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Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:44 pm

I. Basic Information

» Name: Mjesec "Moonie" Võrgukliendid 
» Titles: The Moon God, The Moon Iramasha, Voi-guy
» Iramasha Age: >6000
» Regular Age: 18
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Vanguard [Loose], Nature Iramasha [Loose]

» Type: Nature Iramasha

» Physical Appearance Image:


I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

|| The Cackle ||
Moonie hasn't had many experiences with others in his life; being on the moon will do that to a person. Having done so, his personality is quite twisted, and he cackles periodically. He will do it often times during speech, much to the annoyance of others. The only time he doesn't use it is when he feels there is serious danger to himself or his comrades, or when he just has to focus and actually be serious. When he is being serious, he is a man of very few words, preferring to allow his fists to do the talking for him.

|| Isolation ||
Moonie is a person whom it is extremely difficult to get close to; much like the moon. However, if you spend enough time with him or help him out of a pinch, you may earn his respect or even his friendship, which is even rarer. Despite how he may laugh and cackle, he is really just trying to hide within his own inner shell of sorts that has formed due to living on the cold crust of the moon for so many years. If you can get him to calm down and have a serious converstaon, then you have earned his respect and he will treat you likewise.

|| Over-Energetic ||
Moonie is always hopping around, jerking and moving. He cannot stand to sit still, and has extreme clausterphobia because of it. He's just so used to open space after being on the moon so long and the desire to fill it that he just goes all out in whatever he does. He shares a similar reaction if he is suppressed or contained, his energy will begin pumping hard and he will do whatever he possibly can to escape it; short of betraying his comrades.

|| Pure Rage ||
It is a good idea never to get Moonie mad. If you do, you will have the veritable force of the moon pressed down on you. His rage is caused by others disrespecting things that have gained his own; and he will utterly obliterate the source of the disrespect until they have paid for it. Similarily, in battle, his emotions will sometimes get the best of him, and he will go into a wild frenzy of destruction to destroy anything around him, unless someone he trusts forces him to stop it. 

|| Trust ||
If Moonie does have one redeeming quality, it is his trust and loyalty. Once you earn it, he will follow you and fight for you, to the death if need be. If you ask him to protect you, he will not falter. If it seems impossible but he trusts you, he will follow it to the ends of the earth. This is why he must keep such a hard shell; and only gives his trust to those who truly deserve it.On the flip side of that; if you break his trust, it is near impossible to get back. He will most likely refuse to speak to the person or only do so in a mocking tone; the fact that he has such a long memory doesn't help.

|| Never Backing Down ||
If he is challenged, he will meet the challenge head on with excitement. he loves feeling the rush of excitement and the thrill of battle; if you'll give him a good fight, he doesn't care much about who you are. Similarly, he would much sooner rather die than quit or give up, leading him to be rather competitive. However, if you do manage to soundly defeat him in combat and allow him to live; he will take that as a sign of bravery and will respect you for it. Similar to his opponents, he is never overly cruel to them. He will make the off joke or taunt, but for the most part he respects his enemies in combat.

Likes: Being around those he trusts, Space Food, gazing up at the stars and moon, stargazing, celestial bodies, and rocket ships, darkness. His favorite food is salt water taffy. Helping James out.

Dislikes: NASA, the Sun, really small places or being bound up, being out of the loop, fortune cookies, refried rice, and needles. Also Newt Gingrich, since James HAD to go and tell him about the only man he truly fears. He became slightly ticked off, considering Newt's blasphemous talk of space colonies...

Fears: Eternal Confinement, James' Wrath, imprisonment, Sarah Palin.

Loves: Staring at the sky at night time when you are able to see the stars.

I. Character History

» History

The Dark Side of the Moon:

He slowly opened his eyes, looking around. He had no idea who he was; he had no clue where he was. He had no idea WHAT he was. There was… nothing. Just blackness… for all around. He began trying to stand, to move. He was able to do that much. He felt… like he had way too much energy. He chose a direction, he had no idea what he was doing, and began learning how to run. Soon, he was going at high speeds, well over 50 miles per hour, in the pure blackness. Whenever something unexpected happened, he just regained his balance and ran… and ran…

And ran…

Eventually, he was able to see something… different. He had to close his… eyes? Shut, blocking out the light of the sun. It was too bright; he had gone from absolutely nothing to so bright. He hid his head, trying to get that bright light out of his mind. After a few moments, he looked up again, and realized he could see all around himself. He looked out, noticing the curves of his homeland, the craters. He looked down at himself; he looked weird, nothing like the rest of the moon. That made him… feel empty inside, like he’d done something bad. He frowned, and then began to discover he had a face…

By Leaps and Bounds:

He grew quickly; he could feel a strange affinity with the moon. He even tried eating it, and was amazed at how much energy it gave him. He was able to run, trying out all his abilities, pushing his body out in the wastelands known as the surface of the moon. He consistently trained himself, moving like a demon. And whenever he got tired, he dropped to the ground, punching it, breaking off a rock of the moon and munching on it. Each time, he restored his strength, and continued his training again. He was like that, going and going and going, following the light, never going back to that dark, evil side of the moon that made him feel weird…


He began to wonder, thinking about exactly what… or who… or where, he was. He had come up with his own tongue, making sounds, and determining his own name. Mjesec… he liked it, it felt like it was his. His body was durable to stand the cold, but he looked out, seeing that strange orb. Far in the distance, there was a strange multicolored round object that looked like it was like him; these strange colors that were not like the rest of the moon. He sat down, and stared at that thing. Stared, and stared, for days on end. It became dark, and still he stared. It became light again, and as it did so, he realized there was something strange running down from his eyes, something like his blood, but thinner. He didn’t know it, but he was crying, balling his eyes out while just sitting there. Soon, he felt something. He felt a strange presence, right above his head. He raised his right hand into the air, finding something. He gripped it, and pulled it down, and was pulled down with it, with how heavy it was. He could feel something else strange, he looked at his hands; they were covered in a strange purple… something or other. It looked like the bright sun, but dark, and all around him. He looked at himself, realizing he had something totally new to discover about himself on this moon…


He looked around, wondering. He had learned so much about himself, these strange “energies” he possessed, what they did. He had learned two other strange states of himself as well. One was quite interesting and the other, quite impressive. He reflected on the style that he had also come up with to express himself; he had had nothing else to do. He had felt something strange today, and looked out towards the colored sphere. There was a strange white thing floating towards him, and as it got closer, he could tell it had a really weird shape. It approached his moon, and landed on it. He had ran and hid, trying to keep away from it. He watched as it began deploying strange things; he wasn’t sure why they were here, but he could see they were trespassing on his moon. He waited until the things got too far into the dark, and then he crushed them, finally having something to use his strength on. They didn’t last long, to put it mildly. His God Style proved quite effective in eliminating them, and he was proud of it…

Is there Anybody Out there?:

Eventually, however they proved to come more and more, and he was stuck doing more and more damage, until finally… they came and they stayed. They didn’t just stay for a while and then go. They began making something on his moon, and he eventually got mad at them for it. They were making a part of his moon where he couldn’t go; this was evil at its finest. He was filled with a strange rage, and waited some time before it peaked. It had been some time since they had arrived; he could see them using some structure, and went to where they were always walking. He punched the door, breaking it in, moving inside of his own accord…

The people there soon figured out what he was, trying at first to contain him, and then to communicate with them. They taught him their languages, which he quickly picked up on, and promised him that they wouldn’t tell anyone about him being on the moon. That is, right after they stopped interrogating him about aliens, strangely enough. He answered their questions, his rage having subsided. He could see that these people were alright, and decided that they could stay on his moon if they wanted. However, it was some years later before they came…

A bit of time had passed again; lots more of the strange people like him had come to live with him on the moon now. Only a few knew of his existence, however, but they were still friendly. One day, however, he felt something… different. He ran to find what it was, soon finding it. A strange man with blue hair, who was looking around constantly. He watched as the man looked right at where he had been hiding, and gulped as suddenly he felt very uneasy… and then as suddenly the man appeared right next to him. He cried out, throwing out his hand at the man. The man tried to block it, but his hand was blown clean off…

The man’s name was James Mizumuzi. He soundly defeated Moonie, as the natives called him, but only by a small margin. It had surprised Moonie; no one had ever been able to do that to him before. He respected this man; and listened to him speak. However, he learned that he had already missed the climactic moment in his races history, although apparently there was still something he could do to help. He followed James back to earth and then to the Iramasha Island, meeting the council. He also met Akisame, who was leading them in James’ stead. THAT, however, he did not like. He immediately challenged Akisame to a battle, much to the chagrin of the other Nature Iramasha. Akisame accepted, and they did battle…

During the battle, Moonie went all out, going so far as to break the hearts of Akisame’s Gem, Darkness, and light masks, making them unusable. However, he took a large amount of damage himself, on the brink of unconsciousness as he made one more herculean effort. Akisame was doing the same; they were doing battle in the training room under the sanctuary, which now resembled more of a war zone with all the damage and craters. Suddenly, James appeared before the both of them, holding his hands out, yelling at them to stop. Immediately, both Akisame and Moonie froze, and then relaxed, sealing themselves. Moonie went up to Akisame, extending his hand, deciding that Akisame was strong enough to lead the Nature Iramasha here. Akisame stared at the hand for a few moments before tentively putting his own in, shaking his hand with Moonies. Moonie apologized for breaking the hearts, and they parted ways, Moonie deciding to go and view around earth for a while, learn a bit about his own race.

Now he’s ready to roll out, with the weight of the moon and the fire of the stars…

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities
Powerful Nose
Moonie's nose is extremely strong. Similar to his Nature Cells representation of a Golden Retriever, he has strong nasal abilities. His nose is also a touch supernatural in that it is able to 'smell' energy signatures of others, similar to how a Shinigami is able to feel spiritual pressure. The stronger an energy signature he can detect, the more intense that the energy will 'feel' to his nose, like moving from blue to red.

Strong Instincts
Moonie has done combat ceaselessly since arriving on Earth. As a result, he has gained strong fighters instincts. He is adept at reading certain obvious moves or patterns that he has seen several times before, typically when it comes to simple things like blasting huge waves of energy or using hand-to-hand close quarters combat.

Pain Ignorance
Moonie is incredibly resistant to pain, to the point where he only feels it a little bit. With his willpower and how used he is to losing body parts or having them damaged, he gets more of a rush from pain than he is inhibited by it.

Moonie has experience with keeping himself alive. He knows how to eat whatever he needs to survive, knows what he should not eat, how to find good shelter, how to create fire for warmth.

Immense Strength: While not being the fastest mover around, he definitely has a punch better than most. The only thing he ever really had to do on the moon was train and test his bodies limits with all the masses of Moon Rocks all around him. He was even able to constantly heal whenever he became exhausted due to being constantly surrounded.

Enhanced Durability: Moonie has shown that he is unusually durable, able to take a large mass of moonrock to crush him and break it apart and leap out unfazed, as well as taking pain like a champion. Energy attacks are treated similarly to physical ones; his body is tough like the surface of the moon itself.

Natural Flight: He is able to manipulate his own body's weight with a field of gravity around him, allowing him to freely fly around anywhere that he might be going. However, he cannot increase his moderate-low speed level with it, forces of natural gravity nonwithstanding. It takes very little energy to do this; as he is quite used to messing with his own bodies weight. This also means that he is able to "Moon Jump" with apparent ease.

Hand to Hand Master: Due to his extensive training and his own development of God Style, Moonie is extremely adept at using his arms and legs to do battle and not just Mun, which is helped by his hyperactivity, as well as he demonstrates when using God Style itself or many of the cracks that line the moon's surface.

"God" Style: God style is his normal way of fighting, in sealed or otherwise. It focuses most of his attacks into power to damage and force his opponents to recoil, putting much strength into vital points in his arms and legs for his attacks. They are able to be used interchainably in a combo, as they do not use that much energy due to losing speed for power.

"Moon Crush": Moonie focuses on one leg, bringing it up high into the air while he and his opponent are on the ground. Then he thrusts it forwards into the legs of his opponent, hitting the ground with such force that it sends shockwaves all around his legs and into the opponents, making the paralyzed from the counteracting forces in there legs, unless they are strong enough to fight it off.

"Moon Spin": Moonie pushes down hard into one leg, shooting up into the air and bringing the leg in. Then he brings around the other leg to smash it into his opponent with a force that would impress itself spectaturally on a good size building. Also note that when used after Moon Crush it can monopolize on the upward force created from pressing on the ground, becoming stronger and faster.

"Moon Smash": Moonie bends back his arm and elbow, bringing back his closed fist. Then he focuses his energy on the muscles just past his elbow, pressing forwards. The result is a good sized punch that slams into the enemy,trying to knock them back and recoil them from shock.

"Moon Raze": Moonie bends his arm across his chest, planting his feet parallel so that his elbow points right at the opponent as he steps inwards with the same foot as the arm. He then presses the elbow out and into the enemy, crushing into them with a large amount of force.

"Moon Heights": Moonie plants his foot on the ground, pushing his whole body's weight into it. Then he brings up the other foot around, making a high kick at his opponent. He focuses on the muscles on his shin and hip, bringing the leg out from a folded position to an outstretched one as it reaches the opponent and attempts to make contact. If used after "Moon Crush" It can also monopolize on the energy gotten in the final kick similar to "Moon Spin".

"Moon Snap": Moonie pushes up one leg, supporting all his body weight on the alternating one, bringing in the foot to stick out the knee as he attempts to slam it into an opponents chest, rib cage, or groinal area. Which, if it hits there, will not be pleasant for anyone.

"Moon Push": Moonie draws in his four fingers, revealing his flat hand as his fingers are curled up almost completely on themselves and his thumb moves back and points outwards. This reveals his entire palm, and he moves his hand upwards on his wrist, creating a straight line from his elbow to outwards from his hand with nothing in the way. Then he pushes outwards, throwing the palm at the opponent with a good amount of force. This is his fastest move in God Style; and even then, it is not that fast.

"Moon Destroyer": Moonie's most powerful God Style; he boasts about it, claiming it to have a power equal to "The true Weight of the Moon". What it is is a simple headbutt. However, he puts a great amount of force behind it, even creating a gravitic tunnel behind his head as his neck moves it forwards to increase his speed. And indeed, it does hit the opponent with an extremely large amount of force, sending large shockwaves all throughout their body when it hits.

"Moon Bust": Moonie puts down one of his feet, planting it firmly on the ground. Then, he puts pressure on the inside of his other foot, pushing it up off of the ground as hard as he can. Then, it shoots up into the air, striking at the opponent with an insane amount of force.This blow is typically aimed at the stomach and lower back of the opponent; if it strikes the lower back, it is even possible for him to hit the cluster of nerves there, dealing an immeanse amount of pain to his opponent.

I. Equipment Section

» Equipment (Does your Iramasha have weapons or other type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that your Iramasha keep on them? If so -- post them!)

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic N/A

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities N/A

» Aether Stones: N/A

I. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: Fighter of Adaptability

» Aether Class Power:
Moonie's greatest power is his ability to come up with new kinds of techniques using his Nature Alteration abilities. Each of these techniques use his existing abilities, and with his Aether Class, he is easily able to remember them for later, and is more likely to succeed with creating a new technique using powers he already has. To review, these powers are: "Blast", "Gravity", "Dragon Blast" (Creating flames from the force of friction using Blast), and "Hand to Hand combat".

» Aether Class Abilities:
Moon Breath: Similar to Moon God's supper, this attack moves at the same rate and size as Moon God's supper as well. However, it uses "Gravity", and is used to drag the opponent along with the attack. It attempts to keep the opponent on the outer shell of the attack, manipulating the gravity around them to keep them there. If shot at the opponent facing the ground, it will press them into the ground like a great weight is upon them. He can only use this every other post, and it is executed similar to Moon God's supper, taking a deep breath before exhaling on his opponents. This is Moonie's most basic energy attack, and therefore he's able to expel up to two massive blasts per post in his sealed state.

Moon Breath Translation
The Moon Breath is the most basic of Moonie's energy blasts, and the amount of energy that it produces is generally comparable to most of the techniques that he wields, when fired at full blast. Typically speaking, Moonie can release up to four full-sized Moon Breath-level attacks per post when he is completely sealed. Once he has activated Break the Dark, he gains access to up to Six comparable blasts of energy. Once he reaches the next level, that number increases to eight. Finally, when he has entered Moon God state, he is typically able to produce up to a dozen of these attacks. However, it should be noted that once he has gotten within ~ 2 Blasts of his limit for that given level of power, he will feel the effects of outputting that much energy in his next post. If he goes within 2 blasts of his limit, except in his sealed state, then he will be severely fatigued, and only be able to use up to half the normal amount of energy. If he is in sealed state, he is able to use up to three of these blasts before these effects come into play, because of how used he is to producing them. If he only has one usage left, then he will generally only have a fourth of his normal amount for the next post, unless he is in sealed state, which will leave him with two. If he uses all of the charges, he will be left with two charges for his next post. If he goes beyond his limit, unless he is in Moon God state, he will be unable to call forth his Blast energy anywhere near full force in his next post. If he is Moon God state, he will still have at least one full-power attack available to him, due to the nature of the form.

Gravity Distortion: Moonie brings back his right hand, charging "Gravity" into his right hand. He can then throw his hand forwards, throwing out a field of "Gravity" area 15 feet in diameter from where his hand was pointed. It flies out for 30 feet from where he thrust his hand, filling that area for a few moments with his "Gravity". Anything that is within that area has it's gravity changed to the absolute minimum of the alteration of what Moonie can perform in that form. So, it exteremely lightens anything in that area, often disorienting and confusing what it hits as it begins to lose its footing and feel strange, as most of the time they are unused to the new weight. From there, he can continue to battle however he wishes. It only uses a small amount of "Gravity", and it does not effect Mun. Typically, he can do this up to once per post, and generally needs to wait another post to use it again.

Natural Flight: He is able to manipulate his own body's weight with a field of gravity around him, allowing him to freely fly around anywhere that he might be going. However, he cannot increase his moderate-low speed level with it, forces of natural gravity nonwithstanding. It takes very little energy to do this; as he is quite used to messing with his own bodies weight. This also means that he is able to "Moon Jump" with apparent ease.

Gravatational Pull: He can hold out his hand, pointing at his opponent, using his first form of energy. His "Gravity" shoots out, enveloping all around his opponent, with a path made of "Gravity" straight back to Moonie. In the area created by his "Gravity" he is able to manipulate its pull, flipping the gravity around his opponent but keeping his own normal. The "Gravity" can spread out away from the enemy/object it is manipulating as well to create a path of manipulatable energy. As such, he can change the gravity around his opponent, making them follow the energy where the "Gravity" is, go towards himself, make light as a feather, or simply push onto the ground. The "Gravity" can go from 1/10 normal weight to 30 times Earth's normal gravity. A common way for him to use Pull is to get near an enemy with a punch, and then pull them in towards the punch, making dodging difficult and balancing his poor speed. This kind of attack, and similar gravitational manipulations, usually can be done up to three times per post, gaining one more use with each form Moonie enters, and hitting the limit causes him to be unable to use it more than once in the next post, going over the limit prevents him from using it in his next post.

Gravitational Spikes: Moonie can infuse his sword with "Gravity" energy, making it shine bright purple. Then, he swings it, and it shoots out a bright purple spike of pure Gravity energy. When it hits the ground, it weights itself in, slamming deep into the ground. It is as large as Mun in terms of size. The top of the spike is visible on the hole of the ground, just above it. 15 feet around that area where the spike is located, gravity becomes free for Moonie to control, to change its direction, or increase it or decrease it by 20 times Earth's normal. After the 2nd of Moonie's posts after the spikes creation, they shatter, done. They are also able to be broken by a medium strength energy attack; however, they do have more than one use. Moonie is only able to create 3 per post, but he usually does it in a chain. He throws down the spikes in a triangle around his oppoenent, his foe in all three fields. Then he simultaneously drags them towards each of the spikes, binding them upon themselves as they are pulled this way and that, restraining them and making movement difficult. However, it is not very effective, and is more likely to be used as a distraction then anything else. However, should he throw down another set of 3, he will make a sign much like the Star of David. With the foe in the center of the field if they have remained there. Then, he pulls on all sides, creating a stronger hold on the opponent than with 3. Each spike uses a moderate-small amount of Moon energy to create, and CANNOT be used by anyone other than the wielder of Mun. These spikes can be used once per post, and take at least a post until Moonie is able to construct them again.

Benefit to Water Users: Just like in nature with the Moon and the Ocean, Moonie's Moon Energy is very beneficial to Water Users, enhancing their abilities when they are surrounded by it or attacked with it, making it a boon and a curse. That means that his "Gravity" does very little to enemy water users, even allowing them to get stronger from it. That also means that his allies that are water users can benefit from it as well, increasing their potencies. 

Pull and Burn: He throws out a large line of his "Gravity", surrounding around the opponent and himself. Then he releases a large amount of "Blast" into the "Gravity" field, pulling it along by editing gravity and increasing its speed. At the same time, he pulls on the opponent, trying to slam them into the "Blast". When the "Blast" makes contact, it explodes violently all through the tunnel of "Gravity". By this point, Moonie has disconnected himself from the "Gravity", and is unhurt by the attack. However, he can only use this once per post. 

Otherwise, he can simply throw creations of "Blast" at the opponent, using "Gravity" to nudge it along to its point of detonation.

» Sub-Aether Class Power:
Moon Dragon Style: This is another style that Moonie has long been working on, a very strange style indeed. Because it empowers the raw force of his Blast so that whatever it touches, it lights on fire. These flames follow along the Blast, getting hotter and stronger the more the Blast touches a surface. ”VOI! MOON DRAGON'S” Is the start of the attacks that use Moon Dragon Style.

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities

Moon Dragon's Roar: With this attack, Moonie puts his hands in front of his mouth, creating a pipe-like action with his closed hands. Then, he blows out of the hands, as if stoking a furnace. The result is that he emits a large amount of blast from his hands, which shoots out along the ground and turns into a massive ball of Blast. Anything that it comes into contact with on the ground starts going up in fire, the fire growing along the ground around where the Blast touches it. When it finally comes into contact with his target, the Blast stops moving, ripping and pressing against them with friction as the flame then gathers from behind it, gathering onto where the opponent is before exploding in a massive burst along with the Blast, ripping and burning everything it comes into contact with.

Moon Dragon's Kurosgutchi: With this technique, Mooie puts his hands together like he's holding a pole arm and then spreads them apart, as a construct made of Blast shoots out of either end of both hand, forming a giant scythe made out of Blast in his hands. However, this scythe is not like his normal one; the tip is permanently on fire. IN addition, whenever it runs along a surface, it burns that surface very hotly, as it is triggering flame in the atmosphere itself because of how fast the ripping effect is. In addition, because of how much the rip is, it can slice through things very easily, leveling entire buildings with how it moves through them, as its size is adjustable with Blast. Using this technique uses two 'charges' of Blast at its maximum force.

Moon Dragon's Swirl: With this technique, Moonie spins his body around, releasing a large amount of Blast in a field around himself as he creates a tornado made out of Blast. He can then release this tornado in any direction he chooses, controlling it with his fingers. This tornado uses a mixture of Blast and Gravity; pulling all the thigns around it into it with Gravity, and then using Blast to try to rip them to shreds. However, this is not all that Swirl does; as soon as it is created it starts to generate flame beneath it, infusing the flame into the tornado until it becomes a vast whirling construct of Flame and Blast. Using this technique at full force uses two 'charges' of Blast.

Moon Dragon's Dance: This is a combination attack, and Moonie's single fastest combo that he has memorized. First, he lashes out, his hands and feet lighting with Blast as he does a cartwheel, every time he touches the ground flame going into and fusing with the Blast. His right foot then moves over and shoots upwards, Moonie pushing off of his left hand to kick into the opponent, spinning his body as he smashes his right hand into their chest, pushing off of them as his body flips around, kicking them in the chin with his left foot as hard as he can, before continuing to spin as the flames spur around his body, giving him energy and speed as he then becomes a large ball of flame, shooting behind the opponent and in front of them again several times. In this time he punches and kicks them multiple times, dealing a tremendous amount of Fire and Blast damage. Then his body stops, the Flame and Blast vanishing. However, the draw back of this is that if he has his Blast armor on before activating this, it dissipates until the next post as it leaves with the Flame.

Moon Dragon's Wings: Moonie throws his hands behind himself, releasing a large amount of Blast from both sides of his body, forming what looks like giant wing-shaped Blast constructs. Then, he swings his arms together, clapping them as the two constructs slam into one another to produce a massive explosion. The explosion runs along the air, igniting Flame and fusing it in with the Blast, focusing in on the opponent Moonie is targeting and burning them and causing insane amounts of friction against them, causing them to most ilkely have up to an entire limb taken off for Advanced persons of durability. For those that are Masters, it will merely rip their very flesh off and leave scorch marks. Using this at full force uses up to two 'charges' of his Blast.

Moon Dragon's Wagon: Moonie swings his arms in circles on either side of his body, creating large attacks made of Blast on either side of himself. These giant attacks turn into large wheels on either side of him, creating their edges to become consumed in Flame from making contact with the ground, making a construct with a frame of Flame but made up of Blast. Then, Moonie releases the wheels, causing the massive spinning discs to shoot forwards. From there, Moonie can control them by moving either hand, and can cause them to explode by closing his hand shut. This move uses up to two charges of Blast when Moonie uses it at maximum efficiency.

Moon Dragon God's Ultimate Breathing Roar: Quite simply, Moon Dragon God's Ultimate Breathing Roar is a massive release of the power Moonie has in his Strike Form. It releases the very limit of power that he can compress, and he compresses it above his mouth, Usually it takes a good amount to charge; unless Moonie is currently invigorated by battle. Then, by placing his mouth forwards, the beam releases from his mouth, triggering the massive attack. The attack shoots forwards, the main body of the attack hundreds of feet wide and made of Burning Blast, making a massive amount of fire around it that flows along with it, completely surrounding it. This blast alone has an absolutely massive amount of force, as also within it is a current of Gravity, which attempts to push the opponent into the ground as it approaches them and damages them. 

The massive amount continues to attack the opponent as it runs over, greatly, greatly damaging everything in its path. However, that's not all that it damages. From the sheer amounts of friction on the attack, massive bursts of fire are released from the attack, shooting whole fire shoots around the Moon Iramasha and shooting all around him, as the energy then shoots back behind himself, Blast itself going back behind him and creating more flame, creating a massive amount of energy around his very self and destroying everything around him, making absolutely massive amounts of damage around himself with his energy.

This technique uses a full three charges of Moonie's blast, although the devastation that it is able to cause is a testament to Moonie's maximum ability to output energy at once.

I. Nature Aether Abilities

Animal Mimicry:
He becomes similar to your average housedog, usually a golden retriever, but can also become a bright yellow wolf. He can also gain a dogs tail and dog ears, similar to James with his cat, except Moonie controls these.

Recovery Speed:
His body is special; as he was not born or made on earth or with earth, he can freely absorb any type of element of the other Nature Iramasha with about 10% as much effectiveness. However, eating moon rocks, as much as 2 pounds of it, will re-energize him fully.

Nature Alteration:
Energy Types: He has 2 forms of his Nature Alteration, and they express themselves as either "Gravity" or "Blast". Gravity acts much as it states; anything filled with it in this form is able to have its gravity altered and changed. In Blast form, it takes on the blackish-purple form of his energy, appearing all around him. It is extremely moldable and can even be made to hold its own shape, burning an opponent persay by pressing on them with gravity and forcibly making friction on what is touches, creating a sensation much like burning.The more energy he puts into it, the harder it pushes/burns, although he can only do light damage with each instance of it in his sealed state.

I. Aether Armament

Aether Armament Name:
Mūn (Mun) konagona ni [ムーン粉々に: Moon Shatter]

Aether Armament Appearance:

Aether Armament Abilities:
Mun's main ability is two-fold; It crushes, and it lightens. All around in the space 5 feet around Mun, it has complete control over gravity. It can shift it from one onehundreths Earths normal gravity, making almost anything float, including Moonie, to 100 times it, crushing most things to the ground. He can select the space that is effected, so he can increase only his swords weight or even press down on long distance weaponry, making them nearly ineffective against him. Holding onto the handle of Mun cancels out the effect of gravity if Moonie wishes to, so he can allow himself to be applied to it or ignore it while Mun is in his hand. He can also manipulate it from a distance, as he can activate it through space with his mind. Similarly, he can choose whether or not his blade is effected by the change while the blade is in his hands. This also means that when he swings it, he can make it so only the blade is light as a feather and do nothing, or up to 20,000 kilos of force; as the sword itself, if picked up, will be nearly impossible to move, as it weights 200 kilos by itself. However, in Moonie's hands, he can move it like it is almost weightless, usually to the shock and awe of his opponents when they try to move it. Bottom line: It's a pretty weighty weapon, not insanely fast but still with above average speed, and DON'T get hit by it when Moonie is being deadly serious. Also, it cannot increase the gravity of moon materials, or other elements, although it CAN effect reiatsu.

NOTE: He has two large rings of fabric on the back of his cloak armor that he wears, one for Mun and one for nuM, the copy of Mun he uses in Strike form.

Ether Relation
As Moonie goes into his various forms, it is possible for Mun to change, or even to spawn another of itself known as nuM, leading to Moonie wielding two greatswords simultaneously. These changes are described in his forms.

VII. Ether Morph - Immersion

» Ether Morph  Immersion Incantation
Moon Blaze's Return: Break the Dark.

» Ether Morph  Immersion Appearance
Moonie's body becomes completely immersed in Blast flames as explained below.

»  Ether Morph  Immersion  Abilities
In this form, he becomes totally enveloped in "Blast" energy. It completely surrounds him, also being more effective, acting like a "Spiked Armor" of sorts to whomever is attempting to deal him damage. It applies the friction effect on anything that it connects with, as well as boosting the effectiveness of all of Moonie's God Style Moves with more effective "Blast". His gravity also now can reach a area of 300 cubic feet and goes from a range of 1/500 to 600 times Earth's maximum. He is able to also create a field of "Gravity" around his "Blast", up to 2 feet around the "Blast", to automatically attempt to draw in the opponent into the attack.

Moon Walk: In this form, if it is night time, or the moon is simply showing, Moonie can perform his own variation of flash step. Simply what he does is lower his head, grab his hairline with his right hand, and move himself backwards. However, he LOOKS like he is walking forwards, so it is quite mind-boggling to see it performed. After two Moon Walk steps backwards, he vanishes, using the power of the Moon's Rays that he can only utilize in this attack to travel to a new location that the Moon's Rays are also shining on.

Moon Dragon God's Scarlet Crap:Moon God's Scarlet Crap is an attack used by Moonie in his Return Form in conjunction with his Moon Walk. This attack is performed as Moonie vanishes through the Moon Waves that pulse around an area, making it so that Moonie conceals an absolutely MASSIVE attack within the waves as he travels, in the same space where muN and Mun are kept. Then, this massive burst leaves the Moon Waves where Moonie left it, going downwards towards an opponent. This massive burst of energy is extremely dense; so dense in fact that it acts like a wall above the opponent. If they hit it, they will find that they must cut through it or dodge it to get away; as it is not like Moonie's attacks that simply pass through the enemy and burn them. In addition, due to the sheer density of this attack, the very area around the attack lights on fire, completely covering the attack as it descends. In all seriousness, it looks like a giant flaming turd of death descending on the opponent or whatever Moonie's target is.

I. Ether Morph - World Fusion

» Ether Morph  World Fusion Incantation
Moon Blaze's Strike: Heavenly Crush

» Ether Morph  World Fusion Appearance
Moonie gains access to another weapon, known as nuM, and the flames that cover his body increase in intensity. It's also possible for Moonie's eyes to glow a bright white with power.

»  Ether Morph  World Fusion Abilities

Evolved Aether Armament: From space, another seishin buki of his his appears. They have their powers combined, being able to be used together to make gravity 1000 times lighter or heavier than normal when they occupy the same space. They also share the "handle" principle, although you cannot cancel both's gravity unless your are holding on to both of the handles.

In this form, Moonie's strength and defense increase exponentially, to cope with wielding two Muns. He also uses his "Blast" much more, finding new uses for his powers thanks to his Aether Class:

Moon God's Explosive Flame: Moonie releases a massive stream of black flames at his opponent from his arm by launching his arm forward in a punch-like motion. Once the flames reach its target, they increase in size creating a giant explosion.

Moon God's Kagutsuchi: Moonie spreads his arms and legs outwards and unleashes a giant ball of black flames around himself, covering an area. He cannot attack while using this, and is only usable once every two posts.

Moon God's Cloud: Moonie swipes his hand outwards, releasing black flames that cover his target(s) like a cloud. Then he forces them inwards using "Gravity", burning them with the friction for a moment before exploding them.

Moon God's Bellow: Moonie breathes a massive fireball of "Blast" at his opponent by opening his mouth quite wide after taking a large breath of air. The blast goes right past the enemy, large in radius, moving at a very fast pace and burning the opponent as it passes them with friction.

Moon God's Scythe: Moonie forms a scythe of black flames off of one arm, which he uses as a weapon for destructive results. It can actually do cutting damage as well as friction when it hits the opponent, and the shaft of the scythe is 5 feet long, while the blade is normally 3 feet. However, both shaft and blade are adjustable by 4 feet in either lengthening or shortening.

Moon God's Supper: An attack where Moonie claps his hands down to launch a mouth-shaped attack of black flames at his foe(s) to trap them in the black flames and burn them with friction. The flames last around his opponent for 1 post, using friction against them from every side and attempting to hold them in with a large amount of "Gravity" all around the ball, trying to keep the opponent in. It is only usable once per thread, however.

Moon Dragon God's Ultimate Breathing Roar:Quite simply, Moon Dragon God's Ultimate Breathing Roar is a massive release of the power Moonie has in his Strike Form. It releases the very limit of power that he can compress, and he compresses it above his mouth, Usually it takes a good amount to charge; unless Moonie is currently invigorated by battle. Then, by placing his mouth forwards, the beam releases from his mouth, triggering the massive attack. The attack shoots forwards, the main body of the attack hundreds of feet wide and made of Burning Blast, making a massive amount of fire around it that flows along with it, completely surrounding it. This blast alone has ana bsolutely massive amount of force, as also within it is a current of Gravity, which attempts to push the opponent into the ground as it approaches them and damages them. 

The massive amount continues to attack the opponent as it runs over, greatly, greatly damaging everything in its path. However, that's not all that it damages. From the sheer amounts of friction on the attack, massive bursts of fire are released from the attack, shooting whole fire shoots around the Moon Iramasha and shooting all around him, as the energy then shoots back behind himself, Blast itself going back behind him and creating more flame, creating a massive amount of energy around his very self and destroying everything around him, making absolutely massive amounts of damage around himself with his energy.

(This is the same technique mentioned earlier in the Sub-aether form, with the same charge limitations.)

I. Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

» Ether Morph  Peak Eclipse Incantation
Moon Blaze's Purity: Moon God

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse  Appearance
Moonie's appearance remains mostly unchanged. However, this is the state where he is most likely to behave oddly. It is not uncommon for him to move about on all fours, or leap and move and behave in animalistic ways.

»  Ether Morph Peak Eclipse  Abilities
In this form, most all of Moonie's abilities increase in some way. His Blast becomes much more effective, and his gravity can manipulate in a space between 1/2000 and 2000 times normal. The field around his Seishin's also expand to 18 feet from each one.

Increased Strength: His strength reaches its peak, being able to topple a building in a single God Style Punch if need be. The sensation is caused by the overwhelming amount of Aether Energy flowing around his body and increasing his efficency.

Increased Durability: In this form, the same effect that occurs to increase his strength also increases his endurance. As his human skin wears off, his natural abilities' resistances on the outside is improved further by Aether Energy, making it more difficult for the opponent to damage or wound. He isn't effected by his weight increasing due to the fact that he already has fairly low speed.

Variants based on Aether Class:

Moon God Style: In this form, he is able to use a variant of God Style called Moon God Style. Basically, what it does is it combines the forces of "Gravity", "Blast", and God Style for each attack, causing each to draw the opponent towards it to attempt to damage them, burn them on contact, hurt with his own attack, and then explode violently from blast.It even has its own techniques that add on from God Style:

"Moon God's Roar": Simply put, it is an uppercut. Moonie stances his body completely straight, bringing down the hand that is attacking. As he does so, he bends his knees inwards just a little, preparing himself. Then he pushes down on his legs, straightening them as he brings up his closed fist. He tries to slam it into the opponent's chin, knocking back their head and sending shockwaves all through their body. However, because it is in "Moon God" Style, his "Gravity" goes behind the opponent's head and tries to throw their head into the hand by pushing the gravity towards it. The fist also is infused with "Blast" Energy, and throws back the opponent with a small burning explosion from the punch. 

"Moon God's Rout": Moonie charges a lot of "Burn" into one finger, also pulling the opponent towards him with "Gravity". Then, he hits them with the finger, trying to hit them in the chest. It explodes on the point of contact, blowing back and away the opponent. The Gravitic Field isn't that strong for this move, and may be resisted, depending on the opponents strength.

"Moon God's Massacre": This is a simple punch in Moon God style; however, it has a lot of kick behind it. Mostly because of the medium-large amount of "Blast" concentrated in the fist, sending the opponent that it makes contact with flying away from where they are hit. However, if they don’t get blown away, he can just continue his assault, using more punches or other Moon God Styles.

"Moon God's Shadow": If the moon is out, Moonie is able to charge up his pure Moon Energy for 1 post, preparing himself. Then, on the next post, he is able place all of it out into a human-like shape, and it becomes a being of pure darkness on the inside, but with a bright silver outline. It looks exactly like a darkened out Moonie, but it's power level is quite different. For one thing, it does not have Mun; it can make a shadow copy that is only the sword itself that can cut and has its weight, but is unable to affect gravity. It has 50% of the current level of power of Moonie when he creates it, but is only able to use "Blast" and God Style. It is in sealed state almost all the time, but can enter Return for 1 post before it disintegrates itself. Otherwise, it lasts for 5 posts, but can be ended earlier by running out of energy completely or being defeated utterly, as its strength and endurance are only half as strong as Moonie's when it was created; same with their reserve of Blast Energy and power of God Style. He only can create one per thread.

Moon God's Forceful Bout
Moon God's Forceful Bout uses Moonie's massive amount of Aether Energy to form a large cage around himself and the enemy, under a mile in size, that forces the enemy and Moonie himself to do true combat. Moonie's energy remains constantly linked to this cage, and as such attempting to break it not only alerts Moonie to the presence of those fleeing him, but also allows him to increase the intensity of the Blast in that spot, making the Blast solid in an instant and increasing in hardness to help prevent it being broken. The spaces between the slots of the cage are only about an inch thick each, and as such conventional travel between them is near impossible. There is no order to this cage; the bars are not symmetric and often only exist to help seal up some other hole in the cage, a big disorderly mess just like its wielder. This technique uses three charges of Moonie's 'blast' to produce.

Almighty M.O.O.N: Majestic Overly Opportune Neonate: Moonie creates a large amount of "Gravity" in each hand; very dense and very potent. He bends back his spine to prepare it against the shock, outstretching his arms but keeping his legs pointed downwards. For it to work properly, the opponent must be below Moonie for it to be functional. After preparing himself, he pushes both hands down, connecting them at the palms and fusing the dense spheres of "Gravity", creating a black sphere in between his hands. He points the sphere downwards, usually at his opponent, shifting his body mid-air with his control over gravity to have his hands facing them. Then he releases the attack, finishing its charge. A field of "Gravity" fans out behind it as it flies, for 20 feet all around it, trying to push and hold down the opponent as it descends. When it hits the ground, or even the opponent, its true effect activates. 

The sphere shatters, creating a crack right down the middle. For 10 meters around the sphere, gravity becomes extremely dense, drawing everything towards it that it can, including the opponent, the ground, etc. It crushes it all it, trying to crush the opponent with it and prevent them from escaping if it can. Then, for 50 meters all around past that, the ground and other things in the area continues to be drawn in. They slam into the opponent as well, only at medium speeds, trying to further hold them down. Then, for 200 meters all around, the rest of the area is dragged in, creating a large crater all around the attack as it creates a gravitic pulse at the ground to shoot itself gradually upwards as it draws in all the ground. At its final point, it ends up 50 meters above ground level, a massive sphere that has the opponent being held in at the center. 

To use this attack, Moonie must have been in Purity Form for 3 posts at least, prior to beginning it. It takes half a post to charge up past that, and after it fires, Moonie is unable to move until it finishes. It uses up a large amount of "Gravity" form of his Moon Energy, taking up 40% of it in that one attack. Also, it has a bit of an "Afterburn" to it, making it so that Moonie cannot use his "Gravity" OR "Blast" for a single post after the attack has been executed. It also reduces the amount of power behind his attacks by 20% for two posts after use. It is only usable once per thread and the sphere of Earth STAYS where it is until it is broken or shattered; something not easily done, as the pieces are basically fused into one great mass by the pressure. It should also be noted that this move created about 1/2 of the craters that exist on the moon during his training in using it; the rest were made by meteors.


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Alternate State: The Captain

Basic Rundown
The Captain Võrgukleindid is a representation, an embodiment of the Moon Iramasha's power. However, this is not a normal embodiment. This embodiment has all the emotions of his previous life, the life before he met Shisome, combined with that thing he hates the most in all the world. He is a soldier, plain and simple. In addition to this, however, he has the desire to kill his opponents to prove his superiority just as he had before, combined with his arrogance. However, it is also mixed with that nature of a Soldier, which leads to him rarely talking and completely abandoning the use of his fantastic battle cry. This form has the mentality of a soldier, but still his appreciation for battle of a warrior. It is a warped conversion, certainly, but it is a pure one, formed only for two reasons.


When he enters this form, the first thing that changes is his entire body. His torso becomes compacted, lifting, his muscles becoming completely defined. Anything around his torso is completely destroyed. In addition, his hair changes, losing its vibrancy and becoming short on top of his head. It has no reason to be long in this form, as it would only get in his way. In addition, his facial features greatly tighten, his entire body becoming a smooth figure, the perfect form to assume battle with. Around his hands form gloves of Blast, around his legs leggings of Blast, and around his neck a single medallion, held there by a piece of string. Two holsters adorn his sides, and he may even form a cap out of Blast.


While in this form, Moonie's personality completely changes. His personality becomes a mixture of three elements. The first is his devotion towards completing his goal. He becomes committed for the end result. In addition, he gains that killer personality once more, becoming brutal in his fighting, but still able to enjoy the battle. Finally, he becomes closer to his aspect of the wolf. This is the most primal form that he has, as it directly accesses his nature cells and uses them to create his founding traits. The closest level this could be considered is a great wolf, one whose only goal in life is to complete its loyalties. Moonie himself completely turns off his own personality, utterly and completely removing it from his body. His memories remain intact, and while he remembers everything that he does in this form, he is unable to think about them at any time because otherwise he would catch himself in a neverending distaste within his mouth.


There are only two reasons why Moonie will ever assume this form. They are for the protection of that which he considers his ultimate level of care, or else it is for the understanding of a former friend of his to be released from their pain of being a soldier themselves, to truly see what a soldier is and what they are able to do at the end of that path.

The first has to do with the protection of what he holds dear. If he is given an infallible order by someone he loves, who has his loyalty, and is forced to fight simply for the outcome of a goal, then he will enter this form. This form will therefore remain active until the goal is completed or Moonie's body is unable to stop fighting.

The second condition has to do with those who he deeply cares about as partners in battle going off of the deep end. Those ones who have fallen off of the path of the warrior get to experience the ultimate soldier to show them why what they are doing is so injust to themselves and others. If while it is activated they realize what wrongs they have committed and repent, then he will not kill them, no matter how the fight ends. However, if they do not realize their wrongs, then he will show no mercy, making everything he does act as a killing blow. Finally, the only ways for him to leave the form when this occurs is by his losing of almost all of his power, the opponent dying or the opponent being knocked unconscious.

Physical Changes - Abilities

Pistols - The Wolf's Fangs Bleed Crimson
The first thing that changes about Moonie is the fact that Mun and nuM change. The two weapons become much, much lighter, becoming small pistols. These pistols have the same use and abilities as before; indeed, they even weigh as much. However, the difference lies in the fact that these are guns, pistols in the german style with barrels so logn that they would rip any normal man's arm off completely from their raw strenght. The barrels of the pistols are between two and three feet long, and he can hold them on holsters on his sides or just constantly wield them. He is extremely good at wielding these pistols, just like he was with Mun and nuM. These pistols should be noted that they are so intensely powerful that not even Moonie's raw strength can cause them to shatter. In addition, they can take all the force of Moonies bullets leaving them, showing their durability even further in addition to how good they are at absorbing shock. Lastly, they are made of Moon Rock, an absolutely dense amount of moon rock, meaning that if Moonie eats them, he WILL be intensely rejuvenated. Through having his nature energy restored.

Aim - The Wolf's Eyes See True
While in this state, Moonie's intense mental capacities that he rarely uses outside of battle come full in play only for the ability to aim with these pistols. This means that the pistols fire at an immensely accurate rate, and that Moonie can aim them even when under the tightest of circumstances. In addition, he gains access to an ability that would be referred to as "The Rings of True Sight". The Rings of True Sight are an ability that Moonie gains from the black rings leaving his eyes. Whenever his target becomes obscured or otherwise unable to be seen, within his eyes themselves, which lock onto his target, showing a path for the bullets towards the target that he is attempting to hit. This makes it impossible for Moonie to be unable to see his target unless his eyes are gouged out of his skull, and he can even fire with accuracy when his eyes are closed.

Speed Unbound - The Wolf Runs Free
Finally, Moonie's body releases its final constraints on itself. He allows for his massive conditioning of his body to affect his ability to move, and the speed which his body is truly capable of becomes released. Indeed, this means that Moonie's greatest weakness is removed at last, something that he would never do while he was in his right mind, but that his body naturally disallows when he enters this state. The speed which he moves with while in this form is like that of a great wolf; he is fast, immensely so, with fantastic reaction time and intensely sharp movements that he uses to make his attacks fluid and powerful. In addition, this speed rapidly increases the force behind his attacks, requiring much less build-up than before. He can keep up with opponents very easily while in this form, and can even follow the movements of some of the fastest movements, due to his natural training of dealing with speed users combined with his released abilities.

Physical Status - The Coat of the Wolf
Technically speaking, The Captain Võrgukleindid has the same capacities as Moonie's Purity state, physically. This is because he is technically always in Purity State when he has this form activated, making him an extremely dangerous individual.

Supreme Senses
While he is in this state, his physical senses are intensely enhanced, and he is able to smell things form several miles away, particularly, in addition to recognizing spiritual signatures by scent. In addition, his sight and sense of hearing also rise exponentially in skill level, making him have an extraordinarily clear view of all variables around his body, meaning that it is very difficult to surprise him.

Mental Changes - Abilities

The Mind That Howls
In this form, Moonie's mind becomes completely locked down. Mental abilities do very, very little to effect him, and his mind has a very high chance of resisting mental abilities. Indeed, his mind itself is not actually thinking for itself merely thinking for the goal that it is to carry out. This means that specifically, there is no mind within his skull to be controlled. It is simply acting on an instinct, on a will, on seeing that will carried out to the very end, no matter what that end may be.

The Collar
However, around his neck, a single medallion on a line of thread forms. This thread is his "Collar". While it is around his neck, they use some of the leftover material from Mun and nuM, making it extraordinarily difficult to break. However, should someone remove the collar from around his neck, Moonie will immediately leave The Captain, becoming purity state once more. This means that he will no longer be able to destroy things simply as he pleases any longer, making this a very real way to stop the intensity that is the Soldier, the Captain Võrgukliendid.

Spiritual Changes - Abilities

Force - The Presence of the Wolf
When Moonie enters into The Captain Võrgukliendid, he finally releases his reiatsu pressure. This pressure is capable of forcing nearby buildings to crumble from the raw force of it, not to mention what it does to normal people. Those with a lower tier or adept or lower Strength will find themselves being crushed by its presence, making it very difficult to move. Really, the only ones who can completely move unhindered by this ability are those whose strength and defenses begin to approach the level of Moonie's own or whose spiritual power matches or exceeds his own. However, his Force is very targeted. It only works within twenty feet of his own body, meaning that those whoa re not within close range of him are not affected by it.

Bullet - The Claws of the Wolf
When int his form, Mun and nuM in Pistol form are able to shoot bullets. Now, these bullets are very special. For one thing, they cannot be affected by other beings or other energy. They are made by crafting an amount of energy such as in the Moon God's Howl and compressing it down to the size of a bullet. From there, the bullet is layered in a casing of Aether Energy, before finally being covered with a slipstream of Gravity This means that the bullets are extraordinarily piercing, but in addition are able to slam into the opponent at a higher rate of speed by accelerating themselves through the use of the Gravity, before using that Gravity to lodge into them, where the bullet either acts as an intense pain through the massive amount of Blast sitting there, or otherwise through the explosion of the Blast from withing their body. This means that the Aether Energy can also maintain the explosion that is expanding from the bullet's core, making the Blast very difficult to disperse and expand, but able to harm things that are near it. Overall, these bullets show the capacity of Moonie's ability to attack others, and can even be fired out and formed like a fully automatic rifle, as many times as he can pull the triggers.

Ethereal Form - The Form of the Wolf
When he enters into his Nature Cells while in this state, the normal transformation does not occur. Instead, the Nature Cells may act in three different ways, depending on what Moonie desires to do with them. The first is through the full conversion of his Nature Cells. This forms him into a massive wolf, with a torso that is extraordinarily intense. Its entire body radiates Blast and Gravity, and is maintained with Aether energy. This form is capable of destroying buildings simply by running through them, and causes massive amounts of destruction in its wake wherever it moves. However, the truly significant facet of this form is that Moonie while in The Captain can transition from it to his normal form completely effortlessly, without thought and barely without reservation or needing to think about it, flowing form his normal form to it to back to normal again.

Physical Form - The Body of the Wolf
However, there is another way he can release his Nature Cells. He can release them around his own body, making either parts of himself or his entire body into that of a were-wolf, a wolf with a humanoid figure. This wolf form is focused towards physical attacks, and while it doesn't change that much about the warrior it does show his professionalism in battle and his spirit to increase the level of the fight growing, as he normally does not enter this form unless he has special need of it. He incorporates mostly kicks with this form, though the claws that it gives him are also rather intense, due to them being made out of shelled Blast energy.

Transient Form - The Scent of the Wolf
Finally is the most handy form that the Captain Võrgukliendid can take. This form allows for him to seemingly defy the laws of reality; his body becomes a fluid amount of Aether Energy, as difficult to influence from outside energies as the bullets he creates. This form can move fluidly in any direction rapidly, making it difficult to pin down, and as long as Moonie's reactions are fast enough very difficult to hit. However, it can still be attacked by producing a wide enough attack and lunching it at this form, which can be rather disturbing for the Moon Soldier. This form isn't as strong or defensible as his normal state, meaning that attacks he suffers while in this position are rather damaging compared to normal.

Permeating Presence - The Tail of the Wolf
Finally,t here is the never ending tail that accompanies this form. This form has a constant stream of Blast that hovers behind it, the connection that is ever present of his transient and Ethereal forms. However, this tail is able to act as a massive amount of limbs simultaneously, able to use it like a portable wall or other appendage, as it is completely malleable and will act as per The Captain's desires, even forming into a complete tail when he enters into his Ethereal or Transient forms. Finally, there can be many tails around his body at once, taking the representation of several different lines of energy that emit from his body.

Intense Weakness

Silver - Blade against the Wolf
This form of Moonie, however, has some very potent weaknesses. Firstly, he is completely unable to tolerate Silver. IF Silver comes into contact with his body while in this form, he is completely parted, causing his body to be able to harmed immediately by it. For example, if a silver blade presses into his flesh, it will tear it where it is touched. The only exception to this is a massive amount of silver bigger than his body being thrown at him. This instead causes him to maintain his shape, because his body cannot go anywhere to be parted from it.

Wolfsbane - Poison Agaisnt the Wolf
Wolfsbane is his other weakness while in this form. When he scents it, he loses a lot of his ability to focus and in addition any place on his body that comes into contact with Wolfsbane or the smoke from Wolfsbane will dramatically have its durability reduced, making it easy to pierce.

Time Limit: Six Posts.

I. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master. For more information, and the rest of the skill sheets, READ THIS THREAD


General Skills
  • Durability: Grandmaster
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Elite
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Elite
  • Aether Magic: Advanced
  • Aether Arts: Advanced
  • Aether Stones: Advanced

Nature Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Recovery: Adept
  • Nature Transmutation: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:
RP Sample: Akisame VS Moonie, Rot VS the Moon.

Moonie could feel his right eye twitching; an old habit that only occurred when he was vastly annoyed. He didn't like this Akisame person; he didn't care WHAT James said; he didn't respect the man, his orders, or his role as Head Shaman. Moonie refused to accept it unless he was defeated in combat, and expressed as much upon his first meeting of Akisame. Pompous. Ca ha-ha-ha, Pompous, pus, rot. Ca ha ha. He cackled to himself as he rolled his neck back, cracking it. After his declaration against Akisame in the meeting room on the Sanctuary's first floor. James had looked worried, but Akisame had approved of it with a quick word, and James could only nod and open the door to the downstairs of the Sanctuary. They were now in the training room underneath the Sanctuary, the Nature Iramasha's base of operations. He looked out at his foe, raising an eyebrow as he went into neutral God Style Stance, his right fist forwards and level with his eye, his weight down, and one foot stretched back a bit more than the other. 

Strange black cloak. Those eyes; they're not normal. He's most definitely a strange one. However, it would seem that I'll be able to experience first-hand why James trusts him so much. I'm not here to ursurp his position; but I WILL go my own way if he's so weak I run right over him. However, I personally doubt that will happen. So, in light of that, do not disappoint me, Akisame of the Rot...

He glanced over at Pierre. Pierre was holding that gem gun of his to signal when their fight would begin. He could already feel his energy coursing through his body, his right foot tapping on the ground as he awaited the call. James looked at Pierre and waved his hand, and the young Nature Iramasha nodded. He pointed the gun straight up at the ceiling, his finger hovering over the trigger. Moonie licked his lips, ceasing his tapping on the ground and looking straight at Akisame. The finger descended, and as the sound of the shot rang out, Moonie opened his mouth, giving a call as he took a large step forwards. 

"YOU READY THEN, PUS? BECAUSE HERE I COME, ACAHAHA!" He cried jovially as he flew at Aki, bringing one leg up. Around the other leg came, performing a spin, using God Spin as he flew at his opponent. He put a good amount of force behind it; in all likelihood, Akisame would be rather shocked by the amount of pure force behind the kick. Moonie didn't look the type to have such raw power in him, but he was able to execute it quite well, as Akisame was about to discover. He let a bit of Gravity out from his back pointing left foot, the right having attacked. It snagged onto the floor and he shifted, bringing himself back onto the ground, releasing the Gravity energy as he did so. He felt it in his right hand; his Blast Energy had accumulated. He brought back his elbow, moving fluidly into his next attack. He stepped in with his right foot, shooting his blazing fist forward, right at Akisame's chest, having used God Crush to try and further recoil the Head Shaman. 

His right foot moved around from the motion, as he had stepped in with his left; he sidestepped immediately after the attack, now on Akisame's side. He reared his head back, sucking in a large amount of air as he did so, his eyes never leaving the Rot Iramasha. He released a cloud of Moon Breath, trying to slam it into Akisame and blow him away with the cloud of gravity that flew out from his mouth. He pressed down hard on his right leg, leaping backwards a good five feet, catching himself on his left leg, his gaze absolute at his opponent. He followed up, using the backwards momentum from the leap to bring both arms back symmetrically, creating fields of "Blast" in both hands, the black flame-like aura surrounding his closed fists, pushing them forwards and opening his hands wide. Two large blasts fired at Akisame, each one creating a blast 5 feet in diameter upon hitting and damaging whatever they hit with the great amount of friction placed what it hit.

"ACA-HA-HA! You OK, Pus? Too HOT for ya? Believe me, there's plenty more where THAT CAME FROM!" He cried at a high pace, his eyes wild, a large smile on his face, revealing his teeth. His face was an expression of pure joy. What a rush… HOPE HE AIN'T DEAD, CA-HA! That would just be disappointing. I mean, what is James thinking making him Head Shaman if he couldn't even take that? Of course, I'm expecting him to get up all alright. He smirked to himself, his smile diminishing in size. I only gave him a few light taps, after all… 

He could feel his energy flowing through him, and as he finished reflecting on his attacks, he rose both hands behind his head, like he was stretching, putting one on top of the other. His smile diminished to a small line as he felt his Blast Energy rushing to right above his hands, creating a small mass of it. He slid his right foot a bit to the side, completely balancing his weight. Then he moved his spine forwards, bringing down his hands and bending out his knees. He pushed the mass of Blast into the ground, forcing it away from himself. The blast of black fire shot out from him, running along the ground in a path with a width of 3 feet, straight at Akisame. 

As he did that, he reared himself back up, gathering Aether Energy into his right hand, throwing it far behind his head. He brought his left hand out of the way, and smiled widely. They probably all know what I'm about to do. Meh, I'll smash it back into place later, caha… He thought to himself as Shattering Chaos filled his hand. He pushed it forwards, throwing the entire fist into the floor. He mixed in a bit of his own personal strength, and felt as the shockwaves went deep beneath him. He could hear the sharp cracking and breaking of the ground as the ground of the Training Arena shattered, deep cracks in the ground breaking it apart as it caved in and crumbled, making a large crater where Moonie was standing and unstable ground everywhere else. Ah. Unstable ground; just like home. He thought, smiling. 

He reached back his right hand after having shook it a bit, returning some energy to it. He repaired his stance, getting a grip in the crater he had made, used to finding one. He felt as the energy of the room shifted; the space above his outstretched right hand quivering. He felt as the cool handle of Mun ran into his hand, and he pulled on it, bringing his hand forward. His large sword slid out, and he wielded Mun before him, its cool black blade dark as the other side of the moon. 

He shifted his body's weight with Gravity, preparing his legs as he pushed down. He threw himself up into the air, using a Moon Jump, high above Akisame. He flew out towards his foe, his weapon behind his head, his arm bent. He increased its weight to half of its maximum; achieving 50 times its normal weight. He brought it down, trying to slam it into Akisame's shoulder. As he did so, the Gravity that he channeled through his blade shot down to the ground, and it pulled him along as he flipped onwards from Akisame, dragging his sword along as he landed behind the Rot Iramasha. As he landed, he restored Mun's weight to normal, and pulled it along with him as he brought it around, trying to hit his opponent in the side. 

Then he stopped, feinting as he suddenly made Mun 100x lighter than normal, spinning the other way as his spinning foot caught the ground and he spun right round. He magnified the ground they were standing on with Mun, trying to pin Akisame down as he brought around Mun, restoring fully its normal weight. He grit his teeth a bit, his face set in stone, as Blast ran along the edge of the blade, setting it awash in black fire as he tried to truly slam it into Akisame. If it hit, it would explode on Akisame. If it did not, he would readjust his stance as it dissipated, If it did hit, he would readjust his stance as well, catching himself on his left leg, coming to full stop. 

Using Mun, he reduced his own weight by 100 times, pushing down on both legs once again for another Moon Jump, this time using Mun to do so. However, this time he leapt backwards, freespinning around vertically as he did so. He turned it so that he was facing the ground, being able to keep an eye on Akisame. He kept Gravity strong on his legs, gluing himself to the wall. His eyes were staring right at Akisame, preparing himself against the monstrosity that his Moon Energy could sense reeking from him; even though it was not of this earth...

He felt a bit uncomfortable in this place; it was roomy, true enough, but it wasn't anything like the open space of the moon. The rush of battle was helping him, he knew it was; and he knew he was just going to have to keep fighting to keep it going. He went into a defensive stance, lowering his weight a bit and holding both arms to his sides. He was ready for Akisame, no matter what he might try…


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