's because the pigment in her hair varies according to the light. Her clothing tends to be the same uniform : a military like uniform with a skirt, stockings and boots. It is of the same olive green color, and fits her well. She is almost always seen with it, unless stated otherwise. Other then that, Inanna looks pretty and foreign, as her entire structure is light weight and soft, almost like a bird.

[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaPers

Personality: Inanna is a quiet girl : she barely seems to understand the concept of speaking as communicating. She keeps trying to think her thoughts to people, not really the most gifted with speaking the right words. The girl seems to be shy, often blushing, or her face falling into an O of surprise, as she is caught unawares quite often. Very innocent in nature, even with her tragic past, it seems relatively strange for Inanna to act kind and sweet. Because that's what she is : a kind and sweet girl, always willing to help others if she can. She has a particularly affinity for children and women, but does help the guys as well, as she considers everyone to be able to have a hand. A quick study, Inanna seems to understand tactics and all sorts of things very quickly. She has the ability to capture people's finishing thoughts : simply said, she's good at noticing how others think. She's able to figure them out relatively quickly, perhaps because she was an observer all her life. She is also stock full of strange tibits of information, even though she may not necessarily specialize in it. Inanna is a knowledge bank, and has a great ability to act if need. But in all, she is a generally kind and sweet young woman, always hoping to make people smile with her actions and words. Sometimes, she takes this to becoming a goof, but it doesn't bother her. The iramasha girl is also very clumsy and trips a lot. In gist, she's quite moe when she wants to be, and very light in personality. Although, no one has seen her get very serious : the most serious she's gotten was to protect her friends.. and that's about it.

[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaHis

Background: The name Innana comes from the ancient Sumerian civilization. It means Lady of the Sky : an Iramasha, about 7712 years ago, came out of the woodwork, to the start of this civilization. Her powers were beautiful and amazing : they called her the goddess of fertility, of love, of the earth entirely and of war. For she was the Lady that guided them into battle : she brought them victory and spoils beyond their wildest dreams. She was their goddess, as she was blessed, along with other spiritual races that had formed their loose pantheon. The Lady Innana was one day lured to where her so called sister, because they looked alike, and was killed then. Their home was in the sky, kept there by Inanna's and Enlil's power. The day she died, balance broke, and thus the meteors rained down, scaring the Sumerians. The end of their reign was high, as eventually, they faded from history. But only 3700 years later, a new birth would shake the world : for Inanna had not rested. She had become one with the earth, and thus had come back into life, without a single memory of her glorious times as Inanna.

Although, the family she was born into had heard the bards of Sumeria, or rather, the words of their children. At least, that's what she was told : the truth was that they found a crater, and she at the center, a few days old, crying. Her spirit had condensed, and materialized a form, as it sped down to the ground like a falling star, and her appearance was otherworldly, divine almost. And thus, the words of the bards had come to their minds : so they named their child Inanna Ishtar, their own name Dravenhilde coming last. For this was the child that looked like the great lady, and her other counter part. Thus began the small child's life of Inanna : she was raised in a family that believed, roughly, in Christianity, and thus chased the demons to purify them. She was part of the early age organization of ''Veritus'', families dedicated to hunt and destroy foul and demonic entities from the world. But their way of training their children was certainly unique : for Inanna was an only child until the age of 6, when her baby sister was born. This little child brightened Inanna's life : her name was Mary.

Inanna was raised from then on, as coldly as possible, which was a surprise to the small child. But she took it in stride, even when jealous of her sister, never harming her. In the end, when Inanna was 12 and her sister 6, the aforementioned became a full-fledged hunter. The ritual was simple : swear to uphold the family no matter what, as the small village had seals and barriers protecting against demons. That night, Inanna was no longer a virgin : for her mother had been emotionally abusing her for ages, and that was normal to the girl, but that night she had been sold to her uncle for further teacher. And by sold, that meant her body : brutally, he began to rape her daily, always playing a game with her to make her lose. And yet, he was careful with her, to conserve her for the longest time possible. And this went on for another six years : each day, Inanna would feel her mother's guilt jabs, and her father's mental terrorism, for he did not believe what her uncle was doing, and then at night head towards her uncle's place, and get raped. It was a process that was numbing her, except for the times she spent with her sister Mary.

The night after her 12th birthday, Mary came running to Inanna, telling her about what their uncle had done to her. With this, the sumerian goddess named demon hunter saw red. Taking packs for her sister and things for their lives, Inanna took her sister, and ripped out the seals from the ground, allowing demons access on the sleeping village. Cloaked from their senses, Mary and Inanna ran, leaving the villagers to die. For the covenant between Inanna and her family was that Mary never had to go through the ritual : an obvious lie now, but things became simple. Inanna had to protect Mary, no matter what the costs were. As such, Inanna traveled with Mary, learning that against all odds, Mary was still a virgin. Soon, Inanna accepted a betrothal to a man, and left her Mary in that man's hands, as she continued her own twisted passages in life. Finding little work was hard, as the woman soon found she no longer aged : as such, she kept solace by watching Mary grow, as she gave birth to a son.

But for thirty-five years following, Inanna had been lost in the traces of history : when she came to see her sister next, she was long gone, and her son had just died. Shocked, Inanna just shook her head and continued on the path of life, her steps light and without any sort of direction. She was aimless for a good five hundred years, seeing nothing, no one. Eventually, she collapsed, finding herself outside a lord's mansion : impressed by her beauty, the lord took her in. Soon, he found himself in love, and married her, for he was a great lord, and another wife was suitable. Inanna did not care : she was a bauble, as far as she knew. But eventually, over the years, she found herself falling in love with the lord, until his death. Leaving his estate, she moved around, marrying where she could, also burgeoning love and watching it die. In some way, she felt of it as right, since this was how Mary probably felt.

However, she ended up marrying a lord that didn't die after the first 30 years, and love bloomed : she eternally beautiful, and he, young and strong. She actually fell in love, feeling herself for the first time existing. And for over 50 years, she stayed with him, as he aged slowly, their rule together gentle and kind. For she was the lady, and he the lord. But demons stole in the night, and took his life, his power and soul, claiming it because simply, he was powerful to help resurrect their lord. She had escaped death for she seemed to lack power : and yet, she wept at his body, as their town was engulfed in flames, wiped off the face of the earth by a plague and the demons. She swore vengeance, and found herself at the Veritas headquarters, having memorized them. Taking her in, they trained her again, as her mind was focused on one task : vengeance. Finding herself at the hands of rape again, she felt the well of darkness begin to take shape, and form bigger.

She spent another while hunting and destroying demons, never aging, and never stopping. And eventually, she found herself alone : for Veritas had forgotten her, and demons avoided her. Angry, she felt her rage about to snap, when a young man came to her, and healed her wounds. Eyes full of wonder, she had looked at him, and smiled, his very presence soothing to her. But she was scared, and as such, took every precaution available. She made sure that nothing, or no one, knew of them, hiding their existence within several, and found herself with peace of mind. He simply smiled and went with her whims understandingly. But in the end, all her precautions were in vain.

That was the first time she had encountered Japan and it's Youkais : with a firm decisive battle, she had defeated the Sanbi no Kitsune : and thus, she felt content, smirking. But her discovery was never simple : as she and her lover were moving, the kitsune stirred with it's last breath, and possessed him : without warning, raped her and fled, leaving Inanna bewildered. The child birthed of that union was left at a doorstep, as the Iramasha revival hunted down the demon, as it had possessed her lover. After three hundred years, she finally managed to hunt him down : and in a heart torn fight, ended him with her own hands, leaving his body in the cold arctic. Surprisingly, her powers had not surfaced even then : but the earth was waiting for something to ignite the champion of the skies. And seeing that this did not yet cause her awakening, it decided to go a little more drastic.

That's when she faced Mary, for the first time in thousands of years. Stunned, Inanna saw the control of Ershigekal behind her sister, and grew enraged, as said person also brought along those she had truly loved. The rage filled her every vein, as she had to rend her loves and her sister all by herself once more. The rage that filled her person at the sight of one, in her past life, that had betrayed and slayed her, although she was unaware, filled a primordial rage in her. With a single, spattering burst, her powers were unleashed, as the harshest hurricane of the earth was unleashed then, killing the offending figures, and leaving Inanna drained, and without hope. It was a sort of death, she was tranquil in accepting it : but the world and fate, had other plans.

When she woke up, she had been placed in a home, in a bed : stirring, she came to look upon a mirror of herself. It surprised her, but the male introduced himself as James, and explained to her exactly what she was. A nature Iramasha : it felt like the word was familiar, but she cared not to remember it. The girl accepted, and asked him to come back in quite a few years. Nodding, and understanding, he left her with some knowledge, and a way to survive in this world. Soon enough, she took her tasks in the world, and did everything she could think of : participating in every year that harmed nature and it's people, against those that upset the balance, Inanna found herself feeling lonely eventually.

This was when she turned, and went to find James, intending to join him, and see what was the fuss about. But another war was starting, another struggle that would last a long time : and in a way, Inanna was glad not to fight it alone, as her journey sprawls into her life, continuing into the hopefully less dramatic flutters that had been happening as of late. But time meant nothing to one such as she, as her gaze turns to the future.. almost in excitement, glad to have someone that understood her at her side. Or perhaps people : even now Inanna still wasn't sure. But all hell broke loose, and the nature Iramasha took her things together, and fought long and hard.

Eventually, a form of peace was established, and for the first time in several thousand years, Inanna had no fights to dash off in. Caught off guard, the girl began to slowly learn how to socialize : however, considering her mind frame was no better then a 18 year old, it was bit difficult, as she hadn't quite grasped quite a few things. But the Nature born Iramasha was quite determined, as she never gave up, and did the best she could. Catching up on academics, and other things, Inanna finds herself on the doorway of a new possibility : and as such, she is determined, and quite glad to get things together. Because even though peace reigned now, things were never completely, and always safe.

She was ready, no matter what could be thrown at her. That is the Iramasha's duty : to guard the earth from devastation. As a child brought into the earth and rebirthed from it's power, her very soul was bound to this task. Not that she understood it, but simply knew that she would die protecting the earth and it's children, for that was Inanna's deepest wish.


[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaBuki

Seishin Buki Name: -Unknown-

Seishin Buki Appearance: -Currently Formless-

Seishin Buki Abilities: Inanna, being knew to the sense of being an Iramasha, doesn't really have a typical Seishin Buki. In fact, hers is just materializing her power : therefore it's ability is simply being able to compress and decompress air.

[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaPower

Nature Powers: Cloud [Air]

Air Sense: This is a natural, passive ability that Inanna possesses. She is able to sense any sort of disturbance in the air around her. This generally works like a sonar system, each movement she makes bouncing off objects and feeding information back to her. The air sense is a constant thing, as each movements she makes triggers it.

Air Lift : This is another natural, passive ability that Inanna holds. She is able to fly : purely said, she can float around, glide to say, or she could spread wings of a strange, silvery and transparent look, and take off.

Manipulation: Sky, Air, Wind, Clouds. Mainly in the Sky. Generally, just being able to bring wind no matter where one is and air manipulation in general.

Aura: Gray-Green color

Regeneration: Clouds!

Nature Spell(s):
Wrath's Howl : A burst of wind speeds from the clap of the user's hand, and slices the opponent. Air can be compressed for a greater effect.
Lust's Whisper : A single, sharp breath is expelled, sending a light bullet of wind at the target.
Envy's Twirl : The user twirls around, creating a field of wind about 5 feet around them that deflects minor attacks
Pride's Hum : The user begins to hum, taking in breaths. Each expellation of breath between teeth creates an abnormally sharp noise.
Greed's Flick : The user curls up their hands, and then uncurls them, sending light bullets of wind speeding towards the target : one for each finger.
Gluttony's Swallow : The user swallows air, inflating their lungs with air. Once expelled, a large gust of wind does so, able to push back people and attacks.
Sloth's Wave : The user extends a arm, and a blast of wind launches, about 2 feet wide. It's mainly made to knock back close by opponents, as it loses velocity and strength once past the 5 feet distance mark.

[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaForm

"Insert Element name"'s Return: Sky's Aria

Command: Sky, Sing to me

Description: Inanna glows in the color of her aura : once released, her return allows even greater air manipulation : to the point that she flies as willed into the sky, able to change the air around her to increase velocity, and other just things. Her aura will expand wings of itself in order to accomplish this. Otherwise, not much is known about her form.

"Insert Element name"'s Strike:

Command: (Example: River Current's Strike: Nile's Fury)

Evolved Seishin Buki: [What does it look like in evolved form?]


"Insert Element's name"'s Purity:



[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaRP

Roleplay Sample: Shisome <3

[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] InannaExtra

Class: Spirit of Cloud [Air]


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy: Adept
  • Chaos Control/Warp: Adept
  • Seishin Buki Level:Beginner
  • Race Control: Advanced

  • Nature Control:
  • Nature Spells: Adept
  • Nature Energy: Adept
  • Element Control: Advanced

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Will Skills
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[Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE] Empty Re: [Nature Iramasha] Lady of the Sky [APPROVED, 2-3+, NATURE]

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