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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 The Yuudeshi Network

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The Yuudeshi Network  Uyp3k

The Yuudeshi Network was funded by The Yayjuu, The Hashiamatsujiyuu and The Vizard Corps. It is a massive virtual network hosted on one of the many super computers that helps supports the Yuudeshi Towers. The data within contains info on many criminals, surveillance footage from Karakura Central and other cities, alerts for every city on Earth, a contact ability where the people connect can message at other in real time during crisis situations or to add more data to the network and even helps Shadin in his calculating and processing abilities.

This network has many benefits that it can be used for. Mainly those in The Yayjuu, The Vanguard, The Gotei 13, The Yuudeshi Clan, and The Vizard Corps have access to this information along with those in the command centers for The Yuudeshi Towers.


The Yuudeshi Towers
The Yuudeshi towers are a set of over a thousand steel towers mass produced over every single section of Karakura Central with The Yayjuu and Super Human Task Force symbols on them. It was founded through connections with The Hashiamatsujiyuu and their leader, The Vizard Crops and their leader, funds from The Yayjuu and permission from the Special Human Task Force located in Sukai Karakura. It was a one year project, but eventually after months of testing, experiments and development, The Yuudeshi Towers was made.

Now, as for what these towers do, these are meant to collect, absorb, harness and process all sorts of electricity and reitsu particles produced through out every par of Karakura Central and a few places outside of it. Rather it comes from the electricity produced in cars, buildings, gadgets, lightening or even some attack's. If it's made from electricity, the towers will find a way to gather that electricity through a set of jet-like engines hidden on a top deck within each the towers that has multiple devices behind it that suck up the energy.

Apart from that, these towers are also connected to multiple Super Computers that is controlled by a command center somewhere within Karakura Central that control just how much energy The Towers consume. On any given day it will be within a normal mode where it consumes enough energy to sustain itself and make it steadily stronger. In heightened alert situations, The Towers will begin to consume more energy to make Shadin and the Yuudeshi Towers stronger. Finally, when a full alert is issued, all the restraints are lifted and everything that can be used to power these towers will be converted into energy for Shadin and his allies of his choosing to use.

As for how it is used, the energy connected is sent directly towards Shadin's location with a tracing device he implanted within his Zanpukto that helps guides the power directly to his body. If it is used at full power, Shadin's electric manipulation can reach truly frightening levels. It is calculated that he has the possibility of even fighting against an entire army single handedly at The Yuudeshi's Maximum power in Crisis Situations.

The processing and calculating already done by Shadin's Zanpukto, mixed together with his brain through a special microchip inserted into it, is also accelerated to the point where it is equal to multiple super computers connected. This means he has the ability to actually take his time in battle by calculating all his attack's, researching opponents faces or names in the Yuudeshi networks database in order to get an idea who they are, judge how much reitsu or lightening he will need, look at thousands of places in Karakura Central through the Yuudeshi Network or electricity already available in the city and an unfathomable number of calculations that reach into the Quadrillions.

Not only that, but he can use the energy already available and spread it out to his teammates across Karakura Central to help them in battle. These will temporarily boost calculations tier up one level until the technique is over with. They will even gain a bit of an ability to control electricity thanks to the processing and calculations Shadin's Zanpukto, The Yuudeshi Netowrk, The Yuudeshi Towers and Shadin's brain does.

The Yuudeshi Towers are also used or can be used to power many things within Karakura Central. It can turbo charge weapons, people and people if the power is guided correctly by a professional or Shadin himself. They can also be powered by people donating reitsu, electricity, energy and other resources at the main command station located within Karakura Central.

In the end, though, The Yuudeshi Towers have made Shadin into Karakura Central's own weapon for war related purposes.

It was created through a collaboration with The Vizard Corps, The The Hashiamatsujiyuu, Funds from the two of them along with The Yayjuu and the permission from the Special Human Task Force.


The Yuudeshi Islands
The Yuudeshi Islands are used to harvest energy for the globe in order to help all the cities throughout the current crisis on Earth, distribute reitsu to soldiers in need who help protect the planet and they are used in order for Shadin to harness Fire Water. You see, when Shadin Fully Awakens with the help of the Yuudeshi Network, he has the ability to control every single bit of electricity on Earth. When this happens, he can redirect some of that energy to the islands and from there they would be used as facilities in order to heat up most of the oceans on Earth and use the salt inside of the water in order to create Fire Water. Once that happens, all of the Islands will begin shooting a concentrated radio wave at the salt water which would release energy; thus, you have a form of limitless energy to use for the time they are active with Shadin's ability.

These Islands have multiple Gotei 13 Members, Yayjuu Members, Vizard Corp Members and Hashiamatsujiyuu members guarding them along with a large number of clones from the SCU Unit. If there should ever be an intruder on the island who does not have authorized access, the Island itself will begin to attack the threat as it has multiple weapons built in that can attack with enough force that rivals a Grand Ray Cero. If that fails, all of the people guarding the island will begin to descend on the threat until it is eliminated.

To protect itself against aerial threats, The Yuudeshi Islands also have the same type of barrier that the cities on dry land have to protect themselves against The Hollow and Demon threat. Most weak or moderate Demon's, Arrancar and Hollow alike would not be able to enter these islands without someone knowing.

Apart from that, The Yuudeshi Islands also have multiple Super Computers that aid in Shadin's processing and calculating abilities along with supporting the Yuudeshi Network. There are also many stations within these islands that are trying to create a new set of clones that are used purely for power, calculating, processing and energy harvesting. It's unknown what the status of this project is, however.


Yuudeshi Connection
This is rather simple compared to most of the Yuudeshi Network. During the past few months of 2411, there has been construction within The Soul Society to create The Yuudeshi Towers and Network there in order to prevent what happened on Earth during the Kokuryuteshi's invasion. The project is now complete and in order to make use of both Networks, Shadin has spent his own money creating a series of spire's throughout the Dangai Precipice World. Each of them project a barrier strong enough to even make it difficult for 0 tier's to destroy them without putting effort or at least some time into it; and by then, the entire Network on both sides of the world will be alerted. The Soul Society and Earth. Along with that, there is also a heavy series of Gotei 13, Yayjuu and Vizard Corps members guarding this pathway in order to protect it from any intruders.


The Yuudeshi Grid
The Yuudeshi Grid is a massive series of magical, physical and spiritual based wiring across the global infrastructure across almost every city in and around Earth. It is in most buildings, most electronics sold publicly (I.E. not characters personal equipment), the various power grids throughout Earth, satellite in space and almost every source you can think of that is related to electricity in the 25th century. These wires are able to withstand the onslaught of explosions similar to Radioactive's Atomic Blast, able to withstand reaitsu from the likes of of KIn Iramasha or Asheli Clix and in general are a pain to deal with one if one is trying to destroy them in a physical sense. However, apart from that, their main focus is to provide energy to Japan's shining hope; Karakura Central. And more importantly, be used amongst The Yayjuu, The Vanguard, The Vizard Corps and ultimately...The Yuudeshi Network.

You see, in times of crisis, The Yuudeshi Grid has the potential to suck up all varying types of electricity from a large variety of places that is common place in the 25th century together with other plants throughout the globe that carry plasma energy, nuclear energy from nuclear fusion and nuclear power plants, fire energy from power that is generated to cool these stations down, centers that contain vast amounts of spiritual energy donated to them by citizens or generated through experiments and so on and so forth. All of this serves as one massive hub that is connected within a chamber underneath the command center of The Yuudeshi Network within Karakura Central that utilizes it very carefully in times of war.

And, for how it is transferred? Most types of known natural elements are transferred rapidly throughout these series of tubes; sometimes causing large scale blackouts if Shadin decides to take too much electricity; but there is a squadron of men amongst The Yayjuu, Vizard Corps and Vanguard that are deployed in these cities that consist of many electrical based users restoring power in these areas with the help of the SCU Unit. Meanwhile, most spiritually made elements are teleported throughout a series of wormholes created with the vast amount of energy that The Yuudeshi Grid generates from taking all these resources. It can be performed naturally, which would require more power, or it can be done with Kidō directly from Shadin himself and directed towards it's desired locations with the calculations of his Super Processor and The Yuudeshi Network.

Therefore, that leads us to how all of this power is used. The power gathered from The Yuudeshi Grid is then used to enhance the energy and powers of all Earth based orgs soldiers alongside their allies, it can be used to hyper charge various weapons or attacks or people, other times it used to put highly powerful and complex layer based shields across Earth's city in case of another London based Attack and on an extreme level, it's even possible for The Yudueshi Grid to shield Earth itself from outer space attacks by taking that barrier concept to a higher level and applying all that energy around Earth to form a protective layer.

Thus, there are many simple and complex uses for The Yuudeshi Grid, but it is mostly reliant on The Yuudeshi Command Center within Karakura Central. Without it, The Yuudeshi Network or Shadin telling these wires what to do, it is ultimately nothing more then a collection of very hard to cut wires that just happen to be over all of planet Earth. The funding, research and equipment was forged with the help of The Vanguard, The Vizard Corps, The Yayjuu, The Yuudeshi Clan and other varying funders in order to better the chances of Earth withstanding another London based attack when that time comes. Along with that, with Shaidn Yuudeshi being one of the most influential figures on Earth for protecting it all these years and being world renown for The Yuudeshi Network, it's only natural that some of the Earth's superpowers would lend him this power to use in war time situations for the betterment, protection and survival of planet Earth and it's citizens.

Notes: This is mainly for events, critical level threats to Earth or Karakura Central and things of this nature. It is NOT to be used leisurely and will most often require some type of meeting to use fully such as with the Yuudeshi Network being used at full power.


The D.E.S. Choker
What is the D.E.S. Choker? Well, for starters, the acronym stands for Danger Entrapment Slave. So, as you can tell from the name alone, this is a device meant to otherwise imprison those whom happen to wear them. After many years of research, examining many types of different being, species, races, database information and experiments; the Yuudeshi Network has effectively come up with a device that can otherwise negate the use of special abilities for as long as the choker is worn across the subject in question. How does it perform this strange feat? Through a series of different microscopic sensors inside of the device, the collar clamps around either the neck or wrist of the target and does a full body scan of their body. Once this analysis is complete, usually in the span of one or two post, sometimes shorter depending on the circumstances, the DES Choker should have an accurate pattern of the subject's body structure, energy wave patterns and a synchronization rate with their core.

It's at this stage where the DES Choker begins to upload a copy of this data to the Yuudeshi Network, where the executive commands are then activated by Shadin himself or the supercomputers within the network to otherwise begin the process of suppressing the users special abilities. There is a eighty percent chance this device has of synchronizing with the user, but should it be able to perform it's duties, it uses a variety of different technologies to achieve it's goals. Through the use of nanobots comprised on a spiritual level,it can then inject a stream of specially designed antibodies to clog up strains of spiritual energy to otherwise prevent the release of powers that could otherwise utilize special energy signatures. Should this method fail, then it will simply a specialized paralysis designed by Imaginary Computation. It works by releasing waves of energy that mimic an anti-negation value and work to attempt to otherwise produce a constant field of energy that negates most types of offensive, defensive and other special abilities while the collar is active. There is even a chance it can stun the use of super-strength in some cases by dramatically lowering the pressure force used in brute force attacks and attacking the muscular structure in some body types.

However, with every technology, it isn't perfect. While the collar holds extremely high defensive capacities against the many types of super powered beings it's intended to be used against, it's by no means indestructible. Ergo, if it was damaged steadily, the effects of it would begin to lighten or, in the event of a full malfunction, simply stop. That means that if it was tampered with enough, these effects would simply begin to cease. On top of that, while the Yuudeshi Network believes this has a 80% chance of working on most beings, there is still the 20% it is not entirely sure of and will need trial scans to otherwise anticipate any counters or evasions a target may have. As this is not an ABSOLUTE method, the usage of this collar will very HEAVILY from subject to subject. Therefore, fine-tuning of it may be needed depending on increased demand of the DES Choker; making needed updates for each threat it encounters on the field and otherwise attempting to adapt to the many types of different beings that live in this world.

Also, if it weren't obvious enough, the subject would have to have this collar placed on them for a period of one to two post before it would have an effect. So if they were able to take it off or destroy it, then all of this would be rendered pointless.

The Yuudeshi Network  WVMWLOu
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The Yuudeshi Network
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